tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDetention at Work Pt. 01

Detention at Work Pt. 01


Chapter 1

Julie Powers had been summoned to her manager's office and that was never a good thing. He knew that she was desperate to hold on to her job since her husband had left her. (He couldn't take any more of Julie's submissive nature whereas her manager, Mr Jenkins, seemed to revel in it.)

Everything had been looking up recently as Julie had managed to secure a summer job for her eighteen year old daughter, Mandy, at the same bank where she worked. Mandy was employed as a cleaner and was only receiving a pittance in wages but every little helped, especially as Mandy wanted to go to university after the summer and Julie had been wondering how she was going to be able to afford it.

As she knocked on Mr Jenkins' office door tentatively she was incredibly worried as, ever since he had discovered how much she was struggling to cope financially, he had made her do things that she would never have agreed to otherwise. He had spanked her with his big hand, he had forced her to have sex in ways Julie could not ever have imagined and now Julie stood terrified, trembling, outside his door him once again.

She was wearing the prescribed uniform of the bank, a royal blue jacket and skirt with a white cotton blouse and looked every inch the respectable bank teller. Beneath her uniform, however, Julie now dressed as instructed by Mr Jenkins and she now owned a large selection of stockings, suspender belts, garters and crotchless knickers. Even her bras were selected by him and they were all a size too small so that even her modest 34C breasts seemed to be constantly spilling out.

The door was opened by Mr Jenkins fierce secretary, Miss Atkins, who sneered at Julie before she opened the door wide to allow Julie to enter, then left and closed the door behind her. Julie stood trembling in front of Mr Jenkins' large desk, her head bowed, while he continued to write something on the other side.

After what seemed like a lifetime to Julie, he finally put down his pen, and looked at the scared woman in front of him. He looked her up and down, taking his time as his eyes moved over her chest and down below. Julie could feel herself burning with embarrassment as he seemed to be stripping her with his eyes, leaving her naked in his mind's eye, and her own.

"I'm afraid there is a problem with your daughter, Mrs Powers. It would appear that she has been stealing from the bank while she is here on her own at night. This is a sackable offence and is not something that can be allowed to continue. Do you have anything to say?"

Julie tried to imagine Mandy doing anything wrong. She was even more submissive than her mother and had never been in trouble throughout her childhood and teens.

"I'm really, really sorry, sir. All I can do is apologise but I just can't believe Mandy would do anything like this."

"Are you calling me a liar, Mrs Powers?" he yelled.

"No, no, sir. Please. I've tried my best to bring up Mandy correctly and she has never been any trouble to me."

"I see, so you are calling me a liar. Well, I can't have that and I can't have a thief working here at the bank. Speak to Miss Atkins on your way out; both you and your daughter are fired and be grateful I don't call the police."

He returned to his writing but Julie just stood there in tears. This couldn't be happening. She couldn't lose her job. She would lose the house too and then where would they be. She had to find another way.


He looked up.

"I thought I told you to leave."

"Please, sir, couldn't you give us one last chance. I'm sure there must be an innocent explanation. I'll do anything, sir, anything. Just please don't fire us."

Mr Jenkins looked at the tears falling but felt nothing, no pity or mercy, nothing but the insatiable lust Mrs Powers had aroused in him ever since the day she first came to work in his bank. He loved everything about her, especially all the things her husband, her ex-husband, had seemed to hate. He loved her submissiveness and the fact that she would do anything he wanted just to keep her job. He loved that fact that she looked so respectable on the outside while he alone knew that today she would be wearing a tiny, white thong and matching bra. He knew because he had bought them for her and instructed her to wear them today. He knew that that same white thong would be saturated with her pussy juices already as she was always wettest when she was being humiliated.

"I suppose I could give you both another chance, Mrs Powers, but you would have to give me something in return."

"Anything, sir, anything. Let me prove to you that both Mandy and I are worth giving a second chance."

"Very well. You will stay behind after work today and we will wait until your daughter arrives. I will then deal with you together. In the meantime, there is still the matter of you calling me a liar. In these circumstances you will have to be punished immediately to ensure it never happens again. Do you understand?"

Julie understood exactly and meekly nodded her head while stepping forward to the very edge of his desk. She managed to pull her tight skirt up to expose the black stockings and the white thong that she had been ordered to wear by the manager sitting on the other side of the desk. She knew what he was thinking as he stared at her thong-covered pussy, she could feel the juices flowing from her down below, and she knew he knew this too.

"I think I'll take those, Mrs Powers."

Julie's face burned red but she knew she had no choice as she bent slightly forward and lowered her thong down her chubby legs to her ankles. She stepped out of them and handed them to Mr Jenkins. He patiently waited as he enjoyed the show and took the obviously sodden garment from her outstretched hand. He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply, his cock springing to attention as he smelled once again the musky aroma of her cunt.

"What are you waiting for, Mrs Powers?"

