tagLoving WivesDevil's Night

Devil's Night


Laura had never ceased to be impressed by the size of the rooms in Bethany's house. He wardrobe room, as she called it, was twice the size of Laura's bed room back home; it consisted of two wall sized closets separated by a wide full length mirror. Bethany had married rich if not totally happy. It still had not change her much, she still enjoyed bargain shopping with Laura and was even now decorating her home herself, with Laura's help, for her Halloween party. They had booth began trying on costumes and gossiping. Laura had become a bit uncomfortable, not with dressing and undressing in front of Beth, they had known each other for years, but with Beth's admission that she had been having an affair. Beth's husband was an ass but the whole idea made Laura uncomfortable.

Laura looked over her shoulder, Beth had just put on an old playboy bunny suit, she had the figure, though short, 5'2", she was well built, her hair was long and blonde. "A classic beauty." Laura thought. The costume accented her large plump breasts, and well shaped calves. Laura made a face at the outfit.

"To out of style anyway." Beth said shrugging.

"So, are you going to see him again?" Laura asked hesitantly. She was in her bra and panties still looking through the plastic container on costumes Beth had gathered over the years.

Beth looked over at her friend. Her strong back muscles stood out in relief from the light and her position bent over the plastic box. Beth had always been jealous of Laura hard firm ass, hers was not bad but they were both thirty five and she found herself comparing her body to younger women and coming up short in her mind. "Yea, and I haven't even told you the best part." Beth said smiling.

Laura looked back her long curly brown hair hid her shock for only a moment then, her deep brown eyes widened. "You did it didn't you?"

"Oh for Gods sake were not in high school Laura, yes says it, I fucked him." Beth let out a laugh and began to pull off her costume.

Laura blushed. "I can't believe you did that. I hope you were careful." Laura replied in the motherly tone she usually reserved for her daughter.

"Careful, of course I made him pull out; you know how I like to see a man shoot."

Laura winched.

Beth laughed and nude, except for her panties, walked over and pulled a long blond wig from the box. "Take your clothes off."

"Excuse me? I have." Laura said.

Beth held the wig before her and looked at Laura with a look of mock pity. "I mean your underwear; trust me you need to look sexy if you're going to do what you have planned.

"Jesus Beth." Laura said.

"What?" Beth said a look of innocence on her face. "Just strip and Ill show you my idea. Come on, you and Kyle want to make a baby right? Make me a god mother again? This will help with the after party."

"I should never have told you." Laura said removing her bra and then unceremoniously pulling down her panties

"Close you eyes and turn towards the mirror." Beth said guiding her nude friend to face the long wall closet with its inset mirrors. She unfurled the blond wig while looking at Laura's reflection. Her friend had a dancer's body, flat stomach small breasts still high and topped with small pink areola. Her legs were shapely and firm and met at a cluster of soft brown hair between her legs. Beth placed the wig on her head, arranged it the wrapped it around Laura's nude body. After a few minutes work she patted her friends behind and said. "Open."

In the mirror she looked like another person. The wig covered her breasts and curved between her legs to hide her mound but she was startlingly bare and she looked, sexy.

"I can't wear this."

Beth smiled. "Not to the party but with Kyle you can. Look you said you'd be in the best shape to conceive tonight so, make him do his job." Beth laughed.

"You so vulgar I should have kept it to myself." Laura laughed in spit of her self and stroked the hair from the wig. "I will take it." She smiled. "I am going with my dance costume for the party.'

"Shit." Beth said. "I'll be right back I have to make a call or we will not have anything to eat tonight." Beth pulled on a robe and was out the door; Laura could hear her feet pounding on the stairs.

