tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDevin Learns About Trannys 05

Devin Learns About Trannys 05



Lee was excited to get the phone call about Jim and Bobbi coming for a visit. The excitement about the planned orgy for the weekend was too much for Lee and he had to see Devin beforehand. That Wednesday evening, Lee's night off, Lee hooked up with Devin at his condo. They wasted no time once Lee arrived and Devin was thrilled to have his cock back in someone's mouth again.

Lee was a very good cocksucker and in no time he had Devin ready to blow his load. Devin tried to prolong his orgasm as long as he could. Lee knelt on the floor and lifted Devin in toward him. Lee caressed the back of Devin's legs and cheeks of his ass as Lee's warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on Devin's cock. Lee massaged the head of Devin's cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled Devin's cock with his tongue and Devin felt the light scraping of Lee's teeth. Devin's dick felt hard and long and he knew he was going to shoot soon.

Lee took Devin's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged Devin's bloated balls. Lee then put it back in his mouth and took it out again then he gently blew on it as his fingers continually massaged Devin's balls. Lee tickled the cock head with his tongue and teased Devin's pee slit. Lee had Devin close to cumming a few times. Lee then took Devin's cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked Devin hard. Lee reached under Devin's balls and rubbed the hardness between his balls and anus. Devin felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum. There was no stopping Devin this time.

Lee grabbed Devin's ass cheeks with both hands as Devin exploded in his mouth. Devin fired round after round of cum into his mouth and Lee sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into Lee's mouth as Devin seemed to have an endless youthful supply. Finally the barrage subsided and Devin stopped cumming in Lee's mouth. Lee sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from Devin's dick.

"Devin would you like to fuck me? Would you like to stick your lovely cock in my ass?" Lee asked as he wiggled his shapely ass in Devin's direction.

Lee took off his pants and his 6" erect dick wavered in the air. He knelt on the floor and raised his ass in the air. Devin looked at him in this position and his great looking bubble butt. Lee reached back and lubed his asshole with lotion. Devin saw this and then applied a generous amount of lotion to his own cock. Devin stood behind Lee and stared at the incredible ass that he was about to fuck. Devin then spit on his dick making very slippery and eased into Lee's asshole.

Devin was gentle with him allowing Lee to adjust to his cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in Lee's ass and he fucked him royally. Devin held on to the pretty twin cheeks of Lee's ass as he fucked him thoroughly. Lee fell forward onto the floor and Devin followed him with his cock still buried in Lee's ass. Devin was so turned on that he remained hard and he began to fuck Lee faster. Devin was thrilled that he was back in someone's ass again. He was so excited that he felt he could stay hard forever. Devin loved the feel of Lee's soft smooth skin as he pressed into him.

Devin was buried balls deep in Lee's tight asshole. Lee was flattened on the floor face down as Devin drove his cock deep into the bowels of his lover. Devin's buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled Lee's ass. Devin's cock drove into Lee and then retreated until only the head remained in Lee's rectum. Lee felt the shaft drive in and out of his anal passage like a piston causing him to cry out.

"Oh God your cock is so hot in my ass, so deep. Oh fuck yeah, fill me with your dick. Cum in me, I want your cum shooting in my ass again," Lee exclaimed!

Devin continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of his new found lover driving his cock into the warm recess. Devin sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in Lee's hot ass. Devin felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath him. Devin felt Lee's anal muscles tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of spunk out of it.

"Oh shit, I feel it. I love it when you cum in my ass. I love your hot seed flooding my ass," Lee cried out, "That's what I love about us, we can cum forever!"

Devin let his cock slip out of Lee's ass and rest between the buttocks. Lee moved his ass up and down with the stiff cock trapped in his cock. Devin reached around and played with Lee's budding tits.

"Lee your tits are coming along nicely. I just love it that you have such hard nipples," Devin said as he gently tweaked Lee's nipples.

Lee felt his own cock getting hard again as Devin fondled him. Lee reached behind him and took Devin's cock in his hand. Lee stroked Devin's cock and then Devin decided it was time to fuck Lee again even if he didn't cum. Devin, sporting a raging hard-on, pushed Lee down on the floor face down.

"Do you know what happens to boys who look like girls? They get fucked in the ass," Devin teased.

Devin pushed his rock hard cock into Lee's ass and fucked him hard and fast. Lee whimpered under the assault of his ass but he pushed back to try to get all of Devin's cock in him. Devin pounded Lee's ass as Lee stroked his cock and raced toward his orgasm. Devin continued to fuck until his cock softened and slipped from Lee's ass. Lee rolled over on his back and Devin's mouth immediately covered Lee's cock. Devin sucked on his cock until Lee shot a load in Devin's mouth.

