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Diane Discovers Big


I'm standing in a minimal bikini, so brief that I'm a little ashamed to be wearing it, looking at the most gorgeous male I've ever seen in my life. He looks as if every muscle in his body is outlined. Plus, he's got a handsome face and lovely curly hair. If you were going to sculpt the ideal male, you couldn't do better than him. You'd have to sculpt in ebony, though, because he's black, really black. And absolutely gorgeous. He's at what's generally called "Muscle Beach", lifting weights and posing, preening to attract girls, I'm sure. He definitely attracts me.

I shouldn't be here. I'm a good girl. A rich girl. I'm supposed to do like my mother and become the trophy wife of a very rich man, give him two kids, and live a perfect life. Travel first class wherever and whenever. Buy anything, do anything I want.

My father sometimes calls my mother Cheryl. Her real name is Nancy but he calls her Cheryl because he always thought a model named Cheryl Tiegs was the most beautiful and sexy woman possible. The real Cheryl is probably as old as him now, maybe older since I think he had a teen age crush on her. I've seen pictures of her and it's true my Mom resembles her. Pretty face, terrific body, big breasts. Only my Mom's are real and I'm not sure about those swim suit models. I've definitely inherited my genes from my Mom.

I've wondered whether my Mom likes being compared to a model. She rolls her eyes a little when he says that. Rolls her eyes behind his back fairly frequently. But they seem happy. From the noises I hear from their bedroom, they sure seem compatible. And she has everything, big house, cars, money, servants. All the time in the world since my Dad travels a lot. I've noticed that some days my Mom seems much happier, smiles a lot. It's always when my Dad is away and she's spent the afternoon out.

I've always been athletic. Played every sport, soccer, softball, volleyball, track, swimming. I've always gone to private schools and almost always I'm the MVP on whatever team I'm on. I realize that most rich girls are not into athletics so I like it when our teams play a public school and I can compare my abilities to some really good athletes. I think I do o.k.

Maybe it's because of athletics that I got interested in sex sort of late. I always had a lot to do, kept me busy. I was probably sixteen when another girl on my softball team asked me to stay the night at her place and made it very plain that sex was to be involved. It was the first time it had come up and I was polite but let her know, thanks but no thanks, I like boys. I hadn't done anything yet with boys but knew that's who I was interested in. That's when I first started dating .

It took a couple years of boys telling me I'm beautiful and have a sexy body and trying to paw me before I decided I should find out what it's all about and got a prescription for the pill. On my eighteenth birthday, I had my first sex with a boy. It actually was sort of icky. He wanted me to suck on his penis. I did and in fact it's sort of sexy but I guess I wasn't good at it so he moved us around and pushed it into me. It hurt a lot and I wondered what was so great about sex anyway and it didn't last long. I never dated him again. Two things came out of this experience, though. First, I talked to a girl that I knew was what we would call loose and asked her how to suck a cock. She explained blow jobs to me, graphically and completely. Second, he apparently bragged about what he did with me and it took a while for me to convince most people that he was a liar.

Other girls kept telling me how great it is so I decided I'd try again when I had a chance. It was at least six months later and I dated Chad a half dozen times and he suggested we spend the day at this resort and I agreed. He rented a room. We actually got naked and I gave him a blow job, using what I'd been told. I guess it worked, he seemed to like it. Then he sucked on my breasts and fingered me a lot and I got a little aroused and he pushed into me. It didn't hurt nearly as much as the first time and actually started feeling good and then it was over. He shot his load into me and pulled out. All through it he kept telling me how beautiful I was and what a great body I have and how I could be a centerfold. We went swimming for awhile and then back to the room and did it all again. It was a very good experience but I knew it could be better. I just need to find someone much better at it who can give me orgasms like I read about.

Which is why I'm standing here staring at this gorgeous black hunk, showing off more of my body than I should. And it isn't my first time. I think this is the fifth time I've come to watch him. Before, I always chickened out and left before he finished his work out. This time, though, I'm still there when he walks up to me.

