tagBDSMDianne, Diana And Carrie

Dianne, Diana And Carrie


Diana knelt on the bed, bent forward on her elbows and spread her legs wide to surrender her dripping, hairless cunt. Her cunt lips were red with arousal and her hole was open in anticipation of penetration. Her ass cheeks were bright red from the heavy spanking that I'd just given her – she loves it when I tie her wrists and beat her ass. I started to feed a really thick 8" dildo up her pussy. Her cunt was so wet from the beating that despite the massive thickness of the dildo, I was able to get it into her tight cunt without too much force.

Diana is such a hot bitch that I had her crying out in ecstasy in almost no time – her voice is hoarse from screaming as I beat her ass. She looked so sexy – long, blonde hair, perky tits and a gorgeous, tight, round, beet red, ass, a look of sheer ecstasy on her face and me with my strap on dildo stretching her cunt as I humped her. As I rode her with my thick "cock", she pumped her ass as she took me deep in her pussy and before long she was screaming at me to "...fuck me hard..." and writhing as she came. I could feel the burning heat from her very well spanked, bright red ass and I was so turned on by this display and from spanking her ass that I needed to be fucked. My pussy was dripping wet and I desperately needed to feel a thick cock deep in me.

After Diana collapsed in a heap, panting, moaning and quivering, I took the dildo off and left it buried deep inside her. I turned to Carrie and asked her to please fuck me.

Carrie was sporting an even larger dildo – a fucking huge, fat, curved 10" long dildo that was so much thicker than the big 8" dildo that I had just used on Diana. It was FUCKING huge – big enough to hurt, but I love a big cock – especially one that won't go soft. I lay on my back, spread my legs wide and with trembling hands I reached out to help guide the monster inside me. The massive tip began to stretch me open as Carrie pushed it into me. It was so thick that Carrie had to push hard to get it into me even though my cunt was dripping wet. This woman tamer was so massively thick that my pussy was stretched tightly around it. A few strokes from this monstrosity is enough to make any woman sit up and beg.

There I was, all wet and horny being fucked by this gorgeous woman sporting an enormous dildo. She certainly made me sit up and beg. First she drilled me hard. I held her gorgeous, pumping ass with both hands as she fucked me hard. I was screaming and writhing in no time. All of the muscles in my body stiffened as my come ripped through me. When I finished coming, Carrie very gently began to stroke, kiss and caress my trembling, quivering body. She made me so hot, but she moved so slowly that I couldn't come again. She slowly built up the sexual tension – she knew how to fuck a woman. I lay there whimpering with my arms legs wrapped around this gorgeous woman as she ever so slowly teased me with a "cock" so thick, massive and hard. She made me cry out, beg, and curse. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered that she was going to fuck me until I g-spotted.

"Oh you hot, tight little bitch," I moaned. "Your massive cock is so hard and so deep inside me."

With my legs in the air, I held her tightly as my body trembled and quivered. I pleaded with her to bring me. Diana was up now and wearing the 8" dildo. She positioned herself behind Carrie and probed her cunt. Carrie stopped pumping me and raised her ass to permit easy penetration. I pulled her thighs apart to help. The look on Carrie's face was one of sheer ecstasy as the dildo speared her and sank deep into her cunt – she loves taking it from behind. Diana started to ride Carrie and ever so slowly Carrie rode me.

I was so hot and horny that I was begging Carrie to be fuck me hard. Diana removed her "cock" from Carrie to allow her to concentrate on bringing me. Carrie protested the withdrawal, but Diana told her that she would fuck her to completion only after I came. Carrie must have been really hot because she abandoned her grand plan of g-spotting me and began to drill my helpless cunt with that oversized monster.

I quickly rolled over so that I could ride Carrie's cock – to get more depth and to give this bitch a taste of her own medicine. She wouldn't get fucked until I came. I sat on the huge cock and took the entire length in me – it was so fucking huge; so long and oh so thick.

