tagRomanceDiamonds In The Rough Ch. 08

Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 08


Many thanks to my editor SoCalOvid on this series. He has given my words, that extra zing. Thank you for opening my quirky romance. If you would please read the previous chapters before this one, it will make it more understandable, and I hope very enjoyable.

To all that have followed this series, thank you so much, I have been humbled by the comments and votes.

Diamonds In The Rough Ch. 08

*** ** ***

The Boeing 737 banked northward and began its descent. The man in 27A packed up his computer and looked out the window. He saw the Cincinnati skyline off in the distance and thought about the past eighteen months. It was fraught with poor choices, and deception. He quietly squirmed when he heard the landing gear extend and wondered what kind of a reception he would get from his former lover as he returned to reclaim what was his. He knew once he got his hooks in, it wouldn't be too long before he was back in control.

The jet touched down, and the engines now in reverse throttled up to slow the aircraft down. As the jet rolled down the landing strip the captain came on the speaker and welcomed the passengers to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. He informed everyone that the weather was an unusually warm and sunny, the temperature was 53 degrees, then he thanked them for their patronage, and informed the passengers that cell phones could now be used. The jet turned off the runway, and began the short journey to the gate.

The man immediately turned his cell phone on, and tried to call his former lover, only to discover much to his irritation the phone number was no longer in service. Once at the gate, the jet's door opened and the man, so angry that his ex would have the audacity to change his number, swore out loud as he retrieved his carry-on luggage from the overhead bin. A young husband, with a very pregnant wife at his side, took offense to the use of such foul language, and chastised him loudly in front of the now smiling passengers. The normally brash man cowered at the husband's words. He quietly disembarked and slinked away to the baggage claim as he cursed his ex repeatedly.

Outside, the man enjoyed the bright sunlight, so different from the rainy place he left that morning. He took the tram to where the car rentals were located, and soon he was on his way to reclaim his meal ticket.

*** ** ***

Three months earlier

Sam just got up from a busy night with her new fiancé. She went downstairs to make coffee and let the dog out. She contemplated what to do with her mom — how to reveal her pregnancy, and her upcoming marriage. Sam was irritated that her mom wouldn't give Lynn a chance, and by the way in which she seemed to have judged him without even knowing him. It didn't matter that her only daughter was happy: mom didn't like her choice. Mother never liked Sam's choices. The pregnant construction worker was so deep in thought that she didn't hear her princess come up behind her and when he kissed the nape of her long neck she shivered with delight.

"Good morning my fiancé, and how are you doing this fine morning?" Lynn cooed.

Sam's heart jumped at the word fiancé, yet her tone indicated worry, "Honestly Princess, my mom's attitude is really bugging me. For years she kept shoving my lesbian lifestyle in my face, and I just smiled. She laughed at me when I told her I broke up with Alexis. My own mother laughed at me. In my sorrow, I still turned the other cheek because she was my mother. Now I tell her I found true love — a love with a lover who has a penis.

"I thought she would be ecstatic, and instead what does she say? She asks 'How could you get involved with another queer?' What kind of mother do I have?

"Then she calls your phone and harasses you until you are forced to change your number. She tells me I'm stupid, and, and, UGGGGGGH!" Sam yelled in desperation as she pounded the table with her fist, so frustrated with her mom's abhorrent behavior.

Lynn tenderly took Sam's hand, stroked it gently, and calmly said, "Parents only want what's best for their child. Sometimes the parent is right, and sometimes the child is right. Your mom loves you, and wants you to be happy, my Knight. She is just having difficulty with your choices — although I must say your last choice was perfection," he said with his slightly catty feminine wit that caused Sam to laugh and smile. "Seriously though, I wouldn't do anything rash, and I'm sure she will turn around especially once she learns you are carrying her grand-baby."

"That's what I mean: why can't she accept me for who I am, and who I love? Just because I'm pregnant she is 'now' going to accept me? That's bullshit, and you know it." The anger was building in her voice.

"Does it matter what the catalyst is for her to come around? I don't think so, and I don't think you do either. Sam, my love, as hard as it is, give her a chance to come around, please? Our love fits, remember?"

"Yes it does my beautiful man and I'll try. I'll try to give her a chance," she replied, and then she looked down and smiled. "Speaking of hard — glad to see me, huh?"