He is really gorgeous. Unbelievable body and wearing a little suit that might even be smaller than my little bikini. "Hi," he says. I have no idea what to do so I just stand there. "I've seen you here before," he says, "are you interested in me?" I smile but can't think of what to say, which isn't like me. On the one hand I want to turn and run, I don't belong doing this, but on the other hand I really want him. "A quiet one, huh?" he says. "Would you like me to lick that delicious blond pussy of yours?" Oh my God, it's exactly what I want. And then he adds, "Do you want to suck my big black cock?"

Finally I swallow and answer him. "Yes and yes," I manage to say.

He smiles, puts his hand on my back and we start walking off. "I'm Jack," he says.

"Diane," I reply.

At his apartment we're both naked immediately. It isn't difficult,neither of us has much on. I love his body. I kiss him on the lips and start feeling his body, moving kisses all over him, even down his legs but ending at his cock. A very stiff, very black cock. Surprisingly, not much different than Chad's, except the color. I try to do what that girl told me, act like I love his cock. In fact, I think I do love it. I kiss it and lick it and then suck on it. I sit back and look at it and use my hand to masturbate him and then get my lips back around it. I bob up and down with tight lips, licking inside my mouth while using two fingers around him to also jerk him off a little. I try to get all of it into my mouth and sort of gag as it hits my throat but go back to sucking him some more. I work on it every way I can think of and finally he shoots off. I swallow the sticky stuff. I know that's what I'm supposed to do but I can't believe I'll ever love the taste or feel of semen.

And then he does to me what I'd done to him, kissing all over me, sucking on my nipples, feeling me, telling me what a great body I have. And then he's at my pussy. I've never felt anything as good before in my life. He goes at it like he's hungry for me, licking and sucking. I can understand why it's called 'eating' pussy. That's what he's doing. I have the best orgasm of my life. I think I may lose consciousness momentarily. And then he's up over me, pushing into me. I'm already in orgasm and as he fucks me the feeling never seems to end. This is what it's supposed to be like, I'm sure.

I have my legs up, my knees almost to my shoulders, and he's pumping into me and I see this body next to us. Jack says, "This is Looey, my room mate." I look and see another beautiful body. Naked. Tan instead of black. A penis hanging there with pubic hair all around it. "She's a great cock sucker Looey," he says. "Hang around and see."

I'm still fully aroused, his cock is moving in me and I love it. But what is this? Another guy. Another beautiful body, for sure, but what am I now, just raw meat for whoever shows up? I can't really think because I'm too engrossed in getting fucked really well for the first time in my life. Looey takes my hand and places it on what is now an erect cock. I grab hold of it and start jerking him off a little as Jack continues to pound into me. This is all so glorious but also just a little scary.

Jack finally starts shooting into me. I wrap my legs around him and pull him close as he finishes. I can feel my insides grasping him, pulsing. I've never felt this sexy and fulfilled. He pulls out and on his knees moves back from me and I lower my legs onto the bed. Looey is now laying on the bed next to me. I still have hold of his cock with one hand. I don't know how to explain it, it makes no sense but I just feel like it. I'm so aroused. I change position, kneel next to him and lean down and take his cock into my mouth. I start giving him as good a blow job as I gave Jack a few minutes before.

I can hear myself slurping as I lick him. The rest of the world doesn't exist, I don't know where Jack is now, I'm just working on this sexy cock. I feel a cock starting to push into me. I spread my legs a little to give room while I continue working on Looey's cock. Boy, does this cock feel good. It just fills me. I think my mind has gone nuts. I'm sucking a complete stranger's cock and some other stranger is pushing his perfect cock into me from the back. I lift my head for a moment, "Who is this?"I ask.

"Ben," a deep voice answers as he slides all the way into me. I think I'm in sexual overload or something. In my mind I know this is insane but my body says this is all better than anything has ever been. This newest cock, now fully inside me feels better than anything I've ever experienced. I don't know what else might happen but I want to see this Ben and make use of his perfect cock more often. So I work faster and harder on Looey until he finally shoots off. I swallow the stuff again.

