tagBDSMDevelopment of Julia and Natasha Ch. 02

Development of Julia and Natasha Ch. 02


As Madam Angela left the dungeon and slammed the door behind her, Julia, muted by the piercings through her tongue, was left to worry about what was to come by herself. Natasha, who was tied to the St. Catherine's Cross opposite her was hanging her head down to the ground, so there was nothing she could read from her face or eyes. She dared not look to her Master, for she knew he was quite disappointed by her ill manners towards Natasha's Mistress.

"I thought you would have known the correct way to behave around your Dominents, Julia." He addressed her. Knowing that she would be in strife for ignoring him now, she forced herself to look into his eyes, and gave the most apologetic expression she could muster. "Puppy dog eyes might work on me sometimes, Sweetheart," he chuckled, "but it might just make Madam Angela even more pissed off than you've already made her. If I were you I'd take what shes got planned for you with gratitude." He suggested, solemnly. Julia nodded quietly, and bit her lip with worry.

It wasn't much longer till the dungeon door swung open again, and Madam Angela re-entered carrying a fold out chair under one arm, and a small purple vinyl case under the other. Wordlessly, she walked to the centre of the room, and set the chair up between the two girls. Looking at the chair, Julia could that there wasn't anything particularly diabolical about it, as it seemed to be your standard outdoor wooden seat with slats on the seat and back of it.

"If you could take her off the cross and give me full access to her cunt, that would most helpful." She requested to Julia's Master.

"Of course," He said with a smile, and he pulled the keys from his pocket. "Her body is yours now as much as it is mine, so no need to ask." Four turns of a key later Julia's wrists and ankles were freed from her cross, and the zipper in her latex catsuit from her butt to her crotch had been unzipped.

"Spread 'em." Madam barked at Julia. Quick to respond, Julia spread her legs for her new Mistress, stretching the latex hole wider for her pussy to be put onto full display. Madam gave a whistle of approval at the sight of her bald pussy, adorned with the five perfectly aligned metal rings down each side of her labia. Looking up, Julia could see that Natasha too was inspecting her work downstairs, wondering, Julia suspected, how long it would be till her pussy would receive the same decorations. "Get on the chair, slut." Madam suddenly ordered, changing the mood once again. Julia quickly sat down and looked up to her Mistress for more instructions. "Good, now butt against the back of the seat, and head between your knees, chop-chop!" She ordered impatiently. As soon as Julia was in position, Madam had fastened the cuffs on her ankles to the legs of the seat, and bound her wrists together behind her back. "Nearly done, little bitch" Madam purred, reaching for her case. The next thing Julia heard was the familiar sound of duct tape being stretched out, followed by rough hands wrapping the thick black tape around her neck and her knees numerous times.

"Simple, quick, and secure." Her Master commented from across the room. "I like it."

"Not done yet," Madam Angela stated. "I've got the star for this Christmas tree saved for last." She said with a sneer. Reaching into her case again, Madam pulled out four more padlocks, and knelt down beside Julia in her chair. "This chair has slats on the seat for a reason, you know," Madam said quietly in Julia's ear. Running one gloved finger between the wider slats near Julia's pussy, Madam guided the piercings down, and tugged them through so they dangled from above. When satisfied she had pulled all she could through one side, she did the same to the other, all while Julia struggled to remain still and quiet. "And now," she continued, as she padlocked each of the opposite pairs of rings together, "you're proper fucked." Julia dared not to move on her seat in fear of injuring herself. Her labia already felt like they were being stretched to near breaking point around the wooden slat, and she didn't imagine it would take much more than losing her balance to have her rings painfully torn out.

"Feel free to use any of the tools here for administering her punishment, Angela." Julia heard her Master offer. If the position she was now in wasn't already her punishment, she wondered, what the hell was to come. She had never been treated this roughly before, and she was beginning to understand why Natasha seemed to find discipline so frightening.

"Thankyou, but I think I have all I need with just a little rope, and Natasha here." Angela stated. "A knot here and a pulley there, and you'll find that they're both quite capable of punishing each other."

"You've got me on the edge of my seat, Angela." He chuckled. Madam Angela unbuckled Natasha from her cross, and moved her in front of Julia. Reaching for her vinyl case again, Angela retrieved a length of thin rope, and expertly tied one end of it to the bullring through Natasha's nose. The other end of the rope, Angela tossed over the rafters between the submissives, and was tied around Julia's wrists.

"Onto your toes, Natasha!" Angela barked, "I don't want any slack in this rope, or you'll both be in real strife." She pulled Julia's arms as far back as they could go, and Julia couldn't help but to give a cry of discomfort. Any higher, she thought, and she would have to stand up off the chair, and she knew that wasn't something she could do either. "Now," Angela said with a smile, "Hopefully you can both see now what happens when either one of you disappoints your dominants. You're both in this together now, so if you won't be obedient for yourself perhaps you'll put in a little more effort for the sake of your fellow slave."

