tagBDSMDiane's Story

Diane's Story


It has been another hot day here in North Florida, as I arrive home the phone was ringing and to my pleasant surprise, it was Anita. A very attractive girl I had recently met and we had agreed to meet up sometime. She was making the invite.

"Come over tomorrow Diane for lunch, and a few beers and even games. Are you busy?"

"Great, I have nothing arranged at all, what time do you want me?" I replied

"Anytime." she said while laughing.

"It will just be you me and Tim. Around 3pm would be good, we can have a laugh!"

"I will be there on time." I joked. We said our goodbyes.

I carried on preparing dinner and thinking it will be nice to have a Saturday afternoon with some friends, I had met Anita's boyfriends just once, he looked a little younger than her and my thirties probably around 27 or 28, but seemed very nice, certainly very athletic looking. I called my local cab company for a 2.30pm pickup for the next day

After doing, my weekly shopping in the morning, Went onto the internet and checked my email, then went onto the Literotica story site to see if there had been any comments on my recent stories, and read a few of the latest stories. One of course got me quite hot so after rubbing while reading, I stripped off, lay down and had a nice wank while reliving the details of the story in my mind. I took a short nap to prepare myself for the afternoon visit. A nice shower and washed my hair, shave my legs and puss. Then while doing my hair, look at myself in the mirror and notice how my freckles show more when I have a bit of a tan... I know somebody who really likes that. After applying body lotion all over I stood back thinking, long legs, shaven pussy and DDs, at 36, I still have it, and a broad grin came over me. It was just an informal meet up so a black bra and panties, jean shorts, dark blue button down shirt was the perfect outfit for the day.

At 2.30 on the dot, the Taxi arrived and I was pleased to see it was my usual driver, Dave. He was always very pleasant and chatty, in his fifties, and a fun guy, he loves my DD breasts, many times, he gave them compliments in a soft leering way and of course, I loved the attention. I asked Dave if he could pick me up for the return journey later that night, He gave me his cell number and I was to call him before midnight as he finished then. We arrived at Anita's place, said our goodbyes with Dave saying.

"You are looking really horny Diane, I'm your for the asking." and laughed. I smiled as I waved goodbye.

Anita welcomed me warmly with a hug and a smile. I gave her a bottle of Tequila for consumption as the mood took us. We walked through to the screen enclosed room at the rear of the house where Tim was laying out a lovely spread of food and a few cases of beer.

Both of them wore Shorts and T-shirts. I had picked the right outfit. Tim shorts were very tight and I casually glanced at his package admiringly, at the same time noticed, just how attractive Anita was with her pale skin, blue eyes and long dark hair, tall, long legs, slim body, I had even dreamt of her large suckable breasts.

We enjoyed good food, a few beers and great conversation until about 5.pm when Tim suggested we heat up the Hot Tub they had on the deck.

"Great idea," said Anita. Let's open up the tequila while the heater warms the water up." A few shots later, we were ready to go.

"What about costumes." I said.

"We can all go in wearing our underwear." Anita replied.

We all stripped down laughing as we did; I was first down to bra and panties and jumped straight in to mix it with the bubbles. Tim followed in his boxers while Anita took her time to gives us a show as she got down to her red boy/shorts panties and matching red bra, and looked elegant as she approached to join us.

After some time of laughing and splashing, Anita suggested we turn around and face out from the spa, she whispered to me.

"Let the jet of water hit your pussy, it's a lovely feeling." We both did, Tim just ignored us, and yes, she was right, it is very stimulating.

Anita said "Come on Diane, let's get dried off, it's getting too hot."

We went into the house and the A/C chilled us right down almost immediately. We went into their spare bedroom and picked up some towels.

"Turn around and I will dry your back." said Anita.

She immediately unclipped my bra, removed it, and put it on a chair, dried my back, and down to my ankles. Turned me around and started from my ankles up, moving up to my breast and giving them special attention, all the time was heart was thumping with excitement, Anita held my head and kissed me deeply on the lips, to which of course I responded.

"Your turn I said." I muttered, hardly able to breathe.

She turned and I did the same to her, unclipped her bra, dried her back quickly, quite desperate to get to the front and those breast. She turned at my request and I just said.

"They are so beautiful."

I just could not stop myself and started to lick and suck those beautiful nipples until they rose in my mouth, I was in heaven and wet just twirling her large nipples with my tongue.

"Break time." She said as and pulled away, "We need a cigarette.

We sat there for a few minutes just smoking our cigarettes until Anita said.

"Are you ready to play games now?"

"Oh yes." I said.

