tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDetective Alison Rossii

Detective Alison Rossii


It was late in the evening. Alison was finally able to let her hair down after another stressful day at work. She let out a sigh and kicked her shoes off as she entered her apartment. She took off her jacket and tossed it on the couch. Her boyfriend smiled as he placed the take-out food on the table. He was a good looking man, with tanned skin and a suave attitude. He spoke with a slight Italian accent.

"You look beautiful in that outfit," he said as he sat down on the couch.

"I'm glad you like it," she smiled back.

"I bet the men you work with can't take their eyes away from you. They must have a good time admiring your body when you aren't looking."

"Oh please, that's the last thing I need to worry about. Besides, I'm used to dealing with aggressive men. I've dealt with them my whole life."

He patted the seat on the couch next to him. "Come here, you look like you need a kiss."

Alison walked to the couch, but instead of sitting on it, she sat on his lap, taking him by surprise. He wrapped his arms around her and they kissed. It was a long and passionate kiss; the kind that showed that two people were madly in love.

"You must have really needed that," he said.

"I did," she replied. "There's something I need to tell you."

"Something good I hope."

"It's about my job. You know that my work can be dangerous."

His hand rubbed her legs. "Of course. I think it's sexy."

"I'm not kidding," Alison replied, stopping his hand. "I've agreed to an undercover assignment. The department is going after some dangerous people, but I won't be in harms way, at least if everything goes smoothly."

"Sounds serious."

"It is. I've been discussing it for a few weeks with the Lieutenant, and I've agreed to do it after all the details had been worked out."

"How dangerous is this assignment?" he asked.

"I'll be serving food to this city's most notorious mob figure, and his henchmen."

"So you'll be posing as a waitress?"

Alison nodded. "Only on the weekends. There's a small Italian restaurant on the other side of town where he like to eat. The department cut a deal with the owner to have me work there. I'll wear a wire, and if I have a chance, I'll sneak in the backroom and plant a bug. It should be simple."

"If it was that simple, then they wouldn't need you to do it," he replied staunchly. "Things are never that simple."

She rubbed his chest and shoulders. "I don't want us to fight tonight. I love you. And I was hoping you would be more understanding. This is what I do. It's for the good of the city."

"I love you too," he replied, rubbing her legs once again. "You're right. This city needs more brave women like you. Strong and courageous. I love that about you."

They kissed on the lips once again.

"So you're not mad?"

"Just concerned," he replied. "How long will you be doing it? This undercover assignment."

"Days. Maybe weeks. Maybe months. There's no set timeline. The Lieutenant and I will judge the operation depending on what kind of information we get. I hope you understand."

"If that's what it takes to get the job done..."

"I'm glad you're taking this well."

"As long as I'm with you, I'm happy," he replied. "Just promise me you won't do anything crazy. I don't want to lose you. You're all I have."

"I promise. You're all I have too."

The food was getting cold on the table as they kissed passionately once again. Their hands were all over each other. They were inseparable.


One week later. Alison Rossii was in a small hotel room with another female agent.. She stood front of the mirror in nothing but panties and a bra while the other agent watched. Alison carefully inserted a small wire underneath the lower end of her bra. Then she inspected her lip stick container to ensure that the bugging device was properly in place for when she had the opportunity to use it.

The highly ambitious police detective was determined to be the person who finally brought down James Rizzo. She had always dreamed big and already had an impressive resume of accomplishments on the police force. Bringing down the mafia would be the crown jewel of her career, and propel her to new heights.

She picked up the restaurant uniform and put it on, trying her best not to mess up her hair. The outfit was nice since the restaurant was classy. Once she wore it, she took her time making sure it fit properly and that she looked the part of a good server.

"How do I look?" Alison asked, staring at herself in the mirror

"Like you're overqualified to be a waitress," the other detective joked.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Are you nervous?"

Detective Rossii kept her eyes on the mirror. "A little bit. I'm always nervous on undercover assignments."

"I mean are you more nervous this time? Or less? Rizzo is a big deal."

