My current job was boring with a capital B. I had to find other employment, preferable something that would allow me to use at least one brain cell. Right now it was a case of if it's not in the book you don't do it. If it is in the book you do it. You need a new pen? The book says you use this type. Excuse me, but that type's cheaper and have a better feel to them. What has that got to do with your job? This is the mandated pen for your work.

Is it any wonder that I go home and scream?

Still, I have a plan. A scheme that would take me away from dullsville to a live of gaiety and excitement. A scheme that would let me use my talents to the fullest. A scheme that would see me meeting and mingling with people from all walks of life.

I was going to become a private detective.

I'd found this site on the internet that would teach you all you needed to know. And it was free. At least, the first three subjects were free. If you passed them and decided you wanted to continue then there was a fee applicable but that was fair enough. They were giving you a chance to see if this was right for you and if you decided it wasn't then you just terminated the course after those first few lessons. If you went ahead and completed the course they would provide you with a Private Investigator Certificate, recognised everywhere as proper credentials.

My third subject was learning to tail a suspect and I was finding it wasn't easy. The idea was that I had to spot a random stranger and follow him around for as long as possible. I owned a little motor-bike so even if the person I was following hopped in a car I should still be able to follow them.

I thought I was all ready and started tailing this man. He drove to the football ground and parked and I parked as well. Easier for me than him so I was ready and waiting when he approached the gates. He went through the members only gate and vanished into the crowd leaving me thinking nasty thoughts. Thankfully I hadn't bought my own ticket. I turned around and went looking for potential suspect number two.

Number two was easy to follow. He didn't live too far from me and when I saw him walking off I just parked my bike and followed on foot. All the way to a nearby bar where he started drinking as though he was afraid they would run out. Now I remembered why he walked everywhere. He'd always get blasted and come staggering home late at night. The cops had suggested he not take his car when he went drinking, and enforced this suggestion by taking his car and license away. I was not going to sit in a bar fighting off drunks for several hours so scratch number two.

I decided I'd go to the mall instead of trailing someone. Maybe I'd go out tomorrow and trail some nice sedate church goer, someone who wouldn't be lost in a football crowd or bar. You have to be very careful of thieves at the mall. It was within walking distance of my place so I walked. A friend of mine had her bike pinched at the mall. She'd parked, walked to the entrance, remembered something she wanted from her bike, and turned back to get it. She was just in time to see her bike being picked up and put in the back of a pickup truck which promptly drove off with it. So I walked.

So there was I, walking around the mall with no fixed intentions, and this guy comes into sight. He was a big, hunky, man. Strong and handsome and with a determined look to him. Clean-shaven, a nice haircut, and very nice clothes even if they were casual. Well, there was nothing that said that I couldn't practice my trailing skills on a nice hunky man, now was there?

I scribbled down his description in the little notebook I carried, together with the shop he came out of. Then I tailed him. I made a note of each shop he went into and how long he stayed there. When he went to the food court I was close enough to hear what he ordered and that went into my book. I also bought myself some dinner and ate it from a position where I could continue to watch him. It's amazing how oblivious people are to having other people follow then around.

When he finally left the mall I trailed along. I knew I'd lose him as soon as he got in his car but I'd at least get a description of the car and the license plate and time of his departure.

I struck it lucky as he didn't get in a car. He just walked through the carpark and across the road, heading down the street opposite. It was starting to get darker now so I closed up the distance a little, walking on the grass so he wouldn't hear me following him. He walked a couple of blocks and turned left. I turned left and he wasn't there. How could he not be there? It was dark but not that dark. I was incensed. It just wasn't fair.

I walked a little way along the street, looking around, and that's how I came to notice the little laneway between two of the houses. I was just in time to see someone turn right at the end of the lane. I hurried along the laneway, hoping to catch up to him. It would be nice to get his home address. That should give me nice marks. Turning the corner at the end of the lane I was surprised to find I was in a park. Quite a largish park. I knew exactly how large because I knew the park. It wasn't that far from my place, which was a bit of a relief as I wouldn't have to trail all the way back to the mall before going home. I'd just never known that there was a back entry to the park.

I couldn't see the man in the gloom. I listened but I couldn't hear any footsteps either. It was a pity because I thought I'd done a good job up until then. Trailing people is harder than you think. I walked a bit further into the park and found him again.

Perhaps I should say he found me.

I'd just stepped past this bush when an arm went around my waist and a hand closed over my mouth.

"Hullo, Miss Snoopy," he said. He had a lovely baritone by the way. It would have sent shivers down my spine if it wasn't for the fact that I already had cold chills running down my back.

"No need to scream," he told me. "I'm not going to hurt you."

With that he let go my mouth and whisked the notebook out of my hand. He flicked it open, holding it up where the moonlight fell on it, giving him enough light to see.

"My, my," he said. "I've acquired a stalker. That can be a dangerous practise, you know."

"I'm not a stalker," I said quickly.

