Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 07

byThe Avenger©

"Ah yes! Jay! I am cumming the whole time baby! Fuck me with that big nigger cock. Put it in me please!"

"She's begging for Nigga dick!" Dianne laughed. "What would your rich daddy say to that, white bitch! Fuck the white bitch darling. Dance in that white cunt!"

Jay pressed Hilary's thighs into her chest and leaned on her as he rode her cunt. He stepped up the pace and his cock plunged in and out of her with oiled precision. Hilary was soon cumming again. Jay pulled out and walked to her face.

"Go on bitch! Taste your pussy off my dick...." he ordered, dangling his dick at her mouth. Hilary sucked on it greedily. She sucked him clean. Dianne went down on her tits. She grabbed them in her powerful hands and squeezed them as she feasted on her nipples whilst Jay fucked the white wife. Hilary went berserk. She started throwing her hips at Jay's cock whilst she grabbed Dianne's head and pressed her into her tits.

Jay started hitting the white pussy like a punching bag.

"Ah yes! Fuck me senseless Jay. Shove that nigger dick in me! I want it so much! I love it!"

Jay was only too glad to oblige. He rammed his dick into her repeatedly. She went mad as she threw her hips up to welcome him into her hot, moist depths. She felt as if her pussy was on fire. A searing flame engulfed her loins and spread out to devour her whole body. She felt like the dick was fucking every single cell of her body.

"Ah fuck!!!!" Hilary threw her head back and screamed as a hefty orgasm shattered her. Jay stepped up the tempo and fucked her harder, sending her into a state of delirium. Hilary screamed and writhed and jerked violently as she went mad from the thorough black fucking. Finally, she fell back, spent, rasping for breath, her eyes glazing over.

"Damn! Dianne giggled. "You damn nearly killed the white bitch!" she slapped her boyfriend's cock playfully, then she pulled him to her lips and devoured him. She moaned, relishing the taste of Hilary's cunt.

As Hilary regained her senses, Dianne was climbing astride her. The black girl lowered her soft body onto the white woman's she shoved her tits into her face as she wagged her ass at Jay in invitation.

Jay moved in like an old school vet and slapped Dianne's thick, abundant cheeks with his cock. He lodged his fat, excited dick head into her opening and Dianne lunged back at him, engulfing his dick into her tight, hot, oiled cunt.

Jay grabbed his girlfriend's curvy hips in his powerful hands and pumped her back and forth on his cock. Dianne was crying out and squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles as she rolled her hips round round. Hilary could feel Dianne's pleasure as she heard the loud, succulent slaps of of flesh hitting flesh. She grabbed both of Dianne's thick tits and fed hungrily on them as the black couple fucked lustily over her.

"Oh yes! Fuck my pussy Jay! Suck my tits Hilary! That's so good baby!"

Jay yanked Dianne's ripe, thick butt on his dick, slamming it hard into her. Dianne loved a nice, thorough fuck just like he loved delivering it. He fucked her hard till his brow was covered in sweat. He gazed down at his dark, thick pole jutting out of her black pussy and it inspired him to do it again. So, he drilled his girlfriend harder, until she started cumming. She reared and bucked like a wild horse....

"Oh yes Jay! Fuck me hard daddy. Send that dick bursting out through my back! Oh yes!" Hilary looked up into the black girl's face and Dianne's had a crazed look and her eyes were rolling back in their sockets. Hilary wrapped her arms around her and kissed her hard, feeling Jay jarring into her new found friend.

Jay had them sixty nine, with Hilary on top. The girls licked each other like two black and white hardcore lesbians. He went to Dianne's face and stuck his cock up Hilary's pussy. Dianne felt so excited, looking up at her boyfriend cock all up in their white host's pussy.

"Oh yes baby! Fuck the bitch hard. Blow her fucking mind. Show her how dangerous a Nigga dick is!" Dianne encouraged him, licking the half of his cock that was jutting out. Jay fucked the stretched white pussy her hard. Hilary went mad, and Dianne had to press her cunt into her mouth to stifle her screams. Jay fucked her harder and finally pulled it out to feed Dianne his dark steak.

Then he walked around to Hilary's face and fucked Dianne's pussy. Hilary couldn't believe her eyes. She was less than an inch from a big black dick that was stretching out and filling a black pussy. The smell of sex filled her nostrils.

"Oh, this is so decadent and so filthy dirty. Please fuck her Jay. Fuck that black pussy good!"

Jay delivered the dick up that pussy. His hips slapped into Dianne's as he thrust in and out of her dripping gash. Hilary felt so horny that she dipped her face and started devouring Dianne's bald, black pussy. When jay finally pulled out of Dianne and jammed his dick into her mouth, Hilary was in heaven. She sucked him greedily.

Jay finally came all over both chicks and they milked and sucked his dick dry.

They spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, swimming, smoking and fucking.

"Fuck!" Hilary exclaimed. "You guys are bad news. I never had such wild sex in my life. Thanks for sharing, Dianne..."

"As long as you don't try to monopolize my man, you can come and have as much black dick and pussy as you want, you little white slut," Dianne replied and pulled the exhausted, white wife onto her lap.

"You mean like, I could come visit you guys?"

"Yeah bitch! Bring that white pussy over any time it needs thorough fucking."