"Maybe both," she replied. "Mob bosses aren't as crazy as street thugs or drug dealers on the street, they're more predictable. But they're also smarter."

"Being smart is what makes them dangerous," the other agent stated.

Alison turned to look at the other agent. "My shift starts in an hour. I better get down there. It's the first day of a new job and I don't want to be late."

"Or else what? The owner will fire you?" the agent joked.

Alison smiled, "He better not fire me, or the Lieutenant will throw his ass in jail for drug offenses."

"Right. You look sharp detective. You'll do fine."

"I hope so. Wish me luck."

Before long, Detective Rossii stepped out of the hotel room in her restaurant attire. Her new identity was set, and she memorized all of the details of the person she was supposed to be. Her hair was dyed, and she even worked on her Italian accent as a way to blend in. She wasn't going to talk like the intelligent, highly educated woman that she was, but like someone who's been hustling her whole life.

The plan was in motion.


Three months later. Alison walked into the office of her superior and closed the door. Her hair was dyed back to its original color, and she wore a sharp suit like always. The Lieutenant smiled as he stood up to give the detective a small round of applause. They shook hands and then sat down.

"Bravo," he said. "I read your latest report. Very well done."

"Thank you sir. You have no idea how good this feels."

"Pretty relieved I would imagine," he replied. "Spending months undercover is a long time for any agent."

Alison nodded. "Damn right. It was a long and frustrating road, but I think we've succeeded."

"You've succeeded," the Lieutenant added. "We've never been able to gather this much solid evidence against Rizzo and his associates until now. All of our previous attempts had failed for whatever reason. This is an amazing accomplishment and I'll make sure you receive an award from the mayor."

"That would really mean a lot to me."

"Consider it done. The Mayor has been putting a lot of pressure on this department to get rid of certain criminal elements for political reasons. He would be thrilled to find out the kind of progress we've made."

"I can't stand politicians and their bullshit," she replied. "So I don't really follow politics."

"Politics is a part of everything. You should follow it if you want to further your career. The Mayor has been getting hammered by his opponent over what the mob is doing to this city. Once he finds out that the DA will now have a strong enough case to put Rizzo and his mafia buddies in prison, he'll be grateful. Trust me, when a mayor is seen honoring the police, it makes him look good, especially during election season."

The detective nodded. "I'm just glad the bad guys are going to be put away."

"Don't we all. Your father was a great cop. He'd be very proud of you and your sister if he was around to see this. He was a good man."

Alison nodded, "I know he was. My sister and I used to get mad at him for spending so much time working instead of being with us. The funny thing is, since I joined the police department, I've become exactly like him."

"For some people, being a cop is in their blood. You were born to do this. You're one of the best detectives I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

"Give it a rest Lieutenant," she blushed.

"I mean it. We're on our way to delivering the biggest single blow to organized crime this city has ever seen because of the evidence you've obtained."

"It was my pleasure," she replied proudly.

"One more thing," he added. "I'm retiring at the end of the year. I've spoken with the Commissioner and we've both agreed that you should be my replacement. Congratulations. You're going to be a Lieutenant in the near future."

"Me? Why me?" she asked in state of surprise. It was everything she had worked for since the beginning of her law enforcement career.

"Because people around here respect you. You're a natural born leader, you're hard working, and you're highly intelligent. Besides, you're great with the media and we think it's important to have a strong woman on tv as one of the faces of our department. We think you'd make a great role model for young girls."

Alison was beaming with pride. "That you so much sir. You have no idea how much those words mean to me. I've always been a strong advocate for women's rights. I got that from my mother."

"I can see that. Your mother is a unique woman."

"She is. I'll be sure to let her know the good news, and a few other people."

"A few others huh?" he asked with an eyebrow raised. "Anyone special in your life? Anyone I should know about?"

Alison blushed, "I'm seeing someone at the moment."

"It sounds like more than that. I've never seen you blush like this. Come on detective, you don't have to be shy with me."

"His name is Joseph. We've been dating for a couple months and I'm head-over-heels in love with him."