"Following me around, watching me eat, taking notes. You know what they say, if it quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, and swims like a duck, shoot the duck and have some dinner."

"No, really," I protested. "I'm a private detective and I was practising my trailing skills on you."

The nasty man had the gall to laugh.

"Listen, girl, someone as lovely as you is not able to inconspicuously trail anyone. I probably spotted you as soon as you started following me. As a PI you will be a disaster."

Now that gave me mixed feelings. First he says I'm lovely and then he says I'm a disaster. I just gave him a disgruntled look which he probably didn't even see in the dark.

"I trust you don't live miles from here?" he asked. I knew it was a question because I could almost hear the question mark.

"Quite close, actually," I admitted.

"Well, that is fortunate," he said, and I could hear humour in his voice.

"Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"Because I'm going to let you practice your detective skills of going places unseen," he told me.

The next thing I know he was very rapidly stripping my clothes off. I squealed and struggled but he was way too fast and strong. I was naked almost before I knew it. The only saving grace was the dark which prevented him from seeing anything.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to molest you. You can run along now. You'll find your things in a bag under this bush tomorrow morning."

I was left standing there, protesting to nobody, as he'd faded back into the bushes. That's when it hit me. I was naked. Stark staring naked and in a public park. At least, he'd had the decency to leave me my shoes. But not my purse or my phone. The only way out of this was to get home fast.

I paused for a few moments, first of all calling down calamitous curses on a certain somebody's head, but when there were no lightning strike in the area I sighed and started working out the shortest route from here to my place. Then I remembered that the shortest route took me for a couple of blocks along a very busy road and decided on a route that was just a little longer.

I hugged the fence all the way around until I was out of the park. After that it was a case of scurrying from shadow to shadow, desperate not to be seen. I could have run the distance in under ten minutes but no way was I doing that. I sneaked and scurried and cursed a certain man, all the time moving closer to my destination. It must have taken me nearly an hour to do the trip, and I have no doubt whatsoever that Karma was waiting to have a go at that man.

I was hurrying up the drive when the next disaster struck. He took my purse. No purse meant no keys. How did I get into the house? I almost panicked before I remembered the spare key. It was in the garage, somewhere. The side door of the garage was never locked and I was through it and flicking on the light just like that, trying to remember where I'd stashed that key.

"You look much better with a bit of light on you," observed a certain baritone and I spun around with a scream, eyes wide.

That man was lounging in the doorway, running his eyes over me and smiling.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded. "How did you get here?"

"What am I doing here? Lounging in the doorway, holding your keys," lifting a hand and showing me the keys. "How did I get here? I walked. For a PI you're not very perceptive. You failed to notice that I followed you home."

"Why would you do that?" I asked, feeling indignant. Really, he had no right to be following me around.

"Well, while I assumed that as a PI you'd be expert at self-defence and probably just went easy on me in the park because you didn't want to hurt me, it also occurred to me that if you ran into a couple of people with nasty intentions you might find it awkward to handle them, so I trailed along ready to lend a hand if needed."

I blushed. I hadn't given one thought to self-defence. I wondered where in the course that was covered.

"If someone hadn't taken my clothes," I said rather bitterly, "I'd have walked home by the main road and wouldn't have had to worry if certain lowlifes were wandering around looking for victims."

"Well, all's well that ends well," he said happily. "You're home, you're reunited with your clothes - ah - nearly reunited with your clothes, and looking every bit as lovely as I thought you would."

His eyes were all over me again and I just knew I was blushing.

"If you'll just give me my things you can go away and you'll never have to see me again," I said, trying my best to sound polite. On top of that it would mean I'd never have to see him again, a thought that was very appealing.

"Right, your clothes," he said, dumping them on top of the workbench next to the door. My purse, phone, and keys joined the little pile.

"Thank you," I said, waiting for him to leave. No way was I getting dressed with him standing there watching. There again, would that be better or worse than standing there naked while he looked at me?

"One last thing before I go," he said softly and with that he grabbed my arm and jerked me up against him.

"No need to scream," he said quickly when I took a deep breath. "I'm not going to rape you."

"I wasn't going to scream," I lied.

"That's good. Now as I said, I'm not going to rape you. Neither am I going to have consensual sex with you. I'm not going to beat you either, although you're silly enough to be improved by a firm spanking."

I gave him another nasty look at that comment.

"Then why are you holding me?" I asked.

"I'm glad you asked that question. I am going to touch you up a little bit. You know, a little bit of petting, just to serve as a reminder of what might have happened."

"The hell you are," I snapped, right before his hand closed over my breast and started rubbing it. Quite expertly, too. He knew just what he was doing.

He released his hold on my arm, his hand going around to my back and holding me firmly against him. He bent his head and started sucking on my other breast.

Well, I wasn't taking this sort of thing lying down. It turned out I was taking it standing up because what could I do? His arm around my waist was holding me firmly in place while his hand and mouth messed around with my hormones. About all I could do was protest loudly while ineffectually slapping at him and that he was totally ignoring.