"Oh God I'm cumming. Suck me Devin, take it all. Oh you are so good!" Lee exclaimed as his seed filled Devin's mouth.

The two lovers lay side by side after their orgasms and held onto each other's cock. It didn't take long before they were ready to go again. Lee and Devin sucked each other in a 69 position and played with each other's ass. Then Lee fucked Devin in the ass and Devin reciprocated by fucking Lee in the ass again. It was a great tune-up for the weekend.


Early Friday evening Jim and Bobbi arrived at Devin's condo. Jim hugged Devin and then Bobbi hugged and kissed him. Devin felt Bobbi's breasts press against him as they embraced and he couldn't resist giving her hot ass a squeeze. Bobbi giggled and then they all went into the condo. Devin helped Jim and Bobbi with the bags and showed them the guest bedroom although they would not spend much time in it during their stay. Jim dropped the bags in the room and the three of them sat in the living room. Within minutes after a few drinks the three of them were in Devin's bedroom.

Bobbi dropped her summer dress and she was completely naked under it. Jim and Devin quickly removed their clothes and Jim let out a soft whistle when he saw Devin's body. Jim's cock stiffened quickly when he saw Devin naked and he immediately retrieved a tube of lubricant. Jim just had to fuck Devin's hot ass again. Bobbi knelt in front of Devin and took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it. Devin was already worked up he felt Jim behind him and then he felt the cool sensation of the lube applied to his anus. Devin groaned softly as Jim fingered Devin's asshole with one then two fingers. Satisfied that Devin was ready Jim eased his cock into Devin's ass with one slow steady movement and then held still as Devin's body adjusted to the intrusion.

Jim slowly began to fuck Devin and as he did he brought his hands around to Devin's pecs. Jim fondled the pecs and tweaked Devin's stiff nipples. Devin was going wild as Bobbi sucked his cock and Jim fucked his ass. Devin knew that he couldn't last another second and he ejaculated into Bobbi's mouth. Jim felt Devin's anal contractions as Devin fired jets of semen into Bobbi's mouth. Jim was next to cum and he flooded Devin's rectum with an enormous load. Devin felt cum shoot deep into him and Jim's volcanic like ejaculation seemed endless.

Bobbi stood up and kissed Devin deeply pushing his own cum into his mouth. Her breasts crushed against him as they embraced. Jim wrapped his arms around both of them and held them tight with his cock still in Devin's ass. Bobbi and Devin continued to kiss and push the semen around in their mouths. Finally the three of them separated and then they got in Devin's bed where Bobbi was treated to a double penetration. She mounted her husband's cock while Devin entered her ass. The two young men fucked Bobbi until all three of them came again and then they collapsed in the bed. They rested several minutes before they parted and got out of bed. They put on shorts and tees and went back to the living room for more drinks.

"I'm so glad that we're here," Bobbi gushed.

"Me too," added Jim.

"Oh so am I. It's so good to be with you both again," Devin replied excitedly.

"You both will get to meet Paula and Carla tomorrow. We plane to meet at the pool and then party later," Devin told them.

"I'm looking forward to meeting them from everything you told us," Jim offered.

"You will love them. They have the bodies of beautiful women but with well endowed cocks. Bobbi, they love fucking women as much as they do men," Devin shared.

"That's great I'm looking forward to another triple penetration with some big cocks," Bobbi gushed.

The three of them spent the rest of the evening chatting, sipping wine and getting caught up on news. Later Devin served some food and after they ate they returned to Devin's bedroom for more sex. Bobbi was again double fucked by the two young men and then it was time to retire. Jim and Bobbi returned to the guest room that night as they needed a good night's sleep.


On Saturday morning Devin, Jim and Bobbi passed on any morning sex as they wanted to save themselves for the afternoon. Paula and Carla were going to meet the three of them on the condo pool deck. After they ate a late breakfast and had several cups of coffee, Devin made a batch of bloody marys and packed a few beers in a cooler. At noon they headed for the pool and it was obvious that Jim and Bobbi were looking forward to meeting Paula and Carla.

When they arrived at the pool deck Devin round up five lounges and placed them together. Devin, Jim and Bobbi sat in the lounges sipping bloody marys as they waited for Paula and Carla to arrive. Just then a cute looking blonde wearing a sarong skirt over a sexy bikini walked toward them.

