tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDetained & Defiled

Detained & Defiled


Holly and Jill Baker boarded the airplane for their long-awaited vacation to South America. John, Holly's husband was to accompany them but a last minute emergency at his business prevented him from taking the trip. Holly had decided to stay home with her husband but he insisted that they enjoy the two week vacation and tell him all about it when they got home. Mother and daughter kissed John goodbye and flew safely to their destination. A friendly taxi driver took the two beautiful blond women to their plush hotel and pointed out all of the sights along the way. Jill asked the driver, "Where is a good place to go at night for music and dancing?"

Her blue-eyes lit up with excitement when the driver replied, "There are many places but I recommend, Carla's Cave, young and old, tourist and natives, all go there to have a good time." They payed and tipped the taxi driver, checked in, and the doorman gave their luggage to a bellman who carried their bags to their suite. Jill blurted out, "This place is awesome! Wow! We have two huge bedrooms, a kitchen, a large living room, and look at this balcony overlooking the swimming pool. Don't you just love it?"

Holly answered her daughter, "Yes dear, it is indeed impressive, this place is lovely, it's a great way to start our vacation. I bet you want to try the pool out, don't you?"

"Oh yes mom, let's change and go now, Please!"

"Why not? It does look inviting but we can't get too much sun the first day so let's go swimming for only a couple of hours." The 37 year old mother and her 18 year old daughter drew stares as they wiggled to the pool in their bikinis. The 5'6" mom wore a blue bikini that displayed her 34C breasts. The 5'4" daughter wore a pink string bikini that left little to the imagination. Her 32B perky breast were barely covered and the drooling mouths and ogling eyes caused her pink nipples to stiffen. All of the attention was arousing to the young girl.

They swam and frolicked at the pool for two hours, then showered and dressed for dinner. Holly was a vision of loveliness in her blue evening gown. Jill wore a black mini skirt and a sheer red top that tied below her breasts and revealed her bare mid-riff. As they enjoyed dinner in one of the hotel dinning rooms, Holly observed, "You are dressed a little provocative aren't you young lady? You are such a beautiful girl, why do you have to dress like a street-walker? I think you should change into something a bit more modest."

"Oh mom, don't show your age! This is what everybody is wearing, you will see when we get to the clubs." Holly remembered seeing girl's dressed like that on MTV and reluctantly conceded, even though she was not comfortable with her daughter's attire. They hit several clubs before entering Carla's Cave. The music was blaring, the dance floor was packed, and the joint was jumping. Holly and Jill managed to find a small table near the dance floor. The rum drinks were quite strong and they were both somewhat tipsy. Holly declined to dance but Jill eagerly accepted and wildly swayed to the Latin rhythm. Mom did not approve of her daughter's sensual movements and choked on her drink when Jill's dance partner put his hands on her buttocks, squeezed her ass-cheeks, pulled her tightly to his body, and humped as if they were having sex. The mother blushed when the young man escorted Jill back to the table, the outline of his massive hard-on could clearly be seen through his tan slacks.

Jill introduced him to her mom as Tony. Before Tony went back to his friends he made Jill promise to dance with him after the band took their break. He noticed Holly staring at the bulge in his pants and moved like Elvis and sang, "You make my pants want to jump up and dance!" He laughed and walked away. Holly could not help but notice how flushed her daughter was and she knew that Jill was aroused too, it wasn't just from the exertion of dancing.

Jill told her mom that she would be right back, she had to go to the restroom. After she finished doing her business, Jill was brushing her hair in front of the mirror when an Amazon of a woman told her, "You better be careful little girl, I saw you on the dance floor and you are asking for trouble!"

Jill was usually polite but between the drinks she had consumed and her resentment at being told what to do by a complete stranger, she barked, "Mind your own business and leave me the fuck alone!" Lupe was a guard at the womans prison, she stood 6', had long black hair, and big brown eyes. The voluptuous woman with 38D cup breast was tempted to wipe the floor with the snotty little blond but had another idea instead.

When Lupe emerged from the ladies room she saw Tony and another young man asking the two blond American women to dance with them. Jill was dancing but Holly did not want to dance. Lupe walked over to the table and encouraged her to dance, telling her that it was an insult to the young man to be turned down. Lupe sat down at the table and said, "Go on, it is only a dance; I will watch your things for you. That way you can keep a better eye on your friend."

