tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDet. Insp. Lindsey's Drunken Fuck

Det. Insp. Lindsey's Drunken Fuck


Detective Inspector Lindsey Boxer was on her way home after a long day, chasing criminals and other nefarious nobodies was a time consuming and laborious way to earn a living. But she was doing her life's work, all she ever wanted since as far back as she could remember was to be a policewoman.

And now she was on her way up, at 30 she was one of the youngest ever Inspectors and her personal star was in the ascendancy. She had her own team, some of whom didn't like being bossed by a woman and one so young one at that, some of them had been hoping to be given her job. The higher ups though had seen her potential and promoted her because they knew she was good to go!

Her husband was a superintendent in the neighbouring city, and they lived in a house that was more or less situated between the two, so travel was reasonably easy for them both. She had been married for 6 years now and they were beginning to think of children, but it could wait for at least another 3 to 5 years.

Lindsey had always been at or near the top of her classes, right through school then through college, and also in the force's own college. She loved her life, she loved her job and she loved her husband, they had met when she was 21, and been together ever since.

The hours were always difficult, if one was home the other was working, or arrangements being made, were often broken because of work, but they both accepted it as part and parcel of what they did.

The only blot Lindsey had in her life was a drunken romp with a fellow officer one day on their way home. She had solved a particular nasty case quickly, received high praise from all, and they had retired to the pub to celebrate at lunch time.

She had drunk too much brandy, and her soon to be suitor offered to drive her home, he hadn't been drinking, so she accepted instead of getting a taxi. Brandy always made her randy, and today was no different, sat in the car next to this good looking fellow inspector, made her inners squishy, she knew she would be getting at her vibrator when she got home.

The trouble was she didn't get home, the more the seat got at her insides, and her pussy got hotter, the more she needed the relief.

Without thinking, she said to him. 'Do you think I'm attractive Dan?'

He was a little taken aback, but told the truth, 'Yes Lindsey, you are gorgeous.'

'Really Dan? Oh thank you,' and placed her hand on his knee and squeezed it.

'Every one does, you are a real beauty Lin.' He told her.

Her hand squeezed again, she felt so happily flattered.

He took his hand off the wheel, dropped it to hers and held it. Lindsey looked across at him, things were changing. In her befuddled head, she said to herself. 'He is really a good looking guy, quite sexy in fact?'

Another squeeze from her, and he gently pulled her hand up his leg, where he nestled it against his growing erection.

Lindsey felt the hot hardness against the side of her hand through his trousers, and moaned inwardly.

'Dan?' she whispered, as she looked at him though lust filling eyes. He turned the car and in moments they were in a secluded wood on a cart track, he pulled off that and into the trees, and turned the engine off.

'Lindsey,' he said. Her hand still where he left it, Lindsey took the plunge; she turned her hand and took hold of his now fully erect prick.

'Oh Dan, Dan?' she murmured.

'Lindsey,' he croaked.

He reached across for her, and they met in a powerful kiss, one that Lindsey would find no way back from, she had seduced herself for him!

His hand found, cupped, then squeezed her nipple, she crushed his prick. Soon clothes were being abandoned; and they climbed into the back seat.

They were naked in seconds, hands and fingers grabbing at each other, and Lindsey couldn't get his prick into her boiling pussy soon enough, she was desperate to be fucked, and fuck her he did! He opened the door behind him and both sets of feet were hanging out, his between hers.

He was a consummate lover, and Lindsey got powered to a mind bending orgasm, he in turn followed her. To be here with her, the dream of the whole station sent him onwards and upwards. He shot a load of cum into her grasping pussy. They fell in a giggling heap of satisfaction, she held herself to him as they kissed lovingly, but as the sensations fell, her feeling of guilt rose.

He sensed it, but stayed in her, his prick, while he had emptied his balls, had not gone right down. He wanted it again, and soon.

He began a gentle thrusting, in and out, Lindsey although feeling a little guilty now, still had the lust and sexual need to be further satisfied within her.

'On the car Dan, I want to make love on the car bonnet, I have always wanted to do it there, and never have, come on, out!' she demanded. Dan obliged willingly.

