tagRomanceDiamonds In The Rough Ch. 04

Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 04


My continued thanks to SoCalOvid for his tireless work editing my stories. With this chapter especially...

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Diamonds In the Rough Ch. 4


Even before Lynn could leave, Sam quickly excused herself and headed to the bathroom. She closed the door and quickly pulled off her jeans to expose her rapidly moistening pussy to the cool air. Sam trembled with forbidden excitement. She didn't care about Lynn still standing in the living room; she needed immediate and complete release. Her thoughts turned to happier times as the young butch cupped her small breasts through her clothes. Sam squeezed her nipples, and kneaded the hardening points until they were firm and erect. She lay down on the cool floor, and with a slow determination started her fingers on the path towards her hot wet sex.

Sam lingered briefly at her abdomen, and felt her hard stomach muscles throb. She moved further down and with her forefinger traced a lazy circle around her navel and gently teased its rim. Sam reached the crest of her neatly trimmed pubic mound and her hand stroked the hair tenderly pulling at the follicles of love. Sam writhed at each pull then moaned deeply as she touched the lips of her highly energized pussy. Her fingers massaged each lip as her womanhood bloomed and opened wider with each pass. From underneath its sheath, her clit emerged desperately seeking attention. Sam probed into her wetness, rubbing the warm juices onto her hardened jewel.

Her body entered into a rhythm as the first of many orgasms began to coalesce. Sam arched her back and bit her left hand to stifle her scream as one climax rolled into the next, and the next. Spent, Sam slowly got up; licking her fingers she tasted her loveliness. She gazed into the mirror and saw the reflection of a satisfied woman. With great care, she finished cleaning the remnants of her wanton behavior and with thoughts of Lynn in her mind, Sam softly sighed, knowing her lust was now under control.


Lynn was pleasantly surprised when Sam helped him up from the couch. It reminded him a little of Eric. But this felt different; he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Sam was so much stronger than Eric, maybe that was it. Suddenly, Lynn's penis began stirring in his panties. Glancing at Sam, he remembered the caring hug she gave him all those months ago. Startled, he felt his cock swell at the memory. Lynn was becoming very uncomfortable with this new sensation. His feelings were real, yet the source of those feelings confused the lovely gay femme'. It wasn't a man giving his prick life, it was Sam! When she excused herself to use the bathroom, Lynn felt relief.

Cautiously Lynn waited for Sam to get out of sight, then he carefully readjusted his offending member. Feeling very aroused, he pushed his hand beneath the silky panties where his fingers caressed his quickly hardening cock. Lynn with a fond sadness remembered the feeling of Eric's lips surrounding his penis with moist heat. Lynn's back arched seeing Eric's cheeks collapse as the intense imaginary suction pulled hot blood to the very tip of his stiffening prick. Eric's tongue rolled around the head and probed the tiny slit with the pointed end of his mouth's magic muscle. With each dream suck, Lynn's thumb and forefinger circled the burgeoning head of his swollen cock. Lynn continued his fantasy, as lust overcame his fear of discovery.

Sighing, he longed to feel Eric's warm tongue caressing the tender spot under his penis' purple crowned head. Lynn's erection throbbed noticeably as the memory of easing past his lover's anal ring became clear in his mind. He slid his prick deep into the depths of Eric's hot ass. Lynn rubbed his cock faster as he remembered the hot fire of man-to-man love. Lynn felt the impending release build and cupped his balls as he recalled the aftermath of their love making. Lynn always sucked his seed from the depths of Eric's bowels afterwards.

Lynn rubbed his clothed cock faster and with each stroke his forefinger lingered briefly on the tiny jewel underneath his manhood's crown. The electrifying sensations caused his knees to collapse slightly as the intense pleasure overloaded his senses. Lynn had almost reached his climax when Eric's face began to fade, and another face slowly took shape. In his mind's eye the vision transformed into...Sam! Her eyes gazed lovingly into his as she now worked on his manhood. Her smile was so seductive; it was like nothing he had ever seen before. His hand pumped with a new found fury as he groaned in ecstasy at this unexpected highly charged scene.

Lynn's knees buckled as hot ropes of cum spurted from his cock and soaked into his green panties. He staggered and moaned as the warm wetness grew, spilling past the elastic bands and down his trembling thighs. The flames of his passion extinguished, Lynn quickly released his softening cock. He stared at his cum covered hand and licked the warm spunk savoring the pleasant flavor of his hot juices.

