tagSci-Fi & FantasyDiaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 01

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 01


Entry 1

My name is Alexis. I'm a 19 year old girl. My name is Alexander. I'm a 19 year old boy. I should explain.

I, that is Alexis-I, and Alexander, well, we share a body. We think of ourselves as brother and sister, but it's definitely more complicated than that. It may sound like something out of an anime or a science-fiction film, but when I sneeze, I change sex from a girl into a boy and lose control of my body. Alexander takes control at that point and when he sneezes, we switch again.

You're probably wondering what it's like when Alexander is in control. To be honest, it's a little like watching a movie. I see what he sees, hear what he hears, and feel what he feels. But I can't control his body at all. I'm just along for the ride until he sneezes. We share our senses and we share our memories, but our thoughts and personalities are different. I can't imagine how lonely it must be to be isolated in your head, no one to talk to, no one to ask for help whenever you need it. Alexander and I can always talk to each other. It probably sounds strange, but it's been that way all my life; I don't know anything else. In a way, it's pretty convenient. We can work together on homework, and whichever of us does better in a class takes the exam. Plus, when we're in Alexander's body, it's like mine is sleeping. If he gets tired, he can sneeze into my form and I'll be wide-awake. You know those Altoids containers? We keep one of those filled with pepper around, so we can sneeze whenever we need to.

Growing up, it wasn't too hard to maintain the cover that we were just a boy named Alex. I kept my hair cut short, and if people ever saw me, they just assumed I was Alexander. We're about the same height, used to have similar builds up until high school, and even today, our faces aren't too different: green eyes, strawberry blonde hair, full lips. Mine is a bit fuller, and I've started growing my hair out since college (You have no idea how important any girly thing can be to you after 18 years dressing like a boy in public). But still, if I cut my hair, we could pass for each other in the right outfit. The voices are a bit harder, but when you hear someone every day, you learn to mimic them pretty well.

Of course, I didn't only grow up. I grew out. Short hair or not, people might get suspicious if they saw a an alleged boy with a bouncing bosom. We spent most of high school in baggy sweaters so no one could tell. Sometimes I had to bind my breasts if we needed to be me that day and it was too warm for sweaters. Lemme tell ya, D cups are not made for binding. Now that I can dress a bit more freely, I'm starting to appreciate them, but for all of high school, I envied my A cup friends who could bounce around braless and attract no attention.

Getting to college has been a godsend for both of us. See, a high school is a pretty small pond. You're gonna see the same people over and over. But college? My year has about thirty-five hundred people. The total undergrad population is around thirteen thousand, not to mention graduate students, professors, staff, and tourists. We're Alex on the course rosters, but Alexis or Alexander depending on the class. Even if we run into someone we know as the wrong gender, it's no problem. They have no reason to link us. After all, we're never seen together. Heck, it can even be a bonus. Hearing what Alexander hears means I know what sort of girls his cute friends are into, and seeing what he sees means that when he showers at the gym, I get a nice bit of eye candy. But enough about my life story.

This story began in class one day. I was reading, waiting for the professor to arrive so class could begin, when my friend Eva tapped my shoulder.

I stuck my thumb in my book and looked into her dark brown eyes. "Ya? What is it?"

She nodded her head towards a boy across the room, James. I had had a crush on him all semester, but he didn't know I existed. He and Alexander were close friends, but I hadn't found a way to get around to introducing myself to him. I know he'd like me if he could just meet me! He was always complaining to Alexander about how he wanted to find a nice, smart girl to date. I stared at his smile and happy eyes as he laughed with a friend about something, oblivious to what Eva was telling me. "Are you listening?" she asked, annoyed.

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"I asked if he had said anything to you today. I overheard him inviting Steve to a water park this weekend. I'm sure you'd love to go. You'd get to see him in just a pair of thin, wet, clingy trunks...lots of opportunities for accidents at a water park, oh, who knows what might happen," she teased.

I looked down and pouted a bit. "No, he still hasn't noticed me..." Wait a second... *Alexander?* I asked.

*He hasn't asked me anything about a water park, Alexis,* said Alexander, predicting my question. *I haven't seen him in a few days, though. Maybe the next time I see him, he'll invite me to come along as well.*

Damn, I thought. *Can you ask him after class, then?* I pleaded.

