tagBDSMDiane's Surprise Ch. 01

Diane's Surprise Ch. 01


It was during lunch that the call came, a single text message that simply said 'door 5pm'. I was used to the terse messages and knew what he wanted. The thought of greeting him, naked and kneeling at the door when he arrived made my nipples ache and my clit throb. I wondered what he had planned. Master had promised me a special surprise a few days back and I wondered if this had anything to do with it. Just the thought of him and his wicked mind sent shivers through me. With a sigh I tucked the phone back into my pocket and got back to work. It was Friday and as usual we were packed.

Touching Janet on the shoulder I told her, "I'm going to do a walk around." Janet nodded and kept bagging the order in her hand. Smiling, I walked briskly out to the lobby and began my rounds. There were several regulars clustered by the television and I stopped briefly to say hello and make sure they had everything they needed as I passed through their area. Continuing my walk I paused again by a group of four men. When I asked if there was anything they needed, I was told that they were fine for the moment. It was an odd response, but I just smiled and moved on.

It took me about ten minutes to make my rounds and as I the passed the four men again on my way back one of the men stopped me and asked if I could bring him a refill on his drink. Smiling, I took his glass and asked, "What would you like?"

Grinning, he replied, "Well... what I'd really like you can't give me at the moment, so I guess it'll have to be coke again."

Shaking my head slightly, I turned and walked to the drink machine wondering what he meant by 'at the moment'. This was the second time he had used that particular expression. As I walked back to the table I took a good look at the four men, especially the one whose drink I held. They looked like typical businessmen, the kind that usually came here for lunch; but as I watched them I sensed there was something different about these four. While the others who visited relaxed over their lunch, these four... well they had an air of authority, as though they were still at work. It was easy to see that each was used to being in charge. It was just something in the way they moved and held themselves. A shiver rippled through me just as I reached the table and thought of other men I knew who had the same air of authority.

"Not cold are you?" he asked as I handed him the glass.

"No Sir. I'm fine," I replied and then blushed lightly as I realized what I had just said.

"Good then, here..." he held his closed hand out.

"No Sir. It's okay." I shook my head, thinking he was trying to give me a tip. "That's not necessary."

"Diane." His tone was still friendly, but now there was a bit of sternness within it. "It's not a tip."

Curious and not wanting to upset him I reached over and held my hand out "Yes Sir." I blushed again and wondered why that word kept slipping out. Smiling brightly I hoped he would just think I was being extra polite.

"It's just something to help you remember me the next time you see me." Something cold and heavy dropped into my hand. Without looking I closed my fingers around it, it was a small object of some kind, and slipped it into my pocket.

"Thank you Sir." There was that word again. Taking a deep breath I continued, "I hope you have a wonderful day. All of you." And I turned and smiled at each man.

"Oh we will." There was that tone again, the one that made it clear who was in charge and that he meant what he said. Smiling again I turned and returned to work.

It wasn't until later, when I reached in my pocket for my keys, that I remembered the object. Slipping it out of my pocket to see what it was I remembered the four men and my reaction to the one. Opening my hand I saw a small kitten. It looked and felt like a miniature paperweight. Except there was a small loop right where the kitten's tail met it's back. The loop made my think of charms, like the ones on my favorite bracelet, but this was much too heavy to be a charm.

Curious I examined the kitten closely. It looked like sterling silver, not as shiny as true silver would be, and was rather heavy. The kitten lay in my palm, 'looks like a cat in a window sill', I thought, paws tucked under it's body, tail wrapped closely around it's lithe form, head erect and alert -- like it was looking directly at me. 'Well I would have remembered him anyway, but now I definitely will,' I thought. With a soft smile, I slipped the kitten into my pocket and started the car. I only had an hour and half to drive home and get ready for Master. 'I'll have to show Master when he gets home.'