Holly beamed and gushed "That's not my friend, that is my daughter."

As she gave the mother a nudge to go on the dance floor, Lupe replied. "My God, you look just as young as your girl. When you get back you will have to give me your secret. Now go have fun and don't worry about a thing, see you when you get back." The 29 year old prison guard dropped some liquid X in their drinks and hid some other drugs in their purses. Holly's dance partner tried to get too friendly so after the song was over, Holly returned to the table, thanked Lupe, took a large swig of her drink and looked for her daughter on the dance floor. The luscious Latin lady went to the bar to watch the blond bitches descent into depravity.

Jill and Tony joined Holly at the table; Tony excused himself and promised to be right back. Mother and daughter felt hot-flashes, their pussies twitched, and their juices started flowing. As they drank, they tried to understand why they were becoming so aroused. Tony returned and took holly by the hand to the dance floor. They danced seductively, mom was guided to the floor and was doing the same thing.

Before long, hands were under skirts, mom and daughter's hands were placed on throbbing hard cocks, and other men surrounded them. Holly and Jill were no longer dancing, they were being ravished. They were both quickly undressed and bent over. As cocks entered their smoldering pussies from behind, others rubbed their pricks on mom and daughter's faces and when their mouths opened they were filled with hard cocks. Lupe smiled wickedly and went to the telephone.

A short time later, whistles blew as the police stormed the club. Holly and Jill were roughly shoved into a police van. They shivered in a corner, they were naked, humiliated, and still horny as hell! When they arrived at the jail, police women took them to a cell, pushed them in, called them nasty names, and told them that they were in a whole lot of trouble.

It was a large cell with three other women. Mom and daughter were crying and trying to figure out what happened. They were not allowed much time to ponder their situation. They were slapped and punched to the ground. The smelly prostitutes sat on their faces and demanded, "Eat our pussies, you no good sluts, suck, yessss!" They got absolutely no sleep or even rest that night. They were called every nasty name in the book in Spanish and English and were forced to service the three raunchy pussies all night long.

Two guards took the American women from the cell and into a judge's chambers. A chubby woman in a black suit and thick glasses informed them that she would represent them and also be their interpreter. The woman and the judge went back and forth until the judge angrily gave his decision. Their representative solemnly informed the mother and daughter that they were sentenced to fifteen years in prison each. They were convicted of lewd and lascivious behavior in a public place and possession of illegal drugs.

Still naked, a police van drove them from the jail to prison. Three guards escorted the girls into the prison for women. All of the prison personnel, including the guards were women. They were marched past the cells and the inmates yelled out their approval of the new convicts with lewd invitations to have sex with the frightened American mother and daughter. They were taken to a shower and were ordered to wash themselves throughly.

When they emerged from the shower they dried off and tried to use the towels to cover themselves. The guards used their nightsticks to toss the towels aside and demanded that they bend over a bench for a cavity search. Gloved hands entered their pussies and ass holes. This process went on far longer than was required and Holly pleaded, "What are you doing? Please stop, we are hiding nothing, please stop!"

One of the guards answered, "You are filthy American sluts and drug dealers; it is necessary that we search for illegal drugs, are you hiding anything up your disgusting fuck holes? You will be with us for a very long time, so I suggest that you cooperate." The guards added more fingers and moved them around so that they knew that the Americans were becoming increasingly turned-on.

Mother and daughter tried to conceal their arousal but their efforts were in vain. Nightsticks were shoved up their sopping pussies and they were both brought to screaming orgasms. They were then taken to two separate cells that were isolated from the general prison population. Their new homes were depressing, there were cots, toilets, sinks, and not much else.

Holly and Jill discussed their dilemma and had more questions than answers. They wondered how they could have behaved so badly and what was all the talk about drugs? The only thing that they could agree on is that they must get in touch with John. If anyone could help them, it was him. The exhausted women drifted off to some much needed sleep.