*Even if he invites me, it's not as though you can come along, too, you realize.*

*But if we change at the water park, I can bump into him and start up a conversation! Besides, who doesn't love water parks? Think of all the cute girls that will be there in skimpy bikinis. Come on, we deserve a good study break, don't we?*

*Alright, alright,* he surrendered. *I'll talk to him after class if I can catch up to him. Just make sure you have some pepper ready so we can change quickly. I don't know what class he has after this, so if I lose him, I doubt whether I'll be able to find him.*

I looked back up at Eva. Luckily, it's quicker to think than speak. Only a second or two had passed. "Oh, maybe I'll go anyway. I love water parks, after all, and I'm sure he'll notice these," I grabbed my breasts, heavy and firm in my palms, "if I'm wearing a swimsuit. I'll have to get something really skimpy..." I eyed the small swell of her breasts under her shirt. "Do you have a top I could borrow? One of yours would be plenty skimpy on me," I teased.

"And let you break it when you pop out? No way," she retorted. "Buy one of your own. My tops are too delicate for those watermelons you carry around. Mine are designed for the elegant chest of a sophisticated girl, not a top-heavy bimbo like you." She smirked and laughed.

I stuck my tongue out at her. "No need to be jealous. I'll just have to find something good this week..." I looked back over at James and sighed. Has anyone ever had such perfectly glacier-blue eyes? Does any other boy have such sexy hair? Blonde, just long enough to look wild... And just look at that butt... Hm, I wonder if he owns a Speedo...he could pull it off pretty well. I smiled despite myself. I'll just have to find out, I thought, as the professor walked into the room and I pulled out my notebook. History can't end soon enough today...

After an endless fifty-four minutes, the professor finally noticed the clock. "Oh, I'm sorry for keeping you all late today! We'll finish talking about the Seven Years' War on Wednesday. Don't forget to read for your section!"

I put my stuff away as quickly as I could and scurried out the door, eager to find someplace private to change. But where? I couldn't really walk into the boys' room, and Alexander might look a bit suspicious leaving the girls' room, to put it lightly. I bit my lip and thought, as classmates walked past me, on their way to their next classes or their beds for an afternoon nap.

*Where should I go, Alexander? There's no good place to change here," I asked.

*Hmm...* He was silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts before speaking. *Why not the classroom? Everyone just left it, so it should be empty now,* he advised.

*Great idea!* I slapped my forehead, pretending like I had just forgotten something so anyone watching would think I had gone back to get something. Right as I got to the door, the professor walked out and smiled at me. "I forgot something, Professor Strangways. Have to go grab it," I lied. He waved me along understandingly and walked off, leaving me alone in the room.

*Make sure you change clothes before sneezing this time, Alexis. Thongs might work on your body, but they don't work on mine,* Alexander reminded me.

*Ya, ya, I will, I will.* I turned around to make sure the door was closed before I started to strip. I stepped out of my shoes and wiggled out of my plaid skirt, throwing it onto the table. Next, I bent down and pulled down my thong, placing it near the skirt. I began to unbutton my blouse when I heard the door opening. I whipped around, only to see James standing in the doorway, his jaw agape, his cheeks red, and his eyes fixed on mine.

My cheeks were burning. I felt paralyzed. I knew I should have covered myself up, or screamed, or done something, but my body wouldn't respond. My heartbeat pounded in my ears. I felt beads of sweat start to form on my forehead as I just stood there, stiff and rigid, unable to move. Finally, James eyes started to lower, and lower, until he was staring straight at my exposed pussy. That shock was enough to finally make my body move.

I covered my pussy with both hands and screamed. "Get out!" He stammered, grabbed his forgotten backpack from under his chair, and ran out, slamming the door behind him. I stood there and panted heavily for a few seconds, trying to regain my composure. Finally I hurriedly took off my shirt and bra, fearful of another interruption, and started getting redressed in Alexander's clothes from my backpack. His jeans and t-shirt didn't fit well, but they didn't really have to. I took out my container of Altoids and sniffed some pepper. ACHOO!


I reached down and grabbed my cock. "Ahh, feels good to be me again." Now to find James... I stashed Alexis's clothes in my backpack and walked out of the building into the quad, hoping to spot him. I scanned the students trying to find him.

*There he is, Alexander! 11 o'clock!* yelled Alexis.

