tagSci-Fi & FantasyDiaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 02

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 02


Entry 2: The International Fair

This story may be confusing on its own, although it is a stand-alone work, so reading Part 1 is not needed, though it may be helpful. The most necessary thing to know for this series is that the viewpoint characters are Alexis and Alexander, a girl and a boy respectively. They share a body, and when one sneezes, they transform into the other. If you want a more detailed explanation, there's one in the beginning of Part 1 of this series, which you should be able to find under the list of my stories on this site if you want to read it.


"I have one more reminder before you all leave," added Professor Strangways, as we all grabbed our books and bags and got ready to leave the classroom. "If you check your syllabus, you'll notice that in four weeks from this Saturday, your final projects are due. I want to give you enough time to finish it. You'll be expected to choose any country from history and share part of its culture with the school at the International Fair. Dress up in an appropriate costume and bring your own supplies. You'll each have a table provided for you to use for your presentation. Make a poster board for your country to provide some information, and be ready to answer questions from visitors. Try not to pick common countries; we don't want a room full of Americas! And be creative!"

I heard a soft chorus of groans around me from students dreading the work, but Elizabeth smiled in the seat next to me. "Awesome!" she cheered. "What country are you gonna pick, Alexis?"

"I hadn't really thought about it yet," I replied. "I'm pretty much English and Irish, and I'm sure there'll be other students picking those countries... Great-grandma Kazinczy was Hungarian, though. Maybe I'll pick that? I'm not really sure. How about you?"

"Some place with belly dancing... Maybe Turkey? Ooh, or the Ottomans! I'll have them all to myself, I bet," answered Elizabeth as she stood up to leave the emptying room. "Can you do anything Hungarian?"

"Um..." I thought... *What do Hungarians do?* I asked Alexander.

*I'm not really sure. Great-grandma was usually too scary to listen to. Lemme see, they're good with horses, right?* Alexander ventured.

"I could do some horseback riding," I told Elizabeth.

"Interesting, honey. And where are you gonna get a horse?" she inquired. "I hope you're not planning on riding it indoors, either."

"Oh... right. I guess that wouldn't work... Maybe I could...cook something? What sort of stuff do Hungarians eat?" I asked.

"Paprika and cucumbers, mostly," Elizabeth told me. "No worries, you can come up with something. We've got, like, a month, right? Let's go shopping this weekend, try to find some costumes and ingredients and props and all that, ya? I'm sure Yui needs to get some stuff, too. I'll ask her to join us. Is Sunday good for you?"

"Ya, that should be fine. Just call when you're on your way and I'll get ready. I'll probably just be doing homework or reading," I told her, waving goodbye as I left. *Alexander, you'll help me cook, won't you? You're better at it than I am, and I know you wouldn't let such a lovely damsel in distress down, would you?* I pleaded.

*Are you trying to seduce me, Alexis?* he asked playfully. *Sure, I'll cook something Hungarian for you. But what's in it for me?*

*Well,* I suggested, *I could always take some naughty photos of myself for you...would you like that?*

*Mmmm, OK. You've got yourself a deal. Hurry home, I have some nice ideas...how do you think you'd look wearing only an apron?* he asked as I walked home, discussing the terms of my payment with him.

I smiled to myself and thought, I love being a girl. There's always such an easy way to bribe boys...

On Sunday, I was reading The Professor and the Madman when my cell phone buzzed on my desk. I quickly slipped my bookmark between the pages and answered. "Hello?"

"I'm outside. Just go to the parking lot and you'll find two gorgeous girls waiting for you. See ya soon, honey," said Elizabeth, before she hung up.

I closed my phone and put it in my purse. I had found a picture of some traditional-looking Hungarian girl online so I could look for parts of her costume. I figured I'd just grab ingredients later on my own. I scanned my room, looking for anything I might have missed before I ran out the door to meet Elizabeth and Yui.

I climbed into the back seat of Elizabeth's Audi and said hi to her and Yui. "How are you guys doing?"

Yui turned around, her sleek black hair falling over her left eye as she answered. "Pretty good. Did you pick a country yet?"

"Ya," I said. "I'm gonna do Hungary. One of my great-grandmothers was Hungarian. How about you?"

"Oh, I was thinking about doing my favorite country, Kazakhstan," Yui replied.


