tagSci-Fi & FantasyDetoured Ch. 02: Detoured Still

Detoured Ch. 02: Detoured Still


- the continuation from Detoured ... enjoy ...

"Ashley ... Ashley ..." You heard your name called from a distance. In a slight trance due to the after-effects of the highly intense love-making, or rather, a hard fuck session which left you momentarily unconscious. In deep sleep. Still in a daze now, in a dream mode where the lines of fantasy and reality is blurred. Looking down, you see your breasts rising and falling. Your body at ease. Completely relaxed and rejuvenated from your experience. Breathtaking to say the least. An intensity beyond words. Now, your body yearns for more.

You lift your legs, teasingly spreading them, running your fingers between them again. You let out a soft mewl as your clit responds with jolts of intense pleasure, coursing throughout your young nubile body. You take a deep breath and remove your fingers from between your legs. Taking another deep breath and sitting up, you see that the three handsome men are still in the room with you. They are eyeing you intently ever since you spread your legs.

A finger in your mouth, you smile sheepishly at them. They return your sweet smile, asking, "Are you ready for us again?" A slight nod from you is all they need to again converge. Your new sexy body, tingling again from the anticipation of your next experience. Your mind is ready for anything. Your willingness to give all and everything is further motivation to the three strapping young men. They seem to have read your thoughts or at least understood your deep desires somehow. One of them comes up to you, plants a deep kiss on your lips and whispers in your ear, "We'll do anything you can think of ..." With that, his lips quickly moves to your breast and latches itself to one of your still sensitive nipples causing you to yelp in pure desire. Your body shakes with uncontrollable desire, a primal urge. They move about, disengaging from your yearning nipple, and turn you on your stomach.

Their hands now massage your back, shoulders, buttocks and thighs. You relish the feeling of the strong hands and the stimulating massage they are ministering on your defenseless body. Your desires are on the rise again. Your pussy begins to feel wet. Your skin begins to tingle. You wonder if it is due to the oil they use. It must be. It was that oil which brought you such intense pleasure that first time around. Their hands continue roaming. In a few moments, you feel their fingers roaming to and probing more intimately into your most private parts. "Oh well ...", was what went through your mind as you've already been "had" by them before.

You feel their fingers touching your sensitive clit again. Rubbing it to hardness. A small, sensitive bud wrecking havoc down between your legs. Your moans are muffled as you bury your pretty face in the pillow, almost screaming out in ecstasy. You feel your pussy juice oozing out of your wet cuntal opening, dripping on to the large round bed you're on. The dampness staining the white material in many spots already. Two fingers then penetrate you gently, going deep into your yearning pussy. Without warning, they start pumping quickly in and out causing your pussy to inadvertently squirt out little amounts of juice. You close your eyes and feel your orgasm building quickly inside you. The fingers delve just at the right angle to rub hard against your G-spot. You scream out your impending orgasm as two more fingers wiggle their way deep into your ass. You squirm you ass upwards, swallowing them whole, right up to the palm. Your body starts to shudder. Your orgasm built up with unfamiliar intensity. You buck your hips back to take in all four fingers deeper into you as you cum with full blown intensity, gripping them hard in your most private orifices, holding them there as your orgasm washes thoroughly over you.

Before one wave subsides, another wave seems to take its place as the fingers continue their vile manipulation of your nether regions. You cunt juices squirt up in the air, a foot away from the bed. Your ass gripping the fingers tight, milking them. Another finger enters your wet sopping cunt, all three now rubbing hard against your G-spot, bringing you to an almost non-stop orgasm as you continue to squirt your juices all over. Your throat feels dry as you realized that you've been screaming, albeit without sound, for the past few minutes.

As you slowly descend from your orgasmic high, you realize that the bed had changed its shape. It is contoured to support your body completely, holding you up about two feet in the air. Your ass is a little higher in the air, thus affording the guys easy penetration with whatever they wish to use. This is a special bed indeed. In the next moment, you had felt your sensitive nipples drawn into something by suction. In there, tiny pins, not entirely sharp, scratches lightly on your aching nipples. The sensations are just driving you insane, causing you to moan out loud. Your mouth open, one of the guys slips his long hard tool into your mouth. You open your eyes in surprise but close them again as you suck and lick at the magnificent shaft plundering down your throat.

