tagTransgender & CrossdressersDevin Learns About Trannys 02

Devin Learns About Trannys 02



Devin woke up Saturday morning and his ass was tender and his jaw ached. He knew why, it was because he had sucked Paula's big cock and took it in his ass. Devin still couldn't believe that he was so easily seduced and that he did those things with Paula. He felt constipated but that was understandable since he had lost his anal virginity and Paula had dumped a massive load in Devin's rectum.

As he lay in bed, he heard the pitter patter of the rain. It was a Saturday morning and there was no reason to get up. He would arise later and run hot bath for himself but for now he was content to stay in bed. Devin dozed on and off to the sound of the steady rain and he kept dreaming about Paula. He was glad to have fucked the tranny Paula as Paula had a marvelous ass. Devin then wondered about Carla. Was Carla a tranny too? Were Paula and Carla really identical twins?

Devin eventually got out of bed and ran the water for a bath. As the bath tub was filling up he made a pot of coffee. Devin poured a cup of coffee and took it into the bath. He relaxed in the tub sipping coffee and letting the hot water soothe his recently violated body. After almost and hour Devin got out of the tub and dried off. He put on a pair of nylon shorts skipping the underwear. He was on his second cup of coffee watching the morning news on TV when the door bell rang.

Devin ignored it assuming it was some solicitor but the bell rang several times again. Devin gave in and opened his condo door. He was surprised to see both Carla and Paula at his door. He noticed that they had a box of muffins with them when he let them in.

"What took you so long? Were you jerking off thinking about my ass?" Paula said with a chuckle.

"No I thought that it might be a solicitor," Devin replied.

"You're right we are solicitors," Carla laughed.

"I'm glad the coffee is made. Have a muffin," Paula offered.

Devin got coffee mugs for Paula and Carla and then he took a muffin. The three of them sat at the kitchen table eating, drinking coffee and chatting. "Carla, I'm curious are you like Paula?" Devin asked as the suspense was killing him.

Carla smiled and stood up. Carla pulled down a halter top and exposed two beautiful naked breasts. Then the shorts and panties were lowered and a big luscious cock was revealed. Carla spun around and Devin took in the beautiful ass. Carla looked exactly like Paula and had a cock to match.

"Wow, Carla you're beautiful just like Paula. You say you are twins but you can't be twin sisters. Are you twin brothers?"

"Yes we were identical twins born Paul and Carl. However our kinky parents wanted girls so they turned us into girls. They bought us girl clothes and had us take female hormones. Our hair got longer and we developed breasts. In spite of their efforts to transform us into girls, our cocks grew and we became well hung," Paula explained.

As soon as we were 18 we had sex with our parents and with each other. Paula and I really enjoyed each other so we decided to stay together. We have great sex together and we love seducing unsuspecting guys," Carla added.

"Like me?" Devin questioned.

"Yes like you," Paula responded.

"Speaking of which, let's go to your bedroom. I'm dying to fuck that hot ass of yours after Paula told me about it," Carla stated.

"I don't know if I'm ready for that," Devin hesitated.

"You can fuck me first and that will get your juices flowing," offered Carla.

The three of them went to Devin's room and took off their clothes. Devin stared at the two beauties with their shapely asses, pretty titties and 8" cocks. Devin was hard and he was anxious to bury his 6" in Carla's ass. Carla got on Devin's bed doggy style and Paula lubricated Carla's asshole for Devin. Paula moved to the side and took a hold of Devin's stiff dick and guided it into Carla's ass. Devin knew that he would not last long and that he would dump a good size load into Carla's rectum.

Devin fucked Carla as slow as he could to make it last as long as possible. He watched his cock slid in and out of Carla's beautiful ass. He caressed the curvy buttocks and wished that he could stay in the gorgeous ass all day. Paula began to caress Devin's ass and tickled his anus. Paula also ran a finger along Devin's perineum and fondled his taut ball sac. Devin could feel his ejaculation building in his scrotum and he knew that he could not hold out much longer. Paula shoved a lubed finger in Devin's ass and held his testicles with the other hand. That did it for Devin and he fired several rounds of semen into Carla's rectum.

Carla used the sphincter muscle to massage Devin's spurting cock and Devin leaned over Carla's body. Paula's finger was still worming around in Devin's ass and Devin knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before he felt his ass filled with Carla's big dick. Devin didn't go soft but Paula holding onto Devin's balls pulled him out of Carla's ass. Devin then spotted both large thick erect cocks ready for action. Carla got behind him and eased the big dick into him as Paula fed Devin from the front. Devin could only manage to take 5" in his mouth without gagging but it didn't take long for his ass to be filled with Carla's impressive cock.

