tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 09

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 09

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Seth's dark secrets

Jay had planned on waiting a while before moving in on Seth, but the old boy forced his hand. When Hilary put Jay's name forward for promotion to head of the sales Department, Seth opposed it. Without his approval, the promotion would not happen.

It was then that Jay threw all his energy into digging for some dirt on Seth.

Jay called up Madeleine, the 55 year old wife of Seth's. He met the European aristocrat and fucked her all night, whilst Seth was away. She told him that Seth was travelling on his yacht, sailing around the Caribbean Jay became interested when Madeleine said that he never took her along.

"You think your husband is doing a little hanky panky abroad?"

"No. All the crew are male. I mean, they are all handsome, sexy young men and maybe that is the reason he never wants me along coz he is afraid I might get lecherous in my old age, she laughed.

When Seth flew back home, Jay flew to the Caribbean and located Seth's yacht. It was a huge, modern ship. He paid the Captain, Costa, a young, handsome, athletic Greek a couple of thousands and was taken aboard. The yacht was actually a moving palace, with tasty, expensive furnishings and enough Persian rugs to stock a bazaar for the affluent. It was armed with the latest technologies and had communication capabilities to equal Microsoft Headquarters. Seth could literary run his entire business empire from that place.

Costa and a couple of crew members, who were all Greek, young and handsome, with the bodies of Greek sculptures, cast off and took Jay on a short cruise.

"SO, tell me the truth, does the old boy pick up some hot Caribbean chicks on these cruises. Does he fly in some hot models, or belly dancers, or what does he do?" Jay asked Costa, as they drank some of Seth's expensive whiskey and smoked some Caribbean weed. They were lounging on one of the decks, watching the beautiful, red Caribbean sun set.

"No," chuckled the drunk, stoned Greek. "The old boy has some hanky panky going on, but it ain't with girls."

"What do you mean?"

"I can show you..." Costa said, with a twinkle in his eye.

Costa then led Jay into the Captain's quarters. Locking his door securely, he then switched on his lap top and showed Jay some secretly filmed Videos. Jay could not believe what he saw. There was Seth getting down with three young Greek men. The old Billionaire Boy was sucking two thick, long fat Greek dicks, whilst he took another up the ass. Seth was into cock sucking and butt fucking in a big way. Jay skimmed through several DVDs of the old boy doing giving and taking cock like crazy.

Jay tried to buy some DVDs off Costa, but the young Greek refused. He was scared of losing his job. Seeing as the young Greek had been eyeing him lustfully most of the time, Jay then let him suck his dick. He butt fucked him to an oblivion. As Costa was dozing in gay dream land, Jay quickly copied the hottest, most explicit DVD. Costa did not even notice.

Jay then flew back home.

Chapter 2: Hostile buy in

The Manor was a stately residence on a hillside. It had been in the family for almost two centuries. Seth Smith, the current head of the family, walked down the long hallway, a glass of whiskey on ice in his hand, as he gazed with pride at the portraits of family patriarchs that had come before him. The sixty five year old was a tall, wide shouldered man with a square face, with a strong, jutting jaw. His beard and hair had a silver-greyish tint. There was something dominant and overbearing about him. He was a man used to barking out orders and having them followed.

Seth stood before the portrait of the founder of the family dynasty, William Smith. He had always been his role model. It was William Smith who had started the family business and built this Manor. Rumour had it that he had come from Liverpool, a highway man who only escaped the hangman's noose by agreeing to migrate to the USA and never return.

Rumour further had it that William had started off robbing stage coaches and banks. He had been smart enough to marry into a rich, well respected business family. He had never really been accepted, and so he had secretly killed all the males of the family and taken over the family business. That had been in New York. To escape the malicious rumours about his criminal, murderous ways, William had then migrated to Denver where he had established his new family and business headquarters. Seth suspected that there was more than a hint of truth in the accounts about his ancestor. However, as far as he was concerned, life was all about winners and losers, and William Smith had definitely been a winner. Seth considered himself a winner too.