"Always; but after last night, the only thing holding it up is the need to pee. Do you realize that you have actually rubbed me raw? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. The spirit is very willing, but alas my delicate 'flesh' is weak," he said with pure feminine charm.

"No problem milady; that's why God created the strap-on," Sam said with a wicked little smile, and raising a single eyebrow.

"And a tongue too," he replied as he passed his tongue over her scar and delicately stuck the tip in her ear.

"Lynn, stop it you're giving me goose bumps, and making me wet. I need to take my shower now and get to work, I can't be late a second time this week."

"How about we save water today?" he giggled.

"You're incorrigible, but you know that's why I love you and I am going to make an 'honest femme' out of you yet."

Lynn laughed at her remark, grabbed her hand and the two went upstairs to have a little fun before separating for the day.

*** ** ***

Sam got to the job site just as Max concluded the pre-job briefings.

He looked at the late arrival and bellowed, "Job trailer Weatherly, NOW!"

Sam winced, and for the next five minutes faced the wrath of her foreman. The ass chewing over, she walked down the trailer stairs, and headed to the grader. She heard a snicker and looked up to see Jackson laughing. She changed direction and traveled over to him.

"What the fuck is 'your' problem?"

With a smirk on his face he replied, "I don't have a problem; however, when I see a big strong..." He flexed his arms mockingly, "pregnant woman worn out by a wee little man...too funny, too fucking funny, and that...my dear friend is a fucking hilarious problem."

Sam looked at Jackson, and with anger in her voice replied, "My 'FIANCE' is not a 'wee' man, and I take offense at your name calling! So put up your dukes Jackson; I am going to kick the crap out of you!" she yelled as she raised her fists menacingly, albeit with a smile on her face.

"Fiancé? Fiancé? Oh wow, I can't believe it, come here you," he countered enthusiastically and gave Sam a big hug, lifting her up off the ground. "I am so happy for you two. It's about time you made an honest 'woman' out of him." His smile couldn't get any bigger.

"Fuck you Jackson," Sam jokingly said as she punched him in the arm.

"Oww, that hurt," the big man replied, his voice dripping with a phony pathos intended to gain sympathy, "Ain't no way I'm fighting you Sam. I remember what you did to that bitch Brittany. I humbly apologize for my 'rude and insensitive' remark about your fiancé." Then, in deference to his pregnant friend, he deeply bowed.

Sam put her hands on her slender hips and shook her head, "Apology accepted asshole, now let's get to work."

Jackson peered at Sam, chuckled, and slapped her gently on the back. Sam grabbed him and uncharacteristically gave him a kiss on the cheek before she headed to her machine. Jackson touched the spot she kissed and thought how lucky Lynn was to have this beautiful woman in his life. 'You two are going to be great parents' he thought to himself, as he went to his truck.

Sam just got into the cab of the earthmover when her phone rang; she looked at the number and winced. It was just after 6:00 am in Arizona, 'What does she want now?' Sam wondered.

"I'll listen later, 'IF' she leaves a message," the operating engineer muttered to herself. Sam placed the phone in 'airplane mode' so she wouldn't be disturbed and fired up the big earthmover to start the day's work.

Sam forgot all about her mom until lunchtime when she took out her cell to see if she had any messages. She saw two and realized one was her mom's, and another was from...her dad. Worried, Sam played the first message and was stunned by what she heard.

"Hello Samantha, this is your mother, remember me? The woman who brought you into this world? Now you listen to me Samantha, I don't know what you are trying to pull living with that...that 'faggot', but I want it stopped right now, do you hear me? Oh and another thing too. Tell that little twerp that I 'miss' our conversations. And further..." SMACK! Sam slammed her phone on the ground, and started to shake.

"Holy fuck Sam! What did you do to your phone?" Jackson asked rhetorically as he picked up the shattered pieces of plastic strewn over the ground.

Sam stared at the remnants of her phone in disbelief, "Why did I do that? God damn it, what's wrong with me?" she cried and with alarm in her eyes looked at Jackson.

Jackson put his arms around his bud, "Sam, you are mentally and physically one of, if not the, strongest woman I have ever met. We've been friends for almost seven years, and best buds for quite a few of them. So let me be blunt...Sam, you are pregnant."

