"Oh fuck! I'm cummmmmmiiiiiing," she shouted -- loudly and then did. Her liquids flowed as Steve sucked her clit. Her body bucked and he cupped her ass and held her tight as she rode out the final waves of her orgasm. Finally tapping Steve's forehead to indicate he should release her sensitive clit. He noted that Tony had pulled back and was stroking his hardening cock. 'Good', Steve thought, a quick recovery.

Lifting his head Steve moved up and eased his cock head into her sopping pussy. "0000HHH" Anna moaned softly. Anna could go and go so this wasn't a problem and was something she enjoyed. Slowly, as Tony watched, Steve entered her. With half his cock inside he began to fuck her slowly, slipping a little more cock deeper each time.

"There's a cock to suck Anna darling," Steve whispered as he kissed her mouth, "poor Tony will think you have forgotten him!" Anna smiled as he moved back then turned her head to pull Tony's cock back to her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking and stroking Tony's very solid cock she looked up at Steve and, taking Tony's cock from her mouth said with a smile, "Spit roast!" Steve motioned to Tony to kneel on the other side of the bed then pulled out of Anna's glorious pussy. She moved to kneel, her head level with Tony's cock and her arse facing Steve.

"Feed Anna your cock Tony," Steve said with a smile, "we can change places in a while." Tony's eyebrows raised as he offered his cock to Anna's mouth. She grabbed it and sucked it inside then gasped around it as Steve's cock filled her pussy in one forward thrust. Steve gripped her hips and fucked her in earnest then drove his cock deep inside. Then he lowered his hips and thrust upwards into her. She moaned loudly around Tony's erection. Steve knew that, like this, he would be hitting her 'G' spot with every drive. Anna managed to make quite a bit of noise around Tony's cock as they fucked her from both ends.

Anna groaned inwardly in pleasure as she felt Steve's cock nudging that special place inside her vagina. Each forward thrust meant that the tip of his cock brought yet another pulse of pleasure until they built to the final release. Orgasm washed over her and she screamed in pleasure.

Steve felt her shudder and saw Tony's cock slip from her mouth as her orgasm hit. He didn't stop, just fucked her through it. Then Steve nodded to Tony and directed his gaze to the bedside cabinet on which where a number of condoms. Tony raised his eyebrows. Steve smiled, "We don't play without protection Tony. Take it or leave it." Steve and Anna knew that lots of guys didn't like using condoms -- they'd lost a few couples because of it -- but it was an absolute rule. Too dangerous nowadays to do anything without and, anyway, Anna was still fertile!

Tony smiled and, reaching for the pack, opened it and made to slip it on. Anna reached up, took the unrolled condom from his hand, and slowly rolled it on his rampant cock. She took her time and made quite a show of squeezing both cock and balls in the process. She smiled up at him.

"Time to change!" Steve said with a smile and they changed position. Steve was pleased to see that Tony wasn't like a bull in a china shop but entered Anna slowly and gently. She gasped loudly as she always did when a new cock found her pussy. Her eyes met Steve's and a soft smile graced her lips, "Thank you," she mouthed, "I love you!"

As always with a new cock entering her, Anna took a deep breath and enjoyed the feeling of a new man. He wasn't as big as her lover and didn't quite hit the spot but he was good. Slow and considerate as he entered her, his hands gripped her hips as he slid inside and began to fuck her steadily.

Steve mouthed back, "I love you too. Enjoy." She took his cock into her mouth and lavished her attention for a while. She could taste herself on Steve's cock and enjoyed the thrill of what was happening. Tony was fucking her slowly, a look close to ecstasy on his face. Steve laughed, "Hold it off Tony old son, not too soon!"

"Fuck Steve, she is so fuckin' hot!" Tony sighed.

Steve laughed, "I know," he said. Time to find out a few things. "You're happy with a threesome Tony?"

He smiled, "You bet!"