"I'm glad to hear it," the Lieutenant said with a nod. "In this line of work, it's important to have someone special in your life. And frankly, I'm a little surprised hearing this. I've never heard you discuss your love life before in all the years we've known each other."

"I always keep my work and my private life separate."

"Fair enough. I rarely discuss family matters with other people in this department. So I understand if you don't want to talk about your boyfriend."

Alison blushed again. "He might be more than just a boyfriend. The other day, I was snooping through his apartment while he was in the shower and I found an engagement ring. It was recently purchased. He's going to ask me to marry him."

"And what will you say?"

"Yes," she smiled. "I'll say yes."

The Lieutenant stood up and extended his hand. Alison stood and they both shook hands.

"Congratulations once again detective. You're going to be a Lieutenant soon, and a beautiful bride. Things are looking up for you. And they couldn't have happened to a more deserving person."

"Don't forget about that medal from the Mayor."

He laughed, "Of course."


That evening. Detective Rossii turned the knob on her apartment door and was surprised by candle lights. Everything was radiating an orange color from the fire. Her eyes roamed the small apartment and she could barely recognize the place where she lived. Everything seemed different. Candles were everywhere. The dining table was set with roses, and food was prepared on fancy plates.

When the detective stepped foot inside of her apartment, a pair of strong arms grabbed her from behind.

"What kind of detective lets someone sneak up behind her?" the man asked.

Alison playfully laughed. "I never let my guard down, except for you..."

"Good answer. Now give me a kiss."

Joseph let go and Alison turned around to kiss him in a warm embrace. It was a warm passionate kiss, and it lasted longer than usual.

"Candle light dinner huh?" she asked, with her arms around him.

"I'm a romantic guy."

He gave her another kiss on the lips.

"I love that about you. And your timing couldn't have been better. I've got some amazing news and I wanted to spend the night with you. The Lieutenant is retiring in a few months and I'm going to take his place. I'm getting a major opportunity. Can you believe it?"

"Of course I believe it. Why do you think I came here to surprise you?"

She playfully slapped him on the chest. "You knew?"

"You aren't the only one with sources," he said mischievously.

"Did my mother call you and tell you to surprise me?"

"Maybe one day you'll find out. But not now. Tonight is your special night. Our special night."

Joseph took her by the hand and led her to the dining table. He handed her a glass of champagne, and they both drank.

"This is for more than just my promotion, isn't it?" she asked. "I can tell by the look in your eyes that you're up to something."

"Am I that obvious?"

She nodded. "This is what I do for a living."

Joseph smiled, "Then you know my secret."

"I think I do," she smiled back.

"Good things are worth waiting for Alison. When the perfect time comes, then I'll ask. I want tonight to be focused on you and your achievements."

A sense of sadness came over Alison when she realized that he wouldn't propose to her, but she understood his motives.

"You're a sweet guy. You really are. I love you Joseph."

He kissed her on the mouth. "I love you too Alison."

They held each other close in a warm hug.

"I couldn't have done any of this without you," she said, with her head on his chest. "You were the only thing keeping me sane these past few months. I've never told anyone this, but I was scared to death working undercover."

"You're a brave woman."

"Only sometimes. You really helped me through the tough times. I'm so grateful that you were there for me when I needed someone to talk to, and that you understood me. I was expecting you to run like most men do."

He kissed her forehead. "I'm not like most men. I know what I have in my arms. You're a special person to me. I'll never forget that."

They kissed again.

Alison took a deep breath and gathered her courage. "I found the ring in your apartment a few days ago, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Ever since we met, I've always thought about you. I've never felt this way before."

"Are you sure I'm the right guy for you?" he asked sincerely. "This is a major step."

She kissed him on the lips. "I'm sure. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I can imagine us having kids together. I'm 41. I'm not getting any younger. We can start a family. Maybe the Lieutenant will agree to hold off on his retirement while we have a child together. I know it's crazy because it's happening so fast, but it feels right."

He smiled, "I've always wanted to be a father."

"So is this the proposal I've been waiting for?"

Joseph reached inside of his pocket and took out a small box. He got down on one knee as he opened the box to show a ring.