"No shit Sherlock," Sam answered back as she pulled a tissue out of her packet and wiped her eyes. "Are you going to tell me my hormones are all whacked out now, and these things are expected?"

"As a matter of fact, yes I was," he said with sincerity.

"Yeah, I know. When Lynn and I met with the obstetrician, she explained hormonal imbalance, and other 'niceties' that go along with being pregnant. I got what happened when I saw your face. Thanks for understanding."

"I'll watch out for you, I've got experience with these matters," he said proudly, laughing just a little at himself.

"That you do," she said, and she pulled out her wallet and showed him all the pictures of his children he had sent her over the years.

"Now, can I borrow your phone? I need to hear the second message; it was from my dad. I can't listen to it from my phone, due to, umm, technical difficulties."

"Promise not to break it." Jackson asked, completely deadpan as he handed Sam his phone.

Sam chuckled and dialed her voicemail. Her mood became somber as she listened to her dad's concerned voice, "Hi Sam, I am so sorry for what your mom said. I tried to stop her, but I was too late. She has been having trouble with her emotions. It seems like it's been getting worse. I am taking her to the doctor on Thursday. I'll update you later. Hope all is going well with you and Lynn. Love you daughter. Bye."

Sam immediately called Lynn.

"Hi Jackson, what's up?" he cheerfully asked.

"Hey babe, it's me. Umm, my phone sort of broke, and I borrowed Jackson's," she quietly said to her man. "According to Dad, Mom's been having more problems with her moods, and today she left a voicemail that was really mean. I don't know what to do?"

"Oh, hi Love, what happened to your phone? Never mind. We can talk about that later. Umm, I'm not sure what we can do about your phone right now.

"I think your dad has it right about your mom; so let's wait and see what her doctor says, and go from there. Remember neither of them know we are getting married, or that you're pregnant. When are we going to let them in on our little secrets?"

"We'll discuss that later, and my phone too," she said sheepishly.

"No problem; and trust me, I understand where your dad is coming from too, regarding emotional issues," his feminine voice said with sincerity.

"Are you referring to what Dr. Milner said regarding our pregnancy, and my 'possible' hormonal issues," Sam said with a tinge of irritation.

"No of course not, I was talking about me and how I used to get," he quickly replied.

"Good. See you at home; love you Princess."

"Love you too, my Knight," Lynn replied as he hung up the phone.

'Shit! Did I just dodge a bullet or what? Be careful Lynn my girl, be careful,' he thought to himself as he stroked Major on the head and went back to work on their home remodel. His phone rang again, and when he answered it was Jonathan Barker from Carlisle enterprises checking on the progress of the work they contracted for with Lynn.

"Everything is on schedule and doing fine...yes I got Brent to do the photography and I am very happy with..." the conversation continued as Lynn discussed the new designs with his client. Major peered out the door, and began to chuff. The squirrel lounging high above on a tree limb stared at his nemesis. Major's chuff's developed into a series of whines which in turn caused Lynn to open the door so the two adversaries could begin another joust.

Sam's dad called back Thursday afternoon, and asked to be put on speakerphone. He needed to talk with both of them.

"Okay Dad, you're on speaker. What is going on with Mom?"

"Thanks honey. Hi Lynn."

"Hi Leonard. So tell us: what's going on?"

"The doctor says that her behavior was the result of an allergic reaction to the Trazodone. We will be weaning her off that, and switching her to another medication called Wellbutrin. He is hopeful that will alleviate her symptoms, and help 'center' her again. I'm so sorry, Lynn, that she has been harassing you. She should be okay in a few weeks if the Wellbutrin works."

"That's okay Leonard, I know she has difficulty with Sam and I being together, and I just hope she will be okay. I am so happy they found something, and are taking care of it." Lynn said, his voice pitched higher than normal.

Leonard chuckled at Lynn's voice change. Both he and Mary Anne were stunned when Sam informed them that Lynn and she were living together. He had never liked Alexis, and although he was sad for Sam when they broke up, inside he was screaming "YES!" He harkened back to the conversations he had with Lynn when Sam was injured. Leonard could hear the love when Lynn spoke about his daughter. He didn't care that Lynn sounded so feminine; he learned years ago to never judge a book by its cover. But not once did he think that Sam would fall in love with a man, let alone this man.