However, as far as his own children were concerned, Seth was not too sure. His wife, Maude, had borne him 3 children. They were really all a disappointment for Seth. His first, 35 year old Geoffrey, was undergoing therapy, after a drug overdose which reeked of attempted suicide. Though the doctors stated that Geoffrey was making progress, Seth could not see his first born ever taking over the reigns as the head of the family. No sir. That was not a job for a weakling who committed suicide just because his wife was cheating on him with their black nigger gardener. Seth had offered to have both of them taken care of, but Geoffrey had only continued crying like a baby. Then the slut wife and the nigger gardener disappeared off the face of the earth and Geoffrey accused his dad of having them killed and disposed of. A private investigator informed Seth that the two were in Miami, living it up and spending his son's money. When Seth showed Geoffrey the photos and said, "Divorce that slut and forget her," his son had attempted to commit suicide. Seth had the fool committed into an institution. A couple of reporters got wind of the story and tried to run it. But Seth was well connected about town, so he had them fired and ran them out of Dodge.

His second, Hilary, was an irritation. The 30 year old was always trying to be a man. As far as Seth was concerned, a woman's place was in the home, raising children and looking good. However, Hilary was driven and over ambitious. Seth had to admit that she was the smartest and most capable of his children, but he would be damned if he would let a woman inherit his business and pass it on to kids who bore another name. Seth did not like his son in law, Robert. Robert had in fact proved to be a great disappointment. He was an opportunist and an ass kisser. To make matters worse, of late, he had begun sucking up to Hilary in the worst way, always backing up her so called "modern, progressive" ideas up in meetings.

Seth was not too sure about his last and youngest child, David, 26. David was smart and had always had excellent grades at school. However, he did not seem to really care that much about the firm. And there was something about David that Seth did not like. He seemed to be, oh well, unmanly, to say the least. David was a meterosexual. Seth had hired a private eye, and found out that his son got regular all body waxing and peelings, as well as manicures and pedicures. He also wore lipstick, powdered his face and had a cosmetics cabinet which was better stoked than the average woman's. Seth had his suspicions, but the private eye had found no conclusive evidence of homosexuality. David actually dated a girl, though she looked like a boy in drag, as far as Seth was concerned. In fact, he was having investigated. Seth's wife loved their last born very much and saw nothing wrong with his behaviour. She quoted Bob Dylan, saying, "The times, they are a-changing." Seth did not care much for Bob Dylan and his harmonica and this meterosexual stuff. He had a list of things for which he was prepared to disown his offspring. He had always told his children than he would not tolerate homosexuals and nigger lovers.

Seth blamed his disappointment with his children on his wife. He sometimes wondered why the hell he married some French speaking chick from Monaco in the first place. He didn't give a damn about her royal title any more However, his recent attempts to father new, better offspring worthy of carrying on the family name and traditions had not been that successful. Helen, a good, clean and wholesome young Texan woman had borne him two sweet, blonde children, but they were both girls. Women were such a disappointment, he decided, as he sipped his whiskey.

"Excuse me sir," a maid in a uniform interrupted Seth's reverie.

"Yes!" he replied curtly. He hated being disturbed.

"Sir, there is a gentleman who says he needs to speak urgently to you."

"Tell him to call my office and get an appointment."

"Sir, he says he is from the office and its very urgent sir."

"Alright send him in, but I hope for both your sakes that it is really important. I am in my study," he turned abruptly on his heel.

Seth was sitting behind his desk in his study. He sat in a presidential armchair, behind a massive oak desk. Seth had an impressive library of books about great men in American and European history. In his mind, he felt like he belonged to them. After all, he had diversified the family business and multiplied the family fortune he had inherited at least 10 times.

His brow knitted as the young black man walked in. He knew him. It was Jason from the office. Seth didn't like him. He was smart, competent and charismatic. But Seth just didn't like black men, especially not young over achievers. Seth and his daughter had recently had a big falling out concerning Jason. She wanted to appoint him Head of the Accounts Department. That, although he had only been with the firm for about a year, and was a black man at that. Seth preffered the good old world he had grown up in, where blacks were servants. If they wanted fortune and fame, why, they could be sports stars or musicians. If they wanted to do business, they could do it in their communities. However, there was no place for them in his family business. It angered Seth to think that his daughter was not only a girl, trying to play the man's role but also a white liberal.

