tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDiagnosis Murder Ch. 01

Diagnosis Murder Ch. 01


Entering his beach house home, Lieutenant Steve Sloan dropped his suitcase and stretched tiredly. He wasn't due back from the Conference until the next day, but the final speaker had cancelled and rather than stay away one more night, Steve had chosen to come home. He'd missed his young lover for the two days and nights he'd been away already and his drive home had become somewhat uncomfortable due to the thoughts of a naked Jesse Travis and making love chasing through his mind. He cocked his head, hearing a mixture of CD music and his love's off-key voice singing. Smiling, the big detective moved to the living room, then stood in the doorway. The sight before him made him gasp.

In the middle of the floor, diligently polishing their dining table was Jesse Travis. The young doctor had his back to Steve and so was blissfully unaware of the appreciative audience. Steve's appreciation however was not for the slender man's polishing or singing abilities. Jesse had decided to undertake the cleaning work in nothing but baby-blue bikini briefs. The young man rocked forwards and backwards as he polished, alternating with hip gyrations to the music. As he stretched over the table, Steve enjoyed the view of Jesse's pert bottom, the thin cotton emphasizing the perfect twin globes beneath the fabric.

Steve growled low in his throat. He was both protective and possessive of his younger lover. Added to that a very large button that found being dressed in the vicinity of a near-naked Jesse incredibly arousing and Steve found all tiredness suddenly evaporating in favour of making mad, passionate love with his beloved. An insistent ache between the big man's legs drew his attention to just how aroused he already was. Steve smiled ferally.

"Hi, Honey, I'm home" he rumbled.

Jesse turned round immediately. For a second there was fear in his eyes, before he registered clearly the words and the identity of the speaker. The polishing cloth forgotten, Jesse's face lit up with an incandescent grin and Steve found himself with two arms full of energetic, enthusiastic blond. Jesse wrapped his legs around Steve's hips and the bigger man cupped a firm buttock in each large palm. Jesse's face buried itself in Steve's neck with a contented sigh. Then the younger man pulled back and began peppering Steve's face with kisses. He moaned softly as Steve gently squeezed the young man's cheeks. Finally, their lips met and two tongues danced and swirled around each other. Breaking apart due to the necessity of breathing, Jesse gazed deeply into the eyes of his lover.

"Missed you, Steve" he murmured. "Love you so much."

"Love you too, Angel" Steve replied. "And I missed you."

Deciding he didn't want to waste a single moment of the time he could spend making love with this special young man, Steve carried a giggling Jesse to their bedroom, whilst explaining how he came to be home so early. He gently laid Jesse on their bed and removed Jesse's briefs. He leant back to appreciate the view of his young lover; naked, aroused and willing.

"Steve, please, Love, please" Jesse begged softly. "Love me. Show me I'm yours."

"Mine, Jess" Steve growled as he kicked off his shoes and knelt on their bed. He caught hold of Jesse's trim thighs and spread them back and apart. He shifted forward as he gazed predatorily at the now exposed tiny pucker. Meeting Jesse's eyes, he tried to convey how much he appreciated the submissive, vulnerable position Jesse lay in so quiescently. Steve always felt humbled by the trust Jesse gave so freely. Despite Steve's size, Jesse trusted the much bigger man not to abuse or hurt him.

"Yours, Steve" Jesse affirmed. "Only ever you."

"My beautiful virgin" Steve smiled. He had been both awed and proud to have been the man to take Jesse's virginity. He then moved swiftly and engulfed Jesse's straining erection.

"Steve!" the young man screamed as Steve sucked hard and fast. He wanted Jesse to come quickly so that the next part of their love-making could be more leisurely. He began to gently rolled Jesse's testicles and then reached up to pinch an innocent nipple. Jesse's nipples were a highly erogenous zone for both men and the firm tug on the delicate flesh was enough to trigger Jesse's release. Steve swallowed greedily, savouring the salty taste of his lover's cream. He suckled until he felt Jesse's penis softening and slowly allowed the organ to slip from his lips. "Love you, Steve" Jesse panted. "Love you so much."

"Love you, Baby" Steve rumbled as he slowly stood. "Watch me, Jess" he commanded softly. "Gonna get naked for you, Angel. Gonna get skin to skin with you. Gonna cover your beautiful body with mine, lick you, suck you, reach inside you till you come again screaming my name. You want me inside you, Baby? I know you do. You want me inside you, owning you, possessing you." Steve had stripped as he spoke, inflaming Jesse's passion with both the visual display and his words of seduction and passion. Finally he stood nude before his prone lover. He reveled in the whimpers he could hear spilling from Jesse's lips as the slender young man opened his arms and legs wide in wanton invitation. Growling, Steve advanced crawling between Jesse's spread thighs as he accepted Jesse's invitation.