I looked where she had directed and spotted his blonde hair. "I see him." He was talking to a mutual friend of ours: Steve. As I walked over to them, Steve walked away, but I managed to catch up to James before he could depart. "Hey James!" I shouted, once I got close enough.

He turned to face me. "Alex! What's up? I was just telling Steve about what just happened to me. You'll never believe it!" James bragged.

*Oh no...* moaned Alexis.

"Oh ya?" I smirked. "Tell me all about it."

He grinned manically. "So I just got out of class, ya? When I realize, oh man, I forgot my backpack. So I go back for it, and this girl Alexis from my class is there, wearing just a shirt, no panties! She's this cute little strawberry blonde, and buddy, lemme tell ya, the carpet matches the drapes. I've never seen a girl with a strawberry patch down there, but it was hott. I just wish I had a camera with me."

*Oh great, he does know my name,* whined Alexis.

*Better than nothing, right? He saw your little "strawberry patch" either way, after all. At least he saw it and he knows who you are,* I offered.

"You lucky bastard," I replied to James. "Sounds like you're having a good day."

"I'm having a great day. This morning, my dad called and said he was mailing me some free tickets he got from work for that Aqua Mountain place. It's a water park nearby. I've been looking for you all day, do you wanna come?"

*Yes!* cheered Alexis.

"Sure, when?" I asked.

"Sunday. I'll come pick you up at 8am. We should get there early, before the crowds," he answered. He looked down at his watch. "Shit, I have class. I'll talk to you later!"

I watched him run off, satisfied. *I hope you're happy, Alexis.*

*I am. Now come on, we have to get a new bikini!*

I sighed and got the pepper out of my pocket. *Alright, let me find a place with a locked door...*

Sunday morning, I was packing my things into a bag and waiting for James to arrive. *Lemme see, suntan lotion, drinks, sandwich, your new bikini, my trunks, our wallets, our cell phones...anything I'm forgetting?* I asked Alexis.

*I didn't see anything that you missed. I think we're all set. Oh wait, the pepper! Can't forget that if I'm going to impress James today! I can't wait! I just hope I don't embarrass myself anymore than I already have...*

*You'll be fine,* I said. I grabbed the pepper from the desk and chucked it into the bag. *Besides, he thinks you're hott, that's a plu-* My cell phone's ring interrupted me. I checked the screen: James. "Hello?"

"Hey man, I'm outside your place. Hurry up, I've got everyone else waiting," he answered.

"I'll be right there." I hung up and tossed the phone into the bag, swung it over my shoulder, and ran downstairs. When I got outside, I saw James's black Mercedes waiting for me with a popped trunk and an empty shotgun seat. I put my bag in the trunk and climbed into the car, glancing around the back seat at my fellow travelers. Steve was in the back seat, between two girls. Lucky bastard, I though. To his left was Elizabeth, a brunette with green eyes and a body that, in an earlier age, would have been worshipped my fertility cults: a pair of firm, proud breasts almost the size of her head, a toned abdomen with a thinnish waist, and wide hips and thighs that always featured prominently in my masturbatory fantasies of her. I looked her up and down quickly, noting with a smile that her skirt was just short enough for me to tell that she was wearing cherry red panties. Her chocolate brown hair reached down to her breasts, but they were too big to be hidden so easily, and her curves were painfully obvious no matter what she tried. She even outdid Alexis with her bust. Unfortunately for me, she saved it all for girls, but I had noticed that when the topic of Alexis came up, she fiddled around more often and adjusted her hair, so there was hope yet. I was looking forward to seeing her wearing only a swimsuit.

To his right was Yui, one of Alexis's friends from Japan. She was more cute than sexy, with her dimples and flat chest, but her midnight black eyes, sleek dark hair, and the way she smiled were more than enough to make my cock harden just from looking at her. When she smiled, which was often, her eyes just lit up, like the only thing she needed to be happy in the whole wide world was you and only you. She had a delicate look to her that made you instinctively want to protect her. You just wanted to take her into your arms, and into your bed. Her lychee-colored lips were just plump enough to be enticing, and as I began to daydream about them, I could feel myself stiffening in my boxers. "Hey guys," I said, waving briefly before turning around.