Carla and Paula stayed in Devin for what seemed like an hour. They were both very accomplished lovers and they took their sweet time with Devin. Carla fucked him with long steady strokes. Carla's cock came all the way out leaving just the head in and then plunged forward burying it to the hilt. Paula was coaching Devin in cock sucking technique and he was catching on fast. Devin knew that they would cum in his mouth and his ass and he was prepared to receive their massive loads.

Devin's cock was still hard and it bobbed around as he was fucked by Carla. He was surprised that he stayed hard with a big dick in his ass but Devin was turned on like never before. Devin's ass seemed endless as Carla's impressive cock drove all the way in and Devin felt the pubic hairs tickle his buttocks. He was getting used to Paula's size in his mouth and he frequently tested his gag line but he was unable to get more than 6" in his mouth. Carla and Paula were pleased with Devin's performance and they enjoyed fucking him.

"Get ready Devin," Paula warned.

Devin was glad that Paula warned him of the imminent ejaculation so that he did not choke on the discharge. Paula's body tensed and Devin's mouth was filled to overflowing when five or six streams shot into his mouth. Devin blocked most of it with his tongue but swallowed the remainder. Devin sucked the remaining cum from Paula's cock and then teased Paula by nibbling on the soft mushroom head. Paula moaned and shivered before pushing Devin's head away when the sensation became overbearing.

Just as Paula pulled away, Carla drove into Devin's ass and held his hips firmly. Devein felt the big dick pulsate and shoot several rounds into his rectum. Carla and Paula could both cum in buckets and Devin was treated with their first ejaculations of the day. Devin's hole was plugged with Carla's thick cock and the semen remained blocked in his rectum. Devin felt as if a fire hose had been turned on in his ass. Carla slowly eased the cock out of Devin's ass and Devin's sphincter drove the semen from its confines. It looked like Devin was cumming out of his ass.

The three of them maintained their erections and Paula was ready to fuck Devin. Paula and Carla could fuck and suck each other anytime so their attention was directed that morning toward Devin. Carla had Devin get into a 69 position on their sides so that they could suck each other. Devin was thrilled that his cock was getting more attention. Paula got behind Devin who awaited another anal penetration. The big cock entered Devin's ass easily as he was well stretched out by then and well lubed with Carla's cum.

Devin felt Paula's firm tits pressing into his back as Paula held him close and fucked him slowly. He then realized that Carla's tits were rubbing against belly as they sucked each other. It was the most erotic sensation that Devin. Paula and Carla had the bodies of beautiful women with the cocks of super studs. Devin held onto Carla's buttocks as he enjoyed the cocks in his mouth and ass. At that moment Devin knew that he was hooked on bi-sex especially with trannies as pretty as Paula and Carla. He was thrilled that they had seduced him and introduced him into their world.

Devin was the first to cum as he was overcome with lust. Carla gobbled down Devin's load and kept right on sucking Devin's cock. When Devin came his sphincter tightened around Paula's cock and Paula came in Devin's ass. Once again a massive cum load was fired into Devin's bowels. Paula's cock remained in Devin's ass moving slowly and pushing the semen around in his rectum. Carla was the last to cum but it was another big load that flooded Devin's mouth. The three of them remained coupled together for several minutes savoring the incredible sex of the morning.

They eventually separated and Paula suggested going out for lunch. The three of them showered separately in Devin's bathroom, dressed and headed out for lunch. It was till raining but it was a pleasant soft rain that was almost enjoyable. They decided on a quaint bistro that served great salads and sandwiches. The bistro also served wine and Paula and Carla were in the mood for wine. When the three of them arrived many of the patrons checked out Paula and Carla whose long shapely legs were on display.

After they were seated Paula spoke softly, "Carla did you see those guys checking us out."

"They are probably wondering what I am doing with two hot chicks," Devin offered.

"Yeah, chicks with dicks, if they ever knew," Carla laughed.

The waiter came over to take their order and he greeted Paula and Carla. Devin was surprised that the waiter knew them by name. They introduced Devin to the waiter whose name was Lee. Devin looked at the cute waiter curiously and wondered if he was like Paula and Carla. Lee was a name that would fit a girl or a guy. Lee took their order and then left the table. Devin watched Lee walk away and he noticed that Lee swished his cute round ass as he moved through the bistro.

