tagFetishDiane's Next Damp Adventure Ch. 03

Diane's Next Damp Adventure Ch. 03


This story picks up at the end of chapter 2, you may want to read it before reading this one as you will miss some of the flow of the story if you don't.


While Diane was in the ladies' room changing her underthings, I checked to see if her friend in Madison was online. He wasn't, so I sent him an email, briefly reporting how the evening was going and complimenting him on her obedience. Then, I asked whether I should just send her home when I was finished with her or if he had any plans for her later.

It was another two or three minutes before I saw Diane coming back down the hall. She looked nervous, taking small steps, her arms stiff at her sides. The black dress clung tightly to the contours of the diaper, there was no mistaking what she was wearing underneath.

As she walked past the bar, our waitress spotted her. A huge grin spread across her face and she turned, caught the bartender's attention, and pointed at Diane. The bartender leaned forward, unable to believe what he was seeing. I watched him mouth "holy crap"or something like that. The two of them leaned their heads closer, said something, and broke out laughing again.

Diane finally got to the table and handed me her original panties, the ones with the RC vibrator. I nodded. "We don't want to ruin those, do we?" She answered quietly, "no". She dropped her arms back to her sides and stood next to me, silent.

"Aren't you going to sit down?" I said in a teasing voice.

"I'd rather not," she said, quietly.

"I'll bet." I motioned to the waitress, then reached for Diane's left hand. "I'll bet you don't want to. It's been just over an hour, hasn't it? You must be ready to burst. Five glasses of water?" I stroked her hand gently.

The waitress handed me the bill, then looked at Diane. She didn't speak but it didn't matter. Diane knew what she was thinking. I reached into my pocket for my pen, signed the bill to my room, and handed it back to the woman.

"Would you like another glass of water for her?" she asked. Diane didn't move, didn't shift her eyes from the table.

"Nice of you to ask," I said. "But I think she has had enough." I touched Diane's belly lightly. "Isn't that true?" She just nodded her head.

"If you say so," the waitress said, walking back to the bar.

I got up out of my chair and led Diane toward the elevator. I purposely took full strides, making her move her feet quicker than she wanted to. She was biting her lower lip, the tension around her eyes was evident. I pushed the UP button, we waited a few minutes for the elevator. When the doors opened, I motioned her in ahead of me, then stepped inside and pushed the button for the 20th floor. We rode in silence, she with hands crossed in front of her, feet pressed together.

When the door opened for the 20th floor, she started to step out. I put my arm in front of her, stopping her. "On second thought, let's go back down," I said. She turned and looked at me, panic in her eyes. "What?" I asked, then leaned in and kissed her lips. I pressed the button for the 1st floor, waited for the door to close. When it did, I moved in closer, took her head in my hands and pressed our mouths together hard. She opened her lips and her tongue worked its way into my mouth. I felt her hands around my back and held her steady, kissing deep and wet. I pressed my knee between her legs and started pushing gently. I felt her begin to hump against my leg, then freeze. I pulled my face back, fingers tracing her neck and cheeks.

"Ah, a bit nervous? You can't afford to let yourself get too turned on? You might lose control?" I continued to goad her, leaning forward and whispering in her ear. "Haven't you realized yet that you have no options? That you have no future but the future I choose for you?" I slid my hand up the front of her dress, over her breasts, teasing the nipples. She closed her eyes, I heard her moan softly. "Open your legs, go on, spread your legs for me." She relaxed just a bit more, resting against the mirrored wall of the elevator. I slid my hand up underneath her dress, felt the cool flesh of her right thigh. The muscles underneath were tense, shivered slightly.

The elevator bell rang. It stopped at the 5th floor and the door opened. I took my hand away, slid it behind her back, but went back to kissing her deep, feeling her body go more and more limp. Three men got on the elevator, made no attempt to ignore us, grinned at each other. One of them caught me looking and gave me a thumbs up. I ignored him.

When the elevator stopped at the first floor, I stepped back and looked at Diane. She was leaning weakly against the wall, knees open, dress and hair disheveled, mouth slightly open. "Straighten up," I ordered as I stepped out of the elevator and walked across the lobby. She smoothed her dress, ran her fingers through her hair, and got out of the car. I could hear her feet as she shuffled quickly, trying her best to keep her thighs together but move quickly enough to catch up with me.

