Detective Dick


Sliding a second finger into the maid's ass, she began to buck and squirm, leaning close to Lee and doing the tongue tango. Dick could tell she was not far off cumming, and the Lee was hammering his cock, she was not far of it either. His own body was growing tense as he held back, enjoying every moment of this torture. With a cry, the maid came, coving his tongue and mouth in her creamy juices and pushing her pussy hard against his teeth. Licking and slurping as hard as he could, he was consumed with lust, devouring every drop of her sweet cum. His cock threatened to burst as Lee's pussy finally began to pulse and contract around his shaft in a powerful orgasm. He could wait no longer, releasing his full load into her hole, pumping everything he had into her in a few tremendous squirts.

She lifted off his cock, both women leaning down to lick him clean, discussing how wonderful he tasted as if he was a desert to be sampled and devoured not a man to be pleased. Satisfied that he had been punished enough, Lee released the cuffs and handed him his clothing, sitting on the end of the bed and watching him dress.

"I have another proposition for you Dick. If you're interested that is." He gave her a side ways look as he pulled on his pants.

"I'm always interested. What did you have in mind?"

"It seems my darling husband is being unfaithful, which doesn't bother me greatly, the sooner he fucks himself to death, the better, but I don't like that he has other women believing that he'll marry them when he's already married to me. I want your help in making her see there is no place for her in Drake's bed, or bank account. I will give you five grand, and set up the pictures for you to take. You can be sure they will be very juicy and will leave no doubt that he is quite well fucked at home. What do you say Detective?" How could he turn down such and offer? He would be getting the best pictures possible, and getting and extra five grand, not to mention the fantastic fuck she had just given him.

"I believe you have yourself a deal Mrs. Witherspoon."

She led him to the room next to hers, sliding a cupboard aside and pointing out a sizable hole in the wall. It was more than big enough for the lens of his camera, and the perfect angle to get the best shots. The maid stayed to keep him company while Lee went in search of Drake and his nightly dose of viagra. As dick pressed the camera to the hole, zooming the focus in and out to get the best view of the big canopy bed, the maid reached for his belt buckle and zipper. Within moments, she was on her knees before him, her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking quite happily.

So there he stood, his pants around his ankles, a maid attached to his cock, and his lens pressed up against a hole in the wall waiting to film a lovely woman fucking a wrinkled up all man. Some how this was not how expected to be spending his evening, but what the hell, he had nothing better to do.

It wasn't long before Lee and Drake appeared in the room and she wasted no time in getting things moving. He was naked beneath his robe, his nine inches already standing erect and ready. Dick shuddered at the sight of such an old man supporting such a big cock. Where did he get enough blood to fill it and keep his heart pumping at the same time? He clicked the camera on as Lee dropped to her knees and began to suck. The though that she was doing that to him no more than an hour ago sent a heated rush through his body that threatened to see him explode his load all over the maid's pretty face.

Lee's luscious red lips moved up and down Drakes huge thick shaft, sucking and licking with genuine pleasure. Drakes fingers buried in her hair, holding her head has he fucked her mouth. Dick did his best to ignore the maid sucking his cock while he filmed, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as she sucked harder and faster. Through the camera lens he watched as Drake lifted Lee to her feet, turning her around and bending her over the edge of the bed. Grabbing both of her hips in his withered old hands, he pushed his shaft deep and hard into her, making her cry out with pleasure. There was no tenderness to his passions; he was a rutting bull, fucking her hard and fast, pounding every inch of himself into her tight pussy, caring nothing for her pleasure. With a groan, he was done, his seed running from her gaping pussy down the insides of her legs. Picking up his robe, he headed for the bathroom, leaving her bent over the edge of the bed unfulfilled.

Dick understood a little better why she was so keen to use him for her pleasure, to bring herself pleasure, and he was only to happy to offer her his services again should she have need of it. He was perhaps a little more modern then Drake, but he liked to see his ladies pleasured before himself. The scene in the other room was obviously over, and the maid was still making a meal of his cock. He was a little annoyed at the way Drake had treated his wife, and was determined that he would do much better. Setting the camera on the sideboard, the recorder still running, he lifted her up and led her to the bed on the other side of the room. Laying her back on the bed, he lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide, burying his face in her tender folds. He could still taste the residue from her earlier climax, mixed with the fresh juices her heat was creating. His tongue sought out her hard little clit and sucked it gently, lifting it between his lips and flickering his tongue over it.

"Oh please Mr. Osborn, I need your cock inside me, please fuck me, fuck me hard." Once again he could not refuse a ladies demands, lifting her legs over his shoulders, and pushing himself slowly into her milky depths. She was so hot, so tight, so giving; he could not help but want more of her. Steadily he worked his cock into her until she was filled completely, his head pushing against her cervix, her fingers digging into his upper arms.

"Oh yes Dick, yes, harder Dick, fuck me harder." He was a man on a mission now, driving his cock deeper and harder into her as she bit her bottom lip, holding in her cries of pleasure. How he wished she had been free to scream, to cry out the full force of her lust. Ripping open her blouse, he watched her breasts giggle and bounce as he worked his body over hers. The forcefulness of his act was enough to set her on fire, wave after wave of pulsing orgasm surged through her, her pussy gripping and milking his cock until his cream spilled into her, filing her love hole with his seed. She reached out for him, pulling him to her and kissing him sweetly. "Is there anything else I can help you with Detective Osborn?"

He brushed the hair from her face and kissed the end of her cute little nose. "Well, there is one thing. You can tell me when you have your next day off so I can take you to dinner, or have you for dinner, which ever you prefer."

Her grin was wicked but her eye's sparkled. "How about both?" She giggled.

He chuckled, lifting himself off her body and pulling up his pants. "I think you have a deal miss. What is your name? I can't go around calling you miss all the time."

She blushed a little at his gentlemanly gesture. "Maggy, Maggy Wills, and tomorrow is my day off." He kissed her forehead, doing up his fly and picking up his camera.

"Perhaps tomorrow will be more of a day on, than a day off Maggy, I'll pick you up at seven for breakfast. Now if you would be so kind as to get me out of here with being attacked by more lawn ornaments, I would be in your debt." There was a laugh behind them and he turned to see Lee standing there. Apparently she had watched him making love to the maid and was quite impressed.

"Well, we can't have you getting damaged now, can we Dick? Come, I'll show you to the gate."

Back in his office, Dick plugged the camera into his computer and printed out some of the better frames to give to Miss DeLuth, and made a copy of the short pounding Drake gave Lee as well. The original held the delightful session that he'd had with Maggy, something to look back over on cold and lonely nights. Looking out the office window he could see the sun was beginning to rise, and there was only time for a short nap before he was due to pick Maggy up for breakfast.

No sooner had he lain back on the sofa than there was a knock at the door. With a curse, he got up and answered it, wondering who in the hell would be here at this time of night. It was Kitty, standing there in a full-length fur coat and an expression on her face that cried out bitch.

"You don't waste any time do you?" he walked back to his desk, opened the top draw and flicked open the envelope with her name on it, letting the film slide out of it and back into the draw. For some reason, his conscience would not allow him give her that much of Lee's privacy. "I only have pictures, it's the best I could do. You can forget the other ten grand, take the pictures and we'll call it even." For some reason he wanted to put as much distance between him self and this dame as possible. Without another word, she turned and left his office, her wiggling ass a pretty sight as it vanished out the door.

Returning to the sofa, he decided it was time for a career change, something he would consider after breakfast, or maybe after lunch. Perhaps Lee could find him a suitable position at the estate, who knew, but for now, he was reasonably happy man, and intended staying that way.

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