"Is he like you two?" Devin asked.

Paula and Carla chuckled and Paula replied, "No, Lee is gay and we had some fun with him before but he is not a transsexual."

"You would like him Devin. He is a good fuck with a nice ass," Carla added.

"I think that I have all I can handle right now," Devin answered but for some reason he was still interested in Lee.

Lee returned with the wine and smiled at Devin when he served them. Devin sensed that Lee suspected that Devin had been with Paula and Carla because Lee had. As Lee placed the glasses on the table he purposely leaned in over Devin and their bodies touched. When Lee stood up His body remained in contact with Devin while he chatted with them. Lee then moved away and left them to their wine.

"He definitely likes you Devin," Carla observed.

"He probably thinks that I made it with you two and that I am gay too," Devin replied.

"You're probably right. I can convince him to dress up like a girl if you like. We dressed him up like a school girl when we fucked him," Paula offered.

"Are you kidding a school girl? God that must have been hot," Devin sighed.

"It was. Once he was all dressed up in the school girl uniform I lifted the skirt and pulled down the panties to his knees. Then I fucked him as he sucked Carla," Paula described.

"When we finished up Lee was wearing only the knee high white socks. It was quite an evening with him and we all came three or four times," Carla added.

"I getting a hard on," Devin teased.

"Should we get Lee to suck it for you or would you rather fuck him," Paula asked with a chuckle.

"No I'd rather save it for later," Devin responded.

"Wise decision," Carla said and laughed.

Lee returned with the food order and placed it on the table. Devin noticed that Paula grabbed Lee's ass and that Lee never flinched. "We have missed the cute school girl who called on us. Do you know where she is?" Paula asked sexily.

Lee smiled and replied, "I can get in touch with her and send her over. Should I do that?"

"Yes do that and we would like Devin to meet her too," Paula directed.

"I can contact her later today when would you like to see her?"

"What about Wednesday evening?"

"Wednesday is perfect. I'll make sure that she is there," Lee replied and then he smiled at Devin.

"Why wait until Wednesday?" Devin asked.

"It's Lee night off," Carla told him.

The three of them ate lunch and then returned to Devin's condo. Devin was all hot and bothered after that lunchtime conversation and he couldn't wait to get in bed with Paula and Carla. Their clothes came off in record time and Paula got in bed on all fours and Devin's cock was throbbing at the sight. Devin got to fuck Paula while Carla moved behind the twosome and fucked Devin. The cock in his ass triggered Devin's release and he came in Paula's ass quicker than he wanted. Carla kept fucking Devin and Paula offered Devin a cock to suck on. After Carla ejaculated in Devin's ass it was Paula's turn. Paula moved behind Devin and began fucking him. Carla offered Devin another cock to suck on while Paula fucked him. Devin had been well broken in over the past two days and he handled the big dicks in his ass with ease. After Paula came the three of them were drained and done for the day.

Paula and Carla dressed and returned to their own condo leaving Devin in his bed with cum oozing from his anus. Devin waited for them to leave and then he ran another bath for himself. It had been an unbelievable two days of sex and Devin had loved every minutes of it. He had made the transition to bi-sex with the two beautiful transsexuals. It was still amazing to look at Paula and Carla and know they had big dicks under those skirts. They were so damn hot. Devin soaked in the tub and then thought about Lee from the bistro. He would get to fuck Lee on Wednesday and he imagined that it would be a wild foursome.

It was only Saturday evening and he was sexually drained but he knew after a good night's sleep that he would be rejuvenated on Sunday. Paula and Carla had not mentioned anything about Sunday and he wondered if he would hook up with them again. After his bath he poured a drink and sat in the living room watching TV. It was still raining softly and he loved the sound of the steady rain. Devin fell asleep on his sofa quickly that evening and slept like a log.


Late Sunday morning Paula and Carla had showered together and they had washed their lovely long hair. Carla noticed that Paula had an erection.

"This will help pass the time as our hair dries," Carla said and then he took Paula's cock in his mouth.

Paula didn't answer but just closed his eyes as Carla's lips kissed the engorged cock. Paula's body tensed as Carla's lips moved up and down the shaft and then Paula gasped as Carla's mouth engulfed his cock. Carla was a very good cocksucker and in no time Paula was ready to blow a load. Paula tried to prolong the ejaculation as long as possible. Carla knelt on the floor and held Paula firmly. Carla caressed the back of Paula's legs and buttocks as Carla's warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on Paula's cock. Paula felt the light scraping of Carla's teeth. Paula's dick was throbbing and ready to shoot.

