tagInterracial LoveDiamond in the Rough Ch. 01

Diamond in the Rough Ch. 01


Author's note.

Please be aware that this chapter has scenes of a violent and rape-like nature. With that being said I want you to understand the view point of the story. It has no particular setting, therefore behaviors, language and clothing will be a mix of old and new. Technology will be in the context of the story e.g. They have electricity and old telephones but no mobile phones. Lastly race is not an issue seeing as there is no specific setting. Hope you enjoy it :3 *shy smile*


Jeanne held onto her mother while tears cascaded from her eyes, she couldn't believe what her father was saying. This couldn't be real, there's no way he would really kick her out of the only home she's ever known.

'Please mama don't let daddy kick me out it wasn't my fault honest, I... I fought him off I really did but he was too strong.' And the evidence was all over her. Blood was under her nails from where she scratched him in the face, the right side of her lip had a nasty cut from where the bastard had backhanded her and her left cheek was bruised and discoloured from his fits. The smooth chocolate colour of her skin was now purplish in different places on her body from the assault and her hair was in disarray.

It happened on a regular day just like any other; Jeanne and her sister would help their mother carry peaches to the market to sell at 7:30 just like any other morning. Then at 8:00 her sister, Lilyann, would go off to their aunt's bakery to work and Jeanne would go to Lord Brandon's home to help keep the books of his study in order and keep the study clean. At 4:00 both girls would leave work and adjourn to the park for afternoon sessions by 5:00 with the children of the socialites. Jeanne's family wasn't rich, neither were they dirt poor. They lead a pretty good life for themselves but her father wanted so desperately to be rich. He had called in on favors to have his girls mix and mingle with the elites in hopes that they both would marry into a rich family and he could get funning to expand his peach farm and ultimately get status in world of the rich.

Both girls would attend the sessions, the young men to one side, the young ladies to the other, which would involve learning the rich and fancy way to do everything from how to handle a difficult conversation with a man, how to hold your tea cup when you're flirting and, Jeanne's favorite, how to hold your handkerchief when you have to belch. It was all silly really but Jeanne loved every bit of it and so did Lilyann. They were actually friends with the rich kids and they weren't treated unfairly. All of them had come to the conclusion that if Jeanne and Lilyann weren't rich they were going to be soon. Why else would they be at the sessions if they didn't have connections?

Lord Brandon's study was always a mess, and Jeanne had finally put everything back in its rightfully place while working around him. It was 4:00 and she made her way to the door, but before Jeanne could leave the house to get to her session she was approached by Lord Brandon's son Devin. Devin was 25 years old, 6'2 with chestnut complexion. He had his father's handsome face and his mother gray eyes. He would sometime carry Jeanne and her sister home in his carriage, to the delight of her father, and he would embarrassingly suggest that both Jeanne and Devin get to know each other better when Devin walked them to the door. But Jeanne didn't know how she felt about Devin just yet. Lately, instead of the friendly gentleman that she came to know and like, he became very distant and cold. Jeanne later found out that Lord Brandon was forcing him to marry a girl he didn't care for.

'Jeanne I was looking everywhere for you.' Devin said as he held on to her hand and started to pull her away from the house.

'Really? I've literally been in your father's study all day, with the exception of lunch. Either you're hopeless when it comes to direction or I'm starting to blend in with the furniture.' She replied to him with a look of disbelief.

He laughed but it wasn't genuine. 'Ok, ok you got me, I glance in the study and didn't see you but that doesn't matter. I want to show you the new stallion I got the other day he a beauty.'

'What is it with you socialites and your horse?' She asked with laughter in her voice. When they got to the stables that were a good distance away from the house Jeanne saw him. The horse was pure white and breathtaking.

'He's an Andalusian Stallion; I decided to name him Zeus.' Jeanne timidly reached out and touched Zeus on the side of his neck, he was a big horse and he intimidated her a little, but when she started to rub him down she realized he was a big softy. 'Devin he's amazing, I always thought stallions would be wild and try to trample my face if I touched them, but he's so tame.' She said with awe in her voice. Jeanne was so focused on Zeus she didn't realize how close Devin was to her until he replied.

'Not all stallions are rough... some can be gentle.' His voice was husky and there was a change in the air. Jeanne stopped her affections on Zeus to turn and look at Devin, his eyes were hard and steel gray, he was standing ridiculously close to her. Jeanne stepped back away from him but he held on to her upper arms and brought her body up against his.

'I can be gentle if you want me to.' He towered over her 5' 6 frame. Jeanne was confused, she wasn't the prettiest girl Devin had ever seen and she defiantly wasn't the curviest. She had a small B-cup and a nice ass for a slim girl but nothing that would make Devin want her.