"What can I do for you?" he said coldly, without a greeting.

The young black man calmly closed the door behind him. He was a handsome man with a lean, athletic build. He looked good in his dark, pin striped suit, white shirt and tie, but Seth was not even impressed. Not really. Confidently, Jason, or Jay, as everybody called him at the office, took a seat opposite walked up to him and handed him a DVD.

"Evening sir. I would like to talk to you about my promotion to HOD. I want the job..."

"You want! Listen, you cheeky bastard...." Seth could not help exploding. He just couldn't stand the cheeky black bastard barging into his home and making such a demand, like...

"I think after watching this sir, you might reconsider. Just put it into your lap top."

"Listen, I am not watching anything and you you might as well rush back the office and pack your shit coz you have just gotten yourself fire. That's what happens when you forget your place boy!"

"Listen sir, do you think I am so foolish that I would barge in here like this if I didn't have something explosive on that DVD. I know you are an intelligent man, lemme do this..."

Jay reached for the Laptop that was on the desk and slid the DVD in. He pressed play and turned the screen to Seth. The film was only one minute long. It was a collage of a few scene.

"Where the hell did you get that!" Seth rasped. "You filthy animal!" Seth looked up at the black man who was sitting on his desk nonchalantly. "Boy, I will have you killed for this."

"Calm down sir. I ain't here to start shit..."

"Listen to me, you no good nigger!" Seth said in a very cold voice. "You have just committed suicide. I have friends in this town. It wont take much for the police to find enough drugs and guns and such stuff on you to send your black nigger ass to jail for life. Or I can just simply have you whacked, you hear. You will be one less nigger to worry about!"

"Oh sir, I wouldn't advice you to do that. If anything should happen to me, every little newspaper, magazine and TV station will get a copy of that DVD and I mean the full length version. This will cause a scandal bigger that the Paris Hilton tape. What I am saying is, if you fuck me, you will also be fucked big time."

Seth's eyes flashed madly as he glared at the black man. For a second, he seemed on the verge of just losing it and attacking Jay. Then he caught himself.

"How much do you want?"

"I want in."

"In on what?"

"The family and the business. You can consider this a hostile buying in. I want the job as HOD. I need a few years to get to know the lay of things in the firm, and then I will ascend to CEO."

"You must be kidding. That post is only reserved for family members. And we never had niggers in my family!"

"Well you do now sir. Hilary is pregnant, and in five months you will have grandchildren sir! And I say grandchildren coz she is carrying twins."

"What!!! If Hilary should be so stupid as to bear a bunch of niggers, I will disinherit her. I will not accept niggers in my family!"

"They carry at least twenty five percent of your genes, sir, so technically speaking, they aren't niggers. And as far as disinheriting her, that wont be that easy. We hired a private detective sir," Jay threw a few glossy photos onto the desk. They showed Seth with his young blonde mistress, Helen and their two kids, at an amusement park. "If Helen lets this come out sir, your wife, who is the only person behind you right now, will become your worst enemy. And since the two of you don't have a prenuptial agreement, why, sir. You will be in shit. This would be a very dirty fight sir. I mean, you are sixty five, right. That means you got 15 years at the most. Is this how you want to spend them, fighting your family."

"Gottamn!!!!" Seth rasped, finally showing shock. He gave Jay a baleful glare.

"Sir, we can fight each other on this and both lose. Or, we can handle it like grown ups. We need each other."

"Nobody needs you, you filthy nigger!!!" Seth spat.

"Oh, but you do. You have no grandchildren. The family needs new blood. The company needs new impulses and ideas. Everything here is old, stale and stagnant. You need a breath of new life, and a little colour!"

"This family business was built with hard work, honour, integrity and trust, things you know nothing about, you rat!"

"Without the cheap slave labour that was supplying you with the cheap cotton, you would never have prospered this much. Not to mention that William was a common thief, bush whacker and a heinous murderer sir. And, the whole foundation of this country was built with slave labour and exploitation of blacks, native Americans and even the Chinese who built the railway lines. Where was honour and integrity in that, sir!"

