tagBDSMDiane Is Heavily Used

Diane Is Heavily Used


Diane enjoyed the cool water as it drizzled over her lips. She drank as much as she could manage, enjoyed the cool feeling in her mouth and throat. I held the pitcher high, poured it onto her forehead and let it drip down the front of her body. She turned her head right and left, tilted it to get as much as she could into her mouth.

I watched her face closely. When it looked like she was relaxing a bit, I stopped pouring and said "back into position."

Diane dropped slowly to her knees and spread them wide apart. She picked up the rubber hood from the floor and took one last look around the room. The three men I'd brought were still dressed in their work clothes, holding beers and watching her. She pulled the mask over her head. It covered her face completely, leaving only her nostrils and mouth exposed. Then, she arched her back slightly and crossed her wrists behind her neck. In her final act of preparation, she leaned her head back a bit and opened her mouth wide.

"Well, gentlemen, that was Round One," I said. We'd arrived an hour earlier. Diane was immediately stripped naked and passed around for blow jobs. Then, I'd tied her over the back of one of the chairs and given her a mild spanking with a wooden paddle. One hundred strokes. The men had been amazed and impressed but both Diane and I knew that the flat wooden paddle was a lot easier to take than what was coming. I'd slipped my hand underneath her and she'd cum three times before I reached 100.

I opened the suitcase I'd brought and removed a flogger. I showed it to the men. It was a heavy leather contraption with 26 tails, each 24 inches long. I swished it in the air.

"Who wants to feel this?" I joked with them. John held out his arm. John was a guy I'd met when working construction during college. He always had to prove how tough he was, so it was a natural he'd want to show off. I gave him a good swat and he flinched.

"Ow, hey. That's some serious shit." The others nodded.

"Oh, yeah," I said, then in a single motion, I spun around and started flogging Diane's breasts. She maintained her position for the first three swings, but then shuddered and leaned forward after the fourth, elbows closing over her face.

"Diane, am I going to have to have them hold you?" I asked in a menacing tone.

"No, no sir," she answered quickly, regaining her position.

"So, four seems to be the magic number, is that it?" I asked. "Let's all count out loud." I turned to the three and nodded. Then, I raised my arm again and swung at her once, twice, three times. They all counted out loud. I stopped before the fourth and she flinched.

"Wow," Dave muttered.

"Conditioning," I said. "Now, if I want to, I can punish her for even just that. For flinching in anticipation rather than offering herself to the whip." I turned to Diane. "Diane, next time we get to number four, I want to see you lean back and offer your breasts to me, and I want to hear you ask for it."

"Yes, sir," she said.

I stood there for several minutes, just watching her breath. Every few seconds, she's shift her weight slightly from knee to knee or move her elbows closer or farther apart. We were all completely silent, just watching her. Then, completely at random, I silently raised the flogger and brought it upward, catching the underside of both breasts. She screamed and bent at the waist, covering herself with her arms. Immediately, she went back to position.

"Oh, sir, I'm sorry, sir, I'm sorry, sir..." I clamped my hand over her mouth and leaned forward. "Too late. I am going to use the cane." She gave a slight whimper.

"My cock's gonna explode if I don't get to fuck her," Marco said. He was the shortest of the three but had the thickest cock. Only six inches or so long, but it looked like her wrist. He unbuckled his belt and pulled off his pants. He spit on his cock and tugged at it until it got stiff. Then, he took Diane's wrist and walked the bed. He pushed her down and she spread herself wide, hands reaching for him. He eagerly climbed on top of her and shoved himself in deep and fast. She moaned and wrapped one leg around his back, fucking him hard. Marco pumped fast and I thought he'd finish quick but after ten minutes, he was still going solid. Diane came while he was inside her and I could tell she was getting sensitive by the way she ground against him. He loved it and fucked even harder. He finally came, holding her hips and pushing himself as deep as he could. She grunted as his cock opened her wide.

"Next," he said, standing up and shaking the drops of cum onto her belly.

"Not that skank hole," Dave said. "He's stretched her so wide we could put a fist in there."

"Maybe we should," John echoed.

"Too fucking cliche," Dave answered. "Let's give her some time to close back up. Snatch will do that. And I know just what will help."

Dave took the flogger from where I'd dropped it on the floor. "Hold her legs open," he said to Marco and John. Each of them took one of Diane's ankles and spread her wide. I watched her holding her breath, belly trembling, wondering what they were going to do. She couldn't see with the mask on, but knew where Dave was. He smiled and held his finger to his lips. Then, he leaned forward and lightly stroked Diane's pussy with his finger. She purred, let herself relax. He nudged the clit, then pushed his finger inside her, feeling how wide open Marco's cock had left her. She started responding, grinding her hips slightly and moaning.

Dave motioned for Marco to replace his finger. I wondered what he was doing. Marco touched Diane, making the same motion Dave had been making. Then I understood. Diane had no idea Dave had stood up, couldn't tell who was touching what part of her. She just knew that she was getting close to cumming again.

Dave nodded his head and Marco pulled his hand away from Diane's pussy just in time to avoid being hit by the flogger. She shrieked. The combination of the surprise and her arousal was too much for her, she screamed as Dave flailed at her cunt and belly with the flogger. I put my hand over her mouth, she was louder than I'd heard in a long time. I had to give Dave credit, he knew his stuff.

"Enough," I said when I'd counted to twenty. They let go of Diane. She lay on the bed panting, knowing not to move, but eager for whatever was coming next.

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