Julie put her hands on the desk and, taking a few steps back, assumed the position he preferred her in when he spanked her. Her arse cheeks had only just recovered from her last spanking but she would do anything to keep this job.

Mr Jenkins came round from his side of the desk, still holding Julie's thong to his face. She dared to glance at him and could see the tent in the front of his trousers and shuddered with the hope and fear that he would fuck her as well. She knew she hated what he made her do but she couldn't deny that the very thought of his long, thick penis was enough to make her want him inside her once again. She also knew, though, that he wouldn't return her thong to her and she would be dripping spunk for a good part of the day as she served the bank's customers at her counter.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she suddenly felt Mr Jenkins big hands caressing her bum. She hated her bum. Her ex-husband had always complained about how big and fat it was, especially as she stood at just over five feet two. Mr Jenkins, however, seemed to love it and always seemed quite loving towards it – at least until he started spanking it.

After feeling the delights of her fat arse, Mr Jenkins was now ready to administer her punishment and he smacked one cheek after another, blow upon blow, until a very red tinge spread across her rear end and she wept even more. After each blow she managed to count out loud the number he was giving her but thought she was going to faint as he surpassed his previous record of twenty and didn't stop until she could hardly hold herself and very quietly sobbed, "Thirty."

Julie slowly rose to an upright position as Mr Jenkins simply walked back to his seat and sat down. She slowly wriggled her skirt back into position and felt it rub against her poor bum.

"That will be all, Mrs Powers. I will see both you and your daughter in here at six o'clock. Do not be a minute late. Do not warn your daughter in advance that she has been caught. Now go and let that be a lesson to you."

Julie turned and walked out the door, trying to pretend that everything was normal. She would have succeeded too if she hadn't been met by the amused face of Miss Atkins who sat at her desk just outside the manager's office. The haughty secretary had obviously heard every one of the smacks administered by Mr Jenkins and laughed when she saw Julie's tear stained face. Julie began crying again and ran to the staff toilet to try to compose herself before she was able to face both her colleagues and her customers. She applied some lotion to her bottom and rearranged her make up, all the while trying hard not to think of what Mr Jenkins had in store for later but reassured herself that it couldn't be too bad as Mandy would be there too.

Chapter 2

Mandy didn't really understand how she had been caught. She knew that the bank had CCTV but she thought it was only in operation during the day to ensure none of the tellers tried to steal any money. Now it was her who had been caught and the evidence was there on Mr Jenkins laptop. He had just shown Mandy how clear the picture was, the picture of her using the keys she had "borrowed" from her mother to get to the money. It wasn't that she was really bad; she was just trying to help her mother pay some bills. She had tried to explain this to them both and mother at least seemed to understand and had given her a sympathetic hug to try to reassure her.

Now they both stood in front of Mr Jenkins large, imposing desk. They could almost pass for sisters as mother was only sixteen years older than her. She had been forced by Mandy's father to have sex with him before he would agree to marry her and became pregnant almost immediately. They were both the same height and, although mother carried a few extra pounds, Mandy was always described as curvy too. She had no experience of boys as she was determined what happened to mother wasn't going to happen to her.

"So you will admit that you are guilty and that you deserved to be punished?"

Mandy meekly nodded, her mother not saying a word but holding her daughter's hand reassuringly.

"Good. Well I have discussed this earlier with your mother and she has agreed that you would both do anything to keep your jobs. Is this true?"

"Oh yes, sir. I'll pay back the money, I'll do anything."

"Good, good. This is now a disciplinary matter so, according to the bank's policy, Miss Atkins will stay here to record everything that transpires. Understood?"

Mandy again just nodded but stole a glance at the dragon-like Miss Atkins who Mandy knew all the staff were terrified of. Julie, however, was slightly pleased as, although she was just as scared of her manager's secretary as everyone else, she presumed that nothing untoward would happen while someone else was in the room.

Miss Atkins stood, put down the pad on which she had been taking notes and produced a digital camera from a bag that neither Julie nor her daughter had even noticed.

"I will be recording everything, Mr Jenkins says and does and I will also be recording your reactions. Is this understood?"

Mother and daughter had both presumed Miss Atkins would be taking notes, nothing more, but although this was more embarrassing, they nodded their heads in unison.

"Good. Mr Jenkins, I am ready to proceed. You may begin."

"Very well. Miss Powers, earlier today your mother dared to call me a liar and she was punished accordingly. Mrs Powers, I want you to show your daughter exactly what happened."

Julie felt rooted to the spot. There was no way she could lift her skirt to show her daughter, and Miss Atkins, and the camera, the effects on her bum of Mr Jenkins brutal spanking.

"Are you hesitating, Mrs Powers? Do you want to keep your job? Do you want me or Miss Atkins to help you do you what you have been asked to do?"

Mandy looked at her mother, mystified at this turn of events. Julie, in turn, was close to tears but, once again, she was trapped; she knew she had no choice. To save her job she was going to have to show her red, smacked bottom to her daughter. She dropped Mandy's hand and walked over to the desk. Hitching up her skirt, just as she had done earlier, she leaned forward, placed her hands on the edge of the desk and burned with humiliation.

