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Devilish Little Sister


In the last few weeks Chris's sister Anis, had changed completely. Turning from the average church going, flute playing marching band nerd, into a Goth on her eighteenth birthday, acting strange and mysterious. Going out at all hours of the night and sleeping mostly during the day. Soon changing her jeans and T-shirt look into something darker and sluttier. Chris her older brother seemed to be the only one that noticed these changes, starting to see his sister not as his little sister but as something very hot and lusting after.

Anis had been a very pretty girl all her life, small but curvy and overdeveloped for her age with very pale skin, long black hair and ice blue eyes. While in her mid teens she had very nice orange sized tits, it seemed almost overnight when she turned eighteen that her breasts had grown to melons at a 30C cup.

Anis soon started teasing Chris by sitting on his lap when their parents were not looking, wearing very short black skirts, low-cut tops, and latex. Her teasing drove him nuts as she could always feel his cock grow hard when she sat on his lap, then rub and grind her tight ass onto his lap.

Chris knew it was wrong to think of his little sister that way but he would jerk off over her almost every day. And it didn't help that Anis was steadily getting bolder and bolder, driving him crazy with her teasing.

Every time he got horny he would start to jerk off thinking of something else but his sister would always come back into his mind. He began blowing the most giant loads thinking of playing with her young hot little body, his lust driving him nuts as he started to lose any logic or reason.

Chris found that he got horny more often, that he was hard a lot of the time and could cum a lot more. He always ended up thinking of his little sister, having strange twisted dreams of her every night. And just when he thought he was starting to go crazy, their parents suddenly and mysteriously decided to go away for a long weekend, leaving them alone in the house together.

Chris waved goodbye to his mom and dad reluctantly, wondering just what was going on with him and how he was going to handle a weekend with his little sister all alone, as mom and dad pulled away on the driveway. Chris stood there waving to them wearing a polo shirt, T-shirt, jeans, boxers, and sneakers.

That day Anis stayed in bed until the afternoon, well after their parents had left. After she got up she began to wander around the house wearing just a black band T-shirt the band Tool's logo across her chest. The shirt big on her but not quite long enough to cover her black satin thong, also showing off her incredibly pale thighs completely. The shirt thin enough that Chris could see her overdeveloped young tits bouncing underneath. She seemed to ignore him at first apparently not surprised her parents had left.

Chris's eyes locked onto her young hot body when Anis finally came downstairs. Trying to play a video game to keep his mind off of how horny he was but got a raging hard on when he watched her walk around the room with her young huge tits bouncing in her little shirt.

After Anis had some breakfast, seeing Chris playing video games, she walked into the living room and stood between him and the TV, intentionally blocking his view, giggling. As Chris looked up he see that even though Anis was not dressed she had on heavy makeup, eyeliner, and black lipstick.

"Uhhh Sis," Chris said. His eyes wandered up and down her hot young little body as his cock began to throb. "What are you doing? You're blocking the TV!"

Anis just giggled at him wickedly. Acting like she was just doing it to piss him off like the bratty little sister she is, but there was a strange glow in her eyes.

"Wouldn't you rather look at me than the stupid TV?" She asked.

At first Chris was annoyed but the glow in her eyes basked over him and he slowly nodded his head up and down like in a trance, and said, "Yes little sister, I would rather look at you than the stupid TV."

As if satisfied with his reaction, Anis shuffled toward him slowly across the carpet and then kneeled right in front of him, still smiling mischievously. Anis was close enough to him that her tits rubbed against his knees slightly through the shirt.

"Well now you can see over me...are you going to keep playing your stupid game?" Anis asked him.

Chris's eyes went wide staring at his hot little sister kneel before him, his knees electric rubbing against her perky firm tits as his cock throbbed and twitched in his jeans. He could feel it leaking precum onto his boxers.

"Well I don't have to play my stupid game, what do you want to do Anis?" He asked.

Anis's eyes seemed to become larger as she stared up at him from her kneeling position, pressing her tits against his knees heavily Chris could feel just how soft they were.

"I just want to talk to my big brother...isn't talking to your sister more important than playing games?"

"Yes little sister," Chris responded by holding the power button on the controller, then throwing it off to the side of the couch.