"Shall we give them some more time alone to really get to know each other?" Julia's Master suggested, coyly.

"Let's," Madam Angela agreed. "I have a feeling that they might get the chance to get a lot more familiar this way." She gave a sharp smack, square on Natasha's latex covered butt, right over where her anal plug was buried, causing Natasha give a surprised yelp, and making her take a tippy-toed step forward. This had the added affect of pulling sharply on the rope tied to her bullring, giving Julia a very uncomfortable surprise in turn when her arms were pulled further back than they could go, forcing her to sit up. The pain in her pussy was as sharp as it was unexpected, and Julia gave a loud, garbled yelp, pulling back down on the rope which in turn made Natasha give a scream of pain. Quickly rebalancing themselves, Madam Angela gave a chuckle. "Now you've got the idea."

"Have fun, girls.." Her Master added, as they left the room and closed the door behind them.

"Ooh fuck," Natasha exclaimed as soon as they were alone. "I hope they won't leave us like this for long." Julia gave a garbled sound in agreement. She didn't know how long Natasha was used to standing on her toes, but Julia could feel her arms already starting to ache from being held up. "I guess I ought to tell you that I was actually from the Ukraine, not Russia, since it got us into this situation." Natasha added. "Uh, are you able to lift your arms higher?" She asked quickly, "My nose feels like is being pulled off." Julia could feel her arms getting heavier, but the urgency in Natasha's voice gave her the encouragement to try and lift herself off the chair as much as she could. "Ah thats much better," Natasha sighed. "Is your pussy okey?"

Julia gave a muffled grunt that she hoped would sound encouraging, but probably didn't sound too convincing, she thought. "I guess you can understand why I'm a little frightened of what my Mistress will do to me when I'm all pierced up," Natasha explained. "She can be very inventive in her ways to punish her slaves. Sorry Julia, could you give me some more rope.. my feet are starting to cramp up.." Natasha pleaded. Julia expected that Natasha would cramp up sooner or later, but she hadn't expected how sore her arms would be too. The dull ache in her stretched labia seemed like they could take a little more, so Julia stood a little higher, reflaring the ache into pain. With a groan Julia collapsed back into her chair, pulling the rope back over to her side, causing Natasha to give a sharp scream as her bullring received a quick tug upwards. Just as before, Natasha struggled for some rope of her own, plunging Julia back into pain of her own.

Just as it seemed like the delicate balance was about to come crashing down, injuring one of the two submissives with it, Madam Angela and Julia's Master burst back into the dungeon, scissors in hand to sever the rope between them. Letting gravity take over, Julia and Natasha collapsed, their aching muscles thanking them with a rush of endorphins.

"You two lasted a lot longer than we expected you to." Her Master said with a smile.

"Indeed, you've more than made up for your earlier disappointment," Angela said, quite cheerfully. "You do know how I like to reward much more than punish, don't you?" She directed to Natasha.

"Yes, Madam." Natasha nodded, still catching her breath on the floor.

"Well, today your reward shall be the knowledge on what we've got planned for you both over the coming weeks." Madam explained. "We feel that the best way for each of you to show the other how wonderful it is to embrace what it is that the other of you fears, is for each of you to sink into the extremes of it."

"Julia, you'll be getting some more piercings." Her Master informed her. "A lot more."

"And Natasha, we're going to have you eating pussy around the clock. A different fetish club every night should get us enough footage for a nice little movie for Julia, don't you think?"

"Yes, Madam." Natasha said quietly.

"Splendid!" Madam said cheerfully, bending down to pick up the end of rope still tied to the end of Natasha's bullring. "We shall be on our way then, Natasha." she stated, tugging the rope to get her slave off the floor and on the move. "I'll look forward to seeing you again soon, Julia." Doing her best, Julia garbled out her best farewell, and Angela turned and left the room leading Natasha along with her, and with that they were gone.

"You made me quite proud today, Julia." her Master told her, after they were alone. "I think you'll find that when Angela is in control there's not much room for me to get involved, so I'm glad you could submit yourself so easily." Julia smiled, happy to know that she had performed well for her Master. "I think I might leave you tied up like this for a little longer though, Sweetheart." He said with a grin. "You're just too cute like this. Plus the more labia stretching we get done here and now the easier it'll be for the work we've got planned for you to be done." Julia, too confused to what more could be done to her, didn't make a sound, and after her Master kissed the back of her head and left her for the night, it was only her imagination that was left to fill in the blanks.

To be continued..

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