tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDevoted to Pleasure Ch. 01

Devoted to Pleasure Ch. 01


This is a fiction story I wrote in about a day, so don't expect greatness! There are resemblances to my own relationship, but the storyline is not true. It is intended as a first chapter in a series, but who knows if I'll ever finish the others. Feel free to send any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, as I would be happy to hear it. Save the name-calling and mindless insults, they don't matter.

* * * * *

Waking to the diffused sunlight pouring into her bedroom window, Kelly snuggled against the cool body of her girlfriend Janice. The air in the room was already beginning to warm from the onset of day, but for some reason Janice always seemed cool to the touch. Kelly had always loved that about her. Right now, it felt so comforting.

Lying about slowly trying to fully awaken, Kelly's thoughts drifted to the previous nights fun she and Janice had found. It had been such a long and crazy night. She was not sure how many guys had gone inside of her, on either end. They just seemed to come in an endless line. One thing of which she was sure, she certainly was paying for it all now. Her body was exhausted.

Curled behind Janice as she reminisced, she felt her small cock begin to stir. It had found itself wedged between her lover's back and her own body. Almost without any conscious thought, she found herself slowly applying pressure into Janice from behind. She noticed that lovely, familiar scent that screamed the name Janice in her mind. This woman, against whom she was now grinding her cock, had intoxicated her from the moment they first met. As Kelly lovingly humped Janice, she whispered her love in the ear she thought so cute and perfect.

Feeling the pressure in her lower back and the breasts rubbing her from behind, Janice was coming out of her own slumber. She wasn't yet sure of anything other than the fact that she liked what her body was feeling. As a gentle hand slowly began to knead her breast, she moaned ever so lightly while pushing her back against the source of this wonderful pleasure.

Janice loved Kelly and was always so happy to accept her loving attention. There was no one she had ever met that could fulfill her on so many levels. Her own arm moved back to pull Kelly tighter against her. Squeezing that sexy ass she had come so greatly to adore, she could feel Kelly's warm skin across her back. The tiny bulge between them would push into her rhythmically in time with her own grasps.

Urged on by Janice's response, Kelly licked and nibbled the ear, into which she had just been whispering. She could feel Janice's head move slightly towards her and tilt in acceptance of the tender attention she offered. Her tongue ran across the skin just below Janice's ear. She could feel the shivers this encouraged.

Janice was consumed by the feelings of the wet tongue running across her neck. The tender kisses that would occasionally interrupt its progress sent light tingles the length of her spine. As her body performed its gentle gyrations to the lover behind her, she felt the hand on her breast moving slowly towards her mound.

As Kelly slid her hard towards it's goal, she lightly scratched her nails across Janice's tight stomach causing Janice to uncontrollably shudder from the sensation. She loved the way Janice responded to her caresses. As she reached the light tuft of hair guarding that tasty pussy, she paused. Gently gripping Janice's brown curls, she tugged lightly giving that tiny sensation of pain she knew Janice enjoyed.

Fully awake now, Janice turned her head and offered Kelly her tongue. As Kelly's fingernails began to trace lines and circles across Janice's thigh and hip, she lifted her own head to suck on Janice's outstretched tongue. Tenderly, they tongued each other, intermittently kissing as they did.

In each other's mouths, they could taste the sleep from which they had just awoken. Both of them loved the other's tastes and smells. They loved that they could smell themselves on each other after they made love. In turn they licked into each other's mouths, over and over, desperately trying to satisfy they hunger they both felt.

While they eagerly exchanged kisses and tongues, Janice's hand found its way between Kelly's legs. She pushed firmly onto the raised mound directly above Kelly's stiffened penis. Kelly moaned with pleasure as she, in turn, ground against the tiny hand now separating their bodies.

As the aggression of their kisses grew, Janice squeezed tightly around Kelly's little cock. It had long since reached its full length of 4 inches. Kelly shook as she felt her cock constricted in the tight grasp of her lover. Her entire body tensed. The desire to consume Janice was growing uncontrollable.

Unable to contain herself, Kelly chinned Janice's head aside and began biting her neck. The once tender hand now slid between Janice's thighs. It forced her legs apart and pushed the fingers into Janice's growing wetness. There was no perceptible resistance to this invasion as Janice had gotten incredibly slimy and wet with anticipation.