When he tossed the controller aside, Anis hopped up suddenly onto his lap in one fluid movement, her eyes somehow staying locked onto his, not allowing him to look away. Chris could feel her bare thighs wrapped around him, seeming to trap him, her tits almost pressed against his chest, the smooth satin of her panties rubbing slightly against his stomach, her soft ass against his crotch.

"What would you like to talk about Sis?" He asked with a gulp.

"I heard some strange noises coming from your room last night...were you having a nightmare? What were you dreaming about?" Anis asked giggling.

"Uhhh ohhh god," Chris moaned out softly trying to get away but he couldn't as his cock throbbed and twitched even harder in his pants as she straddled him, her giant tits rubbing against his chest as he felt trapped underneath her. "I don't want to say Sis, I was thinking about you! Dreaming about you!"

Anis leaned forward a little, Chris felt like he couldn't see anything other than her eyes. They seem to have become darker and it made the room seem darker, her body soft and strangely cold against his.

"Dreaming about your little sister? What kind of dream would that be? Tell me, big brother," she commanded.

"Ohhh gosh, I was...dreaming about...you...and me...and we were...ummm...we..were...fucking! I dreamed about fucking my little sister okay! I can't get you out of my mind!" Chris said almost moaning out, as his body seemed to melt into the couch underneath him.

Anis face closer and closer to his, her body pressed tight against him as she said, "Is that so? Why can't you stop thinking about me? Am I so special?"

"I don't know Sis! You just are always in my mind! I can't stop thinking about you! You're always teasing me when mom and dad aren't looking or around! Showing me that hot little body or jumping up and grinding all over me!"

"So you think I'm hot? You're thinking about your little sister's body all the time? Is it that good?" She asked smiling a little, their noses almost touching, her eyes swallowing him.

"Oh yes so very fucking hot little sister! You're the only chick I think of anymore! You're all I jerk off to! I can't stop thinking about your hot little body!"

"Really...you don't think of anyone else? Aren't there lots of girls hotter than me, who you aren't related to?" She asked as her wicked grin widened, he could feel her breath against his neck.

"Yes but they don't hold a candle to you sister! None are as hot as you are! I feel like such a sick pervert! Please don't tell mom and dad!" He cried.

"I'm not convinced, big brother...tell me how beautiful I am...tell me I'm the most beautiful in the world!" Anis shouted as her huge eyes flared up in anger, her lips almost touching his.

"Oh god Anis! You are the most beautiful woman in the world! You're a walking goddess! All other women are disgusting slobs compared to you!"

"Yessss," Anis said hissing like a snake.

She abruptly pulled back from his face and ripped off the T-shirt, letting it fall to the floor, her bouncy, full, soft, incredibly pale tits and light pink nipples finally exposed to him. She pressed them against his face a little roughly.

"A goddess...I may be your little sister, but I am also a goddess... and you're going to worship me!" She cried out.

"Ohhh yes goddess!" Chris mumbled under her tits as his hands reached around and squeezed her tight ass cheeks in her little black satin thong.

He began to lick, kiss and suck her amazing tits, suckling them like a hungry little baby as he looked up at her pretty face. Anis pushed her tits into his face so that he was pressed back against the couch, letting him run his hands all over her smooth pale body.

"Yes big brother, give in to your lust, suck on your little sister's tits, your goddess's tits! Worship me! Tell me how superior I am, how much power I have over you!" Anis screamed with her eyes on fire.

Chris moaned and mumbled as he suckled her huge tit, gorging into his mouth as he slobbered and licked all over it as he looked up at her pretty face and fiery eyes. He moaned again as he plopped her giant tit out of his mouth with a plop, strings of drool connected to it and his lips.

"Oh yes little sister you are my goddess! I am your worshipper! I will do anything for my goddess! You are my world, my everything!"

Anis looked down at him proudly, watching him lose control over himself and give in to her completely as she said with a big smile, "Say you're my slave."

"I am your slave Anis!"

Anis looked down at him, her eyes drunk with power.

She pressed his head into her cleavage again and said, "That's good...I am going to let you have your way with my body, let you do whatever you want to it...but you are going to have to prove that you are my true worshipper and will give away even your soul to me."