"Look at that cutie. I wouldn't mind porking that," Jim said followed by a low whistle.

"Holy shit, that's Lee," Devin blurted out and then asked, "Lee what are you doing here? I thought you were working today."

Lee sat in one of the lounge chairs and replied, "I called in sick. I wasn't about to miss this day. You must be Jim and Bobbi," he acknowledged.

"Jesus, you really do look like a girl," Jim said his excitement obvious.

"It is unbelievable how much you look like a young woman," Bobbi observed.

Devin got up and grabbed another lounge chair and added it to the group. Lee got acquainted with Jim and Bobbi. Lee explained the process he was going through to become a tranny. Jim got an erection just from listening to Lee and thinking about fucking him later. The four of them were engaged in conversation when Paula and Carla arrived.

"Christ, look at the bodies on those babes," Jim said for all to hear.

Lee and Devin laughed and Devin said, "That's Paula and Carla who I told you about."

"No way, no way those buxom beauties are guys," Jim reacted as he watched the two trannies in sexy bikinis walk toward the group.

"This is too much," Bobbi sighed.

"Hi gang, thanks for saving some lounges for us. I'm Paula and this is Carla and you must be Jim and Bobbi. We have heard a lot about you two. I glad you could come for a visit." Paula stated.

"Pleased to meet you," Carla added.

"We're pleased to meet you too and we heard a lot about you also," Jim replied and Bobbi nodded her agreement.

"Any bloody marys left?" Carla asked.

"Plenty," Devin responded and he poured two for Paula and Carla.

The six of them lounged around the pool and sipped their drinks while the got better acquainted. Every once in a while they would take a dip in the pool. Jim could not take his eyes off of Paula and Carla. They looked great in bikinis showing off their shapely bodies particularly their killer asses. Jim wasn't the only one checking them out as other people around the pool stared continuously.

Devin chuckled at the gawkers. He assumed they were probably wondering how he and Jim landed four hot looking babes. Jim's staring became obvious and Paula asked him if there was anything wrong.

"No, this isn't anything wrong. I just can't get over how beautiful you two look. Your bodies are perfect," Jim replied.

"I have a question though. What have you done with your cocks in those bikinis? According to Devin, you two are hung like Jim," Bobbi questioned.

"We tape them between our legs," Carla told them.

"Yes and we hope that we don't get an erection in our bikini," Paula added and everyone laughed.

"That would be something to see. Could you imagine the other people's reaction?" Jim added.

"So you too, Lee, you tape yours also," Bobbi asked.

"Yes but I'm not as big as Paula and Carla, so it is a little easier for me," Lee admitted.

"I can't wait to see you three naked," Jim stated.

"Well it is about that time for fun and games. Let's go to our condo," Paula offered.

They all packed up and walked over to Paula's and Carla's condo. The male eyes at the pool followed them as they left. Paula and Carla exaggerated the roll of their buttocks as they walked by the other people at the pool and Devin cracked up at the reactions. Once they were in the condo Jim and Bobbi went into action as they were dying to see Paula and Carla naked.

Bobbi dropped to her knees and took Carla's bikini bottom off and freed the big cock. A few strokes got it hard and Bobbi took it in her mouth. Jim did the same thing with Paula and began sucking Paula's impressive cock. Paula and Carla removed their bikini bras and showed off their super fine tits. Devin and Lee stripped down and stroked each other's cocks as they watched the other four. Devin then told Lee to fuck Jim and he would fuck Bobbi.

Devin moved behind Bobbi and removed her bikini bottom. Lee removed Jim's swim suit. Devin produced some lube and he greased Bobbi's asshole and then handed it to Lee. Devin eased his cock into Bobbi's ass as Lee lubricated Jim's ass. Lee then stuck his cock in Jim's ass and began to fuck him. Bobbi and Jim were enamored with Carla's and Paula's cocks and they sucked them enthusiastically. Paula and Carla were pleased with the couples cock sucking abilities and they knew that they would not last long before they filled the sensuous mouths with creamy liquid.

Devin reached around and played with Bobbi's pussy and Lee was stroking Jim's cock as he fucked him. All six of them were incredibly excited and they began to cum. Paula came first and announce it as Jim's mouth was flooded with the discharge. Carla was next and shot a huge load in Bobbi's mouth. Devin ejaculated in Bobbi's ass and Lee came in Jim's ass. Bobbi and Jim needed to cum so they separated from Paula and Carla. Bobbi rolled over on her back and Jim slid between her legs.