"Ben," I say, "Can you pull out a moment and let me roll over so I can see you while you get back into me?" He does that and I roll over. God, he's even more gorgeous than Jack. A really large person, maybe a foot taller than Jack. A giant almost. Blond, like me. Actually nice looking in a sort of tough way. Blue eyes, grinning, and then pushing his whole cock back inside me again. I realize that it's big, bigger than anything I've experienced before. It probably feels so good because I was already so loose and lubricated from Jack fucking me that it slid in easy. I'm pushing back, loving every moment of this like I've never loved anything before in my life. I can hear myself grunting and moaning even though I'm not aware that I'm doing it.

"You're about the prettiest girl I've ever seen," this deep voice rumbles out as he pounds his cock into me. I just grunt and fuck back as much as I can. It seems to last forever, I must have a couple more orgasms, I'm going nuts. He finally shoots off. I can feel it filling me. I wrap my arms and legs around him and hold him tight. I can sense him softening inside me but he's still got enough that I can feel him in there.

"Ben, I want to see you again," I say to him. "I want to experience this some more." I look around and Looey (who I later learn is actually Luis) and Jack are gone. I can hear noises, they're probably just in another room. "I know you think I'm some horrible skank but I've only been with two guys before today and wanted to experience something new. And I sure have. But I've never felt anything as good as you before. I think I better leave here and get back home but can I see you again? Just you, not the others."

"Sure," he says, grinning some more and slowly pulling out of me. I lower my legs and he moves back. I sit up and turn and get my feet on the floor. I can see my little bikini laying in the corner and get up and go to put it on. "You're a gorgeous girl," he says, "the best tits I've ever seen."

"I'm Diane," I tell him. "What time tomorrow can I find you here? And do you have your own bedroom so we can be alone and not interrupted?"

"I usually get home about four thirty and yeah, I have my own bedroom. I'd like to see you again. Maybe wait until five to be sure and just come to the door, I'll be here, Diane."

As I leave, I'm careful to check the street signs so I can find this place tomorrow. I feel very guilty but I also feel very fulfilled. I've had more sex than I ever expected and the best sex of my life. And best of all, I'm going to get some more tomorrow. I get to my car, punch in the code on the door, get to my wallet and pay the parking lot and head home, smiling all the way.

The next day I go to my classes at USC where I'm a nineteen year old freshman. As I walk from class to class and inside the classrooms, I look at the guys, wondering how good a lover each of them might be. I can see where some are much taller and I wonder if that means they have larger cocks. I know that what I felt with Ben was because his cock is so large. Is it possible to settle for anything smaller now that I've experienced Ben?

After my last class I drive to the Venice neighborhood where he lives. I park my car and lock my wallet inside and walk to the house he's living in. It's about five before five when I knock on the door and Ben answers. I smile and say, "Hi, Ben."

He smiles and says, "C'mon in Diane." He leads the way to what I guess is his bedroom. I don't see either of the other two. Inside, I look to see if it's possible to lock the door. It isn't but I close it and then start taking my clothes off. Ben watches me and does the same. God, he's so gorgeous. Really big, must be six foot six or something. And even soft his cock hangs down at least a half dozen inches. Must almost double that as it gets hard. "You're so beautiful, " he says, "with a really great body. Lovely tits." I walk to him and we hold each other and kiss. I reach down between us to grasp his cock, moving my hand a little to help it grow. He feels my ass. We lay down on the bed.

"I don't know if I'll be able to do this thing justice," I say, leaning over to play more forcefully with his cock, getting ready to start sucking it. "You're just so darn big." It's almost there. I lean down and kiss the head, lick up and down the sides of it. It's fully up now and it's big. Long and fat both. I get my mouth open as far as I can and get the head into me, licking it. I manage to push about three inches into my mouth which leaves at least a full hand width outside, so I start using my hand and fingers to masturbate him as I suck and bob my head over the top third or so. As that girl told me back after my first try at this, act like you love it, treat it like you love it and want it. Well, I don't have to act, I do want it. I work on it and work on it, running my other hand over his chest and stomach, feeling his muscle bound body, then holding his balls and moving them through my fingers as I continued to suck and lick and jerk my fingers on him. He seems to last and last until I'm afraid I'll get lock jaw, my mouth forced to stay wide open like this. But then he finally cums, shooting load after load of the goopy, sticky stuff that I swallow and swallow.