By the time she caught me, I was already outside. Traffic was light and there were few pedestrians. I stopped, turned and held out my hand for her. She reached and took my hand. We walked slowly from the hotel door to the end of the block, then I stopped. The light changed to red. There were three cars on our side of the street waiting, five or six on the other side. I walked her to the edge of the curb. The man who was driving the car looked at me, I nodded. He looked at Diane. I watched his eyes rove up and down her body, stopping for a long time at her hips, the bulge that revealed something bulky underneath. He looked at me again. I smiled at him, then turned to Diane.

"Do it."

She turned and looked at me, staring with disbelief.

"Do it. Now."

She continued to stare. The driver made a right-hand turn and I shook my head. "Stop. I changed my mind. No sense putting on a show if there is no audience."

Diane looked at the traffic signal, then back at me. "Are you serious?" I didn't answer. The light changed and I walked her across the street. We went into a convenience store. She followed me as I meandered through the aisles, all the time aware of the discomfort she was in.

The human body will typically process water in an hour or so. And the more water, the more urgent the need to get rid of it. At some point, it would begin to hurt. Diane was certainly past that point. But, she had something else warring inside her - her upbringing and professionalism. Even through she was wearing the adult diaper, unloading her bladder in public was unthinkable. I knew what was going on with every step she took - the private war within her between her body and its needs and her sense of herself and her limits. At some point, nature would take over. I knew that too. Nobody is strong enough to last forever. She thought it was a matter of willpower. She was mistaken.

I was tempted to tell her that. To tell her that she had no reason to hold out, it was inevitable so now was as good as ten minutes from now. But I wouldn't tell her. That would spoil the game. She had to think she'd let herself do it, that she had a choice.

"Here we go," I said, taking a 1 liter bottle of spring water off of the shelf. "This will do nicely."

Diane followed me as I walked to the checkout line. There were three people in front of us. I let Diane step in front of me, gave her just a slight nudge and she stumbled, catching her balance by grabbing the metal divider. I could tell from her grimace that she'd leaked another small trickle. I rested my hand in the small of her back, turned her, and pulled her close for another long kiss. She tasted exquisite.

When we got outside the store, I walked another block with her, further away from the hotel. I stopped in front of a small bistro. There were two large potted trees in front of the place, two empty sets of tables and chairs, and three customers sitting at a third.

"Hold your hands over the planter," I told her. She gave me a puzzled look but leaned forward slightly and did what I said. I unscrewed the top from the bottle of water and held it a few inches above her hands. "Close your eyes." She bit her lip and closed her eyes. I began to drizzle the water over her hands, letting it run from her thumbs over her palms and fingers, landing in a puddle in the planter.

"Feel that. Doesn't it feel nice? Nice lukewarm water." I continued to pour at an agonizingly slow pace. "Feel the flow, the steady trickle..." The look on her face changed. She was squeezing her eyes tighter now, trying to concentrate. "Diane? Diane, you might as well surrender. Imagine how nice it will feel. How warm..." I moved the bottle, the trickle was now over her wrists and just barely onto her forearms. "You know you will eventually, don't you?" I continued in a soft monotone. "You do everything eventually, don't you?" I moved the water now back and forth from her wrist to her fingertips.

The people at the table were watching, pushed slightly back from the table and leaning in their chairs. I saw them out of the corner of my eye, ignored them. I was focused on Diane's face. Her jaw was quivering, eyes tighter than a minute ago. I tilted the bottle just a bit and the flow quickened. She shook her head, gently at first, then hard, back and forth. I saw tears welling in her eyes. I slowed the water to a trickle and heard her gasp. Then, her face relaxed, her eyes unclenched and her body moved slightly forward.

"That's a good girl. Yes, Diane. It feels so much better now, doesn't it?" I continued pouring the water until the bottle was empty. She was completely relaxed now, her surrender accomplished, her defenses abandoned. She'd taken another step, turned into something different than even before.

I tossed the empty bottle into a waste can nearby and held her hands, helped her stand erect. The three people at the table broke into polite applause. I nodded and smiled.

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