They were awakened by three guards entering Jill's cell. They had no idea at all what time it was or how long they had been asleep but the guards were different so they assumed that there had been a shift change of the guards. Jill and Holly were in shock when the guards took of their hats and smiled at Jill. One of them was the lady from the bar, it was Lupe! A woman in her forties with dark red hair and huge breasts introduced herself as Rose Lopez, the head of security at the prison, she stood 5'6" and had penetrating green eyes. Rose introduced a woman in her early twenties as Belinda Soto. Belinda was thin, with brown eyes, small tits, and stood 5'9" tall. Then Rose said, "Last but not least we have sergeant Lupe Gomez, if I am not mistaken you have already had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Gomez, now she wants to get to know you much better!"

Jill nervously stammered, "Wa...What da..do you mean, get to know us be..better? Please don't hurt us; we are not criminals, we are innocent!"

Rose slapped the blond girl across the face and stated, "Innocent? You are a couple of drug dealing tramps. I watched the video of you in the bar! You love big cocks don't you little girl? Your mommy likes them too, yes she does! You will be here for a long time without any cocks to make you happy, but don't you worry, my little slut, we will see to it that you are kept busy, we don't want you to get into any trouble, do we now? Lupe and Belinda, take your uniforms off and we will introduce the little blond girl to our luscious Latin pussies."

Holly grabbed the bars and put her face to them and said, "Leave her alone, don't you dare touch my daughter. Stop this right now."

Rose reached through the bars, grabbed Holly's long blond hair, and banged her face against the bars saying, "Mom is just jealous, don't worry mom, we will get around to you later. Watch us give your little girl what she really wants and remember, I give the orders around here. Consider this your last warning; any more outburst and you will regret it more than you can possibly imagine."

Holly knew that Rose meant business and meekly replied, "Yes ma'am, I understand."

Rose sternly looked Jill in the eyes and commanded, Get on your knees and eat their pussies, slut!"

Jill nervously said, "I am not into women and don't want to do that. Please don't make me, please, I implore you."

Rose slapped her face and punched her stomach bending Jill over and then pushed the stunned girl to her knees and warned her, "We are not into rejection, you will do as you are told or I will send you out to the general prison population where they will all rape you and you will not see your slut mother again. Do you understand? I am growing impatient with you."

The cowed blond girl was trembling with fear and whispered, "Yes, I understand and will do whatever you tell me to do."

"Louder slut, I can't hear you. I want you to tell me loud and clear that you want to taste the delicious pussies in front of your face!"

In total fear the blond submissively responded, "Yes, I want to eat their beautiful pussies, please let me!"

"Very well dear, make them cum on your face. Do sergeant Gomez first, eat her pussy." Lupe spread her legs and Jill slowly moved her face to the smoldering cunt. She stared at the lush black pubic hair, enlarged clit, puffy brown pussy lips, and whiffed in the fragrant aroma of the inflamed pussy. Jill's reluctance faded away and was replaced with a burning desire to taste the appetizing pussy in front of her.

As if bewitched, her eyes were filled with carnal lust, her tongue darted out, and she licked the dripping pussy juices from the fleshy flower that was blooming at her touch. She feverishly sucked on the clit and her tongue wiggled it's way deep into the drenched love tunnel. Jill wrapped her arms around her lover and squeezed Lupe's ass cheeks as she eagerly gobbled up the tasty treat. Both the guard and the prisoner were emitting sighs of animal lust as they reached orgasms together.

Rose was getting excited watching the lewd display of wanton lust and exclaimed, "Good girl, she likes it very much! Lick up all of sergeant Gomez's cum, don't miss a drop. Look at mom, she has her hand on her own pussy. She is getting excited watching her little girl eating sergeant Gomez's hairy cunt! How very nasty and perverted. I love it. Oh, little blond girl, I just saw some cum leak down to sergeant Gomez's ass, make sure you get it all."

Jill was totally confused, she never even fantasized about being with another woman and here she was on her knees lapping up cum and pussy juice from the sexy guard and loving it, she had never felt so turned on before! When she was ordered to service Belinda, she willingly put her mouth to the trimmed pussy and hungrily devoured the clammy delicacy.