Naked they shuffled out, got to the front and Lindsey lay back, Dan was in her before she got her hands up in a submission pose. He held her upper arms and began to fuck her hard, very hard. Lindsey was loving it, this was her ultimate fuck, a fuck she had never managed to achieve. It sent her silently screaming over the top.

He, being a very fit man of 35, was giving her the ride of her life, a ride so different from her loving husband, it wasn't better, it was just so different. She came, and it was the mightiest of orgasms, it nailed her completely. He was sucking and biting her nipples, which helped to send her into space. Dan kept going for as long as it took for him to cum again, and he did, it drained him. Every man at the station fancied her rotten, and he had got her!

He slowed down gradually, and pulled out, Lindsey still laying back on the car held down still by her arms, the cum, his cum and hers was running down her thighs in a thick stream. They both slowly came down to earth, Lindsey knew she had been well fucked by him; he had given her something that would not, and could not be denied.

She was more than grateful, and thanked him with a tender kiss. She would never know how grateful he was, the guys in the station had all said with conviction that she was unattainable.

'Dan, please Dan, no one must ever know of this, please keep it quiet?' she was begging him in a way.

'Lindsey, you have my word, this will never ever pass my lips, that's a solemn promise.' He told her, and he meant it, he wouldn't!

'Thank you Dan, I'm glad you are on my side, it would kill me, kill my marriage, and kill my job if it did?'

'My word is my bond Lindsey okay?'

'Yes thank you Dan,' she kissed him again, then said, 'you know this won't happen again don't you?' she said hopefully.

'I do Lindsey, now come on, let's get you home.'

They dressed and drove away. Lindsey couldn't understand her feelings, she felt guilty, but not that guilty, not yet anyway? But she had more than enjoyed being fucked like that; it had been as sudden as it was thrilling. She resolved to, not forget it, but put it it in the annals of her memories.

When she got home there was a message on the machine, it was Joe, her husband, saying he wouldn't be home until very late, and not wait up for him. Lindsey bathed, and went to bed with the afternoons thoughts on her mind; she smiled to herself, and went to sleep.

What she didn't know was, the afternoons activities with Dan were on a brand new video state of the art camera. It was being used by the man who had stolen it earlier from a shop he had broken into. He had gone into the wood to practice with it, before selling it on.

He had been zooming in and out, using the light sensitive bit, the stop starts, everything. He had stepped behind a tree when he heard a car near him. He had witnessed the love session, he had filmed it all, especially when they had got out and put on a terrific act for him, he had got a huge hard on, and when they left he shot his load on a tree.

When he got home he loaded it onto the PC and saved it, it was fucking good wanking fodder, watching that beauty being given a real seeing to by her obvious secret lover. He cleared the film from the card, reboxed it and took it to his local to sell it, he got £100 for it, so all in all it was a good day.

He wished he knew who she was, she was a gorgeous piece of stuff, well worth a fucking, if he ever found out, he would have her he promised himself.

Her dark hair had come down while she was getting it. It was thick silky and luxurious. Her beautiful face was well worthy of a camera. Her body was to die for, fantastic tits, and her moaning was caught by the sound in the camera. She was about 5ft 8" and as fit as a butchers dog! That was obvious, he longed to dive into the screen and ravage her right there and then.

As Lindsey drove home one evening around 8:pm 2 months later, she received a call on her in car phone, there had been a break in at a convenience store. It was on her way home, would she have a look until uniform got there.

She pulled in and got out, as she entered the store, a man was on his way out. Not knowing if he was involved, she stopped him, showed her badge and told him to go back inside while she investigated things. He did so, but he looked at her in a very funny way. She told him not to worry, just give her a couple of minutes and he could go home.

He asked to see her badge again, she showed him, he saw the name Lindsey Boxer. It was the woman on the film on his PC, it was her, it was fucking her! He smiled and said he would gladly wait while she did what she had to do. Lindsey thanked him, there was nothing for him to worry about, he had walked in just after the said robbery.

He walked outside and waited. Lindsey came out after about 30 minutes, uniform took over, she got back into her car and drove home, followed covertly by the unknown man.

He saw her pull onto the drive, put the car away, went into her bag and got out her keys and let herself in. He knew now where she lived. Lights came on, and he went home and got straight onto his machine, he soon had the address confirmed, and Mr and Mrs J L Boxer were the occupants.