"I cannot accept you in the family. You spit on everything we value. You are coming to my table, holding a gun to my head and saying you want to sup with us!"

"Do I have any other alternative? Would you otherwise welcome me with open arms? Didn't you run that black gardener out of town that Hilary talked to when she was 16?"

"You have cold anger, hatred and lust for vengeance. You wanna destroy us, don't you?"

"No sir! I have grown mature now. I want to have a meaningful future for me and my children, your grandchildren sir. We cant change the past, but we can bury it. Destroy and rebuild, sir."

"I wont accept this. Never!"

"You are being emotional sir. You want your family and your business to prosper, after you are gone. Do you see either of your two sons managing that?" He paused, fixing his dark eyes on Seth's. Seth flushed and looked away.

"I wont accept it. You are a filthy animal. What you were doing on that film is vile and decadent."

"Well, sir, if you don't agree to my demands, I will publish those photos on the internet. Call me tomorrow sir, and let me know your answer."

"Does Hilary know what an evil bastard and a filthy rogue she is dragging into my family."

"Oh, she helped me devise the plan. She, her husband and your son, David are all part of this. They seem to hate you, for the way you tried to raise them. Its like, you told them a bunch of lies about life and the world sir. I suggest for the sake of the business and the family, that you cooperate. Thank you for your time sir."

Jay retrieved the DVD out of the laptop and walked calmly out of the room. He closed the door gently behind him.

The white patriarch poured himself at least three shots of whiskey and knocked his glass down. He sat back in his chair and pondered. Seth was no softies Many people who had messed around with him in the past had lived to regret it big time. He assessed Jay. He knew that he would have no problem at all getting the black man locked up or even killed. He would be just another dead nigger. One less, to worry about.

However, Seth did not think that Jay was bluffing. He was a determined maniac.

Seth played different scenarios through his head. He thought of luring Jay, pretending to agree and then moving in on him. He could easily have some experts tail him, monitor him around the clock. He immediately discarded the idea. The last thing he wanted was for some private detectives witnessing what he had just seen on the DVD. No matter how much he paid them, the temptation of selling it to the media would be too great even for a very loyal person to resist.

Seth decided that he could not blame the nigger for wanting in on the action, and trying to get a piece of the pie. However, he was so disappointed with his children, his daughter Hilary and his son David. He called David, but the guy was not answering his phone. Then he called Hilary. She told him that she was 100% behind Jay.

"You are destroying the family you whore."

"Dad, if you live in a glass house, don't throw stones. A nigger whore is better than a fag. I know that you have a penchant for Greek dick. You should try some black dick, yunno."

"What the hell you talking abut?"

"You know damn well dad. Goodbye." She hung up.

"You are a traitor and a nigger whore!" Seth shouted, but the line was dead.

Chapter 3: New times
Seth did the best he could do in those circumstances, he played ball. Three days later, Jay, his wife, Dianne, Seth's children, David and Dianne, Dianne's husband Rob came for supper in the manor. Everyone was in jovial spirits, except for Seth. He was bitter and frustrated.

After supper they all retired into Seth's study, where contracts were signed, which effectively gave Hilary power over the firm's affair. Joints were then produced and lit. Wine was consumed in vast quantities.

"So dad, I think that it is now time for the grand finale." Hilary said, a devilish twinkle in her eye.

"What grand finale."

On cue, Jay stood up and walked to the centre of the room. Without much fanfare, the black man simply stripped off his clothes and stood naked before them all.

What the hell is the meaning of this!" Seth snarled, ripping his eyes off the alluring, dark body.

"Oh daddy, stop acting up. We all know about your little secret. Which is good, coz a family should not keep secrets. Now, we know you love sucking the dicks of muscular, young Greeks and Arabs. Of course, you have to pay for it, so that makes you nothing but a John. Now, you wont be needing to do that any more We have something better in the family, we have big black cock!"

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about."

"Of course you do dad. Jay showed me footage of your last cruise. That was really kinky Dad, you sucking on two huge Greek cocks on the deck, whilst you took a third one up the ass. Now, dad, all of us here would like to watch you sucking on that big, black cock over there, don't you Mum."

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