Diane Gets A Nasty Surprise


Diane quickly pulled her top down and wiped her mouth. Then she went to the window. As she looked out I heard John tell her that the next door neighbour was there and they started to discuss something.

I could see Diane look behind at me and mouth the word 'Sorry' then become embroiled in the conversation as she leaned out of the window.

I looked at Diane's shapely ass as she leaned over the sill. A thought crossed my mind and I quietly crept up behind her. Diane flinched as I pushed myself up against her arse. I held her in position and pushed my cock up against her. Her skirt was in the way so I roughly pulled it up and over her backside.

My cock slapped against Diane's bare ass and as she pushed back against me trying to straighten up. As she did my cock pushed between her legs and rubbed against her wet cunt.

'Dan stop.' She whispered as I held her in position. By now I was rubbing my erection up and down her wet labia and pussy slit.

'Jesus....fuck' Diane gasped. 'No look stop. John's just down below' she hissed back at me.

'Fuck off Diane. You bloody love it – I can tell by how wet you are. You've been teasing me for weeks now. It's payback time – my cock needs your pussy and you're pussy wants my cock badly. 'I laughed quietly. 'Tell me again that you don't want me to fuck you whilst your husband talks to you down there. Tell me you don't want to try a bit of young cock.'

'It feels fucking fantastic' Diane hissed. 'But my fucking husband can see me.'

I rubbed my cock even harder against Diane's pussy opening. 'But he can't see me. Imagine how dirty it would be for me to fuck you whilst you talk to your husband?'

Diane grunted as my cock pushed against her cunt opening. 'Fuck' she gasped. 'You bastard that feels so fucking good.'

Diane pushed herself back against me and my cock slipped straight into her wet cunt. She instantly squealed and pushed me back so that me cock flopped out of her.

I heard her husband ask if she was alright and she told him she had cramp.

Diane turned to me and hissed, 'Ok fuck me but you need to put a condom on – quick.'

I looked at her. 'I don't have one' I said. 'Do you?'

Diane glared at me. 'What do you mean do I? Of course I don't. I'm 53 – what would I be doing with fucking condoms at my age? I don't make a habit of fucking complete strangers you know!'

My cock was still teasing Diane's opening. 'Right' she whispered. 'Stick it in me and fuck me quickly and quietly. But don't you dare cum in me – do you understand?'

I nodded quickly grabbing her hips and pushing my cock towards her wet cunt.

I rammed my cock deep into Diane and she groaned and pushed back against me. I heard her husband ask if she was ok again. Diane nodded and grunted something about cramp to him again.

I heard her husband carry on a conversation with the neighbor. Diane turned back to me and whispered 'My God, how does Amy get this thing to fit? I've never had a cock this big - the head is as big as a fist.' Diane started pushing herself back against me as I rammed my cock deep into her. My hands reached around her and I started to play with her tits which hung down invitingly. Her age meant they sagged slightly which in my mind just made them an even sexier sight. I pulled them hard and kneaded them roughly as I rammed my cock in and out of Diane. She clearly liked it as every time I pushed my cock into her she thrust back against me to maximize my penetration. I wasn't yet fully inside her but my hand reached around to grab her stomach so that I could pull her back properly and fully enter her. I could feel the slight sag and overhang of her stomach which again was a sign of aging. It felt great and I grabbed her roughly and pulled her back against me hard as I thrust myself forward.

As I thrust forward and buried my entire length into her mature cunt I felt my cock head meet some resistance inside Diane. As my cock head stabbed at the fleshy wall of resistance Diane flinched and let out a little yelp.

'Diane what's up?' I heard her husband say.

'Sorry John' she gasped. 'It's just this cramp. It won't go away.' Diane flinched again as I rammed my cock home and my cock head butted against the resistance again.

'Jesus Dan' Diane gasped as quietly as she could. 'Be careful, that's my fucking cervix you're prodding there.' She winced again as I stabbed her cervix entrance. 'Fuck, I've never had a cock so big. You're more or less in my bloody womb!'

Diane then started talking out of the window and I suddenly realized that she had been asked a question. I was fucking her as she talked to her husband and neighbor. I could hear Diane trying to talk, and get her words out. She sounded breathless.

As she finished she turned back to me and hissed, 'Oh my God it's so big. It's stretching me so much. Please go easy on me – you'll damage me.'

For being Amy's mum her cunt was really tight. I guessed her husband must be a little guy. I was hard as steel and swollen to my biggest size as I kept pounding her pussy. Every now and then she would have a conversation with the two men below and I kept think how bizarre the situation was. I was fucking a woman old enough to be my mother, who was the mother of my girlfriend whilst she leant out of a window talking to her husband. The thought turned me on more and more and I could feel my orgasm starting to build.

She was so tight I couldn't believe it. It felt so good. Her cunt was on fire and she started to ride me as she thrust back against me. I could tell that Diane was getting close to an orgasm. She was really getting into it and a sense of urgency was taking over her body.

Diane was now breathing hard and clearly trying to look as composed as she could whilst leaning out of the window. She hissed back at me 'Remember don't come in me - my husband had a vasectomy and I'm not on the pill.'

This didn't quite register with me because why on earth a woman would be fucking a young guy like me unprotected with the risk of getting pregnant. I just nodded.