The following morning he was up early and waited until a man came out with Lindsey Boxer, it was her husband, they kissed and parted for work. It was not the same man he had on his PC.

'Come on!' He chortled to himself. He had a woman police officer having it away with some one else other than her husband, and was probably another officer to boot!

Over the following days he found out all about her, he had many contacts in the world he lived in, and he also saw and found out who the other guy was, He was Daniel Thewlis, another police inspector.

Now he had all he needed for a rub down, he waited for an opportune moment, placed photos he had printed off, showing her contorted face while she was being fucked on her car, under the wiper of it at her home.

He left a computer generated note in it. It said.

Lindsey, you have been a naughty girl haven't you? Joe doesn't know about all this does he? I wonder what he will say if he finds out, sees the pictures, or what your superiors will do or say, when you and Dan are confronted by your out of hours fuck session with a fellow officer.

E mail a message to me, my address is, Cal.has.got.you@adversary.cocoa And please don't get any silly ideas, I am cleverer than you are, I won't get caught, not like you have Lindsey.

Cal. x x

When Lindsey saw the envelope she looked around, she didn't see him watching, he wanted to make sure she got it and no one else. He saw her jaw hit the floor when she opened it; her hand went to her mouth in a gasp of disbelief. He smiled as she almost fell over, grabbing support on the car.

She managed to get in, holding it tight to her chest. 'Oh my God, how has this happened, who, when where?' The evidence was in her hands, where and when she knew about. The who was the problem, It isn't Dan they didn't know it was going to happen, it had to be a passer by, and someone who knew her, they had her name, they had her address, they had her!

Lindsey sat there for a long time, her mind was in turmoil, what could she do, she went into police mode. The answer she came up with was. There was little she could do, not yet anyway. She knew she would have to send and e mail, or he may release the photos of her and Dan, and that would finish her life.

She burst into tears, tears she had never shed for at least 10 years, since her father had passed away.

She went back into the house, phoned the station and told them she was ill and not coming in today.

Then she created an e mail account, she would never reveal her real one, no one must know of this, she told herself.

She hesitantly wrote a message.


I'm sorry I don't think I know you, what do you want?


He was sat in his car with a wireless lap top waiting.

She sent it, and 2 minutes later, she got a message back.

Lindsey, do not jerk me about, you have been unfaithful to your husband Joe, what should I, you, do about that, Mmmm?

Cal x x

Lindsey was aghast, 'Oh Jesus Christ!' she said to herself.

She wrote.

Cal, is that your name? Can we meet, and maybe talk this away? What can I do for you?


Now he knew he had her.

What do you think we can do Lindsey, I have something you desperately need don't I?

Cal x x

Lindsey thought, I have some personal money, maybe I can buy them?

She wrote back.


I have some money; can I buy them from you please?


She's getting in deeper he said to himself.

Lindsey, I don't need money, what else have you got?

Oh no, where is this going?

I don't know, please can we meet?


The next message dropped her.

I'll be at your door in 2 minutes Lindsey, and if I'm challenged, then the photos will be released and also put on You Tube, do you understand that? Answer yes or no, no other answer will do


She sat there stunned.

Yes Cal, I understand. She wrote.

Lindsey pondered what she could do, nothing that's what.

She waited, 2 minutes later a man was at her door.

He walked straight in and locked the door behind him.

He was about 23 to 25 her police training kicked in, and she appraised him in seconds, she knew him from head to foot, nothing escaped. There was a small scar on his chin that gave him a presence. 6ft 2" or there abouts, 13 to 13 and a 1/2stones in weight, and obviously he is fit too, she thought.

'Lindsey,' he said, 'pleased to meet you at last, you are even more beautiful in real life, much better that the photos, which are fantastic by the way.' He told her.

He handed her a lot more, all in sequence. It made her take a seat. She was struck dumb.

He knew now she would submit to him, she was going to be his fuck toy for as long as he wanted, or until things changed, and was he looking forward to it? You bet he was!

'You realise Lindsey that your life as you know it is in my hands, isn't it?' he said.

Lindsey couldn't speak, her horror was total.

'ISN'T IT! He roared.