Kelly's fingers shoved into and back out of Janice's hot pussy. They were both so hot with lust. Janice splayed her legs wide, rolling more onto her back to allow her lover better access to the hungry cunt between her legs. Never releasing the tiny cock in her hand, she began a pace, squeezing it in time with the forceful entry of Kelly's fingers into her pussy.

"I want to fuck you so bad", Kelly almost growled into Janice's neck.

"Oh, please... please make me cum." Janice whispered back.

Pulling free of Janice's clutch, Kelly slid downwards, kissing, sucking, and biting her breasts and nipples. Janice moaned as she squirmed from the exotic pain Kelly was inflicting upon her. Kelly's hand skillfully slid in and out of the growing mess between Janice's legs, grinding against her hard little clit with each stroke.

Janice was moaning and writhing, so close to reaching her climax. Lewdly, she humped upwards to match the thrusts on the fingers invading her. So badly she wanted to be stretched and filled. Knees wide, she fucked against Kelly's hand.

"You love getting fucked like this, don't you, you fucking whore?" Kelly barked, giving Janice the verbal abuse she so loved.

"Yes, oh God, yes"

"Do you want your pussy eaten, whore?"

"Please, yes." was all Janice could bear to say as she squeezed her legs together and bucked hard, trying to fuck Kelly's whole arm.

Seeing Janice so close to the point of no return, Kelly pulled her arm out and sat up, her own little cock sticking proudly out in front of her. Crawling between Janice's outstretched legs they locked eyes. As she stared into Janice's beautiful dark eyes, she slapped hard onto her open and abused pussy. Janice flinched, knowing her whore's cunt deserved that punishment.

Never glancing from Janice's brown eyes, Kelly lifted Janice's leg and ran her tongue up under her knee and up the calf towards her lovely foot. Finding her pussy with her own fingers, Janice stared into Kelly's eyes. Watching intently as Kelly licked the bottom of her foot. The sensation as Kelly pushed her tongue between her toes was incredible. She felt the warm wetness of Kelly's tongue between her toes as she pushed two of her fingers up inside her aching twat. Fingering her pussy with one hand and doing hard circles on her clit with fingers from the other hand, she looked like as much of a slut as she felt.

Closing her eyes, Janice continued to work her pussy towards a much-needed climax as Kelly sucked her toes like little cocks. Kelly's hot mouth would take one or two inside sucking them hungrily as her tongue ran circles around them and pushed its way between, hoping to taste her sweet sweat.

"Please suck on my clit." Janice begged from behind closed eyes.

Releasing her tiny foot, Kelly laid down on her belly between Janice's legs. With her nose inches from Janice's gorgeous cunt, she inhaled deeply, savoring the intoxicating aroma. Janice's pussy smelled sweetly of the previous nights sex.

Pushing Janice's hands away, Kelly slowly ran her moist tongue up and down the puffy, wet outer lips of her pussy. Janice cooed while Kelly was treated to the exquisite taste of her pussy's overflowing juices. Knowing Janice had been so close to coming, she presumed it horrible to make her wait much longer. With one hand she spread the labia apart and circled her lips around the hardened clit, which rose out from between them.

"That feels so good." Janice moaned as Kelly began to earnestly suck the clit into her mouth.

Kelly was so good at eating pussy. She knew well that Janice's most powerful orgasm would be attained from sucking hard on her clit like giving it a blowjob. She sucked it relentlessly into her mouth while flicking it repeatedly with her tongue. Janice's body was contorting and writhing with the pleasure she could barely endure. Kelly was sucking clit for all she was worth, her own teeth dug into the insides of her lips from the pressure. She loved serving Janice's pussy this way.

Janice had been so close to the edge of orgasm. The pussy eating goddess between her legs was making that orgasm impossible to resist. She bucked up and down, her clitoris being so wonderfully tortured. Heat began to spread through her legs from the toes, upward. Her mind spun, as she understood only the power of this magnificent orgasm. Unable to control her body, she shook and trembled, thrashing about, almost trying to escape this intense pleasure.

Kelly had locked her arms around Janice's legs. As Janice thrust about before her, she followed her pussy, sucking incessantly upon her climaxing clit. Using every bit of strength in her slender arms, Kelly held Janice's wrists against her thighs. She desperately clung to her lover, knowing the piercing shocks of pleasure coursing through Janice's entire body.

Janice could barely breathe. Her entire body felt paralyzed, almost removed from her control. In desperation she worked to escape Kelly's grip. This pleasure was so intense. Only sounds and moans escaped her lips. Her feet felt ablaze, though her entire body was covered now in a sweaty sheen. Uncontrollably quaking, her body looked as if she were enduring seizures of bliss.