Lynn stood stunned; he liked Sam but hadn't thought of her in a sexual context. He shuddered, his confidence in who and what he was shaken when Sam jumped into his fantasy. Lynn adjusted his clothes, took out his hair brush and brushed his long blond hair, exhaling a long audible sigh.

"What did you say?" Sam asked, coming out of the bathroom.

"Nothing Sam. I just sighed thinking about how much fun I had with you today and how sorry I am that it has to end," smiling uncertainly at her as he put his hairbrush away.

"I had a good time with you as well." Sam took a deep breath and thought about what just happened in the bathroom, and how that was a good time too!

Looking at each other, they blushed almost simultaneously, each wondered if the other had any clue what just happened. Sam escorted Lynn to the front door.

As Sam opened the door for Lynn, he nodded his thanks. He turned and asked Sam when she could come by to see his place.

"I'm not sure," Sam replied.

Seeing Lynn's shoulders drop imperceptibly, Sam explained, "I just need to find out my work schedule first."

Lynn brightened up at that last bit of news.

"Oh, okay. I understand; that makes sense — but promise me that you will let me know as soon as you can."

Sam was slightly surprised at his reaction. Lynn seemed quite anxious to see her again. Maybe he was one of those people for whom politeness demanded that they reciprocate as quickly as possible.

Lynn was surprised at how strongly he wanted to see Sam again too. In fact he was surprised at quite a few of his reactions today!

Major appeared at his side, and Lynn reached down to pet him. His tail began to wag, until Lynn stopped and turned to leave. The black dog began to whimper

"Don't worry, you little traitor, he'll be back," she scoffed.

Major looked at Sam chuffing a little. "Stupid dog," she muttered to herself, albeit with a smile on her face

Sam grasped Lynn's hand and said good night. Lynn replying in kind, turned to leave. Before Sam could close the door, Major rushed through it, stopping in front of Lynn wagging his tail. She was startled that Major ran straight to Lynn.

"Damn it Major, it's late, get back into the house now!" she demanded.

"Easy Sam, I'll get him." Turning to the dog, in a firm yet feminine voice, and pointing to the ground as he commanded, "Major, come here now."

Without hesitation, Major sat down in front of Lynn. Sam looked at the animal incredulously. Grasping Major by the collar, Lynn led him to Sam.

"Here you go, one Belgian Sheepdog surprise!" Lynn chuckled as he handed the dog over to his owner.

Sam mumbled, "Yep, a surprise for me, that's for sure." Taking the dog's collar from Lynn's hand she gave Major the 'evil eye' as she told the impetuous sheepdog to sit.

Sam looked at the blond haired man before her with a sheepish smile, "Thanks Lynn, good night. C'mon Major let's get inside."

The dog looked at Lynn as he pranced into the house.

Lynn watched the door close. Walking to his car, he realized it had been a long time since he'd had this much fun. He felt embarrassed about masturbating in Sam's living room, but the feeling was so enjoyable that he could hardly regret it. The last time he experienced something that delicious was with Eric when they...shaking off the memory, before it upset him, his thoughts turned back to Sam.

He liked Sam a lot, but she was, well, a woman. He didn't know what to make of her. She wasn't bad to look at. He thought her short black hair was quite attractive; perhaps her nose was a little big, but it gave her a manly quality. Coupled with those brown eyes, she was downright handsome. Yet he just couldn't get past the fact she was a woman.

He started his car and realized it was her personality and sensitivity that really turned him on; he wished she was a hunk of a man. But she wasn't.

'Damn it, but, but, but. Too many damn buts; I like her, so what if she's a woman. She's a friend first and foremost. Leave it at that.'

Lynn put the car in drive and headed for home.

Unbeknownst to Lynn, Sam was watching him through the drapes. Sam knew she really liked Lynn; he was a kind person who was very genuine. But he was a man. He wasn't bad looking either, for a man. She liked his smell — the perfume he wore was delicious. She would have to ask him what it was. His blond hair amazed her. He would make a pretty girl; but, she thought, shaking her head, 'He's a man.' His femininity is attractive, but he is a man, a gay man. Still, she thought, it was his image that led her to the bathroom for much needed relief.

'Damn it, but, but, but. Too many damn buts; I like him, so what if he's a man. He's a friend, and I like being with him, period.'

Sam looked at Major and had to laugh. He had his head cocked in such a way that he looked like he was saying, "Whuff the fuck?"