You feel a tongue-like appendage licking on your nipples now. Pushing them against those blunt pins. The sensations are burning through your breasts, never having experienced such stimulation before. In another moment, the bed moves to spread your legs wide apart. Your juices dripping still, wetting the rock hard cock ready to penetrate your open pussy. He does not enter you yet though. The bed is still making adjustments. Soon completed, the bed now has your ass waving high up in the air, open and ready for deep doggy style penetration. You quiver with anticipation on what is about to happen. Your pussy muscles opens and closes your vaginal opening much to the amazement of the guy standing behind you with his ready prick in hand. You reach back and spread your ass further apart, allowing him a more intimate view of the insides of your vaginal and anal passage. Unable to contain your lust, you plunge one finger deep into your ass, as if inviting him to take you now. Another two fingers from your other hand goes into your pussy and spreads them apart as they exit, spreading your juice to further lubricate your cuntal and anal opening.

Momentarily you think back ... Where is your boyfriend in all of this? ... dang ... hope he doesn't find out that you've been such a slut ...

Your next thoughts swing completely back to the intense sensations now coursing through your body from the incessant genital and anal stimulation ... from your own fingers. You suddenly realize that you've been a true and complete slut. Preparing yourself for them. Inviting them to fuck hard and deep into your quivering cunt and tight anal cavity. Loosening yourself for their big heavy pricks. Your fingers move in a frantic blur, fucking urgently, driving you to another earth shattering climax. You're even better lubricated now, sex juices dripping down your thigh. You scoop up a little juice and let it drip down into your gaping asshole. You look around you. All three of them are at your rear, looking at your sexy ass waving in the air, lifted by the bed.

You then feel their fingers beginning to violate you. Oh what sweet violation. You feel them plunging mercilessly into your cunt and open ass. You bury your face into the pillows and scream out loud as another orgasm rocks your body, causing it to shake uncontrollably. The fingers continue their work. Taking in each of your orgasm as if it is a trophy, a prize to be won. You cum almost continuously as you feel two, then three, then four fingers plunging inside you. A moment later, you feel an entire fist in your cunt and several fingers spreading your ass apart. The fist pumps quickly in and out while the fingers curl and uncurl inside your wide open pussy to rub fast and furiously on your sensitive G-spot. You squirt hard, splashing all three of them with sex juices which they gladly slurp it all up.

After what felt like an overdose of orgasms, cumming so hard and so quickly so many times in a row, everything suddenly stops. The fist withdraws. The fingers on your ass leaves it gaping. The cool air wafts into your open cavities. A slight whimper escapes your lips. Your mind and body, lost in lust. Pleasure continues to permeate your entire being. Every single touch, every single sensation seems to be able to send you into a frenzied climax.

You take a deep breath. Relax a little. Then, you feel it. The large bulbous cock-head of one of the Adonis-like lovers rubs up against your quivering pussy. It glides inside slowly, coating itself with sufficient cunt-juice, before pulling out again and positioning itself against your tight anal opening. You relax your sphincter muscles and reach back to pull your ass cheeks apart. The fat cock is leaking juice, further lubricating your already wet rear hole. Slowly then, slowly but surely, it inches its way into you. Inch by inch it goes, your juices had lubricated it well. Rubbing against the walls of your rectum, it penetrates further and further into you. The sensations it generates is incredible to say the least. The combination of your cunt juices, the oils and oozing precum seems to have you well prepared for this deep penetration. You imagine it drilling into you endlessly, wishing it would not end. Pushing as deep as he could, his fat cock finally comes to a halt at the deepest point your sexy ass can take. You could not believe how deep it went. It is as if the fat cock had elongated and the new length is at the maximum of how much you could actually swallow up inside your tight quivering anal passage.