'Devin, either you've gone crazy or you want me to slap the shit from you. Let go of me.' She said starring into his eyes with all seriousness but inside she was scarred shitless.

'See that's what I love about you Jeanne, that pride. It doesn't suit you though, maybe if you were rich, had a little class... or even my mistress, then you could have something to be proud about. Come on Jeanne, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be ridden by a power full man?' while he said all this he was slowly backing Jeanne into an empty stall. Jeanne was dazed with fare until her back mate upon the wall of the empty stall, Jeanne's senses kicked in. She shoved him away from her and kicked him hard on the knee and when he leaned forward from the pain she kneed him in the stomach but he just led onto her even tighter. She cried out when his nails bit into her skin, and he throw her on a bed on hay.

'You fucking bitch!' he yelled as he threw himself on her, he held on to the collar of her baby blue dress and pulled, all the buttons from the top of the dress to her navel where gone. Jeanne could hear her heart beating, the sound was deafening, she needed to get away from him. She dragged her nails across the left of his face and he bellowed and slapped her across the face with the back of his hand. The force was enough to burse her lip and draw blood and Jeanne felt a shock wave of pain emitting form the side of her face but she wasn't giving up. She scratched him again his time on the back of his neck and he chose that moment to punch her right below her left eye.

Tears sprang from Jeanne's eyes, she'd never felt this kind of pain before, but Devin was about 180lbs to her small frame. Jeanne was shaking, she held her hand to her face to sooth the pain, she could hear Devin fumble with the belt off his riding breeches and when she opened her eyes she could see his dick, big, angry and stood at attention again his stomach. She tried to scrabble away from him but he held on to her thighs and dragged her to him. Her ankle length baby blue cotton dresses did nothing to protect her as Devin throw her dress up and pulled her panties from her body and position himself at her opening.

'I would have licked your pussy for you but you're so ungrateful. You should be happy was taken with you, now the more you fight me, the more it will hurt.' he whispered into her ear. He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his dick before forced himself into her.


Jeanne screamed out from the intrusion on of Devin dick ramming deep into her. He covered her mouth with one hand -he didn't want her scaring Zeus- while he used the other to pull her long straighten hair from its bun and grab a hand full of it. She was so fucking tight, Devin had to wait a moment for her to adjust, he didn't want to cum to soon but her pussy felt too good. He took this time to move his hand from her hair shove her bra up and brought her small tits into his mouth, sucking on them ravenously.

This isn't how he planned it, he though Jeanne would have been glad that someone of his caliber took an interest in her but the bitch was too proud. While he latched onto her tit, he felt her small hands on his face, he thought she was coming around until she went for his eyes, trying to gorge them out. He started to drive onto her then and held both her hands in one of his above her head. He loved how her little body writhe in pain from his dick but she was too tight and Devin could fell the tingle in his balls telling him that he's about to come.


It lasted about five minutes but they were the longest and most painful minutes of Jeanne's life. Devin had pulled out and came all over her front. She could be grateful she wouldn't be carrying his child. Devin hovered over Jeanne looking down at his handy work, she hadn't stopped crying. He looked down at her with a smirk 'I'll be back, don't go anywhere'. He laughed knowing she couldn't walk home in that condition, not to mention the distance.

After starring at the rafters of the stable for awhile, Jeanne mustered the strength and got up and shaking legs, slowly making her way out the stall. There was a black hood style cloak hanging on the wall across from her and she wondered how Devin could have possible missed it. It must have belonged to one of the stable hands because it was much bigger than her. Jeanne downed the cloak and made her way off the Brandon property and painstakingly tried to make her way home but it was no easy walk. Devin, or one of the stable hands, would usually take back in town or home. Of course Devin was always chauffeur driven.

Jeanne could hear a carriage approaching a prayed to God it wasn't Devin.

'You there, are you trying to make your back in town? It's a long walk from here.' The voice said with a laugh. She knew that voice; well everyone knew Rev. Thomas' voice. He was one of those people who loved the sound of their own voice.

'Yes, I am.' Jeanne's voice was hoarse.

'Well then come aboard!' he said laughing at this own joke. 'And what's with the cloak on this warm evening?'

'I'm a leper.' Jeanne said as he helped her up, careful not to let her face show, she could only imagine the horror that is her face.

Of course all Rev. Thomas did was laugh like he always does. He was one of those annoyingly happy people. Then again if you had a bombshell wife and two beautiful children you would be annoyingly happy too. 'There are no lepers around these parts my friend; I bet you're just shy.'

'Ya... you got me. I'm going to rest for awhile Rev, wake me when we reach the square.'

Jeanne didn't realize her slip but Rev. Thomas did. He decided to let it go. If the woman knew him then she was from around her and thus not a stranger and thus not a leper.