Anita laid out the towel on the single bed in the room and told me to lay down which I did, the excitement of what was to come was overpowering, even more so as I had not real idea of what was going to happen. From under the bed, she produces ropes, which were attached to the bed legs, with Velcro wrist cuffs on the other end. These were quickly clipped to my wrist holding me down. Anita then put a blindfold on me. I lay for a second taking all this in, I felt my panties being pulled down, and then my ankles being cuffed to the bed. I lay there completely naked and spread-eagled. I listened, as that was all I could do, the room was very silent.

I heard footsteps, something warm being poured over my body, then four hands deliciously spreading which I had already guessed to be warm massage oil into every part of my body. My breasts were being massaged to perfection, the hands flowed across my arms down my side, continued to my thighs, along the full length of my legs, and culminating at my pussy. There, all four hands came together and soothed the area of my inner thigh, labia lips and by now, a supremely happy clitoris as fingers entered me and did their magic. Not a word was spoken during this pleasure giving, as it stopped, all went silent again.

Everything was silent again as I awaited the next delight. I heard a click, then another, I was being photographed in this open position, and I bet I look shiny with all this oil on me I thought. Next came a mouth on each of my nipples, Tim and Anita must have been standing either side of the bed as my nipples were twirled in their mouth and bitten, giving me the mild pain I enjoy until they moved further up the bed and my hand managed to touch both their legs, one each side. Tim grabbed my hand and placed it on his penis, and I slowly rubbed it to full erection. I found Anita's pussy with my other hand, It was as smooth as mine, I was delighted to find, I could even hear her moan as I explored her. After a few minutes of this, they pulled away.

"I need a drink!" I said. A moment later, another shot of tequila was held to my mouth, I drank it.

"Water, I need water now, please."

I was feeling so parched and hot, the four hands returned to rub ice cubes all over me, and then put their hand to my face, to lick the water from the hands; my body was certainly cooled down as the ice reached every part of me. I felt something touch my face and I turned away, for doing that my breast was smacked hard, my head pulled back and Tim said.

"Open wide."

I opened my mouth knowing what was coming in, and it did, Tim's penis was fucking my face I twirled my tongued around the end and sucked him so hard. He grabbed my head in his hands, and drove the full length into my mouth, I only wished I could have held it for more control, but my arm movements was restricted. Thankfully, he was very excited and my work on him soon had his cum gushing down my throat, I swallowed quickly to avoid wastage. From the noises coming from him I knew he was sated, now will somebody attend to my need, I thought.

Anita put a glass of water to my face, saying. "Drink this; your mouth has more to do."

I gulped the water down; the glass was removed from my mouth. I could sense someone climb onto the bed, with their feet either side of me, then they kneeled down, I knew what was coming now and my tongue was out ready to give Anita a licking and sucking to remember. Her labia lips met my tongue a second later. She tasted so good as I delved deeper inside here, I could feel her clitoris dancing on my tongue enjoying every second of the experience as I was doing as well. Her low moaning was a joy to me as I knew she was reaching orgasm, she was flooding my face with her juices. A moment later, she pulled my head harder into her pussy and cried out as she reached her climax. As she got off the bed, she leaned over, kissed me and said.

"Thank you, that was wonderful."

Next, I felt something prodding at my pussy, finally. It was Tim, hard again so quickly, I thought. His cock slid straight in, I was so wet, taking the whole length in one push, was so easy. I managed to raise my knees to get him in deeper and thrust my hips up to meet him, this felt so good within a few minute I could feel the approach of an orgasm, I returned his thrust with more force and then he withdrew.

"Please." I screamed. Put it back in, do not stop... PLEASE." My hips were still thrusting up, needing it back in, needing more, I was so close.

I lay there waiting and hoping to be filled again for a good minute before I felt it slide into me again and my delicious feeling returned. However, within seconds, it pulled out again and I hear Anita say.

"It is time for pain."

Seconds later, I knew they were dripping hot candle wax on my body as the first few drips fell on my breasts, mostly on my nipples. I sucked in my breadth as I felt the drips continue down my stomach. The excitement and pain is such a wondrous mix, I was slapped two or three times on each breast to add to the pleasure. The hot wax continued its journey down to my aching bald pussy and was dripped all around my labia lips, finally on the hood of my clit, Followed by three hard slaps directly on my pussy. I lay back savoring every second of the pain, feeling the sexual excitement coursing through my aching body.

"It's time for a break." I heard Tim say.

My restraints were all released , I struggled to get up after staying spread-eagled for so long, they both helped me off the bed and put a robe on me, I dashed to the bathroom to relieve my full bladder, all the fluids in me was taking its toll, the break came just at the right time. I returned to the bedroom for a cool beer and a much needed cigarette, while we chatted about the events so far.

"You are a bastard!" I said to Tim.