In total desperation, Janice freed a hand and pushed at Kelly's buried head. It felt so good, so intolerably good. She felt like she'd surely pass out if this bombardment of pleasure continued.

Able to restrain her no longer, Kelly fell from her pussy. Her mouth swollen and tender, she regained the breath her previous position had barely allowed her.

Knowing the tremendous force with which Janice had just cum; she allowed a moment's rest before straightening Janice's legs and crawling up to straddle atop her. She lowered herself so her cock pushed into the entrance of Janice's wet cunt. It felt so tight with Janice's legs closed between her own. It was so wet, so slippery.

As she began to slide her body up and down over Janice, her girly cock only penetrated to half its' length. The renewed stimulation to Janice's clit once again sent her to the point of orgasm. She licked desperately at Kelly's face, desiring the taste of her own juices, which now glistened across Kelly's cheeks and chin. Kelly ground herself into Janice, their mounds squishing together hotly.

Sitting up, Kelly flipped back her hair. She pinched at her own nipples, her pelvis moving independently forward and back. She too was approaching orgasm and moaned as she neared her point.

"C'mon, fuck me Kelly." Janice demanded as she tugged and pushed on Kelly's hips. "I need to cum again, ride me hard."

Releasing her nipples, Kelly leaned down again and once more began to slide her body across Janice. Their breasts slapped together as Kelly's pace increased. Her eyes closed as her mind fixated on memories of her loving Janice cumming from the cocks of masculine men.

"Your dick isn't big enough for me Kelly." Janice angrily snarled to her. "I need a real man fucking me. You don't satisfy me."

Kelly's obsessed humping continued. She loved being degraded by her true love. "I know you deserve a real man with a huge cock that can fill you inside."

"Look at how your pathetic little cock barely even enters my pussy. I wish Eric was here to fuck me."

Kelly could hardly hold out any longer. Her dick was beginning to ache for the release only an orgasm could give it. As she humped Janice, Kelly's desperation grew.

"I love the way men fuck me." Janice stated as she saw Kelly approaching climax. "Just like the way Eric fucked me the other night while you were at work."

"Yes, please hurt me." Kelly begged, so greatly enjoying the verbal assault.

"He waited till you were gone and he fucked me till I couldn't cum anymore. I don't need your little cock to get me off."

"Oh yes... I'm about to cum. Don't stop darling." Kelly continued to beg.

Feeling her own orgasm begin, Janice gave Kelly what she needed. "I love him and need his cum. He feels so good inside my pussy. He fucks so much better than..."

Kelly jerked hard. "Oh... yes... I'm cumming baby."

As Kelly's dick began to shoot its seedless cum, Janice flipped her onto her back and dove to take Kelly's cock in her mouth. Janice sucked hard on the head, jerking the shaft with her tiny hand. Kelly's legs clenched together, her silky thighs sliding together while Janice milked her cum. Little spurts shot into Janice's mouth as she sucked and swallowed to get as much as she could in her belly. She tasted the salty cum and savored its sliminess against her tongue.

When no more cum came from Kelly, Janice lifted herself up and laid across Kelly's outstretched body. Kelly's cock was still slightly hard, so Janice spread herself over it and lowered so it would slip into her pussy. This position allowed it to penetrate her further. It felt so good pushing lightly at her insides. It was just long enough to reach to her cervix and bump against it as she humped.

Bending forward they kissed tenderly as her pussy slowly ground down unto Kelly's dick. She loved the intimacy with which they fucked right after they had both cum. No longer did either of them need to cum. The urgency was replaced by the love and completeness they shared as their bodies formed as one. Janice looked into Kelly's eyes, her body moving atop her. Kelly's long painted nails caressed slowly from Janice's ass cheeks to her neck, softly scratching their way up and down her body. The slow pace at which Janice rode her only interrupted occasionally as the caresses caused involuntary flinches in Janice's body.

The taste of sex in their mouths was exotic as their tongues tenderly licked across each other. They looked into each other's eyes. The love they shared was intense and passionate. With Kelly's penis, now softened, it barely clung to Janice's insides. As Janice's body stopped its motion, she rested her head down upon Kelly's shoulder. Their breasts squished together, flattened between their bodies. Feeling exhausted, they both fell asleep. Neither noticed as Kelly's cock slipped from Janice's pussy, several drips of cum falling unto it as Janice's pussy relaxed.

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