"Ok I'll get dressed and meet you down stairs." She said absently to the empty room. She stood before the mirror looking at her stomach and the way the blonde wig accented her tan. She ran a finger down her belly parting the wig between her legs. She looked at the girl in the mirror; she could hear Beth talking on the phone. The girl in the mirror, that blonde girl, she cupped her mound and rubbed it with the flat of her palm. 'I like to see a man shoot.' She remembered Beth saying. The girl in the mirror slipped and middle finger between her pussy lips and rubbed. Laura wondered were he had shot his cum, on her chest, her ass, or maybe, god, on her face? She had gotten so wet so quick; she would wear this for Kyle tonight. She sat on the floor and opened herself to the mirror. 'I am spread like a slut." She thought. 'No not me, lady Gadiva, in the mirror. Laura opened her legs wider pointing her toes, she could see her anus in the mirror, and she could see everything. She imagined Kyle looking down at her. 'This is what he sees.' She thought. She slipped her finger into her pussy and stirred, her pinky rubbing slow circles around her anus. She could hear Beth on the phone, she was so exposed so spread, she half hoped Beth would see her. Laura began to cum, her toes pointed she admired her strong calves, she inserted her pinky to its first knuckle into her anus and that sent her over the edge. She dressed and was about to leave when Beth met her at the door.

"Damn it I have to find a costume I have so much shit to do." Beth ranted.

"You'll find one, I have to go. I am taking this." Laura held up the wig.

"I'll let my self out, we'll some over early and help out ok." She gave her friend a quick kiss and was down the stairs and out the door.

Beth listened; she crossed the room the wall closet by the mirror. Beth opened the slatted doors and let her new lover out. He was nude, pale and muscular. Like a statue his skin looked smooth and hard. Beth's eyes moved to his smooth hard cock.

"She's perfect." The man said. his voice detached. "She is so ready to conceive, I could smell it."

Beth pulled her eyes away from the cock; it was so hard not to just suck it. His long forked tail curled around her leg and massaged her anus with its tip, she whimpered.

"My, my dark lord please, she, she's just a girl, she doesn't, she's not like me."

"Not a slut is what you mean?"

Beth looked away and then back at his eyes, the tail was doing its work.

"When you summoned me you knew the price, she's perfect. I will corrupt her and she will take my seed voluntarily." He began stroking his cock and the woman could not look away. She had summoned him, had held the power for a while but his cock was addictive, she was soon his and he could do anything he wanted with her. The tables had turned and she wouldn't have it another way if you asked her. She slowly knelt before him, his tail now inside her. Her eyes rolled and she groaned in her weakness.

"She played with herself before the mirror, before me." He said.

Beth moaned at the thought, she knew it was true, and part of her self hated her weakness but the bigger part loved it. He lifted his cock and exposed his heavy large balls. Beth ran her tongue over them moaning. He looked down smiling, white long teeth flashing. "And now the ass." He said.

Laura had dressed early in her costume. It was a white ballerina outfit and shiny white tights, She tried them on with and with out underwear. With out she could see the soft cleft of her pussy. Since leaving Beth's she had felt naughty. She would have masturbated if she had the time but the baby sitter was due and she had wanted to feed her daughter. She felt sexy with her cleft outlined; maybe a lucky few would see it. She did her make up and came down the stairs to see the husband Kyle giving last minute instructions to the girl Jamie. They put on their jackets and left for the short drive to Beth's.

They had been at the partly a full half hour when Beth finally had gotten away from the other guests and her husbands business partners. She gave Kyle a quick greeting, complemented him on his phantom of the opera costume then took Laura's hand and led her away giggling for some gossip.

He's here." Beth said smiling.


"Him, dummy the guy." Beth said.

Laura's face turned red. "But Bill is here, shit Beth."

"Get a grip girl it's a costume party and Billy boys to busy networking anyway I want you to meet him."

"Oh no I couldn't." Laura smiled. She knew she would have to meet this guy.

"Oh yes you can, come on, Kyle's busy checking out bills slut secretary lets go to Bill's study and I will introduce." Beth said with a smile and a nod in Kyle's direction.

He was talking with a young girl with long dark hair in a cheerleader outfit. She felt a quick jab of jealousy.

"Look at her, a fucking cheerleader outfit. Whore." Beth laughed and pulled Laura along by the hand.