Every thrust I made was met with a backward thrust from Diane often as she talked to her husband and neighbor as if she didn't have a care in the world. Little did they know that her cunt was full to the brim with young cock as they talked to her. The conversation was something to do with gardening but I wasn't really concentrating. Up and down she went. Each time my cock head hit her cervix opening which I could tell she was now enjoying. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I had a week worth of come boiling in my balls.

I pushed into her again and said 'Diane, I'm going to come soon.'

She was in full conversation with her husband. I pulled her nipples hard to get her attention.

'Not yet, not yet' she whispered back to me.

She was really grinding now trying to get all of my cock in her.

That was when my heart nearly stopped. I happened to glance up and noticed a figure staring at us in the mirror. Amy wax looking straight at me and I immediately lost me rhythm.

Diane grunted and told me to keep going, oblivious to what I'd just seen.

I glanced behind me and saw Amy staring at me. She had a funny look on her face and then I noticed her hand was jammed firmly down her knickers. She indicated to me to stay quiet. I just started at her whilst I kept thrusting into her mother.

Diane was now pushing back against me hard. She was clearly nearing an orgasm and was also having a full conversation.

Amy quietly crept into the room to my side. She was silent as she walked then very quietly whispered in my ear. 'You dirty bastard.' She smiled and looked down at my cock. 'Fucker' she whispered again. 'You're not even wearing a condom.' She looked at me and then at her mother who was oblivious to the fact her daughter was now in the room.

'Fuck her Dan and make sure you cum inside her. Teach the dirty slut a lesson' Amy quietly told me.

Her hard then reached down and cupped my balls as I continued to fuck her mother.

As I thrust in and out of Diane she hissed back without looking 'Fuck Dan I'm nearly there. I'm....I'm gonna cum. Fuck your cock's just about in my womb. Remember don't cum in me.....pull out ok?'

I gasped as Amy squeezed my balls. She mouthed to me 'Cum inside her. Cum in her womb.'

Diane was talking as she leaned further out of the window. I could feel her body starting to convulse as she started to orgasm. Suddenly she started to stiffen all her muscles, including the ones in her pussy. I knew she was coming as she forced herself back against my cock. I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock and her body started to shudder.

Her husband was asking her if it was the cramp again and Diane just gasped a yes as she exploded into a full orgasm. I felt my sperm rising up on the long journey out of my cock. I thought about pulling out but Amy clearly read my mind and gave my balls another squeeze.

Diane's cunt muscles were spasming around my cock and I couldn't pull out. I gave up as she rammed herself back against me for a last time as I thrust forward knowing I was going to cum, driving my cock head into her cervix just as my come that had been building up for a week jetted out of my cock directly into her womb. As I did Amy's hand massaged my balls as If she was encouraging them to empty every last drop of spunk into her mother.

I lost all reason too and grabbed Diane's hips pulling her back against me and thrusting into her tight cunt spewing what seemed like a gallon of come deep inside her. I must have shot at least a dozen times as I gasped against Diane's twitching body. I had filled her cunt with my cum but she hadn't seemed to notice.

As I regained my senses I became conscious that her husband and neighbor were wandering off down the garden and Diane was gasping a goodbye to them as she continued to grind on me soaking me with her juices. I could feel her pussy slowing and then stop spasming. She groaned and pushed back against me.

'I'm sorry Diane' I gasped.

'Mmmmm, sorry? Sorry for what?' she dreamily said without even looking back at me.

'I tried but I couldn't pull out of you. Your cunt muscles kept me in you. I shot my load in you' I said.

Diane gasped and straightened up pulling my cock out of her cunt. She gasped with shock as she noticed Amy beside me. Diane looked white with fear. Then she realized she had spunk dribbling out of her cunt and down her inner thighs. 'Oh fuck. Amy I'm...I'm so sorry. I....I just.....fuck..'

Amy just stared at her mother. 'Fucking slut' she said. 'I hope he's made you pregnant. That'll teach you a lesson you dirty bitch.'

Diane looked mortified. She suddenly realized what had happened.

'You did what?' she spat at me.

'I couldn't help it Diane. I haven't come in a week and I couldn't pull out, not with Amy's hand there. Besides, I told you I was coming and you didn't seem to care.'

Diane started to cry, 'I didn't hear you, all I wanted was to come on your big cock.'

'Hopefully it will be alright' I said. 'When was your last period? I bet there is no way you are pregnant.'

Diane was about to reply when Amy jumped in. 'I hope you are pregnant you slut. Then you'll have to explain it to dad.' She looked at me and said, 'You're luck you're a good fuck otherwise I'd dump you right now.'

Amy got up to leave the room and turned to both of us. 'Look at you mum. Standing there with your skirt all rucked up and cum dribbling out of your pussy. You look like a total whore. You'd better keep me happy or I might just have to tell dad.' She stormed out of the room.

Diane looked at me. 'You bastard. I told you not to cum in me. Fuck you were in my fucking womb. You shot cum right into my fucking womb. I'm bound to be pregnant.'

'Well let's see if you are Diane.' I then leant over and kissed her hard. As she pulled away I said 'Look you were a great fuck. Amy enjoyed watching us so don't worry about her. I think she likes the thought of me fucking her mum. We'll need to do it again sometime.

She said, "Since my husband had his vasectomy I really haven't paid too much attention to them. Let me think. It's been over about a week now." Crap I thought, she is at her most fertile, and I shot a gallon of potent sperm in her. She started to cry realizing the same thing.

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