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"It's a beautiful day for baseball!"

The sentence seemed innocent enough to radio listeners tuning in the Class AA baseball game between the Orlando Pirates and the Sarasota Sailors, but there was a lot more to it than met the ear.

It was a code play-by-play announcer Jimmy Fielder used to let his friends know the ballpark was packed with gorgeous women. This Saturday afternoon's contest was an especially "beautiful day for baseball" as Jimmy's friend Juan would find out.

Jimmy had been with the Pirates for 10 years after joining the club as director of public relations, play-by-play announcer and promotions manager when he graduated college. He got the job because he knew the right people. His dad is friends with the team owner.

Jimmy is married with two ballboys (sons), but he still likes to look at the beautiful women when they come out to the ballpark. Usually, the games are attended by older men who left the bitter winters of the north to retire in Florida's tropical climate. They are in Florida for the millions of golf courses, retirement villages and a few die-hard baseball fans are season-ticket holders.

The stands were usually sparsely filled on weekdays, especially during the first few weeks of the season when school was still in session. Once May hit that all changed. High school seniors graduated and the local college girls came home for the summer making the stands take on a completely different look. The tired faces of the angry old men were surrounded by mini skirts, tube tops and more tanned skin than Mexico during Spring Break.

It was late May and the 30-year-old Juan tuned his radio to Jimmy's broadcast as he tried to decide between playing golf or attending the game against Sarasota when he heard the code words leap from Jimmy's mouth all but announcing more sexy women than an open cast call for a music video.

Juan aimed his classic 1972 Ford Mustang north on I-4 and headed to the game.

He got in free, just like always, and was amazed at how many hot young women were in attendance.

"School's out," Juan thought to himself. "Let's play ball!"

The stands were overflowing with tanned young skin. Juan realized once again how much he loved the summer and baseball games.

The stands are much like that of every baseball park Juan has ever been to, especially when it comes to the women. One section is always filled with the players' wives and the girlfriends of the players who are not married. These women are always gorgeous and off limits. They attend the games to give support and be seen. They usually talk throughout the game about shopping, their homes and the like without every watching the action on the diamond. They do clap when their man's name is announced as he comes up to bat, but other than that they tend to entertain each other by talking about the newest fashions, hairstyles, etc.

There is always another section of wanna-be girlfriends who fill in the bleachers behind the dugout and cheer profusely for their favorite player. They watch every move their favorite Pirate makes and cheer all the time. They are also off limits because they are only interested in one guy and are usually living in a dream world because they tend to be average looking at best.

A third type of female baseball fan at the games are the women just out to get a sun tan and be seen. These are the ones Juan focuses on because they are there to be seen and dress accordingly.

Today, one 20-something-year-old catches Juan's eye. Juan first notices her when she walks out of the shadow of the concourse and into the beaming sun. She is a petite blonde standing about 5-foot-2 with blonde hair that ends just above shoulder length. Juan sees her out of the corner of his eye at first and then can't take his eyes off her. She is wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top, almost transparent white shorts that hug the curves of her firm, plump ass and the tops of her short muscular legs. Her tan legs jut out of her tight shorts and end in a pair of flip flops on feet tanned just as golden as the rest of her body. Bright red nail polish on her toes and fingers stand out in contrast to her white flip flops, white shorts and faded pink tank top. Juan guesses she is a college cheerleader or gymnast home for the summer. She has the body of an athlete with strong, thick legs, a tiny waist, B-cup breasts, spindly yet muscular arms, a cute face with bright white teeth and green eyes.

Juan watches her make her way through the crowded concourse toward the seats in the second level behind home plate. She takes a seat low enough in the second level to be in the sun and out of the shadow of the pressbox behind her.

Juan looks up at the pressbox and catches Jimmy's eye. They share a smile as Jimmy points out the petite blonde Juan has been watching. Juan smiles as Jimmy gives him a thumbs up.

Juan, dressed in designer jeans, casual dress shoes and a white polo shirt, walks toward the section she has taken a seat in. He runs a hand through his light brown hair as he turns down the aisle of seats toward her and takes a seat. He flashes a white smile at her and offers her some sunflower seeds as he introduces himself.