I bent forward to kiss Carrie, but she quickly forced my head under her arm. As I lay there pinned and unable to move, I felt Diana probing my asshole with her finger. I've never had my asshole probed, but it felt good to feel her lubricated finger penetrate my ass while my cunt was stuffed full with Carrie's huge "cock".

Then I felt the head of Diana's fat 8" "cock" knocking at my backdoor. I've never been ass fucked and frankly never wanted to be. I began to protest and struggle to free myself, but I was held firmly. As I struggled, the dildo pressed against my asshole stretching me open. I pleaded with them to please not fuck me in the ass – that cock was so big that I was certain that there was no way that I could comfortably accommodate it in my tight asshole particularly with such a huge cock in my pussy. Diana kept thrusting her fat "cock" against my tight, virginal asshole and slowly it stretched me. I could feel my asshole getting bigger and bigger as the head slowly penetrated me. She would pull back and thrust hard against me – every time the thick dildo would sink deeper and deeper until finally the giant head penetrated me.

I squealed when I was penetrated and despite my struggling and screams of complaint the massive rod kept penetrating deeper and deeper into my asshole. With the huge dildo in my cunt, I felt that I was being fucked in the ass by a horse. The dildo kept penetrating deeper and deeper into my asshole until it could go no deeper. Diana began to ride me slowly with short strokes at first and slowly the strokes got longer until I was taking full strokes in my ass. I very quickly realised that I was enjoying the double penetration. Two huge, fat cock buried deep in me dominating my helpless body. I began to hump my ass in time with Diana's strokes.

Carrie reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart to permit deeper anal penetration. This further limited my range of motion to the point that I could only wiggle my ass. Diana then began to really drill my ass making me scream as her massive "cock" rapidly pistoned in and out thrusting so deep into me as she mercilessly banged and abused my asshole. Suddenly she stopped and removed the dildo from my ass.

"Please," I begged. "Don't stop. Please ass fuck me."

"You are now prepared for the next phase."

I noticed a black man in the room with an enormous, erect cock. I was told that he was going to finish me off. I got up and knelt in front of him and tried to suck his cock – I could barely fit the huge tip into my mouth. After a few moments of this I got up and straddled the corner of the bed to surrender my ass to this stud. Carrie and Diana held my ass cheeks apart to ease the penetration.

Having just been fucked in the ass with a giant dildo, my asshole was stretched enough that in no time I had a huge, black cock pistoning in and out of my tight ass. I was so horny that I just had to rub my clit but I wasn't permitted. The ass fucking made me hotter and hotter – I wouldn't be able to come without my pussy being stimulated. They were going to ass fuck me until I was begging and quivering. My ass was being pounded faster and faster as the stud got close to coming. Suddenly he stopped and pressed his weight on me forcing his huge cock so deep in my asshole. His cock started twitching violently as he began injecting hot come deep in my ass. As I lay there unable to move, all I could do was to scream "OH FUCK" over and over. His cock wilted slightly and he removed it from my stretched asshole.

Carrie quickly mounted me and began to drill my asshole with power strokes. I was so hot that I pleaded with them to let me come. Carrie removed her dildo from my asshole and Diana mounted me. I felt her thick dildo at my cunt opening. Slowly, so very slowly she pushed that monster up my cunt. Her very slow and very long strokes only served to make me hotter and beg louder.

After a while she removed the dildo and told me to lie face down on the bed. The stud then mounted me and shoved his huge, hard cock up my cunt and began to fuck me really hard and fast. I could hear the hard slap of his stomach against my ass cheeks despite my loud screams. I started coming in multiples; over and over the come tore through my body as I screamed and writhed uncontrollably. My body twitched, writhed, bucked and squirmed – never in my life had I come so hard. Despite my violent body movements, my stud stayed mounted and rode me hard. Finally I stopped coming and lay there moaning and quivering.