After reaching the square Jeanne thanked the Rev for the lift and headed through the untrodden path home. It was about six in the afternoon when Jeanne made her way into the farm house from the back door and pushed the hood back. When she was about to make her way upstairs her father's voice stopped her.

'When you get up there, pack whatever belongs to you, that wasn't given to you by me, and leave this house.' Her father said in a chilling voice. Jeanne stared at him, confused.


'You slut! How could you?!' He launched himself from his seat and made his way over to Jeanne. Her mother, Ivy, held onto him.

'Wesley, please calm down.' She begged him.

'Jeanne, I got off the telephone with Lord Brandon an hour ago. He tells me that after seducing his son in the fucking stables, you attacked him. Attacked him?! A Lord's son! Because he wouldn't marry you? Is this what you have been doing all those months at the Brandon's? Whoring yourself in hopes that he'd marry you? I told you to get to know him better not bring disgrace to our family! You knew how important making friends with the right people is and your stunt could ruin all our plans! But I won't let you Jeanne, this time you've gone too far. First you give yourself to that pauper James then you whore yourself to Devin?!'

That was a low blow and Jeanne couldn't believe her mother, that she had confided in, had told her father her biggest secret. James was her first love, her only love so far. He was her cream complexion, blond hair, green eyed lover. She had given herself to him when she was 18 and they were planning to runaway together and get married. She know her father would disown her but James said he'd take care of them both and when she looked into his deep green eyes she know he was telling the truth. Making love with James -even though it was one time, they made love many times that one day- was amazing. He was so gentle with her, using his fingers and mouth on her to make sure she was ready for him before he would penetrate her deep. He loved putting her legs over his shoulder so his cock would be buried as deep as it could go inside her.

He would stare into her dark brown eyes while holding on to her shoulder to increase his speed. Then he would roll her over on your tummy and enter her from behind. She would hold onto his hair at the top of his head with her right hand while he held onto her boob with his left hand slowly fucking Jeanne senseless in his house that day. He would nibble on her lips and whisper dirty things in her ear that drove her crazy. It was on there's last round, when he had her on her hands and knees in front him fucking her wild, that he lost control and couldn't pull out. He held on to Jeanne's small hips and came with a force that made him bellow while still pumping in and out of her tight pussy. Jeanne had collapsed on the bed panting in amazement.

James had said that it didn't matter if she got pregnant, he'd have two beautiful people to take care of instead of one and his words made Jeanne cry for she was touched and truly bless to have found such a beautiful soul. On the day of the elopement James was murdered and they never found his killer. Jeanne was devastated but she also feared she might be carrying James's baby and wanted to protect the maybe baby from her father. She had run to her mother scared and confused on what to do. But as the month pass Jeanne got her period, she wasn't pregnant and neither she nor her mother ever spoke of it again.

The look of shock on Ivy's face told Jeanne that her mother had kept her secret. 'Ya, I knew about him Jeanne. Can you imagine it Ivy? Our middle class daughter was fooling around with some poor white boy... disgraceful. I should have disowned you then!' He took a deep breath to calm himself. Her father wasn't racist, he'd just prefer if his daughters ended up with black husbands and if their husband ended up being of any other race he had better be weighty. 'Go to your room and look for anything I didn't give to you and take it with you.' It was a scam; everything they own was bought by their father because he collected the money she and her sister made every week.

Jeanne ran to her mother and held on tight. 'Please mama don't let daddy kick me out it wasn't my fault honest, I... I fought him off I really did but he was too strong.' Lilyann sat at the bottom of the stairs crying her eyes out, Ivy stood there looking at her daughter with her hair a mess, in a cloak way too big for her and her pretty face was all bruised up, her heart broke. However she had herself and Lilyann to think about and if Wesley kicked out all three of them for Jeanne's action what would happen to them? Lilyann just turned 18 and there weren't any gentleman callers for her... none that Wesley approved of. Neither were there any for Jeanne and she was already 20. Ivy took one last look at her eldest daughter and looked away. Wesley had threatened her that if she opposed him in front of Jeanne he would kick all three out of the house.

Wesley held on to his daughter's arm and dragged her from the house. Lord Brandon had told him that if he could prevent a scandal from his daughter's actions it would be in both their interest as friends. Meaning, Lord Brandon wasn't going to ostracize the family form the socialites if Jeanne kept her mouth shut and Wesley know that if Jeanne had no one behind her she couldn't start trouble for them because no one would believe her. So Wesley decided to be rid of Jeanne. She was a letdown from the moment she gave herself to James. How can he believe that she was raped by Devin when she was already fooling around before she even got married? The only other family they had was Wesley's sister Merna and she was told not to have any communication with Jeanne. He told her all this as he shoved her from the end of the path way of the house. 'Don't come back here Jeanne. You're dead to me.'

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