She just stared at me for a second. "That was called sarcasm, Alexis. I'm doing Japan. What else would I pick?" She gestured to her dark, almond eyes and her flat chest. "I can't pass for much else. Besides, I already have my cultural event ready. I brought some of my taiko drums from home. I'm going to play some songs and wear my outfit from my old group." She sighed nostalgically, "I've had pretty much no chances to play here. The school doesn't have a taiko club or anything. I really miss it. I can't wait to get back home so I can practice with my teacher again." She smiled, her snow-white teeth lighting up her whole face. "What are you going to do?"

"I figured I'd cook something Hungarian. Everyone loves free food, you know? Plus I can do it at home, so I can't mess it up at the International Fair itself." I thought back to Aqua Mountain, and how I had kept exposing myself to my crush James. I blushed and continued, "I seem to have bad luck sometimes. I wouldn't want to screw up in front of everyone."

"Nice plan," Elizabeth commented, glancing at me in the rearview mirror. "Of course, Yui's the lucky one. She has everything she needs already, but she just couldn't resist joining us, ya?" She reached over and squeezed Yui's breast gently, eliciting a squeak of surprise from the small girl.

"Elizabeth! Be gentle..." Yui cautioned. "Not everyone is a lumberjack like you, ya know."

Elizabeth, 6'1" and toned, grinned like a delighted tiger. "I know you can handle it. You've got plenty of muscle yourself, Yui. Can't hide much from me; I'll go exploring if I have to," she warned as her hand explored Yui's stomach and chest.

In my head, Alexander sighed contentedly. *Have I ever told you how thoroughly I love Elizabeth? I think more girls should act just like her,* he opined. *Why don't you ever grope your girl friends?*

*Of course you like her. All guys love girl-on-girl,* I said.

*You seem to enjoy it yourself, don't forget,* he reminded me.

I bit my lip slightly. *Well, Elizabeth knows how to use her hands pretty well... Can you really blame me when she has a body like that?* I leaned forward a little bit to get a glimpse of her massive chest, made all the more noticeable by the seat belt between her breasts, forcing them out and apart. Two gentle peaks were just barely visible, and I felt a quick tingling between my thighs at the realization. *You should pay more attention to her,* I advised Alexander, *you might learn how to please a girl. And Yui's pretty cute herself. I'm looking forward to watching her drum. Musicians are hott, don't you think?*

*Mhm,* Alexander agreed. *Especially musicians who are good at moving their hands up and down while clutching a hard, wooden shaft. I'm pretty sure that's a transferable skill. You should set Yui and me up some time, since you're such a good sister,* he requested.

*Maybe if you take the right photos for me,* I teased. *I bet you'd cut a dashing figure wearing only an apron. You're the chef, after all.*

Alexander laughed and the car ride continued until we reached the mall. We went in and out of a couple of stores, just wandering. Yui already had all her stuff for the festival, but Elizabeth and I still needed costumes. After a while, I spotted a second-hand clothing shop.

"Oh, I'm gonna try out this place, guys. They might have some stuff I can use," I told my friends, while digging the picture out of my purse.

Unfortunately, the store I had found was directly across from Victoria's Secrets, and Elizabeth and Yui refused to be dissuaded from spending as much time in there as possible. It was a sale, after all. I sighed and went into the store alone, looking for the right clothes in the crowded store. I checked the photo again. Hm, looked like a white blouse with large sleeves, a black dirndl, and a red ankle-length skirt... And then there's that flower in her hair, I guess I can just grab a flower anytime. I looked up from the drawing and searched the store.

I managed to find a good blouse and skirt. I wasn't too sure where I was going to find a dirndl... I took the clothes to the dressing room and tried them on. They looked pretty good on me, although my purple bra was just barely visible through the blouse...I'd have to wear an undershirt or a white bra or...or...ACHOO!


I groaned. Great, I thought to myself. I looked in the mirror. *Why'd you have to sneeze while wearing a skirt, Alexis?* I asked. *Not to mention a thong, ow.*

*Sorry,* Alexis replied. *I didn't plan on this happening, you know.*

*Ya, ya, I know.* I started digging through her purse for some pepper so I could change back. After a few seconds, I began to look more frantically. *Alexis, you brought the pepper, right?* I asked nervously.

*I thought I did,* she replied doubtfully.

I turned the purse upside down and looked through the contents. It wasn't there. Goddamnit... OK, first thing first. I changed back into Alexis's original clothes, a short plaid skirt, knee-length socks, and a dark blue button-down blouse. Then I took off the thong and bra and shoved them back into her purse. I looked in the mirror. I definitely wasn't going to pass for a girl, not even a hideous one... I gritted my teeth and sighed. Oh well. If I get to the food court, I can grab some pepper from a Burger King or something and find a bathroom. Alright, if I run, I can make this quick.