She introduces herself as Katie and thanks him for the seeds holding out a cupped hand. Juan pours a small pile of seeds into her hand. They exchange a few words getting to know each other as the home team finishes up pregame infield practice.

Katie, as Juan finds out, is from the Orlando area and graduated from the Highland Academy private high school three years ago before leaving for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville where she is a member of the dance squad that struts their stuff at basketball games.

Juan is amazed at how relaxed he finds himself around such a beautiful young woman. They chit-chat on and on for the first two innings of the game. Katie seems comfortable too as she spits the shells of the sunflower seeds onto the ground like an experienced baseball player. Juan watches her nimble fingers as she takes a seed, places it her mouth and then uses her tongue to carefully slide it between her teeth. She bites down just hard enough to break the shell and then fishes the seed out of the hull with a talented tongue before discarding the shell with a slight blow of wind from her lips. Her tongue catches the loose seed and flicks it back into the back of her mouth where she sucks the salt off of it slowly before pushing back to her front teeth and biting it in half. Once she has the seed in her mouth, split in two, she swallows it slowly and seductively.

Katie finishes off her last seed and declines Juan's offer for more saying she is really at the game just to work on her tan. She stretches out her legs over the seat back in the row in front of her and leans back in her chair. Her small but plump breasts press into the pink tank top as she reaches high above her head and stretches her arms out with a sigh. Every muscle in her body is drawn tight as she stretches. Her clothes cling to her tight young figure.

Juan takes in the view of Katie's wonderfully fit body. She has a sexy profile with curves in all the right places as she slowly ends her stretch and relaxes her small frame like a cat stretching out on the hood of a hot car. Her blonde hair rests lightly on her neck as her green eyes slowly scan the baseball diamond taking in the game. Her petite frame has perfect angles and from the side view Juan is amazed at how tight and thick her body is. Her bright white shorts are almost transparent except for the waistband and Juan can't tell if she has on panties or not. It seems like she is without any undergarments because he can't see a pantyline and the sheer fabric would do little to hide anything underneath her shorts.

Katie reaches down and rolls up her tank top revealing her tanned and muscular abs. She giggles as Juan's eyes get as big as that of a batter buzzed by an inside fastball.

"I hope you don't mind," Katie giggles. "I just hate tan lines."

Juan smiles, "I know what you mean. Tan lines can ruin a perfect tan."

Just then Katie sits up quickly as the crack of the bat sends the ball into the gap for a single. Her small and perfectly round breasts jiggle under her tight tank top as her body jerks forward. She is on her feet in seconds, leaning forward over the row of seats in front of her. The muscles in her thick legs flex and her perfect bubble butt stretches against the thin fabric of her cotton shorts. She stops clapping and runs a hand over her ass smoothing out her wrinkled shorts. The palm of her hand moves slowly over the perfect curve of her shapely ass cheeks.

"Wow, that was a great hit," Katie states. "Would you hit and run here with the clean-up hitter up to bat?"

Juan is instantly in love. "A hot woman who understands the game," Juan thinks to himself. "Today must be my lucky day."

They talk strategy and both agree the hit and run is in order. The Pirates agree and turn what would have been a double play into a scoring chance with runners on the corners after a single on a hit and run play. The next batter doubles and two runs score for a 2-0 lead.

Katie's knowledge of the game is thorough and Juan enjoys watching the game with her because she knows the game and, just as important, she is nice to watch. It is a nice surprise to find a woman who looks as good as Katie and knows so much about his favorite sport.

It is not the last surprise Katie has for Juan.

As the game progresses, the two fall into a comfortable banter regarding each move and situation. The calmness is interrupted during the seventh-inning stretch when Katie leaps to her feet.

"Kimmie!" Katie yells as she waves her arms over her head causing her perky breasts to bounce slightly. "Up here! Kimmie!"

Juan is treated to another wonderful surprise. Katie has a friend joining her at the ballpark. "Wait, could it be?" Juan thinks to himself. "Oh my! This is my lucky day."

Kimmie walks briskly toward Katie and Juan. The closer she gets the more Juan can see what he first thought is true.

Kimmie is Katie's twin!