Jesse wrapped his legs around Steve's waist as the bigger man blanketed his slighter form. Steve balanced his weight on his left forearm and began a trail of kisses down Jesse's jaw and neck. He increased pressure as he reached Jesse's collarbone and chest, leaving the occasional mark of possession in his wake. Steve's tongue danced down Jesse's smooth chest and then he began to suckle Jesse's right nipple as he squeezed the sensitive breast. Jesse moaned softly at the attention. Steve moved to Jesse's left breast and laved the same attention upon it, leaving both nipples achingly hard in his wake. Abandoning the solid nubs with reluctance, Steve then began a tender assault on the slender doctor's navel. He ran his tongue around the edge of the tiny indent, and then began a rhythmic thrusting inside. He ran his tongue down towards the heat of Jesse's groin then diverted down the crease of each inner thigh. Gently he took each testicle into his mouth and rolled them slowly, reveling in Jesse's mewls of pleasure and need. Steve released the small ovals and slid a large palm under each of Jesse's cheeks, simultaneously lifting and spreading them open. Using his thumbs, Steve exposed Jesse's tiny center fully and began to lick and probe until the rose flowered open and Steve's tongue began to thrust deeply and rhythmically. Continuing to thrust with his tongue, Steve blindly reached for their lube and coated his fingers. He replaced his tongue with a slick finger as he kissed Jesse, his tongue invading his lover's mouth with the same tempo as his finger pumped into Jesse's center. As Steve entered Jesse with two fingers, Steve began to suckle Jesse's sensitized nipples, relishing the way Jesse arched into his touch. Finally Steve had three fingers buried inside his lover and Jesse's erection arched hard against the lissome man's flat stomach.

"Please, Steve" Jesse panted. "Take me. Show me I'm yours. Come inside me."

"Gonna come inside you, Baby" Steve rumbled. "Gonna fill you. You're mine, Baby. Say it, Jess." As he spoke, Steve lifted Jesse's legs onto his shoulders and pressed his slicked length at the stretched opening to Jesse's body.

"Yours, Steve" Jesse moaned. "Always yours. Only ever you."

"Mine" Steve affirmed, pressing inside Jesse's welcoming body. "Ah, God, Jesse!" Steve groaned at the sensation of Jesse's channel clenching tightly around his hard length. He'd wanted to love Jesse slowly, but instead gave into his body's demands and began to pound hard and deep, hitting Jesse's sweet spot repeatedly. Steve kissed Jesse as his hips pistoned into the willing body. Sliding his hand between their bodies, Steve began to pump Jesse in counterpoint to his thrusts. Jesse responded by arching his back, his head thrashing from side to side, lost in their mutual passion.

"Steve" Jesse cried out his lover's name as he felt his imminent climax.

"You're gonna come, Baby" Steve growled in Jesse's ear. "Gonna come with me deep in your body, Angel. Want you to milk me, Jess. Come for me, Baby."

With a wail, Jesse climaxed hard. The clenching of his channel and the look of ecstasy on Jesse's face as he came were enough to force Steve over. With a primal roar, Steve erupted in Jesse's body, his seed flowing deep inside his lover. As he came down from his orgasmic high, Steve retained enough presence of mind to roll sideways, taking Jesse with him. He tucked the smaller man's head beneath his chin after kissing the sweat-dampened temples. "Love you, Sunshine" he whispered.

"Love you, Babe" Jesse panted in reply, snuggling into the bigger man's comforting embrace and surrendering to post-orgasmic sleep.

"Sleep sweet, my love" Steve crooned. "We've got the rest of the night together." Smiling tenderly, Steve joined Jesse in sleep.

"Jesse. Jesse! Is everything OK?" a voice demanded, rousing Steve from his sleep. A sharp rap at their bedroom door accompanied the words. Steve couldn't help but smile as he became aware of his human blanket. Jesse was sprawled over Steve's chest and his right leg was between Steve's thighs. "Jesse?" the voice persisted. Steve realized the identity of the voice's owner, but before he could reply, the bedroom door opened.

"Hi, Dad" he smiled as Mark Sloan anxiously peered inside.

"Steve!" the older man exclaimed with surprise. "I wasn't expecting you home tonight"

"Steve?" Jesse's sleepy voice came from the vicinity of Steve's nipple. "Wazzit...?"

Holding onto the smaller man tightly, Steve murmured "it's just Dad, Sweetheart"

Jesse jerked, but couldn't move away. His head shot up to meet Steve's amused look. "Dad!" he exclaimed. "Dad's coming over to keep me company tonight. We gotta get ready."