Two weeks had passed when Sam's cell phone rang. Picking it up she recognized the number. "Hello Lynn."

"Hi Sam. I was wondering if you had any plans this weekend; perhaps you would like to see my etchings?" Lynn lightly chuckled with anticipation.

"Sorry Lynn, but I have a date Saturday night."

"And who is the lucky lady?" Lynn responded, trying not to sound disappointed.

"No one you know," was her playful response.

"I figured as much. You have a good time, call me when we might be able to get together. My 'etchings' await you."

Laughing at the thought of his etchings, "No problem, I will. Have a good day."

"You too Sam," Lynn closed his phone, wondering if they would ever get together again.

For the next half hour, Lynn looked at the drawings on his desk as he tried to get his mind off of her.

Suddenly his phone started playing an old Bobby Vinton song.

Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely, I have nobody for my own, I'm so lon....

Lynn looked at the number and smiled. "Hi Danny, how are you? ...Yeah, me too...Tomorrow night? ...Great, love to...You want me to pick you up? Umm, yeah I guess...Seven-thirty? Okay, I'll be there...Hugs, bye."

Lynn was disappointed. This was his third date with Danny. He was hoping to feel a spark, but didn't. Danny was emotionally needy, and Lynn was tired of it. He wanted to be wined and dined for a change. He wanted to be picked up. This is the last date with Danny boy, Lynn decided. It was time for something different.


Lonely, I'm Mr. Lone...

"Hello? Oh hi Sam, how's it going?...Yeah, oh sorry to hear that...oh that's good, she was nicer than that bitch Claudia...sure I understand...Nope, mine didn't either, he was too much like me...That wasn't nice Sam...This weekend?...Sure, five? That's fine, see you then. Bye."

As he closed his cell phone, Lynn thought it was about time she came over. It also occurred to him that he needed a new ring tone. Bobby Vinton was getting boring.

A month had passed since he had been at Sam's place. Lynn began making a list of what he would need to get in preparation for her visit.

Lynn was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door that evening. Sam brought him a bouquet of lovely flowers! Sam gave Lynn a warm kiss on his cheek and walked into his house.

"I've missed you Lynn; now where are those etchings?" She did her best to sound sincere while ostentatiously looking around his apartment for his legendary etchings.

"I missed you too, Major," Lynn announced, ignoring Sam for the moment and petting the big black dog at her side.

"Oh, thanks for the flowers Sam! They're lovely. 'Etchings, etchings'? I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about." Lynn's hands waved in the air with mock irritation, which the grin on his face belied.

He showed Sam into the living room, and taking the flowers he went into the kitchen to find a vase. Lynn unwrapped the gift and admired the tropical nature of the bouquet. He recognized Anthurium, Plumeria, and Orchids right away. There was one he didn't know and all were surrounded by delicate ferns and baby's breathe. Lynn was almost overcome with emotion at her thoughtfulness. It took a lot of effort to keep the tears of happiness inside.

"Oh Sam these are so beautiful." Lynn said with great warmth. "Thank you so very much. Sorry for teasing you earlier." he added with tenderness. Lynn began to lovingly arrange the flowers in the vase.

"Don't worry about it Lynn; I expected you would do that," she said, as she patted Major on the head. Looking around, Sam was very impressed with Lynn's apartment. It was immaculate; a place for everything, and everything in its place. If she didn't know better, she would swear a woman lived here.

"Nice place, who's your maid?" she teased.

"Me, myself, and I, my dear Sam — that's who is the maid." Lynn sashayed back into the living room, carrying the flowers he artistically arranged.

With great care he set them down on the coffee table. Seating himself, Lynn called Major over. Without hesitation the big dog jumped onto his lap. Sam laughed as Major began cleaning Lynn's face.

"Major, take it easy boy, easy." In between doggie kisses, Lynn looked at Sam, "Forgive me; I'm not being a good hostess. Would you like a drink?"

"Not at the moment, but thank you. Something sure smells good."

"That's prime rib just out of the oven; I'm also serving a fresh salad, with baked potato, and green beans." Pride emanated from the young man.

"Sounds delicious, but I was referring to you Lynn. What are you wearing?" Sam asked inquisitively, with a smile on her lips.

Lynn surprised at her question happily replied, "Why, I'm wearing Calvin Klein 'Euphoria.'" His face beamed with delight, "You like it?"