Kimmie is identical to Katie with the same petite muscular body and great ass. Her hair is a little shorter, but that is the only difference between the two sexy coeds. She even has the same tan and likes to wear tight clothes like her sister.

Kimmie is wearing a tan mini-skirt and a sheer white blouse with pinpoint pink stripes. She is dressed a little more formally than Katie, but looks just as amazingly beautiful.

Katie makes the introductions and explains that Kimmie is always late to the games because she has a summer job as a receptionist at a law office. She is a pre-law student at UNF and is also a member of the dance team.

The two are interrupted as Jimmy's voice echoes over the public address system.

"OK baseball fans. It's time for the seventh-inning stretch and The Dugout Bat Race," Jimmy's voice bellows.

The bat race is the same PR stunt held at what seems like every baseball game in the world where two contestants stand a bat on one end and place their forehead on the other end. The two contestants then do 50 spins around the bat and try to win a race down the first base line. The bat race is always entertaining because the two contestants get dizzy after spinning around on the bats and look like two drunks chasing a hooker as they stumbled down the base line. The prize for the winner is a coupon for a free appetizer at The Dugout, a local sports bar and grill.

Juan casts a quick glance towards the pressbox and winks at Jimmy. It is on.

Jimmy quickly calls out the seat numbers for the two contestants and of course the lucky fans chosen "randomly" to participate in the bat race are Katie and Kimmie.

The fans cheer wildly for the twins during the race. They cheer especially loud for Kimmie even though Katie wins. Kimmie is the star of the race. She falls three times and all three times her mini skirt slips up her tight body giving the fans and ball players a quick flash of her perfect ass hidden only slightly by white thong panties. Her firm ass cheeks bounce as she runs and almost cause several heart attacks when her skirt rides up exposing a perfectly tanned double dose of rounded perfection. Katie is behind after spinning around the bat, but Kimmie can't get her balance and falls almost immediately. Katie, on the other hand, does a forward roll as soon as she finishes her 50 spins and runs straight as an arrow to the finish line to win. She says later it is an old cheerleader trick she picked up in high school. Something about the inner ear giving her body equilibrium after a forward roll.

Juan enjoys the show as much as the rest of the fans and makes a quick run to the concession stand as a team rep presents Katie with her gift certificate and an autographed baseball. Kimmie, probably because of her mini skirt and free flashes of tanned ass, also receives a baseball autographed by the team.

The twins make it back to their seats where Juan is waiting with three cold beers.

"I got tired just watching you two run," he says with a sly smile. "Have a beer on me. You deserve it. Besides they stop selling beer after the seventh inning."

They watch the rest of the game with the Pirates winning 3-0. Juan and Katie find themselves drawn to each other and by the time the final out is recorded he has his arm around her shoulders as it rests on the back of her chair. He thinks about kissing her, but does not want to rush it and ruin a good thing.

"Slow and steady," Juan thinks to himself. "Wait. Be patient. Let it happen, don't try and make it happen."

Little does he know his waiting will pay big dividends.

When the final out is recorded to seal the win, Juan suggests they go to The Dugout and enjoy the free appetizer. It is a ploy he and Jimmy cooked up last season and it almost always works.

Kimmie declines the offer at first and then says she will meet them there. She says she wants to go home and change clothes first since she has a grass stain on her skirt.

Juan bites his tongue and the impulse to tell her to just take off her skirt and show her perfect ass again.

They agree to meet her at The Dugout and Juan watches her leave. He stares at her casually out of the corner of his eye hoping Katie will not be able to tell his eyes are trained on her perfect ass as it stretches the fabric of the tight mini skirt with each step. Her strong calves flex with each step and her ass wiggles delightfully as she walks away.

Juan and Katie head to the parking lot and he suggests they ride together. Katie agrees and he directs her toward his car. Katie surprises him yet again when she reaches out and holds his hand as they walk towards his car.

They make the short drive to The Dugout without incident and enjoy fried cheese sticks and two beers as they wait for Kimmie. She never shows.

Juan does not mind being alone with Katie. They sit in the bar at a table with high stools and Katie's figure is on display. Everyone in the bar watches her, even the women, as she crosses her legs, laughs and tosses back her hair as they chat. The beer is relaxing her and she is even more fun to be around.