Mandy gasped in horror, both at what mother was doing and at the state of her punished bottom. Miss Atkins came closer with the camera and got a great shot of Julie's big, fat arse, nice and pink after her earlier spanking.

"Miss Powers, your mother and I have a very private arrangement which allows her to keep her job while, at the same time, allowing me to punish her for any misdemeanours on her part. It is my intention to begin a similar arrangement with you to ensure you will keep your job and that there be no need to involve the police in this matter. If you agree then assume the same position as your mother. If you don't then you can walk out the door right now and wait at home while Miss Atkins calls the police."

Mandy's head was swirling, she didn't know what to do. She looked at mother's bare bum; she looked at the position she was in, bending over at the waist, holding on to Mr Jenkins desk; she looked at the camera which had finally stopped ogling her mother's bottom. Finally she looked at Mr Jenkins. He was tapping his fingers impatiently on his desk.


She couldn't lose her job; she couldn't let the police get involved; she couldn't go to jail. With a sob, she stepped forward and grabbed the side of her manager's desk, right beside her mother.

Mr Jenkins had to struggle to contain his delight as his plan was going even better than he'd dared to imagine. Walking round to the other side of the desk he looked down on the two women, mother and daughter, and thought he was in heaven. However, only one upturned arse was naked and he intended to rectify that immediately.

Mandy's body stiffened as she felt the hem of her flowery summer dress slowly making its way up her legs. The higher it went the more her face flushed in humiliation and she looked to her mother for support. Julie, however, was staring at the floor, too ashamed to look at her daughter and too scared to look anywhere else.

Mandy felt the air on her bare thighs as her dress moved higher still and she started to cry once more as Mr Jenkins suddenly tossed her long dress over her back, revealing her big, white cotton knickers to him, to Miss Atkins and to the camera. She thought that she would die from embarrassment there and then but when she felt Mr Jenkins caress her large bum she knew that there was worse to come.

Mr Jenkins fondled and caressed his new plaything and looked forward to the time, very soon, when these big knickers would be removed and he would have easy access to both mother and daughter's arses. That would have to wait a short time since he wanted to exert his control and show Mandy just who was her boss.

The noise of the first smack reverberated around the now almost silent room and Mandy was even more shocked to hear her mother mutter under her breath, "One." As each subsequent blow landed on her knicker-covered bottom, Mandy heard her mother count very quietly until she reached six.

Mr Jenkins knew that he had to go carefully and first and break in this new beauty so, with all the strength he could muster, he dropped Mandy's dress back down over her tender arse and turned to her mother.

"Show your daughter what to do now, Mrs Powers."

Julie and Mandy stood up, the younger woman taking the lead from her mother. Julie then knelt down in front of Mr Jenkins and pulled Mandy by the hand until she too was on her knees in front of a man for the very first time. Miss Atkins had moved right beside them and continued to film but Julie was trying to block her out as she knew what was to come next.

Mandy couldn't believe her eyes when her mother reached over and unzipped Mr Jenkins trousers. She reached in and pulled out his huge cock, at least Mandy thought it was huge – she didn't have much to compare it with. As Julie drew the cock to her mouth and sucked it in, Mandy couldn't believe how much of it seemed to be going in to her mother's open mouth. She was only too glad that it was her mother and not she who had to do such a disgusting thing.

"Don't be greedy, Mrs Powers, let your daughter try," said Mr Jenkins, seeming to read Mandy's mind and expressing her worst fears.

Julie handed his throbbing cock to her daughter but Mandy was too shocked to move. Her mother took Mandy's hand and wrapped it around their manager's big dick, moving it towards her daughter's mouth. Mandy looked imploringly at her mother, begging her with her eyes not to force her to do this but Julie tried to smile encouragingly to her daughter and simply nodded.

Mandy opened her mouth as wide as she could but still didn't think she could get it in far. Mr Jenkins took control of that, however, by slapping her hand away, grabbing her by her curly hair and pushing his cock all the way to the back of her throat. He started to piston in and out of her mouth until Mandy thought she would never get a breath. Then suddenly he pulled back and his cock left her battered mouth. A line of saliva extended from her sore bottom lip to his cock.

"Your turn, Mrs Powers." He shifted slightly to swap mouths and once again started to enjoy the older woman's experience. This went on for some minutes as he moved from one to the other, enjoying the different experiences in each mouth, until he started to feel his spunk rise in his balls and pulled out of Mandy's mouth.

Grabbing hold of his own prick he aimed it at Julie's face first and pumped his fist fast and hard until the first shot of cum hit her just above the nose. Turning to Mandy he aimed the next shot straight into her eyes. Back and forth he went until, finally, he was spent and both mother and dughter's face was dripping with his spunk.

"Did you get that, Miss Atkins?"

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