tagText With AudioDEV for Gay Men - The Bear

DEV for Gay Men - The Bear


DEV for Gay Men- The Bear

This is an experiment for me, much as the first DEV experiences for hetero men and women were experimental and lead me to develop the Directed Erotic Visualisation technique to where I have it now.

This is a DEV Experience for Gay submissive men. I narrate the work and am The Bear. It is not a rough or crass experience, I have imbued it with the same degree of sensuality as my work for women, I hope that it is appreciated.

If you have never listened to a DEV experience before you need to prepare a little first. Find a place where you are normally relaxed and try and listen to it there.

It may help to download the file first and use your PC Media Player or download to an MP3 player such as an iPod or similar. Right click on the link and select the 'save as' or 'save object as' option. Using Headphones helps to immerse you more fully and secure privacy where you can be undisturbed means you can be fully relaxed.

If you have a weird browser contact me and I will get a copy to you. Or you can download for free from my website directly. You can play MP3 files on most media players, so download and take me to your bed tonight!

Practice the breathing and relaxation technique before listening to the Experience; Breathe in as you count to 3 and hold for 3, then let your breath out as you count to 3 and hold for 3 before repeating the cycle. Each time you breathe out you feel a little more relaxed and try to focus on recalling your best orgasm!

Relax and get comfortable, play the MP3 sound file and feel the sensations as the voice relaxes you and describes the feelings during the experience. Try not to anticipate any results just let it flow. The harder you try sometimes the further away is success.

Be prepared to immerse yourself in the audio and see for yourself how it helps you visualise and actually experience the sensations; feel the orgasm build and grow until you eventually cum. There should be no need to touch yourself, but hey, do what you feel!

You may need to listen a few times to get the full effects.

My contact details and Web site address are available through my profile page and I really would like you to feed back and let me know how it was for you. Any comments as to the nature of the production of the audio experience are also very welcome.

I hope you enjoy my whispering in your ear and bringing you to pleasure!


* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (17.5 min/mp3)

* * * * *

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is tere a way to search

looking for all gay men titles having text with audio

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