*Mmmm, someone has a crush on Yui... I can feel your dick getting hard. Wonder if she'd help you out with that... How do you think those almond eyes of hers look when she's looking up from sucking your cock?* Alexis teased.

I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably, trying to reduce the pressure in my pants. *Quit it, Alexis. You're not helping.* I looked down at the growing bulge and thanked God that the girls couldn't see anything.

"Are you ready to go?" asked James.

"Let's head out!" I exclaimed.

The drive there was uneventful, and soon enough we had arrived. "We're here," announced James, as he turned off the engine and opened the door. "Everybody out!" We piled out of the car and started unpacking the trunk. I made sure to carry my own bag. I had no desire to explain why I was bringing a bikini to a water park.

After we got into the park, James suggested that we get a cabana, so we'd have a central place to meet. Getting one only took a few minutes and after that, we were able to drop our stuff off there. "Alright, how about me meet back here at...5 o'clock to head home? Sound good?" asked James. We all agreed and walked over to the changing room together, talking and laughing.

After having changed into a pair of blue trunks, I stood around, waiting for the others to finish. First Steve and James came out, and then the girls. Yui finished first, and was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit. It left her thighs totally exposed and clung to her chest, revealing the subtle swell of her pert, firm breasts. It didn't reveal much flesh, but the shape of her curves were completely on display, and the fact that it still preserved some mystery for her made it even sexier. It matched her black hair and eyes perfectly, and contrasted well with her light skin.

A few moments after Yui, Elizabeth walked out of the changing room in a red sling bikini. My jaw dropped. I had no idea she was so adventurous. The thin strips of fabric were taut over her massive breasts before traveling down her firm stomach, meeting just above her pussy. Her nipples could be seen through the fabric, poking proudly out. The curves of her breasts were visible on each side of the straps, revealing their perfect roundness. With each step, her breasts threatened to pop out of her swimsuit. The fabric was clearly straining to contain her. As she walked towards her first ride, I noticed that the back of her swimsuit was in the style of a thong, openly displaying her firm butt that jiggled slightly with each step. I could only stare and watch as she walked away with Yui by her side.

My breath came in pants. I could feel my cock throbbing under my trunks. I looked down. It was sticking straight out. My swimsuit couldn't do much to conceal it. "I have to go use the bathroom guys, I'll talk to you later," I said, walking off to some privacy.

I stopped by the sink and got some soap for my hand before walking into a stall and locking the door behind me. I ripped down my trunks and unleashed my painfully hard cock.

*Oh my god,* moaned Alexis. *You're so hard...*

I smiled from the compliment and wrapped my hand tightly around my cock and started to stroke myself, to relieve some of the pressure. I gasped with relief as soon as I started. The pleasure was electric. A soft moan escaped me as I continued to rub. I used my left hand to steady my shaft while my right hand flew up and down. I twisted my hand at the tip and rubbed the head, increasing the friction more and more. *Talk dirty to me,* I commanded Alexis, as the pleasure and pressure built more and more.

*Of course,* she tittered. *Mmmm, Alexander. Your cock is so huge. Stroke it for me, it feels so good, it feels great. I want to suck your cock, would you like that? I want to get down on my knees and lick your thick, long shaft, all the way up to the tip. Then I'd take all of you into my mouth and suck and lick that huge, delicious cock of yours. I want to feel it filling me up. I want to feel it throb between my lips. I want to know that I have the power to make you cum whenever I want. Ohhhh...* she moaned, sharing my pleasure. *Mmmm, guess you like that. I want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your cock gush cum inside me. I want to swallow every last drop of cum out of your cock. I want you to fill me up with your cum. Cum for me, Alex, cum for me!*

The pleasure began to overwhelm me. I couldn't contain it anymore. I groaned and orgasmed. My hand slowed to a stop. My cum shot out in strong bursts, spilling onto the floor as I stood there, panting breathlessly. After almost a minute, I began to regain my composure. *Thanks, Alexis.*

*You're very welcome. Mmm, I can't remember when you last orgasmed so well. I guess Elizabeth and Yui got you hott, huh? To be honest, I think they got me pretty turned-on, too,* she confessed.

*Of course they did,* I admitted. I pulled my trunks back up, satisfied that my satiated cock wouldn't be making any awkward bulges for a while. After walking out of the bathroom, I bumped into James, on his way to a water slide. He invited me to join him and I happily agreed.

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