Chapter 5: Plans for Rob

Rob remained at the pool party until rather late. By the time he got home, all three were sleeping. He was feeling very chaffed with himself, having been rubbing shoulders and ass licking some very important people from town all day. He was feeling kind of self important and horny and tried to get some play but his wife was sleeping like a log. When he tried to stroke her pussy, she winced and turned her back to him.

Hilary was rather sad to see Jay and Dianne depart. Jay had finished his attachment so he would not be coming to the office. During the days that followed, she was in a daze as she relieved the horny afternoon of carnal lust. Her panties got wet all the time. Whenever she was home alone she would frig her cunt and cumm all over her fingers, thinking of Jay's cock After a couple of days, she was so glad when he suddenly turned up at her office. He walked in and locked the door. Within seconds, she was sucking his dick until he flooded her mouth with creamy cumm. He then laid her out on the desk and ate her tasty pussy. She had to bite on a book to avoid screaming as he then fucked her on the desk till she had had many shattering orgasms.

Rob would be out traveling on business at the week end so Hilary decided to pay Jay and Dianne a surprise visit.

Jay was working out when she arrived at their apartment. Dianne welcomed her with a hearty hug and a deep kiss.

"Wassup Hilary, come to get some more black meat?"

"No. I came to feed you some white pussy!" Hilary retorted with a giggle.

She couldn't believe how liberated and free she felt around Dianne and Jay. It didn't take long for her to be lying in Dianne and Jay's bed, naked except for her tiny white thong, which Dianne said to leave on. The white woman made up for the past two weeks by eating the tasty black pussy to her heart's contentment. She didn't pause until she had made Dianne squirt in her face. The two of them were working on Hilary's squirting when Jay returned home from a workout. Jay did not even bet an eyelid. Like a true blue vet, he divested of his clothing and fed the two women thick, hard, black cock.

They spent the whole evening fucking, until daybreak.

The following day, they all flew to Las Vegas and went shopping and gambling and partying.

As the three of them were relaxing after another exhausting but very exhilarating fuck session, Hilary snuggled up between them and suddenly blurted,

"I feel like such an ass hole!"

"Coz of your husband. Fuck him girl, you need to get what you need."

"No! Fuck him. I don't even feel guilty any more!" Hilary responded, and she meant it. "Its just that, all my life I have always thought negatively about black people."

"Its the white man," jay responded. "He always highlights any shortcomings of black people, yet there are many fucked up white people too. Its like they make it seem like there are no white crack heads, dealers, criminals and thugs."

"Its not just that. I was taught to fear you guys and to hate and despise you all." She reiterated the things Rob had said about them.

"Damn! White guys!!!" Jay snickered. "Always shit taking and shit treating everybody. I hate those motherfuckers."

"Me too," Hilary nodded, thinking of her husband's lack of support, and her ill treatment at work as a female. "I always have to work twice as hard as my male counterparts, for half the recognition."

"The white man needs to know that he can fool some people some of the time, but he cant fool all the people all the time."

"Fuck those white men. I am no longer in their corner. You know what, my husband is so jealous of my success he is trying to get me to have kids so he can keep me in the kitchen."

"Yeah," Dianne said sarcastically. "He wants to put you in the kitchen, then you cant have shit to say."

"A fine woman like you ought to be having babies though."

"I want to have children. But not his."

"I wasn't talking about him, I was talking about me."

Hilary gasped. The idea really excited her. She turned to Dianne. "How do you feel about that, young lady?"

"I am two months pregnant. I wont mind you giving my kids half brothers and sisters. Long as you don't try and fuck up my shit. But its gonna cost you though."


"First, I want Jay to fuck your husband's face and fuck him up the ass."

Hilary thought about it for only a few seconds.

"Gosh! I would love to see that!" she exclaimed.

"Secondly," Jay said to her, "I want to take over your daddy's company. With you, of course. I want in."

"Gosh, if you come and join me, we can take over that company and run the good ole boys out. Most of them are old and retiring soon anyway. I should be making Vice President soon enough, if my ass licking husband doesn't monkey wrench me."

"Don't even worry about your husband, we will put him in his place. We will make him our white slut boy."

"Gees! Do you reckon we could really pull that off?" Hilary held her excitement in check.

"Lets put our three intelligent heads together and see how we can get this white man and his kin folk."

As Hilary drove back home, she was feeling exhilarated. She decided to stop taking the pill. However, she would not be bearing Rob any blond children. And she just could wait to see her husband sodomized and slut fucked by herself, Jay and Dianne.

After seeing Hilary off, Jay and Dianne discussed their plan.

Dianne had a rough idea what Jay was up to. She knew he was trying to fuck his way up into them billions. She was along to enjoy the ride. She couldn't see anything wrong with a black man fucking a white man up his ass. She found it hot, just like she loved abusing white men.

She wanted Jay to tell her exactly what he wanted to do but he wouldn't.

"Nigga, just make them crackers give you 10 million bucks and we get the fuck outta here. We can go to Africa, the Caribbean or wherever, and leave these sick fools behind."

"What's fucking 10 million?"

"Nigga, we got 10 million dollars, we rich."

"I don't wanna be rich, I wanna be wealthy. And wealthy begins at at least 2 billions."

"Two billions! You think dem crackers will give you 2 billions? Nigga, they#ll tell you to get it out their asses."

"Then that's what I will do," Jay laughed.

Then he ticked off Hilary from his list. The only left now was Rob. Hilary had told him that Rob liked to watch muscular, black athletes. Jay had also noticed the guy gazing him as he danced. It was time to find out just how much Rob liked athletic black men.

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