"Dad that is great news, super news! I hope the med change works. But...umm, Dad, I don't know if this is a good time, but, well, we need to tell you something." Sam said trying to keep her emotions under control.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, It's not 'what's wrong' but what's 'right' Dad...Lynn and I are getting married next month," she said, her voice quivering with happiness.

"Oh my stars and garters, you're kidding me! That's the most wonderful news I have had in months. Oh lord, Sam I am so happy for you two. I do have a question though — Lynn how come you didn't ask me if you could marry my daughter, isn't that tradition?" Leonard asked his future 'son-in-law' a little tongue in cheek.

"Well, sir, actually Sam asked my dad for my hand in marriage last week," Lynn said his voice trembling slightly.

Leonard laughed, "I figured as much son. I know my daughter pretty well, and that would be her way. Well, this is great news for a sad time. I pray the medications will work on your mom so she can share in this moment too. I am so happy for you guys. Oh, and Lynn? For not asking me, may I remind you that it is a 'Small World.'"

'Shit' Lynn thought to himself as he walked away for a few seconds to regroup.

Sam knew immediately what happened when her Dad said those two words. She laughed, and said, "Nice one Dad. But we have some additional good news for you too."

"Nice what, Sam?" he innocently asked then in all seriousness, "What, additional news? What could be better than you two getting married?"

Lynn took his place by Sam's side when she announced, "I'm pregnant too."

"YOU'RE WHAT? OH MY GOD! That's wonderful, wonderful news. When are you due? How are you feeling? Oh Sam, I'm so happy for you two." Then he paused and thought a moment, "Listen, I want to wait before telling your Mom. The medication needs time to work, and I don't want to add any more stress. Do you two understand, and agree?"

"I agree, and I'm sure Lynn will agree as well Dad." She glanced at Lynn who nodded affirmatively. "Now to answer all your questions, Grandpa," Sam mirthfully replied as the animated conversation continued with the two lovers filling in her father on all that happened, and what was going to happen in another month.

*** ** ***

Sam was sitting at the kitchen table Saturday going over wedding invitations, and other things. Her pregnancy was going well, with minimal side effects. She had to admit that since she had become pregnant she had a short fuse, but Lynn handled it in stride. She thought back to Alexis, and how alone she felt after their breakup, and in her hyperemotional state she couldn't help it, she teared up just thinking about those dark days.

Lynn came in and asked his fiancé, "Sam, what's wrong?"

"I was just remembering how alone I was when Alexis left. I met you — but I didn't know you. I was so sad, and now with all these emotions and planning, and...and...aaaargh. Oh Lynn!" she said with exasperation.

Lynn calmly replied, "Remember my Knight, it isn't you or I anymore, it's now and forever, 'we'. We will do this as a couple; you are not alone. Our love fits and it feels good, and because our love fits it's where we belong...together and inseparable." His voice was strong with the commitment for his handsome woman.

Sam took a deep breath; Lynn's beautiful words encouraged her. She knew those words he spoke. It was his ring tone, a song by Leslie Pearl called, 'If the Love Fits.' She remembered when she first heard him hum the melody. It was so enchanting and so beautiful. She asked him what the name of the song was. He played the song for her, and she heard Leslie sing the words, it made her so happy, because it was they who the songstress was singing about. It was their love that fit, and it felt great. But more importantly she knew with all her heart that where they belonged...was together."

With newfound courage and her heart-felt conviction Sam said, "Thank you my love, we will do this together. Thanks for reminding me, that our love fits, and it's where 'we' belong."

Lynn smiled that she heard and listened to what he said. She was so remarkable. "Yes, together. Now let's see if we can get this wedding moving forward my Knight."

*** ** ***

The days turned into weeks as the two planned their wedding with Shelly and Annie. Lynn's every free moment was spent working on the nursery. He was very busy as he worked on the color schemes, theme, and furniture. He wanted their child's room finished before he or she arrived in six months.

Two-and-a-half weeks before the wedding, Sam still hadn't heard back from her Dad. A few days after she mailed out the wedding invitations, her Dad called.

"Hi Dad, how are you doing, and how is Mom feeling? Are you going to be able to come to the wedding?" she asked with concern.

"Whoa Sam, wild horses couldn't keep me from watching my daughter get married," he chuckled. "I am doing fine, the doctor is still very pleased with how things are going, and..."

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