Dexter's Renaissance Ch. 03-04


Adi laughed heartily turning to her twin. Kat's laughter was more of a tinkling, little-girl sound. Adi turned back to me, unbuttoning the top two buttons on her smock and pulling back the left side. Just above her left breast was a modest tattoo of the letter A in a stylish script. She turned to Kat.

Kat seemed a bit shy but followed Adi's lead and showed me her tattoo, the letter K in the same script.

"Now you know how to tell who you are with," Adi said with delight. She was having fun teasing me and to be honest, I didn't mind a bit.

"Well, ladies, unless you go around in some very revealing tops or very small bikinis, not many people are going to see those initials."

"Which do you prefer?" Adi asked with a raised eyebrow. "Or perhaps you would like to be surprised."

"I'll have to give that some thought," I said, ducking the question and hoping the meal would be served soon.

Katerina saved the day. "It is time to eat. We can talk about tattoos later if you like." Even she was getting in on the teasing.

Adi was right, Kat was a very fine cook and the fish dish was something I hadn't experienced before. Beautifully prepared and served, I really enjoyed the meal and of course the company. The light banter had kept up but without the teasing that had preceded it.

"This fish is wonderful, Kat. What is it?"

"Tilefish," she smiled, pleased with the compliment. "It is one of the most popular, like grouper and swordfish. When I go to market I never know what they will have. Today it was this."

"I like it. Very nice. Thank you," I smiled sincerely. She had served it on a bed of coarse, brown rice, with a light salad on the side. It really was excellent.

I helped the ladies with what few dishes needed to be washed. With the three of us in the kitchen, body contact was inevitable. Adi made sure to rub me several times as she went by, using her breasts and butt to make contact. She was about as subtle as a sledgehammer. I kept my eye on Kat who was trying to suppress her giggles as Adi shamelessly taunted me.

As this little game continued, I decided to participate and at the first opportunity I lightly slapped Adi's butt as she passed by.

"Oh my goodness that was naughty, Mr. McLeod," she said, once again displaying the raised eyebrow.

"You, young lady, are a tease," I replied. "You are tempting me to misbehave, Ms. de Groot."

"Am I so? Tell me about this misbehaviour," she said as she stepped toward me.

"You are tempting me to lay my hands on your lovely body. It would be quite rude of me to do that when you have been such kind hostesses."

"And just where would those hands be on this lovely body," she smirked, now only inches from me.

"I'm not sure there is any place that would be safe."

"Oh, am I in danger?" she asked. "Will you help me, Kat?" she said, never taking her eyes off me.

I hadn't noticed Kat standing just to my side, watching this little play between Adi and myself. A quick look told me she was fascinated by what was happening. Was this something new for her or both of them? Only one way to find out.

"Please excuse my forwardness but I believe I should personally thank you both for your hospitality this evening," I said as I reached for Adi and pulled her to me. I looked into her eyes and then slowly closed the gap, kissing her firmly on the lips.

When we broke, I could see the surprise in Adi's eyes and wondered if I'd gone too far. My unspoken question was quickly answered when she pulled me to her and pressed her mouth on mine, her tongue probing as she did. My hands dropped to her lovely, big ass cheeks and began to stroke them. After a few moments we broke the kiss.

"I think I should properly thank the cook, don't you?" I grinned.

I moved to Kat and took her in my arms. She willing submitted to my kiss but didn't offer any tongue. She wasn't uncomfortable but wasn't as aggressive as her sister. My suspicions about her were correct. She was a bit shy but not painfully so.

"You are very kind with your praise, Dex," Kat said, now showing a slight smile.

"I meant every word of it."

This little play had gone a great deal further than I expected and now I wasn't sure where it would go from here. I know what I wanted to have happen but I could ruin everything if I presumed too much and Adi called a halt to the game. Best to let her and Kat decide what next.

They both moved in on me and the next thing I knew the two of them were holding me captive in their embrace. I placed my arms around their shoulders and the three of us were immobile in the centre of the kitchen. I leaned to Kat first, kissing her lightly then moving to Adi and repeating the gesture.

