tagChain StoriesDeus Ex Machina Ch. 04: Cleo

Deus Ex Machina Ch. 04: Cleo


Cleo was born at the turn of the twentieth century, on a small Caribbean island. Her parents had been taken from her by disease at a young age, and the wise women of her village had taken her in and made her one of their own. Growing up, she'd never quite been able to draw a bead on what was so remarkable about the women who raised her, but she was a precocious child and figured that she would find the answer to that question when the time was right. Her assumption had been dead on. When she had come into her own womanhood, they had taken her out amongst the wild shrubs when the moon was full. Before sunrise, she was bleeding from more than one gash and neither would ever bother her again.

Now, over one hundred years later, Cleo worked in a den of sin. Its specialty would appear, to the casual observer, to be barely legal (if that) girls. Not that their profession, widely observed as the world's oldest, was legal itself. But the cops tend to look the other way for something so minute as prostitution in this city. They've got much bigger fish to fry, ones who can afford to pay ridiculously expensive bribes–and will, if they know what's good for them.

Cleo's driver's license put her age at 22 years old. She got a new one every once in a while, using the birth certificates of children who died well before their times. If anyone had ever caught on down at the registry, they hadn't said anything about it. Perhaps they realised how utterly, foolishly deadly it could be to piss off a vampire.

She had repeat clients who knew what she was. Spending an evening with someone like Cleo gives them a sense of danger, of excitement. One of them had a blackmail fetish. Cleo would bite him from time to time, shallow cuts–just enough to bleed. She said she'd do the same to his family if he didn't pay the money she demanded. She figured he did it to feel strong, as though he was actually able to protect them in the big, bad, dark city. They'd played this game for so long, she doubted he remembered that it was his idea in the first place.

Cleo favoured her lonely clients. Of course they were all needy, in one way or another–but the ones who were so lonely that they would merely show up to talk or cuddle rather than get their dicks wet–those guys were some of her favourites. She liked to get inside their heads and figure out what made them work.

Other men liked to watch Cleo touch herself. While she was somewhat of a mystery to all of the men who visited her, she made no secret of the fact that she was a lesbian. She'd take their money and let them use her body to get off, so long as there was no funny business. But she didn't derive pleasure from it. This brings us to the clients who liked to book Cleo along with one of the other girls. She enjoyed those dates where she got paid to fuck other women, particularly the ripe, warm humans, and the guys didn't try to get in the middle. While she could forgive a stray grope now and then, she did not take kindly to those men who would book a lesbian voyeur session and then try to introduce their dicks without paying extra.

On the rare occasions when Cleo would get a female customer, it was so refreshing that she almost felt as though she shouldn't have taken their money. Then again, it is a rare pleasure to actually enjoy one's work.

This evening was one of those fortunate ones where Cleo got to visit with Trina, one of her favourite clients. Trina generally showed up every other Friday, though her visits were occasionally more or less frequent. It all depended upon business trips, either Trina's or her husband's.

James, Trina's hubby, knew all about the time the two women spent together. He would tag along now and again, usually just to watch. Some of the time, he and Cleo would gang up on Trina, but he never showed any interest in being physically intimate with Cleo. The vampire appreciated this and never minded when he did arrive with his wife.

This evening, Trina showed up by herself. She rapped softly on Cleo's door, although it was slightly ajar. Cleo looked up and smiled.

"Hey, blondie. You're early."

"Always am. I never want to waste any time I could be spending with you."

Cleo rose and pushed the door open. She took Trina's hand, turned it over and kissed the inside of her wrist. Then the other. It was part of their personal ritual. Her lips moved up to touch briefly on each of the blonde woman's cheeks before they wrapped each other in a tight embrace. They lingered there, hands roaming across each other's backs.

Finally, Cleo peeled herself away from Trina's arms and grasped the other woman's hand in her own. She led her companion to the bed, a large piece of furniture with a wrought-iron frame, countless feather pillows and a gauzy canopy enclosure. Trina let herself be pushed down onto the soft pile and watched as Cleo brought the fabric down to surround the bed in a shimmery silver wall.

"I've missed you, beauty," Cleo purred.

"Not as much as I've missed you, honey. I actually cancelled plans with James tonight. He was all right with it, though; I see him more days than not, but it's been nearly a month since I had time to spend with you."

"Well, as far as men go, I can see why you chose him. Chivalry lives on within him." As she spoke, Cleo unzipped and slipped off Trina's boots. Her arms snaked up under the long, black velvet skirt to unsnap the garter from stockings. She slid delicate silk down past one knee and off over Trina's foot with its blood red toenails, and then she gave the same treatment to the other stocking.

Trina shivered happily and reached inside the top of her bustier to cup her breasts, thumbing her nipples, while Cleo ran her tongue in between her lover's pretty little toes.

"Ooh, that tickles!" Trina giggled, thrashing and causing her hair to fan out over the pillow.

"Should I stop?"


"That's what I thought," Cleo replied, amusement creeping into her voice. This was one of her absolute favourite games, and one of her very favourite women. It was going to be a damn good night.

Cleo licked and nibbled her way up between Trina's thighs, alternating between one leg and the other. When she got to the top, she found a lovely surprise waiting for her.

"Ooh, you're a naughty girl. No panties!" She leaned to lick at the blonde's clit, dipping one finger slightly into her center to find that Trina was already beyond wet.

"I told you I'd missed you, silly. Did you doubt me?"

"Never, in a thousand years." She punctuated the sentence with a soft kiss on Trina's belly and sunk two fingers into her wetness.

Two fingers became three, slick and pumping, while Cleo's sharp teeth nipped at the other woman's thighs. Trina gave little moans and whimpers, pure pleasure mixed with delicious pain.

"Oh, fuck! More, please!"

Cleo could feel the slippery muscles inside Trina's core grasping at her, trying to find purchase. She withdrew her fingers and slid back in with four, gently probing and stretching in that sweet, musky place until she knew that her lover was finally ready.

"Taste," Cleo whispered, resting her fingers on Trina's lips.

The woman obliged, opening her mouth and sucking in the tips of Cleo's fingers. A smile lit up her face when Cleo's hand retreated, finding its way back between Trina's thighs.

"Mmm. You always know what I need."

"That comes with being an empath, beauty."

Trina's pussy sucked hungrily at Cleo's hand, pulsing around it. The vampire moved faster, harder, and she rotated her hand to line up a knuckle with Trina's G-spot. That did it; a few droplets of sweet nectar dripped past Cleo's wrist and she bit into Trina's pale thigh while the woman rode the waves of a thrashing orgasm.

Cleo didn't get a chance to drink from a woman during orgasm very often; it was a rare but titillating treat. The blood always tasted so much sweeter then, but most that she drank came from the human prostitutes who got off on pain. They'd trade services; none of the tricks ever knew a woman's body so well as Cleo did, and she showed them things they'd never even dreamed of.

The blood, silky and sweet though slightly metallic, filled the vampire's mouth and ran down her throat in spurts. She lapped at the wound until the gushing subsided, still rotating her hand gently inside her lover's cunt. Eventually, she slipped her hand out and slid up to press Trina against her chest. She kissed the golden hair and whispered to her lover.

"Thank you, sweetness. You are a treat beyond compare."

"My pleasure. All mine..."

They slept. And when Cleo woke, she was alone. Her tongue felt thick in her mouth and Trina was nowhere to be found. That was strange. She reached over to grab her phone and find out what had happened to Trina, but all she saw was blackness as the butt of the revolver crashed into the base of her skull.

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