He then treats my body like he loves it. Kissing and feeling me all over. Spending a lot of time on my breasts, telling me over and over what a great body I have. Finally he's down between my legs. My only comparison is with Jack yesterday, which I loved. He seemed to really eat me. Ben is nicer, softer, slower, driving me crazy like he's going to lick and slide his fingers into me for hours and hours. But he gets me there. When I orgasm, putting out lots of juices, he sucks at me some more and then raises up over me and starts pushing that huge thing into me. "Take it slow, Ben," I tell him, "Let me get used to you." He does, it takes a couple minutes, moving in more each time, and we're pubic hair to pubic hair and he's in me so far I think he might be up in my stomach.

He fucks me slow for awhile, then begins speeding up. Eventually he has my ass a foot or more off the bed and he's pounding into me like he's trying to hurt me except it feels so perfect. I cum and cum and he keeps on pounding away. I know I've got to be yelling and grunting, this is all almost beyond my ability to stand it. And then he's unloading inside me and he lowers me down and pulls out. I roll to be mostly on top of him. "Ben, sex with you is perfect. I hope we can do that over and over again."

"I'm going to school," I tell him, "will be there for at least three more years. What do you do?" I try to make conversation and learn more about him while he builds up for another go at me.

"I load trucks. I pick up crates and boxes and load them into trucks. I've tried to get other jobs but I'm just not all that smart. People have tried to give me more to do and I just mess it up sooner or later. I mean, everyone's nice and all but I just can't think on my own. I can do what I'm told."

"Well, you could sure do me without me telling you what to do."

He gives that nice grin of his. "Well, yeah, I've been fucking girls for a long time and know how to do that. Eat 'em first to get 'em ready cause I'm too big to try and go cold. It hurts 'em. I didn't have to with you yesterday because you were already ready for me. It feels real good inside you. You're tight and you really like it, I can tell."

I've been playing with his cock as we talk. It's moving but not all the way up so I lean over him and lick it a little and suck the head into my mouth. I can feel it almost snap to attention. "I like you to do that, some girls won't. I like to taste you, too. All right if I lick you a little before we fuck?"

"It's more than all right, I'd love you to." I jump on him in a sixty nine position, which I know about but never have done before, and lower my pussy onto his face. He's so much bigger than me, I can barely get the head of his cock in my mouth and still keep my pussy to his mouth. I think he really likes the taste of me, even though I'm full of his cum and he's probably getting some of it as he licks me. After a short time, I want him in me, so I lift off him and move around to sit on him and take him up in me. I've never done that before, either. I'm careful, dropping down on him a little at a time, slowly getting him in further and further until I'm sitting fully on him.

"I like looking at you sit on me like that, you have a perfect body, Diane, and it all jiggles as you bounce up and down on me." Even as I ride him, feeling him inside me, I'm thinking, "What do I do about this guy. He's an idiot but a great fuck." We last and last. I suggest we turn over so he can pound into me from above and that's what we do. It takes a long time but after I've cum a couple times, he finally does, too. "You want me to get Jack or Luis?"

"No,I just like being with you, Ben. Besides, I'm going to have to leave and get home for dinner." He's simple. He thinks it's being nice to offer me to other guys. I can tell, it's never going to be a love affair with this guy, it's just going to be me loving his big cock and his liking to eat me. But overall, I'm just one more cunt to him, maybe prettier than others but nothing more.

After dinner, I talk with my mother. "Mom, I've found a guy that gives me the best sex ever but he's a dunce. How do you make major decisions in your life?"

She gets me into her car and we drive around our neighborhood. "Diane, this is the only way you've ever known to live. You may not appreciate it as much as you should." We drive onto a freeway and get off in south Central LA and she drives up and down a couple streets, small homes. "This is how a lot of people live. They only have enough money to get through today, or this week. They miss some work and miss some pay and they're in trouble. In fact, we might be in trouble if we stay here much longer, there are people shot around her regularly. These people have to live with that, too." Then we go back up the freeway and get off downtown and she drives to skid row. I've read about this but never actually seen it before. It's late evening. People are sitting and laying on the street. There are some tents, some cardboard boxes with people in them. Some are smoking, some have bottles." These are people who can't cope. Who can't keep up with the world. This is where you slide to when you make too many mistakes."

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