He smiled "Anita wanted that load down her throat." he said

"There is more left for you though."

"Now I know why she finds you so special." I said. We all laughed.

"Do you want to be restrained again or just a plain hard fuck." Anita asked.

"Just get that cock in me, and keep it there will do me nicely, no more withdrawals half way." I said

I quickly lay back on the bed with my legs hanging over the end; Tim stood at the bottom of the bed, raised my legs vertically and slapped my pussy with his cock three or four times before sliding straight into me, his balls were slapping me with each power stroke of his energetic pace. At the same time, Anita was twisting my nipples with one hand and frantically rubbing my clit with the other. The sexual surges flowing through my body were at an all time high.

"Harder, faster." I screamed at Tim.

His paced quickened as orgasm after orgasm flowed through me, I pushed back at him as hard as I could never wanting this feeling to end. I could feel Tim getting to his end, and the feeling as him cock exploded, I could feel the streams of his cum as it shot inside me.

"That's was one hell of a fuck" I said.

All three of us lay back completely exhausted. We all got our breath back and then headed for the shower; thankfully, they had a huge multihead shower with just enough room for all three of us to get inside. We soaped each other all over; I gave special attention to Tim's now well-deflated penis, washing it carefully for a job well done.

We all got dressed and returned to the living room for food and drink, all this sex is very tiring work I thought, and makes you hungry and thirsty. It was now nearly 11pm, I called Dave the cab driver on his cell and arranged a pickup within the hour. We kept drinking and chatting.

"It's my turn the next time Diane, are you up for it." Anita said.

"You could not stop me." I said and laughed. "When?" I asked.

"Usually, once a month, I will call you" Anita replied.

"I know I will be ready." We all laughed.

We carried on drinking and chatting until we heard Dave arrive; I got up to leave, and sat back down feeling a bit dizzy for a second. The alcohol was taking its effect and I was feeling decidedly wobbly. Tim helped me out to the car; Dave jumped out and helped me into the back seat.

"You had a great day I see." Dave said laughingly as we drove off.

It seemed we had only been driving a few minutes and we arrived home. I may have slept through the journey.

"I think I had better help you indoors." Dave said. He helped me out of the back seat, I gave him my door key, to open the door and he sat me down on a chair at the table.

"I will make you some coffee." he said

"Yes please Dave, but first large iced water, I am so thirsty."

Dave busied himself with the coffeepot, and I was starting to feel a little better. I sat and watched Dave as he filled a jug with water, topped it up with ice and picked up a glass and brought it over to me. I grabbed for the glass from his hand, knocking the jug with my arm and its whole contents poured all over me, leaving my shirt and shorts soaked. We looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"That cooled me down I said, just the coffee now." we both fell about laughing again

Dave ran into the bathroom to get a towel, while I stripped my shirt, shorts off, and sat back in the chair in my bra and panties. Dave came rushing back with a few towels and could not help but stare at my exposed flesh.

"Well dry me." I said, as I stood up. He carefully rubbed me all over drying as much as he could. His eyes never leaving my breasts

"You are very naughty." he said laughing "You need a spanking."

"Yes I do, shall I get over your knee."

Before he could even think about it, I pushed him down on the chair, lay across his knees, sex was in the air, and I wanted it.

"You had better pull my panties down, give me six hard smacks for being naughty."

Dave slowly peeled my panties down, obviously savoring the moment. The first smack was very feeble, by the sixth, I was feeling it, and enjoying it. I stood up and bent over the table with my arse high in the air. I pointed to the jug, which still had some ice in it and asked Dave to use it to cool the area and stop it stinging. He did a good job with the ice, it was soothing especially when I opened my legs more, and my pussy was cooled as well.

"It's time to heat up the inner women Dave." I said

I could hear his trouser dropping as I still lay prone on the table; his probing penis was slowly entering me, my juices were already flowing as he eased fully into me, It was certainly filling me up, I have to get to know this penis better I thought as his pace increased. His hands held my hips at he rammed me, getting his penis as deep in as possible. It was just so delicious, he speeded up and both our breathing rate climbed, then the spasms started, my legs started shaking as a giant orgasm swept over me, immediately followed by Dave filling me, as we came together. Dave pulled out of me, and stood me up.

"I am fucked, I need my bed." I cried out

"I have not even played with the puppies yet." Dave moaned.

"Play with them in bed." I said as I grabbed his hand and let him into the bedroom.

We lay in bed, while Dave enjoyed my breasts, various thoughts were flashing through my mind, could Dave at nearly 20 years senior to me, be the man for me? Should we both go to visit Tim and Anita next month? Will I get to see the photos Tim had taken? However, just as was drifting into sleep, the big question came into my mind.

Whatever happened to my coffee?

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