"It's OK, Jess" Mark assured as he retreated from the room. "I'll just set three places. See you both in a few minutes." The older man smiled. Jesse usually called him Mark, which he was quite happy with, but occasionally the younger man called him Dad and that gave him a warm fuzzy feeling. He'd been like a surrogate father to the younger man since Jesse had come to Community General. Whilst he might have entertained other ideas of an ideal relationship for his son previously, he knew Steve and Jesse were made for each other. He recognized them for the Soul-mates they were.

Jesse groaned from Steve's armpit and Steve couldn't help but grin widely at the blush he could see on Jesse's body.

"Jess, you know Dad's happy with our relationship. He's caught us like this more than once."

"I'd never rub his face in it intentionally..." Jesse began.

"And he knows that" Steve concluded. "Look on it as more ammunition to tease us with. Now, out of bed and in the shower. I'm famished. Move it, Angel." Steve aimed a gentle swat at Jesse's bare backside and within minutes the two men had completed a rapid shower in the en-suite Steve had built in their bedroom.

Mark smiled at his two sons as they came into the living room. Steve had an arm slung proprietary around Jesse's waist. The younger man nuzzled into the loving embrace. Before either could speak, Mark strode over. Tilting downwards first Steve's then Jesse's heads, Mark dropped a kiss on each.

"Welcome home, Steve" Mark smiled. "I'm sure Jesse won't mind sharing three ways now you're home. Jess" he looked into the wide guileless eyes. "Thank you for making my son so happy." Mark grinned widely at the vivid blush on Jesse's face, but the look from Steve was priceless as Steve's eyes shone with gratitude at his father.

The three men enjoyed the take-out food and then Jesse prepared two bowls of popcorn for them to nibble whilst watching the basketball game. Soon Jesse had slid onto cushions on the floor between Steve's spread legs. Not long after, Steve slid to the floor behind Jesse. The slender man now sat between Steve's legs, a strong arm wrapped around his waist as he leant back into his bigger lover's solid warmth. Steve enjoyed holding Jesse and used his free hand to attack the popcorn, remembering to feed some to his lover. By the time the game was three quarters through, Mark noticed Steve begin to move gently. Before he could speak, Steve motioned for him to keep quiet and indicated Jesse who was fast asleep. In an obviously well-practiced manoeuvre, Steve scooped up his tiny lover and sat back on the couch with Jesse nestled securely against his chest.

"You want me to go?" Mark whispered. Steve shook his head in response.

"No, Dad. We can watch the end of the game and you can sleep here tonight. Jess will probably sleep through now." Almost on cue, Jesse moved restlessly, but stilled immediately as Steve crooned softly into his ear. A soft sigh and Jesse sagged completely in Steve's embrace.

As the game finished, Mark assured his son he would lock the house and Steve smiled his gratitude as he carried his precious bundle safely back to their bedroom. As Steve stripped the lithe body, he found himself hardening. He gave a muttered 'Down boy', undressing rapidly and sliding into bed to spoon up behind his sleeping lover. His semi-erect penis slid comfortably between the cheeks of Jesse's ass and the younger man unconsciously snuggled backwards. Steve bit back a groan and kissed Jesse's ear whispering "Goodnight, Angel" before slipping into sleep.

Steve awoke slowly, with a pressure on his thighs and a warm wetness surrounding his left nipple. His eyes opened in time to see a pink tongue trail its way across the plains of his chest to his right nipple which received the same tongue bath as its twin. Steve couldn't suppress a moan of appreciation as Jesse gently tugged on the small nub with his teeth.

"Morning, Sunshine" Steve smiled.

"Morning, Lover" Jesse replied, leaning his body forward to be able to kiss Steve's lips.

"This is a nice wake-up call" Steve groaned as Jesse returned to licking and nipping the taut nipples.

"One part of you is very happy" Jesse said grinning as he shifted to display Steve's full erection. Smiling seductively, Jesse wriggled his way down Steve's body. When his face was level with the head of Steve's penis, Jesse licked it slowly. Steve groaned again, fighting the urge to push himself into Jesse's mouth. Jesse rewarded his self-control by gently sucking the head and then lapped his way down to the base. Pushing Steve's legs apart, Jesse followed the crease of each thigh with his tongue and then moved lower. He lapped delicately at each of Steve's heavy sacs before working lower again. Realizing Jesse's intent, Steve braced his feet on the bed and shifted his hips upwards. This gave Jesse the needed access to gently lap at Steve's dusky pucker.

"Baby," Steve rumbled huskily.