I knew things were going to progress from there when I felt and hand slide down the front of my shorts and trace the outline of my rising erection. The three of us were busy kissing and nibbling as we stood there. I squeezed a butt cheek on each of them and got a squeeze from Adi on my cock. There wasn't much doubt any more about where this was going to end up.

Adi undid the belt on my shorts, opened them and let them drop to my ankles. She slipped her hand inside my briefs and grasped my cock, stroking then squeezing it gently. A moment later I felt a second hand softly close over my scrotum, rolling the contents back and forth in her hand. It turned out Kat wasn't shy at all when it came to participating.

Adi stepped back and with a single movement, pulled her gown up over her head and discarded it. She was naked except for a thong covering only the barest essentials of her womanhood and she confirmed my suspicions that she was tanned everywhere. She moved back to me and began unbuttoning my shirt and with Kat's help had me naked except for my briefs. I was so damned hard that I could barely stand it. Both women were running their hands over me and somewhere along the way Kat had lost her gown.

I could feel the big, soft breasts of Kat rubbing my back as her hands once again slipped down into my briefs. Adi was holding my head as she buried her tongue into my mouth while I had both hands on her breasts, my thumbs stroking her nipples to their own prominent erection. I couldn't recall being in a more erotic situation than this. I wasn't going anywhere other than to the bedroom with these gorgeous females.

I had never been involved in a threesome and while I knew about them, I had no idea how to react. My first thought was how could I satisfy both these women? I had a feeling I was going to be called upon to perform beyond anything I had ever attempted and I hoped I wouldn't embarrass myself.

My two beautiful hostesses led me to their pleasure palace and within seconds, all three of us were naked. I could see the two tattoos and could easily tell which of the sisters I was with. But there was another difference. While Adi had a completely shaven mound, Kat had a neatly trimmed small triangle almost pointing to her target. So there was another way to tell them apart.

We spent a lot of time with foreplay which helped me control myself. I hadn't had sex in over two months and even then it wasn't enjoyable. I was faking it with Sandra at the time and there was no pleasure involved. This would be completely different. I had no second thoughts about whether I was doing the right thing.

If there was a surprise that night it was Kat. She may have been the quieter of the two twins but she was sexually hotter than a furnace. I lost track of the number of times I would switch partners and provide either oral sex or slide my cock into one or the other of these wanton women. Every now and then I would look for the tattoo to see which of them I was involved with but, after a while, I really didn't care.

I substituted my mouth and fingers when I was sure I couldn't raise an erection one more time but I received no complaints and in fact one or the other of them would use their mouths, tongues and fingers to try and bring me back to life. How I survived as long as I did was a big surprise to me. Maybe it was because I had been without for a while but more likely it was due to the sexual attention paid to me by these two incredible women.

There was never a question that I would leave and go back to my little apartment. I didn't have the strength anyway. We slept in a tangled mass of bodies and wet sheets, but none of us seemed to care. When I awoke in the morning, I was alone.

As I lay there I pondered why I didn't feel guilty. I was still married to Sandra so technically this was adultery on my part, just as she had committed with Teller. Yet, I really didn't have any regrets. Odd? I was still angry with my wife but ... but what? Was this the beginning of whoever I was to become in the future? Forget the past, live for today ... and then tomorrow?

I could hear activity in the kitchen so I rose, pulled on my briefs and shorts and padded toward the sounds.

"Good morning, Dex," Kat said with a big smile. I knew it was her because her tattooed initial was showing along with her magnificent breasts and most of the rest of her body. She was wearing a waist-high apron and little more. As she turned, I could see the thin straps of a thong disappearing into her ass crack. She was no longer the shy one.

"Good morning my lovely ladies," I said. Kat came over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a soul-scorching kiss.

"Go and brush your teeth," she said, her finger poking me in the chest.

"Yes, ma'am." I knew when I had been dismissed. I was back in a couple of minutes. I didn't want to miss the show.

"Did you sleep well," Adi asked.

"I must have. I have no memory of when we ended our time together until I woke just a few minutes ago. I hope I didn't disappoint you," I said, fishing for some kind of feedback.