Beth left Laura in the study and went off to find her new lover. After five minutes Laura started too looked around Bill's study. She had never been in this room very long. She looked at his books, business, legal, and above a few feet past the top of her head were thick leather bound books with embossed writing. She got on tip toe to read the spine but couldn't. She pulled over a wide ottoman and perched tip toe and reached for the book. Pulling it down her read the cover: Satanic sex rituals. She was shocked but still opened to the near middle. There was text, and diagrams for anal sex between two young men in the middle of a pentagram. She turned the pages, more of the two boys fucking; she had never seen two men with each other before. The thick book slipped from her hands a landed with a load smack on the floor. Laura climbed down and knelled to pick up the book just as the doors opened and Beth and a tall man dressed as a devil entered. They were both treated to a view of Laura on all fours, her ass towards them, her mound out lined by her tights, her cleft visible to all. The man grunted with approval and Beth cleared her throat.

"Reading anything interesting?" Beth asked. She bent to see the book open to a sketch of the two men in a sixty nine position. "Mmm very sexy." Beth picked up the book and began leafing through it.

Laura blushed. "Umm I'm sorry, I was just well." She stopped talking and turned to the man who had accompanied Beth.

"This is Anton, Anton Laura." Beth said, still looking at the pictures.

As he walked forward to take Laura's hand she realized how tall he was, he looked down at her and took her hand in his, covering it. He was dressed in a long red cape; dark hair brushed back, red face paint and cheap plastic red horns. He smiled with the whitest teeth she had ever seen.

"A pleasure to meet you, Bethany talks about you all the time." He said, giving her a quick shallow bow from the shoulders.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Yea, well, good to meet you at last. I mean she's mentioned you too. That is..." Laura blushed then turned to Bethany. "What's with the devil books, what Bill uses them to get clients?" Laura joked.

"Oh yea and its part of his porn collection." Beth answered.

Laura gave a look in Anton's direction and then stared wide eyed at Beth.

"No worries dear Anton knows all about Bills collection we have watched some our selves. Here look." She picked up a remote off Bills desk and pointed it at a wainscoting on the far wall. The wall slid up silently and exposed a television. The TV flared to life and gave Laura a gasp, as the moaning people on the screen came into focus. On the screen was the girl Laura had seen talking to Kyle, the secretary. She was nude her small frame dwarfed by the large black man fucking her. Her eyes looked glazed, his cock was dark and thick and shiny as it slid in and out of her.

"Told you, a whore." Beth said.

Laura looked on in shock, she could feel Anton's breathe one her neck, but she could not move. When he spoke his lips were inches from her ear.

"Bethany that's not what she was interested in shows her the others." He said softly.

Beth smiled seductively at Anton and picked up the controller. Laura was about to protest but she was to curious what was coming next. The screen blurred and then focused, she felt her groin tighten. There on the screen was Beth's husband Bill, and a man of about twenty, Bill was on his knees sucking the boys cock. Laura gasped.

"See Laura, Bills a bit of a fag." Beth laughed.

"Now the other." Anton said.

Once again the screen flickered, in minutes it was Beth now sucking the young man, with Bill watching. Bill was telling the boy what to do, and then he walked around and mounted Beth from behind while she sucked the boy off. Laura watched transfixed, she was dimly aware of Anton rubbing her shoulders; she heard the soft sound of his cape hitting the floor but could not turn around. He reached around and began to rub her belly in slow soft circles.

"More." He said softly into her ear.

Beth smiled at Laura and flicked the control; it took a bit longer this time. The screen was dark and when it came to light auras mouth hung open in shock, she let out a soft cry.

Before her on the screen was the young blonde girl from before, the secretary, the cheerleader, but now instead of being fucked by a black man it was Laura's husband Kyle taking her from behind. A voice talked to him from off camera. "What would you say if Laura caught you in Julie?'

Kyle's eyes rolled at the question and he pumped faster. "That I couldn't help it, that her pussy is like wet silk." He moaned and closed his eyes humping away. Bill walked into the picture, nude he now walked around behind Kyle. Laura wanted to look away but couldn't, she was terrified of what would happen next. She fell back against Anton and felt in her back his hard cock. He was nude behind her but she couldn't look away. Bill knelt behind Kyle and positioned him self, he used a hand to leaned the still pumping Kyle over Julies back then slowly entered him from behind. Kyle's head came up and his eyes rolled. Laura let out a sob. Anton had now cupped her mound, it was hot and wet. On the screen Bill pump in short shallow thrusts, only the tip of his cock had fit. It seemed the camera was circling the three as they fucked.

