She kneeled there, naked, not nude. Nude implied artistry, beauty, while naked is what she was. She knelt there with her rump back on her heels, back straight, head up, eyes cast down to the floor but with two differences between her normal kneel. Her left hand caressed her breasts and right hand between her thighs working her nub furiously and then slowing.

She had been told to wait there in the room kneeling before the fireplace facing the door and to keep herself on the edge for however long it took before He arrived. She'd been at it for slightly over an hour. A nice size puddle of her juices lay between her sodden thighs, her right hand fingers slightly pruny.

As she continued her ministrations to her sex, her mind kept flashing on the things her Master had directed her to meditate on: devotion ~ His cock ~ adoration ~ His cock ~ worship ~ His cock ~ love ~ His cock. As her orgasm approached to almost that point of no return, her hands would slow, her breathing would calm, but her mind continued to work.

At some point, she registered that the door to the room had opened and closed. But she didn't move save for her hands. She remained where she was and as her mantra and movements brought her higher, her hips began to rise and fall slightly, her breathing became raspier, her face flushed again. He just simply stood by the door and took it all in. The room's air was laden with the scent of her arousal. He placed His hands on His hips and inhaled deeply taking great satisfaction that the odor was caused through His control. HIS.

His cock twitched as He sensed how very close she was. He was very proud that she hadn't succumbed to her need even after having been left alone all this time.

He silently removed His clothing and quietly walked until He stood before her. Not quite close enough that she could see Him but close enough He could feel her need better. He walked around her carefully examining every inch of her body, every inch of her open to His eyes.

When He had had His fill, He quickly stepped up behind her, grabbed her hair and pulled her, surprised, to her feet. She gasped loudly at His first touch but immediately moved to comply with His pull.

He bent her, He bent her back with His fingers deeply in her hair, back to His hungry mouth, and He kissed her, deeply, passionately, erotically, feeding off of her need. She struggled to maintain her balance and finally simply allowed Him to hold her upright by her hair. She made positively sure that her hands continued their ordered tasks and felt her passion rise even incredibly higher as she submitted to His kiss.

His free hand moved down her body and joined her one between her legs as He continued the kiss. He slid two fingers deep inside of her and felt her almost give into the passion. He smiled into His kiss and withdrew His hand as He knew no human could ever withstand all He was expecting of her. He wanted her to succeed as His pleasure was all she was concerned about.

He broke the kiss, His lips still smiling and Eskimo kissed her nose with a quiet chuckle. Then, just as suddenly as He raised her to her feet, He drove her back to her knees by her hair. Then He spoke the first words she'd heard in over an hour.

"Suck it."

A faint smile played across her lips right before she parted them and pulled His cock's head into her mouth. She knew just how He liked it, but she had been learning other techniques to bring Him release. If He disapproved, she knew He would simply redirect her back to what He most enjoyed. But He loved her thirst for knowledge, her quest to become a better slut, all for Him.

She teased His slit with her tongue as her hands switched. She brought her drenched right hand up to His cock. And, well lubricated by her own sex, she stroked it as she gently suckled the tip. She knew He was close, she had heard Him enter, felt Him circle, experienced the depth of His passion through His lips. If she kept focused on His pleasure, He would enjoy the fruits of His control much earlier than He anticipated. And oh, how she loved to surprise Him.

Her efforts were soon rewarded as she felt Him twitch in her mouth and heard a low groan come from His throat. She let go of the tip and crawled a bit closer to His body. She bent His cock upwards, pointing straight up to His face. Then with her hand between His cock and His body, she began licking and sucking up and down the sensitive underside as her hand mirrored her mouth's movements. From time to time, she would capture the crown and suckle the precum she found there and then go back to her oral ministrations.

When He was twitching with a certain regularity, she brought her left hand up to His sac and began to fondle first one, then the other testicle, then she cupped the entire package and pulled it down away from His body. Not in denial, but in order to take Him higher and higher prior to His release, giving Him the most pleasurable cum she could create.

She then took Him entirely into her mouth, feeling Him throb as He entered her and groan louder the deeper she took Him. She began to hum her song for them as she slid her mouth up and down the entire length of His shaft. Her nose never quite reaching His pubic hair but so very close. She knew how this tantalized Him and how much He would enjoy demonstrating for her just how deep He could get down her throat. She released His scrotum and felt His balls pull quickly and tightly up into His body. When she heard Him gasp she knew it was time.

She quickly moved her hands behind her head and felt both of His grab her head fiercely as He moved even closer to her face and thrust deep down her throat. His mind only focused now on the pleasure her mouth brought. She opened totally to Him feeling Him soaring higher and higher taking her along with Him.

She felt His hands tighten even more strongly on her and she quickly opened her mouth as wide as she could and suck down as much air as the space around His cock would allow. Then He thrust her head deep upon Himself. So deep it cut off her breath. But she had prepared and she was determined. Determined to hold Him there as long as she was able.

And she relaxed.

She relaxed her throat and felt Him slide in just that little bit more. She relaxed her body, not so much she collapsed, but enough that the air in her lungs would last that much longer. And she began her mantra once again: devotion ~ His cock ~ adoration ~ His cock ~ worship ~ His cock ~ love ~ His cock.

He felt her submission as a palpable, living thing. He knew she would remain on His cock however long He wished with very little struggle. But He loved to see the struggle, the ultimate symbol of His control. He waited as she cast her eyes upwards to His knowing this was what He wanted. To see her eyes as the oxygen ran out. To watch them glaze over as she retreated inside herself to maintain her composure as her breath left her little by little.

And then it began, the fear. The fear that became overwhelming. It slowly crept up on her and she felt her eyes begin to widen as it took greater hold. But then His right hand caressed the side of her head as His left kept her in place. And she knew. She knew His love for her. Knew He would never let anything happen to her and she allowed the blackness to begin to cover her consciousness.

At that exact moment He pulled her off of Himself. She felt the air rush back into her lungs as He released her head and she almost collapsed back setting onto her heels at the last moment. She heard as He stood over her, His cock being stroked hard and furiously above her and she felt as the drops of His cum hit her upturned face.

And she came.

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