Jesse looked up to ensure Steve was alright. The sight of Jesse with his disheveled hair and flushed face, panting slightly from his attentions to Steve's body sent surges of love and lust through Steve in equal measure. "Wanna ride me, Baby?" he asked roughly. "I wanna see you ride me. Wanna see you impaled on me, pleasuring us both. Ride me, Jess"

"Oh yeah" Jesse breathed. "Get me ready?" he asked.

"C'mere" Steve husked. Steve propped himself into a more upright position and Jesse kissed him long and deep before pressing a tube of lube into Steve's hand, straddling his lover's legs and presenting his enticing buttocks to Steve's hungry gaze. Jesse shivered in anticipation as Steve's large hands stroked over each cheek, then kneaded them purposefully. Jesse gasped as a cold slick finger invaded his most private place. "Soon be warm, Baby" Steve murmured. "Love you, Angel"

"Love you, too, Babe" Jesse replied. The younger man was gently and thoroughly prepared by his bigger Mate. Steve never took chances in regards to preparing Jesse properly. Both were aware of the need for safe sexual practices. Steve was also well aware of how easily someone of his size, both physically and sexually, could hurt a more diminutive lover. Jesse's body was tiny in comparison to Steve and the big man wanted Jesse to enjoy their coupling, not be hurt by it. They didn't use condoms because both men knew they were clean as they were tested regularly in their jobs and neither man intended to have another lover. This was a union for life. Satisfied that Jesse was ready to accept his turgid sex, Steve assisted as Jesse turned to face him and lined his prepared entrance over Steve's straining erection. "Slowly, Sweetheart" Steve purred as tight slick heat began to envelop him. Both men moaned as Jesse finally came to rest flush against Steve's groin. Slowly Jesse undulated on the shaft that pierced him and Steve held his hips to assist in lifting up and down. Steve vocalized his appreciation of Jesse's movements, but Jesse was concentrating too hard to notice. Finally the lissome man needed more. He was rubbing Steve's cockhead against his prostrate but needed additional stimulation.

"Touch me, Steve" he begged softly. "Please, lover."

Steve moved one hand to start stroking Jesse's own need and as Jesse moved downwards, Steve began thrusting his hips upwards, hitting Jesse's sweet spot harder. Jesse threw his head back and cried out with pleasure. His head dropped back down towards his chest and Steve felt the tightening of Jesse's body that heralded the slender man's impending climax. Releasing Jesse's hip, Steve thrust up hard and pressed three fingers into Jesse's mouth. The young man's eyes widened.

"Mmm...mmm...mmm" Jesse's more vocal cries of completion effectively muffled, Steve bit down on his own roar of passion. The sight of Jesse orgasming, the clenching of Jesse's channel and the scent of Jesse's release tipped Steve over the edge and he felt his own release jettison inside Jesse's body. Steve caught Jesse's body and settled him against his chest as Jesse lay spent and trembling from the intensity of his climax.

"That was beautiful, Baby" Steve whispered. "You're beautiful. I love you, Jess"

"Love you, too" Jesse panted, snuggling into Steve's chest.

Steve gently petted Jesse's body, massaging the younger man's head and neck and then running up and down the sweat-dampened back. All too soon Steve knew they had to move if they were to see his Dad off to work.

"Dad spent the night here, Sweetheart" Steve told the sated young man. If we grab a quick shower we can have breakfast with him before he leaves. You still have today off?"

"Uh hmm. Wanted to welcome you home properly"

"Then how about a picnic later? Fresh air always sharpens my *appetite*" Steve licked Jesse's ear and nibbled gently on the lobe.

"I like the way you think" Jesse smiled softly.

Three hours later, the two men were enjoying a picnic of bread, cheese and fruit. They fed each other, enjoying the intimacy and allowing their lust to slowly build. Eventually each man was feeding more on the other's fingers than on what they contained. Steve slowly eased them down to lie on the blanket, his hands roaming over the slender doctor's body. He unsnapped Jesse's pants and eased the zipper down whilst kissing the younger man breathless. Dazed from the intensity of his Mate's kiss, Jesse barely registered Steve deftly removing his pants and briefs. Jesse moaned and arched into Steve's knowing touch as Steve stroked Jesse's hardness with just the right speed and pressure to increase arousal. Sucking on Jesse's neck, Steve undid Jesse's shirt and began to nurse at Jesse's nipples. He felt Jesse's slender hands working to undo his own clothes, but resisted the urge to help, concentrating instead at robbing Jesse of coherent thought.

"You taste so good, Baby" Steve whispered as he released one achingly hard tiny bud to work on its neglected twin. Jesse groaned as Steve began his new assault, his hands twining in Steve's t-shirt.

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