Another thing you could feel inside your tender, used asshole is the expanding and contracting of the phallus which is buried inside. It quivers, expands. Quivers and contracts. Quivers and expands again, all the while pumping in and out smoothly of your well lubricated anal passage. Your cunt is hungry for a cock. Your pussy juices dripping, indicating your level of arousal and also the yearning desire for a fat cock to be shoved as deeply as it would go into your slick cuntal opening. The gentlemen don't disappoint. You had been wonder what all three of them were doing at your rear end when you suddenly feel two, fat cock heads pressed tightly up against your outer labia. You squirm with delight, trying to swallow them both into your hungry cunt. You push back, causing one of them enter you suddenly. The other guy pushes forward, grinding his tool past your tightly clasping cuntal opening. You scream out loud as the simultaneous stimulation of two cocks in your pussy and another ravishing your sexy ass drives you off the edge. Your body convulses in a series of raw, intense climaxes. Shaking and shuddering as you try to calm yourself down, try to bring yourself down from the ultimate high from an ultimate doggy-fuck. Three fat cocks, swallowed up by your hungry orifices. The vision of them going ever deeper into you fills your mind. In fact, they have not even started moving much yet.

As you take a few deep breaths, trying to come down from the high, you feel all three of the tools starting their engines. They begin to plow slowly but rhythmically in and out of your cunt and ass. One of them would expand while the other two would contract causing you to have an exciting mix of sensations buffeting your orifices. A slight discomfort from the hugeness and at the same time the feeling of being stretched almost to your limit is driving you almost insane from sheer pleasure. The friction is just at the right level, thanks to the oils and your sex juices and precum from those huge pulsating dicks. Relentlessly but rhythmically, they plunge in and out of your wet orifices causing you to whimper and moan. Your mind is lost. Your body had succumbed completely, yearning for more, fucking backwards trying to take more of their hard cocks into you. The stimulation of the blunt pins and suction at your nipples combined brings you to an insanely high level of lust. Your body begins to buckle again. Your cunt squirting out juices with each in-stroke of the cock in your ass.

You start down the familiar path of another earth shattering orgasm. Sensing that you are about to climax, the three men begins to frantically fuck you. Pumping and fucking at ever increasing speed. The rods invade your orifices as if there is no tomorrow. Those weapons are relentless as before but the fucking has increased in speed tremendously. You convulse in climax, screaming out but without sound into the soft pillow supporting your head. Your hips buckle and shake, moving back and forth, trying to match the rhythm of those fat, fucking pricks plunging in and out of you. You pussy spewing juices again and again, squirting till those three hunks are almost drenched in your liquid sex. The combination of fucking, expanding & contracting, along with the multiple stimulation from three fat cocks at the same time is almost too much. You close your eyes tightly and scream again. Another orgasm hits your body hard. You arch your body, thus pulling on your nipples and breasts involuntarily. You let out a loud wail confirming that another crazy orgasm has hit you. You know you will pass out soon but before you do, you'd just want to cum that one more time.

Mustering your last ounce of strength, you again thrust your hips and ass back against those three cocks, this time using your muscles to squeeze them hard. To their surprise, they too begin to feel the rumblings deep down in their balls. Not many women had stimulated them to this degree before, by completely submitting to them this way. Feeling their own orgasm fast approaching, they give one final effort to fuck you even harder, even faster, even deeper. Their cocks now elongated to reach deep inside you, splitting open the entrance to your womb. Sliding ever deeper into your moist, tight asshole. Fucking you so hard. Fucking you so deep. Just for the plain lust in it. Fucking and fucking.

Without warning, you feel something against your hard, sensitive clit. Rubbing furiously, rubbing frantically. You open your eyes momentarily and realize that it is your own hand, your own finger which has reached down between your legs to further stimulate your already flushed and highly sensitive loins. Your whole body is stimulated all at once. The oils are doing their work again, making you a completely open nerve. One big erogenous zone. Stimulation and sensations no longer apply.

Fuck. All you want to do is fuck. The cocks inside you are twisting and turning now in addition to fucking you furiously and along with the contraction & expansion, you're being driven to the edge of insanity. In a few moments, you would not want anything else but to be in deep bliss, cumming forever. You stop to wonder momentarily whether that is even possible. Before your thoughts take you much further, you're in the throes of another violent, mind-shattering climax. The cock heads then begin to squirt too. Splashing their hot sperm into you not unlike fire hoses spray jet streams, just much hotter. You're driven to the point of addiction. You want more and more even though they are at their end now, spurting their last few streams of sticky white cum. Their long hard cocks still able to penetrate you bringing you to orgasm, though milder than before. Your body relaxes. An orgasmic wave hits you again, as if gently lapping at the shore now. Unlike the tsunami-force waves earlier. Your pussy and ass completely drenched in cum. As you contract your muscles inside, cum continues to ooze out from your open orifices in gently cascading quakes. Would you bear their children you wonder.

