Destroying Alicia


Alicia's face was distorted with pain, and obviously the guy had problems getting the second hand in. I decided to help him. I went up to Alicia's ass, and told the guy to just leave in one hand. Then I pushed two fingers into her ass, and pulled her asshole as wide as I could. Her asshole must have been destroyed, because it was so wide now, the guy could easily push in his second hand.

"Throw her to the floor!" I ordered a few guys. They did what I said and literally threw her off the table. When the two hands slid out of her ass, large amounts of cum came with them.

"Now everyone, stand in a row, put on those gloves, and destroy my girlfriend's ass!" I ordered again. Alicia looked up at me, the look in her eyes was shifting between panic and sheer lust, but I didn't do anything to relieve her panic. On the contrary.

"Guys, I want you to make it hurt for her. Pull out that dildo, and replace it with hands. I want my girlfriend's pussy and ass to be fisted as hard as possible. Don't be afraid to hurt her, she wants it." When said, I put on a pair of gloves, and was the first to push in both my hands. Her ass felt wide and it seem I could go on forever inside her bowels. I pushed as hard as I could, and Alicia screamed:

"Oh my god, please, that's too much, that's too much!! Stop, please stop!"

"Gag her," I ordered two guys, and that was what they did. Alicia's eyes were now full with panic, no lust anymore. That was my incentive. I pushed as hard as I could and felt something deep inside her give way. So I pushed until both hands were up her ass until me elbow. By now, Alicia was unconscious. I had probably destroyed her ass, bit I didn't care anymore. That slut wanted it, and that's what she got.

When I pulled out my hands, her asshole looked like a hole. A large, deep hole, something to be abused and used. I told everyone to start fisting her. Soon, Alicia's unconscious body was thrown around by a hundred pairs of hands deep inside her body.

When everyone had done that, I told James that everyone should now piss inside her open ass. Although looking shocked, almost all of the guys did it. They cheered while torrents of piss were overflowing Alicia's ass, running down her body and making her the human toilet she wanted to be so desperately.

After this final degradation, I asked James to help me carry her to my car. I said goodbye to James and drove to my apartment. There, I carried Alicia inside, and let in a nice big bath. By now, her eyes were fluttering and as I put her inside the warm water, I heard her whisper.

"Oh Rob, I love you"

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