tagErotic HorrorDetective Murphy

Detective Murphy


Well, this should be an interesting story, to write and read that is.

Have you ever worked with someone that is a real pig? A prick? A smuck who knew best? A filthy low-life that would treat anyone with disdain and contempt; especially women?

A bloke who thought that his penis, was the greatest gift to womankind. (The guys at the precinct here had heard the stories that it was only 3 inches that would have to make it the smallest prick around, unless you counted Murphy.)

Well let me introduce you to Detective Murphy. Supposedly one of New York's, finest, cops. He's someone that if he got ran over, no one would miss the bastard. Unless, of cause, you had to clean the bumper of the car.

So, come and meet this bastard, because he will not be here for long.


I grunted, as I pounded into my wife's arse. So tight and gorgeous. She was on all fours on the bed, trying to ride it out, and not hit her head on the wall.

"More, baby." She said.

She knew that she should talk dirty during sex, otherwise she would get a whack for not doing as I told her to, or not doing as I liked.

"Take that bitch." I grunted with satisfaction, as I pushed further into her. I pulled her head back, by her hair.

"Well, what do you think now?" I screamed at her.

"You're the best fuck around Murphy." She intoned, as she locked eyes with me.

"Yeah. You bet your bottom arse I'm the best." I said as I twisted the hair tighter.

Just as I was about to give it a good yank, the phone rang.

"What, the fuck!" I exclaimed. Pissed off that someone would dare to interrupt me while I was enjoying myself.

"You better answer that." My bitch wife said.


"Never talk that way to me!" I scalded her as my hand hit her face.

I grunted and reached for the fucking phone.

"Yeah." I said, without too much feeling.

"Murphy, there's been a death and we want you to go over there to see what needs to be done." The desk sergeant said.

Boy, was I pissed off. Here I was giving the bitch the best time she would ever get and they want me to go see about a stiff.

"No, sarge." I said, "Send one of the other pricks."

"The only prick around here Murphy is you and the Captain asked that you go personally." He told me.

I could hear the smiling arseholes voice down the line.

"You'll get yours." I thought to myself.

"Okay, I'll go." I said rather tiredly.

"Your damn well right you'll go." The prick had the nerve to say.

After giving me the address, he hung up in my ear.

I slammed down the phone.

"Boy, what a prick of a night." I thought to myself.

"Gotta go bitch." I said to the wife.

"Make sure that arse is there when I get back, otherwise it's this." I said as I raised my hand to her face. It was good when she cringed back.

"1921 second 21st street." I said to myself, as I pulled up at the curb.

Getting out of the car, I looked around.

"Not bad." I thought to myself, "Classy area."

I went to the intercom and buzzed. The door opened up and I walked through to the lifts. Pressing the button, I waited for my ride.

As I got out of the lift, I found the door 23a, just to my right.

"Murphy." I announced as I showed my badge to the local cops.

I could see that the sarge must have phoned ahead to say that I was coming, because they had sloppy grins on their faces.

"Where's the body?" I asked.

"In there." The, wet behind the ears, prick pointed.

I walked through, into the bathroom.

"Time of death, 9.45pm." The Medical Examiner said.

"She's all yours." He said to me as he turned to put his instruments away.

"No need to have an autopsy on this one. Straight drowning, in my books." He said, "I'll leave you with it. I have to go uptown, now."

With that, he picked up his gear and left.

Looking down at the corpse, in the tub, I saw that she was about 34yrs, blonde, shaven pussy and the best set of knockers I had ever seen. I was getting hard just by looking at her.

I could hear the pansies talking in the other room and presently one of them came in.

"We have to go and go to another death, so it's just you until the body boys get here." He smirked, as he said it.

"They shouldn't be more than a couple of hours. You know, it's a busy night out there." He said with that slimy fucking grin.

"Well, you and your boyfriend had better piss off." I said to the tosser.

He, didn't look too happy at that, so he turned and left. Closing the door on their way out.

"Now what am I to do for a couple of hours? That bitch is waiting for me to get back and give it to her. " I thought to myself.

I looked again at the well-to-do bitch in the tub and started to get an erection. This was the type of woman I should have, not the slag that I did, but I could not kid myself. This type of slut in the tub would never give me the time of day.

"Fucking Bitch!" I said as I turned out of the bathroom.

I had a good look around the place. The fridge had a couple of beers, so I decided to help myself. I was her baby sitter, after all.

I went to turn the TV on by the bed, when I noticed that she had a VCR and some tapes. "These look promising." I said to myself as I put one in the machine, pressed play and sat on the bed to watch it.