Carla took Paula's cock out, looked up and stroked the entire length of it and massaged Paula's bloated balls. Carla then sucked it again, took it out and gently blew on it. Carla's fingers continually massaged Paula's balls. Carla tickled the cock head and teased Paula's pee slit. Carla had Paula close to cumming a few times. Carla then took Paula's cock all the way in and swirled the tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked Paula hard. Carla reached under Paula's balls and rubbed the taint hardness. Paula's cock swelled and there was no stopping Paula this time.

Carla grabbed Paula's ass cheeks with both hands as Paula exploded in Carla's mouth. Paula fired round after round of cum into Carla's mouth who sucked and swallowed as fast as possible. Rope after rope of semen shot into Carla's mouth as Paula seemed to have an endless supply. Finally the barrage subsided and Paula stopped cumming in Carla's mouth. Carla sucked on the thick firm cock until every drop was drained from Paula's dick.

"Paula I need you to fuck me now. Stick your lovely cock in my ass," Carla directed wiggling a shapely ass in Paula's direction.

Carla knelt naked on the floor. Paula looked at Carla in that position and admired the great looking bubble butt. Carla reached back and lubed his asshole with lotion. Paula stood behind Carla and stared at the incredible ass. Paula then eased into Carla's asshole. Paula was gentle allowing Carla to adjust to the thick cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in Carla's ass and fucked Carla royally. Paula held on to the pretty twin cheeks of Carla's ass. Carla felt Paula tense and then ejaculate into the receptive passage. Paula continued to fuck Carla's ass as cum oozed out and ran down over Carla's balls. Carla fell forward onto the floor and Paula followed with the cock still buried in Carla's ass.

Paula was buried balls deep in Carla's tight asshole. Carla was flattened on the floor face down as Paula drove the thick cock deep into Carla's bowels. Carla's ass moved under Paula but Paula's strength and drive kept Carla pinned under him. Paula's buttocks clenched and unclenched and pummeled Carla's ass. Paula's cock drove into Carla and then retreated until only the head remained in Carla's rectum. Carla felt the shaft drive in and out of the anal passage like a piston causing him to cry out.

"Oh God your cock is so hot in my ass, so deep. Oh fuck yeah, fill me with your dick. Cum in me, I want your cum shooting in my ass again," Carla exclaimed!

Paula continued to fuck the shapely firm ass driving his cock into the warm recess. Paula sensed another orgasm building and knew that within minutes Carla's hot ass would be filled again. Paula felt the pressure just before unleashing a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath. Paula felt Carla's anal muscles tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of spunk out of it.

"Oh shit, I feel it. I love it when you cum in my ass. I love your hot seed flooding my ass," Carla cried out, "That's what I love about you Paula, you can cum forever!"

Carla got up and wiped off with one of the towels as Paula wiped the cock off with one as well. Carla had Paula sit on the vanity stool and worked on Paula's hair.

"I will shape your hair to make you look like the beautiful girl you want to be," Carla said.

When Carla was done with Paula's hair, Paula stood up in front of the mirror as Carla moved another mirror around Paula's head. Paula felt the touch of Carla's erect cock as Carla moved around with the mirror. Carla then put the mirror down and stood close behind Paula. Carla reached around and cupped Paula's tits and the cock pressed into the crack of Paula's ass.

"I just love it that you have such hard nipples," Carla said gently tweaking Paula's nipples.

Paula reached behind and took a hold of Carla's cock. Paula stroked Carla's cock and then Carla decided it was time to fuck Paula. Carla, sporting a raging hard-on, pushed Paula down on the floor face down. Carla grabbed the lotion and quickly lubricated Paula's asshole. Then Carla's rock hard cock entered Paula's ass and Carla fucked hard and fast. Paula whimpered under the assault but pushed back to try to get all of Carla's cock. Carla pounded Paula's ass as they both raced toward an orgasm. Carla came first and filled Paula's ass with semen. Paula squealed feeling the warm liquid. Carla continued to fuck until the cock softened and slipped from Paula's ass. Paula rolled over and Carla's mouth immediately covered Paula's cock. Carla sucked on the cock until Paula shot another load in Carla's mouth.

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