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Diamond in the Rough


Authors note:

Hello, I am a new writer here and this is my first and serious attempt writing erotica, so if it sucks I apologize. This was an idea I came up with. They always make the female love interest beautiful etc- but what if she was ugly? How would that complicate things. I just wanted to twist around a cliche and see what I got.

WARNING: There is abuse and possible rape/dubcon. Also, some stockholm is no happy ending, but it may be interpreted as bittersweet or totally downer depending on your point of view. I don't condone twisted relationships like this- if someone was in a abusive relationship i would beg them to try to get out of it and get them help.


The sun was high up, it's rays hot against Akhilesh's neck. Sweat trickled down like raindrops on her skin and she wiped them away with the back of her hand. She had never felt so worn out before. Pacing along the crop lines, she gingerly picked the ears of corn, dropping them into the basket bound to her back.

Her shirt clung to her skin with perspiration and the seat of her pants was damp, her form drenched to the bone. The sun was her unrelenting enemy, stalking her through the fields, enjoying her suffering.

The light was like fire, the flames igniting her very being.

Attempting to ignore the persisting flames, she reached for another ear, when she heard rustling in the trees and stood upright, seeds bunched in her hand, indenting her palm as she gripped them tight.

Alert. Focused.

Akhilesh looked to the left, eyes scanning the dense trees, the maze of the forest. Dark and foreboding, it sucked in all that dared to trespass, refusing to let them free. Trapping them yet freeing them of the tyranny of time itself.

There was no wind. And Akhilesh knew.

Someone was there.

Or something.

Curious, she considered venturing forth to investigate, but quickly decided against it. It was dangerous, those thickets of forests, and infested with wild beasts and monsters waiting to prey on mortals.

She looks from the forest and back to her dirty, weather beaten hands.

Yes, investigating was out of the question.

She knew better.

Akhilesh walked towards her home, a little round red place where her and her family lived. With the rustling in the woods at the back of her mind, she opened the front door, taking off the heavy basket full of ears and left it at the side of the door.

"Ma? Pa?" She called.

She stepped tentatively through the hall, eyes scanning each room until a familiar smell wafted to her nose. She followed the scent that made her stomach growl and found her mother in the kitchen.

Her mother limped over from where the bacon sizzled and the eggs were cooking in a pan on the stove.

"Why are you back from work so early?" She asked, peering up at her daughter.

"I was scared...There's something in the woods. You don't think it got Pa do you?" Akhilesh asked quickly, fears suddenly being realized. She shouldn't have just worried for herself back there, but for her father as well. The creatures of the forest did not discriminate.

Her mother cringed in response.

"No. Your father has always been very cautious," she said firmly. The words helped to calm her, as her mothers words often did, though a small smile appeared, recognizing an attitude in her mothers reply.

"Someones getting a little defensive," Akhilesh teased.

Her mother only shook her head, trying to hide a smile.

"Oh shut-up Akhilesh."

Her mother's smile was beautiful and wide with white straight teeth, despite her large nose, curved like a hawk's. Her eyebrows were fused into one thick and dark one- noticeable even from far away.

But worst of all, Ma had thick hair covering her arms, legs, back- everywhere! It was due to some condition that caused her to grow more hair than usual on her body. She shaved as often as possible and hid her arms and legs even in a desperate attempt to look "normal" and save face. Her facial features had unfortunately passed down to her daughter.

" Be thankful that you are not ugly AND a cripple like me, " Ma always said. Her mother would try to beautify herself and insisted Akhilesh do the same but she simply shrugged.

"I don't feel I should," Akhilesh replied.

" You'll suffer much more than you do now, " her mother warned, pointing to her almost accusingly.

Akhilesh snorted.

" I don't care. That's something I'll just have to bear with. People would taunt us anyway no matter how much make up we put on. We were born ugly Ma, you and I. Nothing can change that, short of magic."

It didn't matter how they looked becuase that was what they got. And that was what they had to work with. Can't change how you were born, only make the best of it.

And Akhilesh did.

Though,on the topic of love and marriage, that did seem a little more tricky than most things that Akhilesh had to usually deal with.

Her Pa had been forced to marry her Ma. It was a marriage of convenience not love. They were more like friends than husband and wife sometimes.