The scene jumped onto the screen. Two girls and a bloke going for it on the floor, in the living room. As the bloke pounded one of the girls from behind, she was eating out the other girl, who was leaning back, with her legs wide open.

"The little slut." I thought to myself, as I glanced towards the bathroom. "This bitch loved to tape herself, while she gets fucked."

I gulped more of the beer, as I felt myself drawn towards the TV. My bulge growing in my pants.

Just then my phone rang. "Yeah." I said.

I hung up, more interested in the screen.

The body collectors said, "That they were going to be at least a couple more hours and since they were rushed tonight, could I get the body out of the tub and get it ready for collection." I had done it before, a couple of times, so it was no big deal.

As I crossed to the door, I looked back at the screen. The bitch was now sucking on the cock, while her friend stuck a vibrator into her cunt.

I turned back to the task at hand and took off my jacket and rolled up my sleeves.

I reached down and pulled the plug out of the drain, releasing the water. As the water receded I admired the broads body. The tits, the shaven pussy and the face. I could feel my erection growing as I leered at her.

I reached down to grip her upper body, to pull her out. My hand brushed her tits.

"Hmmm. That did feel nice." I thought to myself, as I ran my hand over her breast.

"Bet you're not going to feel this anymore." I told her as; I lifted her out of the tub and carried her to her bed.

Putting her down on the bed, I noticed that the warm water had kept her body soft and flexible. Not the usual rigor mortis that you would find on a dead person.

There she was on the TV screen, getting rammed up the arse, by the bloke.

I was getting a raging horn, as I rubbed myself through my pants. As I glance at the screen and back at the broad on the bed, I had a wicked notion.

I walked over to the bed and flipped her over onto her back. I spread her legs open and looked at the view.

Unzipping my fly and removing my trousers, I released my erection. I climbed up behind her, spread her legs and found her rear entry. She was still wet and slightly soapy, from the tub. I spread her cheeks and put the head of my penis over her anus.

I didn't spend anytime on slowly easing it in, but ploughed straight in.

"Gee, that felt good." As I rammed it in and out of her. I would glance at the television screen to see what they were doing.

"You fucking bitch!" I yelled at her.

"How do you like it now?" I asked her.

Not that she was going to answer.

I felt myself coming and blew into her wet arse.

I pulled out of her and wiped my cock on the bed sheets.

Looking at the screen, I could see that there was another bloke in the shot. This time she had one up her cunt and the second one, she had in her mouth.

"Gaud, this bitch was hot!" I thought to myself, as I glanced down at her body.

I could just imagine my cock in this broad's mouth. Looks like he could as well, because I could feel it stirring again.

I moved to the side of the bed, by her face. I reached down and pulled her lips apart and moved the head towards my penis.

"What the hell." I thought, "She's dead anyway."

I stuck my penis into her mouth and fucked her that way.

"This bitch was horny as a whore in a hen house." I thought to myself, as I pulled her head backwards and forwards on my erection.

Just then, I thought that I could feel her tongue move over my head.

"No." I thought to myself, "I'm just getting carried away with the moment.

As her head was moving, I again felt her tongue move, against my cock. Looking down I saw that her eyes were open and that she was looking at me.

"NO!" I screamed, as I tried to pull out of her mouth, "You're fucking dead."

Her teeth held onto my erection, as they slowly increased the pressure.

I hit her head with my hand, but that only forced her teeth to bite down harder. No matter what I did, they continued to close, together. I tried desperately to open her mouth up.

As I looked down, she smiled that lovely smile that I had seen on the tape and bit down hard.

I screamed as she bit through my cock. I pulled back and was left with a bloody mess where my penis was. Blood was going everywhere, as I tried to stem the flow. My hands could not contain the blood, as I sank slowly onto the bed.

"You fucking bitch!" I screamed through my agony and my tears.

I felt you move off the bed. At this stage I believed anything was possible. I curled up into a ball on the bed and felt like I was going to bleed to death.

"So, you like to take me up the arse." You said in a raspy voice.

I heard the sound of wood splintering from behind me. I turned and saw the chair lying off to the side.

"No!" I screamed, as unseen hands grabbed me and flipped me over on the bed. Spread-Eagled. With my arse in the air. My cheeks were spread and I knew what was to come.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I was going to die, I might have liked the foreplay." I thought, as the chair leg was rammed up my arse to spear my intestines and insides.

"Why me?" I thought as I died.

"Because, you raped me in death." Came your reply.


"And, that's how we found him sarge." The body collectors said, as they looked at my body on the bed.

"Serves the pig right." He said.


And so ends the story of Detective Murphy. In life he was a pig and in death he was going to be tormented by much more than life had to offer, or so it would seem.

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