Adi came to me and gave me the same mouth-to-mouth treatment as Kat had earlier.

"You were very good, Dex. Very strong and most satisfying. We will have to do this much more in the future. Kat ... do you agree?"

She turned and smiled. "Oh yes, many more times I am hoping."

I breathed a sigh of relief. If they were happy I was delirious. I felt like I'd just been awarded a lifetime membership in the Playboy club with all the benefits and some they didn't offer.

Kat was making pannekoeks, she said. Dutch pancakes. They were very good, sprinkled with fresh lime juice and a bit of sugar. No syrup was needed. With some fresh fruit juice and coffee, it was the perfect start to the day. After breakfast I discovered that my lovely ladies had the day all planned out for us.

Kat handed me a clean white t-shirt with something written in Dutch on it. She had hand-washed my shirt from yesterday, hung it on a line in the laundry area, telling me it would dry by evening. The ladies wore a loose, coarse cotton blouse which at first I though would be too warm for them. However, they had decided to go without their brassieres again and the heavier material would prevent any embarrassment. Their skin-tight shorts and sandals completed their skimpy wardrobe. We were off to spend another fine day on our island in the sun.

Chapter 4 Fools Paradise?

In the beginning, my relationship with Adi and Kat was confined to the weekends, usually Friday evening, Saturday and returning back to my little place on Sunday noon. During the week each of us was dedicated to our responsibilities and confined our relationship to the occasional morning coffee and conversation if we were in the same vicinity. I have to confess that I was as happy as hell with what had happened. I was involved with two very amazing women, amazons I suppose you could call them. They filled my dreams at night and made them all come true on the weekends.

European women have very liberal ideas about relationships. I had some time to think about where my two ladies and I were headed in the future. Our project would last another fourteen months unless unforeseen problems arose. What then? The more time I spent with Adi and Kat, the more I wanted to spend.

It wasn't just the sex, although that part of our time together was incredible. We were so compatible in other ways. We enjoyed being around each other, whether it was a trip to Marigot for a little French cuisine and shopping or just relaxing on the back patio, getting some sun and talking about anything that came to mind. Strangely, I continued to feel no guilt about being intimate with them despite the fact that I was still married. That was uncharacteristic for the "old me."

It took me a while to tell the ladies about the disastrous end to my marriage. They were suitably shocked when I told them of Sandra's plot but not totally surprised that a woman of her age might take a lover. We had been sitting on the back patio one Saturday evening and after one more beer than I should have had I opened up to them.

"Dex," Adi began as I finished my story, "ladies ... as we get older ... we are afraid if we can attract a man. Look at us. To be sure we are not beautiful Paris models. We are the fat girls from school. The boys made fun of us. We had no lovers to catch us. Someday we might marry a farmer or such who was lonely but there would be no prince to come for us.

"Kat had dreams. I had dreams. We wanted a handsome man like you, Dex. But he did not come. We learned we were not beautiful but still we looked for a man who might love us. As we got older it was hard. Not so many men to find for us. Sometimes, a man would tell us nice things about how we looked and we might take him to our bed. We would want to believe him but it was not always the truth.

"Your wife ... Sandra ... perhaps she was afraid that she was not so pretty to the men. If a man like this Randall would tell her of her beauty she could believe it because she wanted it to be so. She was foolish. She did not remember what a good man she had already. She will learn. It will hurt her but ... she will learn."

I sat for a while, digesting Adi's words. Was it as simple as that? Did she get distracted by a man who complimented her on her looks when all along I knew just how beautiful she was? Was it that easy for Randall to seduce her? I hoped not but it had happened.

I was remembering a story from my great-grandfather on my father's side. He recalled having an old Model T Ford in the early thirties. Many of the roads where he lived in northern Ontario were still gravel or even dirt and over time and with the effect of rain, deep ruts would form in the roads and the tires would naturally follow whatever direction the ruts went. When it came time to turn off the road, it took a great deal of effort to slowly climb out of the ruts to go in another direction.