Anna was still sucking Steve's cock and her eyes were looking up into his. She knew what he was leading up to. "Do you like anal Tony?" Steve asked quietly. A surge of pleasurable anticipation rushed across her body as she considered Tony's cock in her arse with Steve in her pussy.

He looked shocked, "Anal?" then said quickly, "no, no, I'm straight!"

Steve laughed, "I didn't mean me, Tony, I'm straight too! But Anna loves being fucked in the arse and if you like doing that I am sure she will oblige."

Anna's mouth slipped off his cock, "Oh yes please, but after you of course!"

"Of course." Steve smiled back. "Well?"

"I haven't done it much," he said then added, "but I'd certainly like to try!"

"She likes two at once," Steve said. Again Anna shuddered in anticipation.


"Yep. One in her pussy, one in her arse. Don't worry, we are not crossing swords! Do you think you are up for that?" Steve asked.

Whilst they were having this discussion Tony continued to drive into Anna, gripping her hips and pulling her onto his cock. Steve's cock was back in Anna's mouth and, as Tony said, "You bet!" they began to fuck her in unison. Steve filled her mouth then, as he withdrew, Tony would bury his cock deep. Steve knew Anna enjoyed this and it wasn't long before another shudder rocked her body. Anna felt the orgasm beginning as the two cocks slid back and forth in her body. Her mouth sucked hard on Steve's cock when he drove home and she thrust her arse back into Tony as he filled her pussy. Tony must have felt her orgasm because he cried out, "OH FUCK YES!" and held her hips tightly against his body as he filled the condom with cum.

Steve was holding on, as he always did, to the very end. He didn't cum much nowadays but he enjoyed the feeling of fucking Anna in any and every way!

Tony fell back on the bed and stripped off the condom while Anna flopped face down. Steve sat back on his haunches. "A glass of wine anyone?"

"Mmm, yes please," mumbled Anna.


"Heck yes. Fuck that was good."

Anna looked up at him through hooded eyes. "I hope you've got another one locked away in there," she said with a sexy smile, reaching for his diminishing cock. "I shall be ever so disappointed if you haven't," she continued with a massive pout.

"Fuck yes miss Anna," he said with a smile, "I reckon I can raise another!" She smiled.

"I can see you wont have any trouble," she said eyeing Steve's slightly softening cock. She knew, of course, that he wouldn't. The Cialis would do its job.

Steve got glasses and poured some wine and they all sat around on the bed drinking and chatting. Tony explained that he was single and without a steady partner. He admitted that, whilst this sort of thing didn't happen often it had happened to him before.

"Do you two do this sort of thing often?" he asked.

"First time," Steve said.

Tony looked surprised, "Doesn't seem like it. You seem to know what's going on."

"Well, we swing, or swap, now and again so we are used to more than two, but this is the first time we have invited a total stranger back to a hotel room." Anna clarified.

"I'm certainly glad you chose me," Tony said with a smile at Anna, "this is some woman!"

Anna preened. It was nice of him to say that and Steve knew it made her feel good. It was the truth of course -- she was some woman. She was also the woman he loved and his life.

Steve smiled and, looking at Anna, said, "Mmm, yes she is. And she is some woman who needs attention!" They had finished their wine and Anna's hands had found their way to two cocks which were slowly hardening. Masturbating both slowly she smiled, "Come on you two, time to play!"

"You take the bottom," Steve said to Tony. He smiled and they moved into position. Steve concentrated on Anna's tits, especially her very sensitive nipples. Sucking, biting, and licking each one in turn before squeezing and cupping her whole breast. Tony was diligently attentive to her pussy and it wasn't long before their attentions brought another orgasm. A shudder and a loud moan. Tony was carrying out his duties in a satisfactory manner!

"I want you in my arse," Anna whispered softly as she came down from her orgasm. "Oh Steve love, I want him there too." She didn't often take another man there. It was something a little special for them as they both liked it so much and Steve knew she was asking his permission. Not that she had to of course, he didn't own her, but they loved each other.

"Of course," Steve smiled. "How?"