It shook her out of her stupor. 'Please, what do you want me to do?' she asked him reverently.

'You can stand up for a start, I always thing lesser beings should stand for their superiors don't you Lindsey?' he said.

She stumbled to her feet; her mind was having trouble taking all this in.

'Take your coat off Lindsey; and let your hair down, I like your long hair, its sexy on you, let's have a look at you.' He told her calmly.

It was then that the thought occurred to her, the thought of what he was really after. Me!

She did as she was told, and said, 'Please Cal, can we come to some sort of an arrangement?' she whispered.

He stood and confronted her. 'This is the arrangement Lindsey, and it's my arrangement, you will follow, I will lead. Yes?'

'Y, Y ,Yes Cal, if you say so.' She uttered quietly, she was now fairly certain where this was going to go.

'Good girl, now you and I are going to get to know each other personally, intimately, and today. You got any more to say on the subject?' he said, and squeezed a nipple.

She gasped, it hurt, but it tingled too, she stepped back from him, and crossed her arms. He stepped to her; once more they were inches apart. 'Don't move Lindsey, I'm sure that pretty soon we'll be like old friends?' He had seen her reaction to having her nipple squeezed, it had taken her by surprise, but it had hit her senses too!

He squeezed the other one, another gasp came from her. It hardened under her blouse, she wasn't aware of it, but it hardened just like the other one had.

'Please please Cal, don't, I am happily married, please let's talk?' she begged. But Lindsey knew she couldn't do anything now, he had her, she hated it, but instead of rejecting it all, her body was responding, she could feel her nipples heating up, why?

Now both sets of fingers closed over both nipples, he twisted, rolled and pulled on them. Lindsey's knees nearly gave way.

'Please Cal please?' she bleated.

'Drop your arms Lindsey, now!' he ordered her, as he kept up his assault on them. She dropped them, it was over, she had given in with barely a whimper.

He stood in front of her and calmly undid her blouse, she watched from afar as he slid it off her, then her bra was dropped, her skirt was undone and fell to the floor. All the while he returned to her nipples and continued her demise. The trembling running up and down her spine wasn't just from the fear she was feeling, it was also a state of arousal.

He hooked his fingers into her panties, and snapped them, he tore them from her. This shook Lindsey, she moaned again. He slid a thick finger down her body and slipped it in to her pussy; it was damp, very damp! She moaned, she didn't know her eyes were already closed tight, he fingered and probed.

'Oh please Cal stop please, oh God please,' But they were moans of pleasure, he heard them, she didn't, she thought she was protesting, he knew she wasn't.

He came up tight against her naked beautiful sexy body. 'This is, and has been too easy?' he told himself happily. Keeping his finger in her pussy and demanding its attention, he put his free arm around her and began to kiss the submissive beauty's swan like neck, this brought more murmurs of feeble protestations from he lovely lips.

'Cal, please, oh Cal,' was all she could utter. He had her completely, and Lindsey knew it too!

'I'm going to kiss you now Lindsey, this will be our first proper kiss, what are you going to do, Mmmm?'

'I don't know, what do you mean?' she asked. As his fingers continued building the fire in her.

'What are you going to do when I kiss you; it's a simple question Lindsey.'

'I don't know, let you?'

'No, you are going to kiss me right back with those beautiful kissable lips of yours, aren't you?'

She looked at him closely then, he was toying with her, he was prolonging her unbending seduction, one that she would never be able to refuse now.

'Yes Cal, I' am going to kiss you back, and it will be my best kiss.'

'Good girl,' he told her.

They met for it, Lindsey was ready, the kiss was given both ways and accepted by the other, his tongue flicked out and touched her lips, then it probed inwards. Lindsey sucked on it, it was the most natural thing in the world to do, and it joined forces against her, as his fingers did their deed.

Then he bent his head and sucked in first one nipple, then the other, his finger still busily playing her clit like a maestro on a violin. Lindsey moaned loudly, her hips shivered one way then the other. Her back arched, her head tipped backwards.

Lindsey wondered to herself if she had ever wanted this kind of thing to happen, to be taken by a man, not to be abused in a violent way, but to be domineered, the feeling of helpless admission that he was in control of her totally. To be in thrall of a man who could do what he wanted with her, and to her?

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