Traffic was light so I made it home in record time. Jumping in the shower, I washed quickly and thoroughly, only slowing down long enough to shave carefully. I wanted to be soft and silky for him. I loved how his fingers felt on my soft flesh. Toweling most of the water from my long tresses I glanced in the mirror on the wall. Time had been kind to me. My full figure, while not as firm as a twenty year old, was still smooth and soft.

Grinning at the thought of how Master enjoyed using my body, I grabbed the blow dryer and tried to remove as much of the excess moisture as I could in a few minutes time. My hair was long, almost to my waist, and thick. A quick glance at the clock told me I only had a few minutes, not nearly long enough to get it completely dry. 'But I can get it mostly dry,' I thought. 'Dry enough you won't notice it's still damp until you grab a handful.' That thought sent shivers rippling through my body. I loved the feel of Master's hand in my hair, holding me, guiding me.

Another quick look in the mirror and I was ready. As I passed through the bedroom I picked up my collar from the top of the dresser and buckled it around my slim neck. Trembling now with anticipation, I walked to the front door. Just as I was about to kneel I remember the kitten. 'Damn,' I thought and ran back to get it. The clock chimed 5pm just as I knelt and took a deep breath. 'Made it.' I thought, 'just barely.' As the final chime sounded I heard the key in the lock. Smiling softly, I shifted my knees, opening them wider, and placed my hands, palms up, on each thigh.

The door opened all the way and I glanced up eagerly to see five men. My eyes widened as I recognized the men from lunch. Startled and just a bit panicked I looked for Master and saw him standing behind the other four men.

"I see you remembered," he said and I glanced back to the first man in the door. He looked down once, nodding towards my hand, and I remembered the kitten nestled in my palm. Closing my hand reflexively, I swallowed hard and nodded. "No! Open your hand kitten." His reprimand stung like a switch and I immediately opened my hand.

Slowly each man entered, my Master last, and I could feel each pair of eyes burning over my bare flesh. Visibly trembling now, I sought Master's eyes with my own questioning ones.

"Good girl." He praised me. "I knew you wouldn't let me down. Remember that surprise I mentioned? Well, this is going to be your weekend for surprises. This is only the first." Indicating each man one at a time he introduced them. First there was Adam, with his blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Next came Matthew, a slim but well muscled black man. Then there was Peter, his bright green eyes reminded my of a summer meadow. Finally, there was Dominick, the one who'd given me the kitten.

Softly, I greeted each man; blushing deeply as their eyes roamed over my body. I could feel the dampness between my legs grow as Master introduced each man. When he said Dominick's name I shivered and shifted slightly.

Dominick smiled at my reaction and asked her, "Do you know what the kitten is for?"

"No Sir." my voice was low, almost timid.

"Lean back." He told me kneeling next to me and taking the kitten from my palm. "Arms behind your back. That's right all the way, shoulders to the floor." His hands held me steady as I leaned back until my shoulders rested on the floor. The muscles in my thighs were so tight I was afraid they'd cramp, but I held my position. Dominick ran his hand over my thigh, feeling the tight muscles and smiling. Reaching between my legs he slid a finger through the piercing in my clit and tugged on it gently. Chuckling when I gushed wetly, he told me, "It goes right here." Deftly he unscrewed the ball from one end of the bar and slipped the ring off the end. Supporting the weight of the kitten, he slipped it onto the ring then slid the ring back onto the bar and replaced the ball cap. Still holding the kitten, he told me, "Look at me kitten." I lifted my head. My eyes met his just as he released the kitten and let it swing freely. He smiled as my eyes widened and I gasped moaning softly.

Glancing around I saw that each man was looking at the kitten nestled between the lips of my damp pussy. Arousal battled with embarrassment at being put on display like this.

"A pussy for a pussy. I always did like your sense of irony," Adam told Dominick. He chuckled when I blushed even darker red. "This is definitely going to be an interesting weekend."

"Oh yes..." I could swear Dominick sounded like he was purring as he replied. "I've been planning this with Brent for weeks."