"Edge of the bed!" Well he wasn't about to argue, it was one of his favourite positions. They moved around the bed and Steve reached for the lube on the cabinet and nodded Tony towards another condom. He smiled, reached for it, opened the pack and slipped it on. Steve noticed Tony was pretty hard but then he was too -- excited at the idea of fucking Anna's arse!

Anna moved herself to the edge of the bed and, laying on her back, held her legs back showing her pussy and arsehole to them both. Steve dripped a copious amount of lube onto his cock and stoked it along the length then squeezed some into Anna's tight bottom hole. He pushed it in with first one finger then two and slowly finger fucked her to loosen her a little. It didn't take much for Anna was experienced in anal sex, liking it as much as Steve.

Anna enjoyed the feeling of being prepared, got ready to give her most private place to these two lovely men. She smiled inwardly as she watched Steve slowly masturbate lube, flavoured of course, onto his cock. Then his finger pushing past the tightness of her sphincter and probing inside. The lube was slightly cold and she gasped silently as Steve pushed it inside. Already she was beginning to enjoy the idea of two men, one after the other, in her arse. It didn't happen often so this was special. Another soft gasp as Steve's second finger joined the first.

She glanced at Tony's cock and was pleased to see that he was as hard as the first time. Probably last she thought to herself with a smile of satisfaction.

Steve passed the lube to Tony with a nod and watched as he stroked some onto the condom. Steve could see that Tony was watching intently as his cock head met Anna's anus and pushed slowly inside. Not too much at first but Anna gasped. "OK?" Steve asked softly.

"Oh fuck yes!" she responded, "do it please!" Steve pushed his cock into her tight arsehole until half was inside then began to fuck her slowly. Her screams and moans got louder as was usual when she was fucked in her arse. He enjoyed hearing her like this. Now he pushed more inside until she was taking all of his 7 inches deep inside her rectum. Holding her legs back even further, Steve began to fuck her arse long, hard, and deep. Her orgasm wasn't long in coming!

Anna groaned as the width of his cock spread her sphincter and she felt the muscle grip. Then the feeling of her anus slipping along the length of Steve's cock. She gasped and moaned as her orgasm built. It felt so wonderful to be fucked like this by the man she loved -- and another was to take his place!

"I'm cummmiiiinnnnng. Oh god I'm cumming. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" Her body shuddered and her anus and rectum gripped Steve's cock. Steve found it difficult to hold on just then but he knew she wanted a DP. It was time to change!

"Your turn Tony," Steve said with a smile as he withdrew his cock from her tight arse. "Slow and gentle Tony -- and DON'T you dare cum yet." Tony nodded then moved into position. He was a little shorter than Steve so his angle of entry was different and Steve could see from Anna's face that she was really enjoying the feeling of Tony's cock entering her.

Anna was only just coming down from her first orgasm as she felt Tony's cock at her arsehole. Then again the slow insertion as his cockhead breached her there. She momentarily thought how gently he was as he slowly entered her. Some men, faced with the prospect of fucking such a glorious arse, would thrust and fill with little concern for her pleasure. Tony was gently and slow. She watched his face as he finally drove home inside her arse and saw sheer pleasure.

Tony was obviously enjoying himself and Steve was sure that his 'demonstration' had provided Tony with enough information to know what to do and that Anna liked it. Steve left them for a moment and, visiting the bathroom, quickly washed. He was going to look into Anna's eyes as she took two cocks at the same time. Her fantasy was to be enacted. Steve could hear her moans and her screams as Tony fucked her arse and, in passing, wondered how thick the walls were. It wasn't uncommon for walls to be banged in hotels while they were fucking!

As Steve returned Tony had slowed down somewhat. "Fuck Steve she is so hot. I had to stop, slow down. Fuck, when can I cum?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Not long," Steve said with a smile, "stop now; we'll change position. She's going to take us both, right Anna love?"

Languidly rolling back longways on the bed she smiled, "Yes," she whispered softly. It was all Steve needed. He lay back on the bed, his cock standing proudly upward awaiting its fate! "You know what to do now," she said looking round at Tony behind her and smiling. "Wait til he's deep!"