Laura looked down at Anton's large hand, it cupped her mound and a wet spot had spread in a tight circle around her tights where he probed. "She loves it." He said smiling. As she watched Bill pull Kyle's head back and pump Anton removed her tutu. Grabbing a fistful of hair Anton pulled her neck back and ran his tongue along her throat.

Beth looked from the sight of Laura's seduction to the screen on the wall; it was blank, she had not even had to turn the set on. Anton had sculpted the images to Laura's brain and she was now so aroused and confused he had her.

Anton pulled Laura's tights off roughly ripping them off her strong legs. Holding the hair at the back of her neck he used one hand to pull off her leotard, Laura was all the while staring weakly at the blank screen. Anton turned her around and forced her to her knees in front of him, she looked up at his cock transfixed. His tail now loosely wrapped its self around her neck. He turned to Beth and smiled. "Get her husband, he should see this." He said. Beth walked quickly away to get Kyle.

Anton looked down at Laura's tight body, her small breasts and flat stomach. He pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. Her eyes were wide; she hesitated then began to suckle on the tip.

Kyle had quickly tired of the conversation with the air headed blonde. He had begun to look for Laura when Beth found him. The music was so loud she simply led him into the hall by the hand.

"Laura is in the study we have a surprise for you." Beth said

Kyle was used to joking with Beth, the raised his eyebrows and gave a fake leer. "Oh a three some?"

Beth laughed and led him to the room. She paused briefly at the door opening it only enough for him to slip through. It took him a second to take the room in, and when he at last saw Laura and Anton his heart sank.

Laura had her back to him, she had her legs wrapped around the torso of a large muscular man, he was standing they were both nude. He paused with a shock, thinking it a joke, until he saw the mans large hands on his wife's ass. He was lifting her up and down on his cock. He was fucking her. The man pulled her hair back until she was hanging backwards; she looked at Kyle upside down. Her eyes didn't see him. She was bathed in sweat and beautiful. The man continued to pump into her, he wore some ridiculous devil costume. "Laura ." Kyle said softly. "Laura." he said again louder. She focused on him, her face full of pleasure and gave him an apologetic look. It last only a second for the man began to pump her harder and she closed her eyes and moaned. Kyle had not until now noticed his erection, not noticed Beth was stroking him through his pants.

"Don't try to stop him, you can't." She purred in his ear. And Kyle found he didn't wan to stop him. He watched Laura her body shiny with sweat, the man handled her like a doll his muscles wet with sweat in the light. Kyle had never fucked Laura that way, he didn't have the strength. Her strong calves dug into the mans sides and was pinching her small hard nipples in time with his thrusts. Kyle saw now the mans tail, not a costume, it moved and was wrapped around Laura's neck, he looked lowed past the strong thighs and thick cock, the mad did not have legs below the knees, he had hooves. He truly was a devil, and it was then that Kyle remembered what they had planned that night, to conceive, in impregnate Laura. He would have sobbed but Beth had released his cock and was even now sucking him with and expertise his wife had never shown.

Anton carried the bucking girl to the edge of Bills desk and swiped its contents to the floor with a thick arm. He rolled Laura over still embedded on his cock and lay her down. He pushed her face into the desk and began pumping harder. She was dripping around his shaft; he took a thick finger and rubbed her glossy anus. She groaned and lifted her head. He noticed tears, whether of pleasure of betrayal, he did not know nor care. He pushed the thumb past her rubbery sphincter and into her ass. She let out a deep groan and came hard, almost in time with her watching husband who even now was pumping cum into Beth's mouth. Anton felt the pressure build; he sank as deep into Laura as he could go. His hoofed legs took pieces of wood out of the desk as he kicked with his orgasm. He heard the girl Laura moan. "Oh my god, nnuhh." He laughed.

He stood and looked at the husband, now on his knees from the strength of his orgasm, pants around his feet, pathetic. Anton absently cleaned his cock with Laura's long brown hair while he spoke. "Take care of my child little man and you'll want for nothing." Anton smiled and looked down at the still spasming Laura. "And my apologies I doubt you will ever be able to satisfy her again." With that he disappeared in a billow of brimstone and sulfur smoke leaving Kyle to wipe the tears from his eyes.

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