My stud stopped, removed his cock and speared my ass. I squealed as I felt the huge rod surging up my asshole. I pumped my ass as he rode my tight, silky smooth asshole. It is very uncomfortable to take cock up your ass after you've just come; I grit my teeth and grunted as he slowly humped my tight, round ass with his massive cock. He slowly increased his riding speed and as I pumped my ass to keep pace, I began to cry out. Suddenly he rammed his cock all the way in and pressed hard against me and held me firmly by the hips as his cock began to spit lava hot come deep into my ass. My body quivered and trembled as I took his come deep in my ass.

When he finished, he left his huge cock buried deep in my ass. After he finished coming, his cock began to shrink which relieved the strain on my asshole. We watched Diana fucking Carrie's ass. Carrie was bent over the arm of the couch and Diana was wearing the huge 10" dildo and giving it to Carrie up the ass. Carrie had a leather strap that she was using to whip Diana hard. Carrie was slapping Diana's ass and thigh with the strap and screaming at her to fuck her pussy.


The 10" dildo was much too large to comfortably accommodate up anyone's ass. Instead of fucking Carrie's pussy, Diana had speared her ass. Carrie had grabbed the strap and was trying to whip Diana into submission. From the way Diana was reaming out Carrie's ass, it was obvious that Diana wanted to dominate Carrie into submission. Bright red welts were appearing on Diana's ass and thigh as the strap bit into her creamy white flesh making Diana cry out and then ram the dildo hard into Carrie's asshole which in turn caused Carrie to scream. I began to feel my stud's cock begin to grow in my ass as he watched the scream-fest.

In no time his cock was hard, massive and throbbing deep in my asshole. He slowly began to ride me and I began to pump my ass. He reached down and began to rub my clit. I was so wet and horny that he had me gasping and coming in no time. He again came up my ass filling me with more hot come.

Dianne reached down and began to rub Carrie's clit. The whipping stopped and Carried began writhing and whimpering. Before long she was begging. The entire dildo was up her ass and Dianne was giving her short strokes while she gently teased Carrie's clit. Carrie was so close to coming that all she needed was a cock up her cunt or some stiff clit rubbing.

I got up and grabbed the big dildo and strapped it on. I moved Dianne aside and positioned my cock at Carrie's cunt opening. I then grabbed a handful of Carrie's hair and jerked her head back.

"I'm going to fuck you hard until you beg me to stop."

I very slowly slid the cock up her cunt and I pulled harder on her hair until she screamed. When the cock bottomed, I began to wiggle it in circles. The massive size of the cock had Carrie's ass pumping. With my other hand I grabbed another handful of hair. I began to power hump Carrie. I'd pull my cock most of the way out ever so slowly. Then with only the tip in her snatch, I would forcefully yank on Carrie's hair and ram the monster up her cunt. Over and over I did this and after a while I could tell that I was slowly bringing her to orgasm. I looked over to see the stud with a raging hard-on.

I stopped riding Carrie and we both began to watch the stud force fuck Dianne. He had her wrists pinned behind her and his right fore arm was pushing her neck down to the bed until she had her face buried. She screamed at him to stop when he positioned his massive cock at her backdoor. He began to hump her and slowly bury his cock up her ass. She soon stopped screaming and fighting and began to hump her tight round ass. Slowly his cock went deeper. Carrie and I were so mesmerised that I didn't even realise that I was riding Carrie to the same rhythm as the stud as he rode Dianne's ass. Dianne pumped he gorgeous, round ass while she took the monster meat deep in her ass. When he came, they stopped humping and began to watch me and Carrie.

Carrie was begging me to stop pulling her hair. I just loved to hear her scream particularly since she was party to ass raping me. I grabbed the strap from her wrist and with my left hand held onto her hair tightly. She lay helplessly across the arm of the couch. I pulled her head back and began to ride her. Her body began to twitch and she began to moan as she approached orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her and laid a hard whip stroke across her firm ass. A bright red line appeared across her cheeks; she screamed and jumped up. I yanked her down by the hair and whipped her again. Over and over again I whipped her. Every time she tried to get up I yanked her back down by her hair. She quickly learned that I would keep whipping her until she stopped struggling.

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