'For weeks!" I thought frantically. 'Oh hell.' I moaned softly. Knowing I was in for a weekend of Master's devious plans was more than enough to make me tremble even harder. I felt Dominick's fingers brush against the kitten suspended from my clit. Just that slight movement of the weight was enough to make my head spin.

"Do you like your present girl?" Master asked.

"Yes Master." I gasped as Dominick's fingers flipped the weight up and let it fall back unhindered. "Oh yes... Thank you Sir ..."

"Don't thank me. It's Dominick's gift. You need to thank him."

Trembling hard enough to make my voice quiver, I met Dominick's eyes and opened my mouth to speak just as he tugged on the weight. A soft cry escaped instead, and then I rushed to speak before he could do anything else. "Thank you Sir." I wasn't quite quick enough and the 'Sir' came out with a groan as his fingers flicked the kitten back and forth. My body felt like it was on fire, and no one had really touched me yet. Only my position kept me from squirming like I wanted to. My need was so intense it was difficult to concentrate.

"You're quite welcome kitten. Would you like to see what else I've brought for you?" With his finger flipping the kitten on my clit every which way all I could do was groan softly and tremble. Then he gave it a sharp tug and I almost climaxed. Master caught that and spoke just as Dominick did.

"Don't cum!"

"Answer me kitten."

All five men watched me closely as I struggled and fought not to cum. It wasn't easy and Dominick made it even more difficult by flipping the kitten and tugging it every few seconds. Head spinning, every muscle tense, I tried to answer; finally gasping out, "Yes Sir." I really did want to see what else he had, but there was a thread of trepidation woven through that desire. Dominick kept playing with the kitten as I caught my breath and relaxed, the need to cum conquered. For the moment -- I was not foolish enough to believe that would last long. Master loved to keep me on the edge of releasing because he knew I'd do most anything in that state, and could take more. Matthew leaned over and said something to Dominick so softly I could not make out the words. Dominick nodded once and turned back to look at me. Catching my eyes, he locked my gaze with his and then I felt him pulling on the kitten, slowly, steadily. I whimpered and bit my lip, trying to shift and ease the pull, even though I knew it would not help. Suddenly he released the kitten and it's weight fell giving my clit one more sharp tug.

Crying out I pleaded. "Please... may I cum..."


Sobbing with a need so strong it brought tears, I struggled not to release. I had no idea who answered me, but reflex had me obeying the stern command automatically. Dominick's eyes never left mine; his gaze commanded my full attention. Then I felt it, something sharp, stinging pierce my clit. As the pain hit me I screamed; it drove me up off the floor, my back arched tightly as every muscle tensed and I climaxed. I felt it again, and again, and each time it sent me over the edge and even higher.

The pulses came one after another for what seemed like an eternity. I had no idea when they stopped. I was so far over the edge I couldn't stop cumming. My body jerked and convulsed as wave after wave washed over me. After what seemed like forever, I settled back down to the floor sobbing and trembling. Hands stroked over my damp flesh, soothing, calming; but every twitch set the kitten in motion again and caused a mini orgasm to flood my body. I wasn't coming down until it stopped, and it wasn't going to stop as long as I was cumming. I cried out, "Please....", as another spasm ripped through my body. Finally one of the hands stroking me slipped between my legs and stilled the kitten, and held it still. As it was pressed against my clit one more hard orgasm hit me, but the hand stayed where it was. Slowly my breath calmed and my sobbing eased to silent tears.

"Kitten..." So softly was it spoken that it took a while to sink in that someone was speaking to me. "You did not ask." My head was still spinning and the hands were still softly caressing, and these words were like a stream of cold water trickled over my heated flesh.

Swallowing hard, I whispered, "No Sir." Regardless of how it happened, he was right; I did not ask and did not have permission to cum. I shivered as I remembered there were five now, not one, to administer the punishment.

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