"Very much so, it smells — delicious." Quickly, not wanting Lynn to see she was getting aroused, she added, "Dinner smells great too. When do we eat?"

"As soon as I get this mutt's carcass off my lap; about ten minutes. The meat has been resting just about fifteen minutes. So it should be almost ready to carve."

"Fantastic. Would you mind if I carved?" Sam asked.

"Not at all, I was going to request that you do the honors."

"Great minds think alike," Sam agreed, then, standing up she looked over at Lynn and Major on the couch.

Lynn first chuckled, then began to moan about the dog hair on his shirt. Sam snickered — she'd heard that one before.

Dinner was a lot of fun. The two caught up with each other and discussed their respective dates over the past month. Soon the evening became night, and Sam needed to get home.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. But it's past Major's bedtime so I need to get going."

"You're so welcome, and thanks again for the flowers. Would Major like a people's bag?"

"Don't you mean a doggie bag?"

"Nope, after watching you eat, Major won't be getting any leftovers, so it's definitely a 'people's bag'," a smirking Lynn clarified.

Looking up at the sky, Sam's voice pleaded with the heavens, "Why did I come here?"

"Because you love me, and you wanted to see my etchings!" The sultry feminine male batted his eyelashes at her.

"What etchings Lynn?" she asked suspiciously, ignoring the love portion of his comment. Sam offered Lynn her hand and helped him up.

Gently, taking the offered hand, Lynn got up, and gave Sam a hug. She returned the hug and kissed him on his cheek. Inhaling his perfume, and enjoying the smoothness of his skin, Sam realized how much she missed being with this beautiful person. She decided, man or not, she would make it a point to see him on a more regular basis.

After attaching Major's leash to his harness, Sam said their goodbyes.

As he watched them leave, Lynn hoped to see more of this soft butch. She was beginning to really grow on him.

Outside as she headed to her truck, the gears began turning in the operating engineer's head. Looking at her dog, she asked him a question, "Hmmm, I wonder if Lynn would watch you when I have to go out of town?" She felt confident Lynn would be willing. At their next get together she would ask him.

Sam called Lynn a few days later and asked him if he would like to stop at Gigi's for a drink on Tuesday.

Lynn replied with an enthusiastic, "Yes, I would love to."

Lynn walked into the bar and saw Sam at a table near the dart boards. He headed over and extended his hand to greet her. She surprised him by getting up, grasping his hand, and planting a warm kiss on his cheek. Then she really got him flustered when she held his chair out for him.

'Wow, this is really sweet, Sam's treating me like a real lady, I could get used to this.'

Sam sat down and called to Shelly asking her to bring Lynn a glass of Chardonnay. With a smile, Shelly reached for the bottle and poured Lynn's drink. Shelly thought about the conversations she'd had with her partner Annie about these two. They both could see there was a connection. But they weren't quite sure if it was as good friends or something more. Regardless of what type of friendship, Shelly was pleased. Sam was happy again, and very surprisingly, Lynn appeared to be the cause.

There was a big change in the small broken man who sat so sadly at the bar those many months ago too. Lynn was a happier person. With his long blond hair, and just a touch of makeup, he lit up the room. Shelly grinned when she thought about his frilly walk, the cute little sashay, and his twinkling blue eyes decked out with varying shades of mascara and eye shadow. Lynn was definitely a very cheerful femme'. What fascinated Shelly though was the interaction between the two of them. She couldn't quite pin it down, but whatever it was, it made her feel good to see them both happy again.

After she dropped off the drinks for Sam and Lynn, she walked over to where Annie was sitting. Shelly asked her partner in love, "What do you think about those two now, honey?"

"I don't know Shell. They seem really sweet together, but I don't think there's anything more to it," Annie said taking a sip of her drink.

"You think not?"

"No, I think they are just good friends.

"They were both going through painful breakups when they met; so they somehow formed an emotional connection. But I'm positive within a short while, we'll see them both in here with dates.

"Besides, I never understood what Sam saw in that cunt Alexis anyway. On a superficial level, Sam acted like she was in love, but Shelly, I never saw 'the look', the look was missing."

Wincing at the word 'cunt', Shelly stared curiously at her partner. "What look, Annie?"

"The look you have on your face when I watch you wake up in the morning. The look I see in your eyes after we make love. The look that warms my heart when we're together." Annie tenderly reached for Shelly's hand intertwining their fingers.

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