After Jill brought Belinda to orgasm Rose said, "Very good, you must be tired, come lay on your bed." Jill got in bed and was on her side, Rose stripped and joined the American girl. Rose rolled Jill over on her back and hand fed the girl her big boobs, Jill nursed on the pointy brown nipples eagerly. Then Rose straddled her blond head and lowered her dripping pussy to the girl's waiting lips. Jill licked and sucked with fervor. Rose yelled out, "I am going to cum all over your pretty face, keep doing it just like that, Oh baby, you are wonderful. Don't stop, suck it dry, yessss, suck, suck, ohhhh, yessss!"

Rose looked over at Holly's cell and taunted her saying, "Poor woman, you are all hot and bothered watching your little girl feast on our delicious pussies. Are you jealous? You should be, your daughter is a fantastic pussy licker. I know that you would like to taste some hot Latin pussy but the warden wants you in her office right now. Lupe and Belinda will escort you to her office, I will stay with your little girl and let her eat my juicy pussy some more, see you later." Rose violently rubbed her pussy all over Jill's face and was fucking her nose when Holly was guided to the warden's office.

Holly was astonished as she entered the spacious office. She was admiring the elegant decor when the warden dismissed the guards and waved her hand beckoning Holly to sit in a plush black leather chair across from her at the warden's mahogany desk. The warden was short, barely over 5', was dressed in a gray suit that was unbuttoned, a white blouse that tented from her ample breasts, she had short brown hair, and her brown eyes were filled with lust as she gazed at the blond American woman's naked body.

The 51 year old warden introduced herself as Maria Chavez and said, "Welcome to our penal institution, your stay with us can be pleasant or a living hell, the choice is yours. How does it feel to have to walk around naked? I would imagine it is quite distressing. After our meeting I will have the guards take you to the uniform room and get you something to cover your lovely body. I am reluctant to place you and your daughter with the rest of the prison population for fear of your safety. Do you have any questions or request at this time?"

"Yes, when can I make a phone call?"

"We do not allow our inmates access to telephones, however, if you comply with my demands and you exhibit obedient behavior, I will arrange for your court appointed attorney to pay you a visit and perhaps she will relay any message you would like to convey. Are you willing to cooperate?"

"Yes, definitely, I will do anything. Please help me, I am innocent. How could being with the other prisoners be any more dangerous than where we are? The guards raped my daughter!"

Maria turned on a monitor that displayed four older inmates molesting and beating a young girl Jill's age. The warden switched on another monitor showing Jill lovingly licking Rose's pussy and the warden explained, "What you see in the prison is just a sample of what goes on. Can you imagine what they would do to two blond Americans? On the other hand, your daughter appears to love what she is doing. The guards, like my self, desperately need to have their tension relieved. Surely, you have no objections to having friendly relations with my staff and I, do you?"

Holly was thinking that it was far beyond friendly but didn't want to anger the warden, so she replied, "I...I suppose you are right. When can I see the attorney?"

"If you are an obedient little slut and do everything that you are told to do then I will arrange for a visit this week. So, are you willing to cooperate and yield to my demands? Will you willingly submit to my every whim or would you rather be separated from your daughter and join the hardened criminals?"

The American mother was trapped; she was well aware of the fact that the warden held their fate in her hands. She had no choice but to opt for the lesser of the two evils and submissively replied, "I will obey you and do whatever you say. Thank you for allowing me to see the lawyer. I am grateful and I will show my appreciation in any way that I can."

"Very good my dear, now get over here and show me just how grateful you really are!" The blond slowly walked around the desk and stood naked before the sitting warden. Maria pulled Holly down and passionately kissed her. The warden's tongue probed and swirled in Holly's mouth. The blond was aghast at the size of the warden's long, thick, and talented tongue. Despite her aversion to lesbian sex she felt a tingling sensation between her legs and her tongue intertwined with the warden's seeking tongue.

Maria broke off the kiss and licked her way down to Holly's breasts and eagerly sucked the pink nipples until they were stiff and pointy. Then the long tongue licked down to her navel and lingered there before traveling to Holly's creamy thighs. By now the blond was on fire and when the long tongue entered her flooding love tunnel she erupted and saw all the colors of the rainbow. She had never experienced such an intense orgasm before and cursed herself for enjoying it so much. The warden chewed on her clit and tongue fucked her to three more orgasm's before she was finished.

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