Pa's father was marching off to war when he was 16. All he could think of was the bloody carnage that would stain the battlefields and the howls of the fallen deafening the ears of the living. Before Akhliesh's paternal grandfather prepared for battle, he took it upon himself to find a good woman for his son.

" My baba wanted me to be in a position to support myself. Ja, that's what he wanted for me. I was none to pleased but I couldn't bare to oppose him. Especially when he could possibly die in a foreign land."

Pa's voice wavered, like the water of the sea receding from the coastline.

" Did he ever come back?" Akhilesh asked.

" Nein. He died. And nor was his body returned." Grandfather' body was submerged in a great white sea of snow, hidden from view and long forgotten by everyone but his son.

" That's why I warn you to never take a thing for granted. And teach that to others yourself Akhilesh. You do know what happens to people who take things for granted ja?"

" No Pa."

He inhaled, deeply.

" There's a horrible hole in your chest, and won't a thing ever fill it back up. It's a void that you will never forget, a void that haunts your dreams. There will be no relief only guilt and tears over not appreciating a treasure in your hands, until it fade into dust."

Akhilesh nodded. Her Pa was a wise man. He always had a lesson to teach. Almost everything he told her revolved around morals.

" Treat others as you would yourself," Pa told her.

" Never give up."

And above all, "Bring honor to the family."

Pa taught her these things with Akhilesh's benefit in mind. Looks he was careful to avoid. It was a dark place for Akhilesh, the 800 pound gorilla in the room no one wanted to talk about. His daughter could not control her looks. But he be damned if Akhilesh ever fell astray.

A virtuous woman was far more radiant, more graceful than a beautiful one. A virtous woman would have her strength and courage even when her youthful beauty faded away and only the rough, carved lines of age remained. A beautiful woman with no compassion or gentleness would only sucumb to the roaring storms of the world without a anchor to keep her in place.

Thinking of Pa Akhilesh felt heavy with he would be disappointed in her fearful behavior towards the woods. He valued courage far more over cautiousness. He would've went in the woods to see who...or what lurked in it's darkness.

Pa expected more. And she was very much short of his expectations, when she should be making Pa proud.

" You sure you weren't just hearing things?" Ma questioned.

"Positive Ma," Akhilesh said in exasperation." There was rustlin' in the trees but hardly any wind."

Her Ma sighed.

" I guess you can rest then. Tomorrow, we can get one of the men to check it out. It must be a critter or somethin'."

Akhilesh felt herself relax at Ma's promise. She was taking her daughter seriously for once.

" Well, now that's settle do you want any bacon and eggs?"

" Of course I do ma! I thought you said we didn't have anymore," Akhilesh said, narrowed her eyes at her mother.

" I lied," her Ma said and braced herself for Akhilesh's relentless complaints.

It didn't make sense why he felt compelled to go to some peasant girl. The incubus Lust hadn't seen the tall, lanky girl's face but had a hunch it must be disfigured or something. He had found her too easily for there not to be a catch.

This was the person who would be his "soulmate", " the one" or whatever nonsense humans conjured up in their heads. Nonsense Lust had the audacity to still believe in.

He really was hopeless.

Lust moved closer, shaking the bushes. The girl stopped in response, standing upright. She was dressed like a man, in black trousers and white shirt and suspenders. The buttons on her shirt threatened to pop off- in fact one already did as the shirt could barely contain her large breasts.

Lust could see the cleavage of her toffee colored breasts. They were large as melons but not saggy. Now, the girl turned her head in his direction. Her face was far less of a turn on with her large eyes and beakish nose. The peasant girl looked towards the forest a while before turning on her heel and walking away.

This was a mistake. Not this woman, this ugly giant of a girl.

Snarling, Lust turned away.

" Damn that witch and her games!" He sighed.

Who needed love anyway? Not him. Just a good fuck was all he needed to be happy until the one came. He would wait for a beautiful woman to come along and to be his true love. Hopefully, this feeling would go away.

A ugly girl could never be any love of his. Lust would rather eat shit than have a hideous woman on his arm.

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by arrowglass12/09/17

Good start!

But too short....too many questions unanswered to begin.

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