"Alison, will you do me the honor of being..."

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

The normally stoic and brave detective was overjoyed and could barely contain herself. She bent down to kiss her fiancee on the mouth. It was a hard and sloppy kiss. They held each other for a while, then they got back to their feet.

"I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with you," she said happily. "I've never felt this way before."

"Neither have I."

"So what happens next?"

"First," he said. "I want to feed you. I bought us food from your favorite restaurant. Then, for the rest of the night, I want you in my arms, naked."

She smiled. "That sounds very romantic. But right now, I'm hungry for something else."

The detective continued kissing him while unzipping his pants.


8:26 am. Alison overslept after forgetting to set the alarm the night before. Her head ached from all the drinking she did. She was in naked in bed and the blanket was a mess. It took her a while to collect her thoughts, but everything became clear once she saw the engagement ring on her finger. She smiled to herself, knowing she would soon be a wife to the man she loved more than anything.

Alison slipped on a tshirt with nothing else underneath and walked around her small apartment. Her clothes were all over the floor and she realized that Joseph had already left. The candles had all burnt out. The dining table had old roses on it with dirty dishes that needed to be washed.

Her phone beeped and she walked back inside of her bedroom to see who it was. It was the Lieutenant:

"I'm sorry," she answered. "I overslept."

"You're still at home?"

"Yeah, I'll be right over."

"I need you in my office immediately."

"What's going on?" she asked with concern.

"Just get your ass over here."

"I'm on my way."

She pulled off the tshirt and quickly ran to the bathroom to wash up. Then she quickly rummaged through her closet, putting on her undergarments and a nice suit. Her hair was still a mess, but she didn't care. After drinking a glass of water and eating a few bites of leftover muffin for breakfast, she headed to the police department as fast as she could.


Once she arrived, she entered the Lieutenant's office and closed the door.

There was were a pile of cds on his desk which had come from a large yellow envelope. The envelope had the Lieutenant's name on it written with a blank marker. She sat down so they could talk.

"What's this?" she asked, wondering what the urgency was.

"We have a serious situation on our hands," he said bluntly. "It's brutal and I don't know how else to explain it. It's going to be painful."

"Tell me what it is already."

The Lieutenant took a deep breath. "This morning I received a package. It was unmarked except for my name. I opened it and found these cds. Whoever sent this to me had access to your home. They recorded everything."

Alison shook her head. "Please don't say what I think you're going to say."

"I'm afraid so. Someone recorded you in your bedroom."

Rossii felt her stomach turning in knots. It was like a bad nightmare, except she couldn't wake up. The sinking feeling kept creeping in that this was reality. It was actually happening.

"Can I see it?" she asked.

The Lieutenant randomly inserted one of the cds inside of his laptop. He had a stone face the entire time. Expressionless. He showed no emotion while he clicked the laptop so that the video would play. Then he turned his laptop so that Detective Rossii could see what was on the screen:

It was video of clip of her nude in her bedroom while changing her clothes. The next clip showed the detective having sexual relations with Joseph. Her stomach sank as she watched herself in various sexual positions on her own bed. A nauseous feeling came over her while the video continued.

The Lieutenant realized how she felt and turned the video off.

"All of the cd's are filled with explicit images of you in your bedroom," he said. "Your apartment must have been bugged for the past few months- at least. I'm very sorry this is happening."

"Who...who did this?" she asked, fighting back the tears.

"My guess is that it's Rizzo's crew. Our department has a major problem with corruption, and they must have found out that you were assigned to take him down. Our case against Rizzo might be compromised. He might have been feeding us false information the entire time you were undercover."

"Has...has anyone else seen these cds?"

"I don't know Detective. I honestly don't know. As soon as I realized what was in this envelope, I called you immediately."

Tears rolled down her face. "I feel like I'm going to throw up. I feel sick."

The Lieutenant stood up and comforted the detective, rubbing her back.

"We're going to get the son-of-a-bitches who did this," he said in a reassuring manor. "I'm going to make them pay. I promise you."

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