"Certainly my goddess!" Chris moaned as his hands roamed all over her young hot body, his tongue and lips working over her hard young pink nipples before he looked up and asked, "What will you have me do little sister?"

"You are my first servant... someday every man in the world will be my slave... but you are going to help me become more powerful...but first I want more possessions. Don't you think your goddess deserves to have diamonds?"

"Oh yes Goddess! You deserve to be able to shower in diamonds if you want!" Chris moaned louder grinding into her hot tight body as his cock throbbed and ached.

Anis stroked his head possessively as she rubbed her big soft tits against his face and said, "Good. I want you to take everything out of our parents' jewelry box first and anything else valuable that are left in the room. There should be some spare cash in there too. Then I want you to get into the neighbor's house. They are 'out of town' as well..." Anis laughed cruelly for a moment then continued on, "break into their house however you can. In their bedroom there's also a jewelry box. Go and pawn everything you find and buy me a diamond necklace. If I like it, you'll start receiving your rewards."

"Yes Goddess! Yes anything to please you my little sister!" Chris moaned as he kept kissing and licking her huge tits, his cock raging rock hard as she slid off of him.

Chris ran upstairs and grabbed the jewelry from his parent's bedroom, stuffing them into an empty pillowcase and marching down to the garage to grab a crowbar to get into the neighbor's house.

While Anis sat waiting for him to come back from doing her bidding, she decided to go get changed. She thought about Chris stealing things for her, probably hard for her the whole time he did it. The thought of power over him and the money he would bring getting her wet and ravenous for more. When Chris came back Anis was wearing the same satin thong, thigh-high black lace stockings, black stiletto heels, and nothing else, sprawled across the couch waiting for him as she lit up one of his cigarettes and blew out a cloud of smoke. Chris rushed through the front door with a hard on, pitching a tent in his jeans, as he rushed to Anis with a big grin on his face holding a shopping bag from a jewelry store at the local mall.

"I got you the biggest diamond necklace I could find Goddess, I even used all the money in my savings account for it!" He said excited as he pulled out a long box handing it to her as he kneeled before her.

"Good slave," she said with her eyes sparkling as she looked at the diamonds, not taking any notice of Chris at all and continued, "Put it on me."

"Yes Goddess," Chris said as he slipped it out of the box and wrapped it around her neck gently putting it over her. "You look beautiful little sister."

Anis looked down at the diamonds resting just above her cleavage.

"Yes I do, don't I? Just like a goddess should look," she said as she looked up to his face, as if noticing him for the first time and commanded him, "Sit on the couch."

"Yes Anis," Chris said, as he slid up from my knees and took a seat on the couch next to Anis, his eyes glued to her young hot body.

Anis slid off the couch and kneeled between his legs, starting to undo his belt and fly without any delay.

"These diamonds are lovely but they're missing something... something that only you can give me... you're going to give me lots of it, aren't you?" Anis asked him.

"Oh yes Little sister! Anything you want!" Chris moaned as he lifted his hips up as she slid his pants down, his cock rock hard and throbbing for her.

Anis took his painfully hard cock in her small young hands, stroked it slowly a little before wrapping her black lips around the head, her tits squeezed up against his balls, her huge eyes staring up at him the whole time.

"Ohhhh Annnniiiissss!" Chris moaned out loud.

He leaned back into the couch, his cock throbbing and pulsing against her mouth and fingers as she could feel it about to burst.

Anis felt how hard he was for her as she took him in her mouth. Suddenly she took him incredibly deep, giving him the best blowjob he'd ever had in his life. Unable to imagine that anyone her age could have that kind of experience. Anis took him in her throat, her tongue somehow teasing him and keeping him from exploding until she wanted him to do it. Chris moaned and groaned, squirming on the couch as she brought him to the edge over and over again, but not letting him cum driving him crazy as he panted and moaned on the couch watching her every move, the diamonds glittering above her pale cleavage.

"Oh yes little sister!" Chris moaned louder.

His cock throbbed and pulsed in her hot wet mouth as she sucked him off like a porn star watching her big young tits bob up and down as she blew him. Anis' head bobbing up and down furiously on his raging hard cock, taking him deeper and deeper without stopping for breath. She took his hands and placed one on the back of her head and the other over her soft breast.

"Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Ohh uhh uhhh uhhh fuck!" Chris groaned and moaned louder and louder.

His hands holding her small head and soft hair as he squeezed and groped her young massive tit in his hand as he fucked her hot wet mouth in and out jamming deeper into her throat as he was about to burst. Her eyes stared up at him as she worked her mouth on his cock. Her eyes seemed to become larger again, hypnotizing Chris, urging him to lose his inhibitions and give in to his lust for her, becoming hers completely by cumming in her mouth.

"Yes anything for you little sister!" Chris moaned out.

His hips bucked up, and his cock erupted a massive load of cum into her mouth. Huge thick spurts splashing down her throat, and overfilling her mouth as it dripped down her chin, neck, onto her chest, and over her necklace as he pulled out with a loud plop. Anis stared up at him, and let his hot cum gush out of her mouth and flow down her chest, covering the precious diamonds, flowing over her nipples and pooling in her lap. Her black-nailed fingers wrapped around the base of his cock as he continued to cum, more than he had ever shot before.

"Oh fuck!" He moaned louder as spurt after spurt shot out showering his beautiful little sister goddess in cum all over her pretty face, hair and chest.

She did not close her eyes even as his cum showered her face, staring up at him as it dripped off her eyelashes. Anis jerked his cock hard and fast in her little hand and forced every last drop of cum out of his balls and onto her smooth pale skin.

"Does it feel wrong to cum in your little sister's mouth?" She asked him.

"Oh no it feels soo fucking good little sister!" Chris yelled looking down at her, worshipping her amazing body covered in his thick gooey cum.

Anis smiled a little as his cum slowly dripped off her face and said, "Now you've put your dick in your little sister's mouth and enjoyed it, you've gone past the point of no return. Do you still want to do good things, or do you want to do what your goddess tells you to do?"

"I want to do what my Goddess tells me to do," Chris said nodding his head up and down as he kept staring at her.

"Is there anything you wouldn't do for your goddess? What if I asked you to kill...steal...rape...hurt lots of people?" She asked with her smile deepening, her eyes locked on his.

"I will do whatever my goddess asks!" Chris shouted.

He leaned down on top of her cum covered body and began kissing and licking it up and down, lapping the cum off her hot body.

"I will do whatever my goddess desires of me!" He reassured her.

Anis grinned and giggled as she watched him.

"That's good. We're going to hurt lots of people together, but as my first slave, you are going to be privileged. You'll have some of my power. Now, I am going to go get cleaned up and then we will begin. Get yourself ready to go out," she said as she got up, still dripping cum onto the carpet as she walked, and went up to her room.

"Yes my goddess," Chris said on the floor watching her get up and then begin to get dressed, getting everything that he thought he might need to go out, keys, wallet, jacket, smokes, lighter, sitting on the couch waiting patiently for her as he lit up a cigarette.

Eventually Anis came back downstairs, miraculously clean and with fresh makeup, wearing a tight black silk corset barely containing her bouncy pale tits, a tiny black skirt, black thigh-highs and garters, black PVC platform boots, and the diamonds as well as lots of other jewelry, including an upside-down cross.

"How does your goddess look?" She asked him.

"Oh fuck you look amazing Goddess!" Chris moaned out his words as his cock grew rock hard again in his jeans seeing her in the hottest outfit ever as he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

Anis walked up to him and stood close, her tits bounced against him through the corset, her breath hot on his neck when she spoke.

"Good slave. Go get the steel baseball bat from the garage and meet me outside."

Chris' eyes fixed on her luscious tits as he nodded his head up and down and said yes like a little puppy dog. He raised his hand and saluted Anis before marching off to the garage, grabbing their old aluminum baseball bat holding it tight in his hands as he went out the back door outside to meet his sister.

Anis saw him, smiled and said, "Good...now, we're going to church."

Anis led him down the street, her supple pale teenage ass bouncing as she walked. Her skirt so short that she flashed Chris most of the time, showing him that she must be wearing a thong underneath.

"Yes little sister, let's go to church," Chris mumbled as he followed her.

The bat slung over his shoulder as he puffed on a cigarette, his eyes constantly glued to her ass and legs, his cock throbbing in his jeans as they walked the few blocks down the street to the church.

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