*Wait Alexander, you have to buy the blouse and skirt first!* Alexis ordered.

*What? I'm in a skirt right now, are you serious?* I asked. *I can't let people see me like this...*

*Please? What if someone else gets them while you're gone? Or I can't find them again? Come on, no one knows you here. What do you care if they see you in a skirt?* she pleaded. *I'll owe you big-time, I'll do whatever you want. I'll set you and Yui up, I promise.*

I sighed. *Fine.* I grabbed the clothes and checked out as fast as I could, trying to hide my face and paying with cash so I wouldn't have to reveal my name either. As soon as I had paid, I walked hurriedly out of the store, breaking into a run as soon as I was out, hoping the skirt wasn't billowing up too much. It felt awkward enough feeling my cock and balls bouncing up and down. I silently damned Alexis for wearing small, tight underwear today. I was sure everyone watching could see everything under the skirt with each bound I made. I saw onlookers staring and pointing at me as I ran by, with expressions of shock and interest on their faces. Oh well, I thought to myself, by the time they call the cops on me for indecent exposure, I'll be a girl, so joke's on you. Let's see the cops track me down to another body.

I saw the food court up ahead. Luckily I hadn't run into anyone yet. I ran past a table and grabbed a salt shaker, then hurried into a bathroom. *You owe me so hard, Alexis,* I said, as I shook out some pepper into the palm of my hand. I took a deep breath and sneezed. ACHOO!


*Sorry, Alexander,* I apologized. I turned to leave, but the force of my unrestrained D cups reminded me about my missing thong and bra. I reached into my purse and grabbed...nothing? Oh no... I groped through my purse. They weren't there. They must have fallen out while Alexander was running... I looked down and grabbed my chest. I guess I'll be OK without them for a while, and at least this shirt is too dark to be see-through, I decided. I let out a determined sigh and walked back to Victoria's Secrets with my bag to find Yui and Elizabeth.

I found them both carrying red and pink striped bags, walking out of the store and laughing about something. I waved to them and jogged up. "I found some good stuff for my costume, what did you guys get?" I asked.

"If you want, I'll model it all for you later," Elizabeth offered as I blushed, a slight moistness between my thighs reminding me of how exposed I was. I bit my lip and tried to hide my arousal as she continued. "Yui got some cute things, too. I didn't know she was into those sorts of things, you should see what she got..." she told me in a conspiratorial stage-whisper.

"They're not that bad!" interjected Yui. "I just, I thought I'd try some more adventurous underwear. Everything I have now is so...so boring. What happens if something happens with a boy and I'm too embarrassed of my panties to take my pants off? At least now I have something sexy to wear," she explained.

*Oh ya,* Alexander commented, *I know so many guys who would be so bored by a hott, pantsless Japanese girl who, by the way, shaves her pussy bare. So boring...*

Elizabeth stared at my chest as I tried to keep a nondescript expression. "Alexis," Elizabeth asked, "are you not wearing a bra?"

"What?" I asked innocently.

Elizabeth smirked and grabbed my braless breasts firmly. "I knew it!" she cheered. "Both my friends are getting so adventurous. I like it." She rubbed them for a few seconds longer. "You should dress like this more often, honey. Easier access..." Elizabeth put one arm around each of our shoulders and said, "Well, come on Alexis and Yui, I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat, ya?" Yui and I agreed and we walked off to the food court together. We ate our lunch, talking and teasing Yui about her new purchases. After we had finished, Elizabeth stood up and excused herself for a moment. "I'm gonna go grab us some dessert. You two wait here, I won't be long," she explained. Yui and I glanced at each other apprehensively, sharing a worry about what exactly Elizabeth was going to return with...

Our worries were well-founded. Elizabeth came back a minute later with three chocolate-covered bananas, each coated in colored sprinkles. She winked at us as she handed them out, saying, "I got to thinking; the both of you are still pretty innocent, ya? I figured you could use some practice. Here, watch me," she said, taking her banana between her lips as she closed her eyes.

The long, smooth shaft slowly vanished into her mouth, inch by inch, as she took the entire banana into herself. Her cheeks sunk in, her nostrils flared, she started to withdraw it painfully slowly, only to return it once again to the happy warmth of her mouth. The dark rod slid in and out of her mouth, the surface began to melt from the heat, and soon her lips were coated in chocolate as Yui and I could only watch in silence, our eyes wide. Suddenly she stopped and looked at our staring faces. "Come on, girls, practice." She nodded her head towards the rest of the food court. "We've already got an audience."