Paula and Carla remained hard and they decided to join in. Paula moved behind Jim to fuck him and Carla moved in front so Jim could suck him. Jim felt Paula's cock enter his ass slowly and steadily before picking up the pace. Jim saw Carla's cock in front of his face and willingly took it in his mouth. Jim continued to fuck his wife as he sucked a cock and got fucked at the same time. Bobbi played with Carla's balls and ran her finger along the perineum. The scene was incredibly erotic and Devin decided to fuck Lee. Devin had Lee get on all fours and after lubing his cock Devin entered Lee's ass.

Bobbi had a string of orgasm that blew her mind and then she screamed out, "I want cocks in all my holes."

Paula back out of Jim's ass and said, "Roll over Jim, roll her over."

Jim rolled over keeping his cock in his wife's pussy so that Bobbi was now riding him. Paula lubricated Bobbi's ass as Carla stuck his cock in Bobbi's mouth. Bobbi next felt Paul's big dick enter her ass and once again she was triple penetrated. Devin and Lee continued to look on as Devin drilled Lee's ass. Devin reached around and found Lee's erect dick and jerked him off as he fucked him.

The condo echoed with the sounds of bodies slapping together and the smell of sex was rampant. Bobbi slurped on Carla's big cock as Paula drilled her as and so rode her husband's dick. Jim couldn't hold out any longer and he fired a huge load into his wife's pussy. He remained hard and Bobbi kept riding him. Paula was the next to cum and dumped a good size load in Bobbi's rectum. Paula moved away from Bobbi so Carla decided to take Bobbi's ass. Bobbi reluctantly released Carla's cock from her mouth but she was pleased when she felt it in her ass.

Bobbi went wild with the two cocks in her and she screamed aloud when she climaxed and collapsed on top of her husband. Carla continued fucking Bobbi's ass and then ejaculated in it. Bobbi felt the massive load shoot into her rectum and join Paula's seed. Her ass never felt as full as it did then. Bobbi rolled off of her husband and lay on her back breathing hard. Devin ejaculated into Lee's rectum and Lee milked the pulsating cock with his sphincter.

Lee had not cum so he decided to fuck Devin. The other four watched Lee fuck Devin's ass until he came. Bobbi and Jim loved watching Lee's small tits jiggle as he fucked Devin. At that point they all needed a break. Paula and Carla got refreshments for everyone as it was dinner time. No one wanted a big meal so appetizers were served. Everyone sat around naked as they ate and Jim still could not get over Paula's and Carla's great looking bodies. After they ate Jim knew that he had to fuck them both.


It didn't take long for the crew to resume their lustful ways. Jim was dying to fuck either Paula or Carla or better yet both of them. Paula agreed to go first and Jim got his cock ready with the lube. Paula got on all fours and Jim eased his cock into Paula's fabulous ass. Jim looked down as his cock entered Paula's ass and it was just like penetrating a voluptuous woman as Paula's big cock was hidden from view. Paula's ample tits hung down and Jim reached around to fondle them.

Watching Jim and Paula got the other four turned on and Bobbi wanted to ride Carla's cock. Bobbi mounted Carla and began to hump the big cock. It was an odd sight in a way to see Bobbi's and Carla's tits bounce around. Lee moved over to Carla who sucked Lee's cock. Devin was undecided on where to put his cock. He had a choice between Bobbi's or Lee's ass and Paula's mouth. He opted for Lee's ass as he loved to fuck it and he never tired of Lee's sweet body.

Jim was the first to cum in that round. He was in awe on Paula's ass and the way Paula used the sphincter muscle to milk the seed out of Jim's cock. Jim left his cock in Paula's ass and continued to fondle Paula's tits until his cock went soft and slipped out of the anal sheath. Paula was rock hard and moved over to take Bobbi's ass. Paula's cock went in easy to the stretched and lubed receptive ass of Bobbi and she loved having a second big cock in her.

Devin ejaculated into Lee's ass again which triggered Lee's release. Lee shot his seed into Carla's mouth when he felt Devin's cock twitching in his ass. Carla welcomed the youthful seed in his mouth and sucked Lee dry. Devin and Lee moved away and watched along with Jim as Bobbi was double fucked with the big tranny cocks. Bobbi orgasmed until she couldn't cum anymore and then she was at the mercy of the two big cocks filling her two holes. It took Paula and Carla a long time before they came and when they did Bobbi was ready to pass out.

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