Anna straddled Steve's hips then bent her head to kiss him. "Thank you my darling. I love you so much!"

"I know," Steve whispered back then gasped as her hand guided his cock into her pussy. She was wet of course and she slid down easily, sitting up straight to take all 7 inches. Then she bent forward and began to fuck his cock with her pussy.

"Good?" she whispered.

"Fuck yes! It always is. Soon?" She nodded. "Tell me and I'll tell him." Steve could see Tony stroking his cock gently and mouthed 'lube' at him. Tony reached for the bottle and dripped some more onto his cock. Steve nodded OK.

"Now," Anna whispered. She settled down on Steve's cock then thrust her arse backwards as his hands reached around and pulled her cheeks apart.

"Tony," Steve said and watched him kneel forward. Anna's eyes were wide open and Steve could see the moment that Tony entered her. She could feel one cock on the other through the thin membrane separating them. There was nothing like that feeling! They widened in surprise quickly followed by a smile of pleasure. Steve could feel Tony's cock slide against his, separated by a thin membrane -- he reckoned Anna did as well for she sighed then moaned his name, "Steve, oh Steve! I love you!"

"OH FUCKING HELL!" escaped Tony's lips as he must have continued to fill her arsehole. How tight it was Steve knew, for he had been there with another cock in her pussy.

Anna was moaning now, her eyes locked on Steve's. He could feel Tony's cock deeper inside her now then realised that she must have it all by now! "Yes?" he asked softly.

"Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me, both of you." So they did. Tony was a natural for DP. He caught on very quickly -- and he had staying power this third time! They both drove deep inside her, then out over and over again. Steve could hear the three bodies slapping together. Then they alternated. Steve deep, Tony out, then vice versa. They would both almost withdraw then slam deep inside her bringing a loud scream. She had several very powerful orgasms as they fucked her arse and her pussy.

Tony finally groaned and drove deep, filling another condom with his load. Anna could feel his cock swelling then pulsing in her rectum and silently wished she could feel the warmth of his spunk there. Tony pulsed several times then he slipped out of her arsehole. Anna continued to bounce on Steve. Then as she calmed she slipped off. Time for the finale! Her mouth closed on Steve's cock and she sucked. Wet, his cock was easy to wank and she did so, sucking hard. It didn't take long.

"Oh fuck!" Steve shouted and filled her mouth with spunk. She sucked every drop from every pulse then came to him. They kissed and his tongue met hers tasting his own spunk. She pulled away and showed her prize before swallowing it all then licking her lips.

"I love you," she whispered,

"Ti amo amata," Steve replied and, just for a few moments nothing else existed in the world but the two of them. They finally pulled apart and both looked at Tony. He was rocked back on his haunches with a somewhat quizzical expression on his face.

"You two are . . . . Interesting!" he said finally.

"I suppose so," Steve said, "did you have a good time? Anna did, didn't you sweetheart?"

She laughed, "I can give you a recommendation if you would like Tony, you were VERY good!"

Tony smiled, "Might not fit too well on my resume," he laughed. Then he was serious. "It was fabulous, madam, sir. Absolutely fabulous!"

"You're welcome," they both said. Then Steve added, "how about a shower?"

"That sounds good," said Anna, "but I doubt three of us will get in there!"

"We can try," Steve said with a smile and they did. It was fun. No more sex but lots of laughs and exploring. Steve knew that Anna had had enough -- well for tonight anyway -- and it seemed that Tony was spent. They were about half an hour in the shower before adjourning back to the bedroom. Tony dressed and goodbyes were said. They all knew that they would never see each other again but that was some of the fun.

Tony left with a kiss from Anna and a handshake from Steve.

Afterwards they climbed into bed naked as usual, "Well?" Steve asked.

"It was wonderful Steve darling. Thank you," she added softly.

Steve smiled, "Anything my darling one, anything for the woman I love more than anything!" They kissed and he held her as they drifted off to sleep.

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