His hand released my breast and his mouth moved over to make sure it didn't feel neglected. Having to do something with his unused hand it just naturally dropped down and started massaging me a little more intimately.

When his hand closed over my mound my protests became a little shriller and I could feel his warm breath chilling the saliva on my breasts as he laughed. He kept it up, muzzling my breasts while his fingers stroked and dipped, stirring up my internal heat.

I was getting aroused, more so each passing moment, and I suspect he knew it. When he sank down onto one knee my initial thought was, "What the hell?" His hands were on my hips, holding me steady, and then he was kissing my mound, his tongue darting between my lips, stirring up my arousal to even greater heights.

I found out just how well he knew the female body when his tongue started dancing around near my clitoris. I shrieked at the first terrible touch and when he kept doing it I started babbling, begging him to stop. Anywhere but there was the message I was trying to get across.

Did he stop? Did he what. He just kept on going, deliberately trying to drive me out of my tiny mind. I was gasping hoarsely, begging him, telling him enough is enough, and then it was all too much and I climaxed.

By the time I stopped shaking he was standing again, his hand gently stroking my breast. Something else had changed, too, and I was struggling to unscramble my mind so I could work out what.

It slowly dawned on me that my hand was clutching his cock. Why was I holding his cock? I didn't remember grabbing hold of it.

"Ah, you said, you said, ah, um," I mumbled.

"I said?" he encouraged.

"No sex," I mumbled.

"That's right," he said cheerfully. "I said it and I meant it. I didn't say you couldn't play with me if you wanted to and it appeared you wanted to."

I was starting to feel a little irritated. Why not have sex with me?

His hands were now covering both my breasts, rubbing them lightly, and they were feeling terribly sensitive. I was moving restlessly under his touch and the heat in my loins was still bubbling away.

He was going to do it and I was going to let him, I just knew it. I tried to resist for a bit longer but he started rubbing my mons again and I just yielded.

"Alright," I gasped. "Do it."

"Excuse me?" he asked, giving me a gentle little smile.

"I said do it," I half yelled. "What more do you need? An engraved invitation."

"Not really," he laughed, "but I did say I'd neither rape nor have non-consensual sex with you. You'd accuse me of breaking my word if I took you up on your invitation. We both know you don't really mean it."

I opened my mouth and then shut it again without speaking. First time I'd ever been struck dumb. He was saying no. After all that and he was saying no?

"OK," I said giving him my sweetest smile. "I can respect that. One little thing. Seeing you're not going to be needing this it won't really matter if I test it to see if I can break it off."

Not that I thought I could. His cock was as rigid as a steel bar and I'd probably wind up with a sprained wrist if I tried to bend it. Still, my hand did tighten on it significantly.

With that I was pinned against the wall, his cock no longer in my hand, I could feel its hard length pressing against my tummy. I was breathing harder, knowing what was now coming.

"When you put it like that," he said softly, "I guess I can make an exception."

He pushed my legs a bit further apart, then bent down to grab one and lift it. As soon as he did that it registered on me just how exposed I now was. He adjusted his position slightly and then I could feel him pushing into me. He wasn't doing it slowly, either. He just thrust forcefully home, skewering me with that single move.

I gave a happy shriek. I had been oh so ready for that, pushing urgently towards him as he came.

I know what you're thinking. He suckered me. Do you think I didn't realise that? I bet this was his intention even before he led me into that park. Even making me walk home naked was part of it. He must have known that sort of thing would have got me at least a little sexually excited. Then he just snapped the trap closed and I didn't give a damn.

He was driving home quite happily, neither rushing nor taking his time, just fucking me quite lustily. I have to admit I was responding in the same manner, pushing hard to meet him, relishing the attention.

I was already excited, that being the leftover feeling from his tonguing me to a climax. Now that bubbling fire in my blood was heating up again and I was panting hard and willing it to happen. Did I say I was panting? Ha, I was giving tongue and making enthusiastic sounds, fully approving the entire procedure.

He slowly picked up the pace, and I was able to keep up with him with no problems. Now I was burning and I was going to explode at any moment. This was going to be my second climax within a few minutes and I was almost desperate to have it.

He picked up speed again and I was almost screaming in anticipation. One last thrust and I was climaxing all over again, and I could feel him jerking and spilling his seed inside of me. (Thank god for the pill.)

He winked at me as he withdrew.

"Better get dressed before you go inside," he told me. "You never know who might be wandering around and you don't want to give anyone a free peep show."

With that he was buckling up his trousers and leaving. He just seemed to fade out into the night. It wasn't until he was gone that it registered on me that he hadn't even told me his name.

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by TREKnRay06/05/19

Detective, maybe

This was as amusing as it was erotic. I loved it.

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good story

at least there weren't any spankings

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She is one crappy P I . Good story though. Would be funny if he was the real deal

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