My life had been like that, I realized. I had created my own rut. My routine, which satisfied me in so many ways, was the rut. I was predictable. I took Sandra for granted even though I admired her beauty. I must have forgotten to tell her often enough. My family and friends could count on me because I was predictable. I offered them little in the way of surprise because I was predictable. And then, when Randall came along, he used that against me.

When I discovered Sandra's affair I did something completely unpredictable. I had extracted whatever measure of revenge and salvaged what I could, something no one would have expected. I had disappeared, leaving no hint where I had gone. I had climbed out of the rut and gone off in another direction and in doing so had found these two extraordinary women.

"Adi, Kat, I will not have you talking about yourselves that way. You are beautiful to me. You are not fat and you are not without admirers. I see the way men look at you and I see the way they look at me with envy. I don't have just one lovely woman on my arm, I have two. I think of myself as a very, very, lucky man."

My little speech brought smiles to their faces and we gather each other into our arms and kissed while we hugged. I had a feeling of contentment and satisfaction that I hadn't felt in a long time. But it didn't answer the question. When the project was done, what would become of us?"

Whatever we had set in motion that afternoon, it produced a change in our relationship. It didn't take very much convincing on their part when the twins suggested I move in with them. I hesitated at first, wondering if that would produce a problem but they were so persuasive that it was the right thing for the three of us that I put my doubts aside and agreed.

I packed up what little I had from my apartment, loaded it into their Citroen and left for the de Groot residence the next day. There wasn't any question about where I would sleep. I was to be with them in the big bed. I would use the wardrobe in the spare bedroom for my clothes but I would sleep with the ladies. I had no intention of arguing against that.

On Monday morning I was reminded that these ladies were all business on a business day. They rose at six, did their bathroom duties, made breakfast and sat with their morning coffee, discussing what needed to be done on the job that day. It was interesting to me that they too had their routine. Perhaps we are all creatures of habit.

What followed was fourteen months of blissful existence in my temporary paradise. The project moved steadily forward, although at a painfully slow pace. There were no problems with the engineering drawings or calculations and I found I wasn't working very hard on behalf of Pinecone. I kept in touch with Tom and he was satisfied with my reports, letting me know he hadn't heard from Sandra or anyone else for quite some time. I felt secure in my exile.

As the time of completion came nearer, I could sense the change in the twins. I suppose they could sense a change in me too. It was on my mind but I still hadn't come to terms with what I would do after this project was finished. It was Adi who broached the subject.

"Dex, what will you do when this work is done? Where will you go?"

"I don't know, Adi. I know I have to decide. I just don't know," I admitted.

"You might come with us," Kat said softly.

"Where?" I asked.

"Holland. We have a nice home. You would be welcome there."

"Perhaps first you need to mend your life in Vancouver, Dex," Adi suggested.

"That's probably what I'll have to do ... sooner or later. I need to deal with my marriage and then maybe I can decide what to do."

Our last two weeks in Sint Maarten was filled with signing off on the completion of the project. The girls would be staying behind for another few days to attend the official opening of the airport addition, since they were the bank's representatives. I met with the general contractor and he thanked me for my cooperation and assistance. My work was done. I had sent Tom an e-mail a couple of weeks earlier that I was coming back to Vancouver to "face the music" as I put it.

In fact, I had decided I needed to formalize the end of my relationship with Sandra. I would file for divorce but I would set the terms. If they were unacceptable I would simply disappear again. I had already proven that it wasn't that hard.

The twins and I had a tearful goodbye at the airport on a Monday afternoon as I boarded a commuter flight to Puerto Rico, then Miami, Chicago and finally, Vancouver. It would be a long journey but with my mind settled, I was almost looking forward to it. Adi and Kat were doing their best to smile but I knew they were thinking they would never see me again.

I was either in the air or sitting in some airport lounge over the next thirty seven hours and it gave me plenty of time to think. I hadn't used much of my cash. Living costs with the ladies were almost nothing aside from food and drink. Their employers paid for their accommodation. I sold the scooter for almost what I had paid for it and a cheap suitcase looked after the clothes I had purchased. Tom would have set aside whatever my salary was for this job. I had passed my anniversary date two months earlier and I could now think about what I wanted to do with my shares.

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