I turned my head and noticed a few boys watching Elizabeth fellate her food. I blushed and felt a tingle go all the way down my body. I crossed my legs, trying to suppress my pussy's growing wetness. I looked at Yui. She shrugged, and began to nervously suck her own banana. I looked at mine. It seemed so big...

I took a deep breath and slid it past my lips, past my teeth, deep into my throat. I closed my eyes and focused only on this delicious treat inside my mouth. Its rigid length filled my mouth as I tried to move my tongue around it, imagining what it would feel like to have James's cock inside me. I began licking the tip of the banana, James's head, as I pictured him moaning and grunting in pleasure. I pushed and pulled the banana in and out of my mouth, going faster and faster. I flicked the tip of my tongue against the underside of the shaft. I knew from feeling Alexander jerk off that that was where James would be most sensitive, where I could make him cum inside me the fastest. I wondered what it would be like to feel his cum shoot down my throat. My thighs were moist as my pussy got wetter and wetter. I softly moaned in pleasure, unable to keep silent as I continued my daydream. My clit was aching, begging me to touch it, my whole body seemed eager for orgasm.

"Alexis?" The sudden shock broke my concentration, and I accidentally shoved the banana in too deep. I gagged and coughed. I opened my eyes and looked up at James.

Only a squeak could escape my throat. I swallowed and said, "Oh, hi James." I looked at the banana in my hand and quickly set it down on the table. Oh god, he had seen me... I scrutinized his face, trying to tell whether he was aroused or disgusting by my prurience. His cheeks were reddening under his light skin. His sky-blue eyes were wide. His forehead glistened from a thin veneer of sweat. "What are you doing here?" I asked him.

He held up a bag. "Just doing some shopping," he replied. "How about you?"

"Same here. Elizabeth, Yui, and I are getting stuff for the International Fair. I'm doing Hungary, how about you?"

"I haven't thought of something yet, to be honest," he confessed. "Hungary sounds pretty cool, though. Do you speak Hungarian?"

"No, not at all. But my great-grandmother was Hungarian, so I thought..."

"Cool. Well, I'm meeting Steve at the movies soon, so, um, I guess I'll be seeing you later, Alexis. You look really good today, by the way."

I smiled. "Thank you," I replied, and waved goodbye as I watched him walk away.

"Well, well, well, he looks impressed," Yui commented. "I guess you were doing something right to that banana."

"I think she's a born natural," Elizabeth mused. "Do you think James would be willing to help her practice?" Elizabeth and Yui giggled together as I felt my cheeks burn. We finished our meals and drove home.

I ended up finding a dirndl online, and I went to a local ethnic grocery store for some ingredients. Alexander cooked some meals for me to bring, including some stuffed cabbage and peppers, and Dobos cake. From what I tasted, it came out pretty well. I was packing up everything I needed for the fair: the food, a poster board for the table, a change of clothes so Alexander could walk around and enjoy the fair too, and this time I made sure I had some pepper. I stopped to check myself out in the mirror before leaving.

I had found a fake flower for my hair and the blood red blossom sat on the right side of my head, surrounded by my strawberry blonde hair. My green eyes looked back at me as I examined my rose red lipstick. Looking further down, the black dirndl pushed up my breasts, and they heaved with each breath. I was certain I would be able to catch James's attention with myself on display like this. My blouse was loose, but even that did nothing to hide the shape of my chest. The red skirt flowed well, and the bow on its backside drew attention to my very fine ass, if I do say so myself. Beneath it, my legs ended in knee-high black socks and dress shoes. I twirled around, enjoying the way the skirt billowed up around me and I giggled with delight. I grabbed me stuff and headed out to the International Fair.

I got to the fair and set up my table, putting out my snacks and putting up my board of information. It still wasn't open to the public yet, so I walked around to look for my friends. I saw James setting up his own table. His blonde hair was a bit scruffy, like he had walked here in the wind. He had a white shirt and cravat on, with a dark blue jacket with tails over it, which had red cuffs and interior. His white gloves were busy putting up his poster board, and he was wearing dark blue breeches on, too, with tight white leggings and black shoes. I couldn't help but stare at his butt as I approached. I looked down and made sure my breasts still looked fantastic, pulling up my dirndl a bit to push my chest up higher.

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