You yearn for more. You want them to fuck you even more. Deflated at this time, they move to your sides while one remains down between your legs. Sensing your urgent need, they nod at each other in unison and you glance back to see them opening their mouths. What you witness from the corner of your eye leaves you gasping for breath even before they start. Their tongues are long and menacing. Fleshy stubs dot the surface, guaranteed to stimulate any orifice to the very extreme. You close your eyes, half smiling and half worried. Judging from what their large cocks can do, these tongues could probably expand and contract as well.

Two of them at your sides begin licking your sensitive nipples. Both nipples at the same time. The tongues wrap themselves around your fleshy orbs and the tips of the tongues goes directly to your nipples. It is a more than welcome sensation as your nipples are aching slightly from the blunt pins earlier. You fall deeper into ecstasy. Your pussy juices flowing again from the stimulation on your nipples alone. The nubs on the tongues rub against your breasts and nipples causing you to moan out loud uncontrollably. Your lust rising and rising. Your passion, your need for a good hard fuck overcoming your sensibilities again. Here you are, kidnapped, experimented on and thoroughly fucked, front and rear ... and enjoying every second of this intense experience. You shake and move your shoulders as the bed begins to slowly turn you around, laying you on your back. The remaining tongue then snakes its way up your thighs, wrapping around one of your thighs with the tip landing just above your hot, sensitive clitoris. You quiver with lust and anticipation, wondering what wild delights would be administered by this tongue.

You hear a slight whirring and look down between your legs. You almost couldn't believe your eyes as you noticed the tongue was vibrating. The tip was a blur. The whirring soon subsided but the vibrating tongue continues on its way to your clit. Your sex bud is erect, hard and oh so sensitive. The moment the tongue touches your clit, electric shocks shoots through your body. You trash around on the bed. Legs flailing, soon followed by your arms. Your hands reach out, grabbing the bed, pulling on the sheets. The intensity shows on your face. The electric-like jolts seem to emit simultaneously from each and every tongue. The sensations burn through your body turning it into a quivering mass of pure lust. You are unable to contain your urges. Your fingers plunge deeply into your pussy. Two fingers at once. Then three and four. A moment later, your fist begins fucking your pussy fast. The three tongues continue to attach themselves to your nipples and clit, sending little shocks of delight throughout your overstimulated body. You are hungry for more though. Wanting more of this raw carnal delight. You can't seem to get enough and you continue to pump your small hand deeply into your tight pussy.

You think to yourself that it doesn't matter if this was a dream. As long as you can remember what happened and wake up satisfied, you couldn't care less.

Just then, all hell breaks loose. The three humanoids had returned to form. Fully rejuvenated. Their huge, fat cocks ready for action again. They groan aloud in their lust. In their eagerness to dominate your sweet, sex hungry flesh. Your body willingly given to them to do as they please. You look at the one at your right side. His tongue still busy on your nipple. You look down towards his torso and loins, noticing his large weapon, pulsating in his eagerness to fuck you again. In your daze, you try to focus closer at the fat cock. You gasp loudly to your surprise as you notice the surface of his cock actually pulsing with little knobs which are also twirling, going around its circumference. Some clockwise, some anti-clockwise. You close your eyes as the one between your legs penetrate you. You grab the one on your left and suck on the bulbous head causing him to whimper in excitement at the wild sucking motions administered by your sweet mouth.

You could feel the one in your cunt going deep inside you quickly, filling you up completely until it reaches your cervix. The twirling, pulsing and knobby sensations inside you driving you completely out of your mind. Pushing you over the edge, causing you to lose control of your entire being. With a swift strokes in and out of your smooth cuntal passage, it beings you quickly and inevitably towards your climax. The feeling is indescribable. The twisting and turning of the knobs as the fat cock continues to bury and retract itself from your pussy, pumping you in and out, fucking you for all you're worth. You begin to wonder what had happened to the third tentacle-cock when you feel it pressing up against your anal opening. Your muscles relax to accommodate it, letting it bury itself deep inside your ass. The feeling is just so wicked. To have all your holes used thoroughly. The one in your ass does not move in and out but just twirls and twists inside you. Massaging you in places you never thought existed before. Rubbing you at those sensitive zones.

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