After an hour, Katie suggests they go check on Kimmie. Juan agrees.

Juan starts to drive toward the baseball park, but Katie stops him. She says she does not feel good about driving after drinking and would get Kimmie to take her to her car in the morning on the way to work. She gives Juan directions and slips her hand across the center console onto his thigh. She squeezes his leg and smiles when he looks at her.

"I've had a wonderful time tonight," Katie says as her bright white teeth form a smile. "I hope you have too."

"I have," Juan says. "This has been a night I will never forget ... "

Katie interrupts him, "Turn left here."

The house is dark and Katie explains that her parents are on a cruise. It is just her and Kimmie for the next week.

"Walk me in?" Katie asks. "Just to make sure everything is OK. I always fear the worst. I just always think I will walk in and a burglar will be in the house."

Juan is not about to object. He follows her to the side door and they enter. Katie looks around checking to make sure all is well and then prances over to the answering machine and pushes a button ... "Kimmie, this is Josh. I miss you baby. I wish you could be here, but I know how important your summer job is to you. I'll call back later. We won today and I want to tell you all about it."

Katie explains that Josh is Kimmie's boyfriend and that he is a member of the UNF baseball team playing in the conference tournament in Pensacola.

"Now, I know why she didn't join us," Katie says. "She has been so depressed lately because Josh is so far away. I bet that message on the machine made her feel even worse because she wasn't here when he called. I better go check on her."

Katie begins to walk down a hallway only to turn and say, "Come on, I'm still a scared cat. What if a burglar is hiding in the house waiting for you to leave? Come led the way."

Juan does as asked. He can hear music coming from one of the bedrooms and Katie grabs his arm from behind.

"This is our room," she says. "Let's just peek in and make sure she is OK."

Juan slowly pushes the door open and almost faints when he sees Kimmie. She is lying on her bed, but she isn't asleep. She has her legs spread wide with her panties stretched out between her ankles. The lacy fabric is stretched tight like a rubber band as her legs jerk apart while she rubs the tip of a long rubber dildo against her soaking wet pussy. She is rubbing the sex toy against her soaking-wet, shaved pussy while her other hand massages her bare breasts. Her eyes are closed as moans escape her mouth. Her moans of passions are barely audible over the music, but Juan can tell she is enjoying herself. Her tight little body is glistening with sweat as she cranes her neck and begins to lick her nipples one at a time while zooming the tip of the dildo back and forth across her pouty pussy lips.

Juan steps back out of the room and closes the door quietly.

"Well, I think it's safe to say she's OK," he says.

Katie attacks him with her mouth. She presses her body into his as she arches her back while standing on her tippy toes to bring her mouth to his. She kisses him hard and long as her hands squeeze his waist and then one hand makes its way to his crotch. She rubs his now hard cock through his jeans before slowly breaking off the kiss.

"Um, I've wanted to do that for a while now," Katie says blushing. "It was even better than I imagined.

"Kimmie does not look OK to me," she adds. "She is horny and in need of a hard cock. She misses Josh for several reasons, including sex. She needs to be fucked so she'll feel biter."

Juan just stands there in stunned silence.

"It's OK," Katie continues. "If she is going to cheat on Josh with a dildo she might as well have the real thing. Besides we're twins and we share everything -- including our men. Do you think you can make us both feel better and give us what we want? What we need!"

Another silent nod by Juan is not what Katie wants and she decides to take matters into her own hands -- literally.

Katie rubs Juan's crotch through his jeans as she lowers her body down until she is on her knees before him. She unzips his jeans and jerks his pants and underwear down to his shoes and then off his feet as he steps out of each pant leg. Katie leans her face in close to Juan's erect cock and stares up into his eyes as she begins to stroke his hardness.

"Open the door and watch Kimmie," Katie says.

Juan opens the door and takes in Kimmie's hot, wet body as sweat drips over her arms, legs, breasts and silky pussy while the dildo rubs up and down her soaked slit.

Katie feels Juan's cock twitch in her hands and she knows he must have a good view of her sister. She begins to lick and suck his cock.

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