tagSci-Fi & FantasyDiaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 03

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 03


Entry 3: A Visit to the Hot Springs

This story may be confusing on its own, although it is a stand-alone work, so reading Parts 1 and 2 is not needed, though it may be helpful. The most necessary thing to know for this series is that the viewpoint characters are Alexis and Alexander, a girl and a boy respectively. They share a body, and when one sneezes, they transform into the other. If you want a more detailed explanation, there's one in the beginning of Part 1 of this series, which you should be able to find under the list of my stories on this site if you want to read it.


I looked out the library window at the incessant snowfall. The whole landscape was white and gray. It was torturous. Doesn't the snow ever let up here? What idiot built a campus in a location with such terrible weather, where winter seemed to last from October to April? I was starting to suspect that it was part of a bonding exercise, designed to help the students grow closer together by commonly suffering through this terrible weather... I was pretty sure it counted as hazing.

"What are you staring at, Alexis?" asked Yui, leaning over my shoulder, following my gaze in case I was looking at something or someone interesting.

"An endless white void of misery," I replied. I turned around to face her. "When does it get warm here? You're from around here, when does spring start? Soon?" I prayed.

"Not for another couple of months. We usually get our last snow fall in late April. It's not even that cold," she said, "you just need to acclimate. If you wear big jackets every day, your body never gets used to winter. You have to wear the bare minimum, force your body to burn calories for energy. And hey, it keeps the weight down," she advised, running her hands down her sleek, lithe body.

"It's a shame your body burnt all the fat in your boobs for energy, Yui," I teased, giving them a brief squeeze. "Why, there's nothing left..."

"Hmph." She turned around, crossing her arms in mock anger. "Well if that's the way you're going to be, I guess you don't want to be nice and warm on Monday. I was going to invite you, I mean, I know you don't have class that day, but now..."

"No! I want to be warm! What is it?" I asked. "Please bring me along? I wish I had your breasts, Yui. So perky, so firm, so..."

*So suckably delicious,* commented Alexander.

*I'm not saying that.* "So...perfect, Yui! It's quality over quantity after all. Now will you share your weekend warmth with me, please?" I pleaded.

"Hmmm...OK, since you were so complimentary." She pulled a ticket out of her purse and held it under my nose. I grabbed it and examined it, eager to discover any way to escape the ravages of the subzero winds howling outside, waiting for me like wolves.

"An onsen? What's an onsen?" I asked Yui.

"It's a hot spring. You go and relax in the water. It's good for you, and they have some nice spa stuff there, too. It'll be warm, relaxing, and good for you, too. Elizabeth is coming, too," she explained.

"How'd you get the tickets?" I asked.

"My mom works there. I pretty much get free trips there whenever I want, but I wanted to bring some friends this time. You'll love it, trust me. So do you want to come with?"

I glanced out the window. Sheets of snowflakes blew past the window angrily. "Of course I do! Call me later and we'll set up a time, OK? I need to do some homework. At least the weather won't be distracting me today..."

Yui smiled, her pink, plump lips revealing her snow-white teeth, "Sounds great. I'll see you later, then, Alexis. Have fun doing your work, if you can!" She walked off, her full hips swinging like a metronome as she left.

*So, maybe we'll get to meet Yui's mom... What do you think she's like?* asked Alexander. *I bet she's sexy, mature, one of those gorgeous Asian women who retain all the beauty of youth while gaining the experience of age...*

*She's her mom! Don't think about her like that, Alex,* I scolded him. *Besides, she must be 45. Isn't that a little old for you?*

*Age is only a number, Alexis,* he said sagely. *And besides, I'm not even invited, you are. So unless you're planning on seducing Mrs. Takahashi, I'm not likely to learn much about her experience. I'm pretty sure James would get jealous if you went around seducing his friend's mother, too.*

I smiled and blushed slightly. *With my luck, he'd encourage me to and ask to join in... It'll be kind of nice just hanging out with the girls. And I've never been to an onsen. I wonder what sort of stuff they have. Yui mentioned a spa. Maybe I can get a massage from a hott masseur... A boy who can give a good massage is so sexy*

*I give great massages, you know,* Alexander reminded me.

*Ya, too bad we don't exist concurrently,* I reminded him. *I'll have to settle for some other man's strong hands caressing my body, mmm...*

*I thought you had homework to do, missy,* Alexander said jealously.

*Fine,* I replied. *But don't forget that you have to finish our Latin homework later.* I took out my notebook and a copy of Herodotus and began to read for my Ancient History class.

As we arrived at the onsen, the weather was slightly better than it had been a few days ago. It was snowing, but there was no wind. I was still desperate for a dip in the hot springs, though. Even with a heavy jacket and my white ushanka, I was far too cold. "I'm pretty sure I can't feel my ears anymore, guys," I complained.

Elizabeth's hands found their way to my chest and rubbed my breasts in slow circles. "Would a little friction help?" she asked innocently. "How about some body heat? Or maybe both together, if you're really cold..."

"I think I'll be fine after all, actually. Almost time for some hot water, right?" I asked.

"Right," said Yui. "Come on, follow me," she ordered. "We have to shower first, so the hot springs stay nice and clean. But we might be the only ones there today. Monday's not exactly a booming day, you know?" She led the way as Elizabeth and I followed, Elizabeth's eyes hungrily glued to Yui's backside as I tried to keep similar thoughts out of my own head, although I wasn't trying especially hard, to be perfectly honest...

As Yui predicted, the locker room was deserted. On one side were a series of open showers. On the other were benches, lockers for people's things, and a cabinet with towels and robes for the onsen's patrons. At the entrance was a small cubby. Yui took off her shoes and placed them in one of the cubby holes, and Elizabeth and I followed her example before walking into the main room. I was feeling great already. The locker room was kept well heated and immaculately clean, while the lack of barriers between the showers meant that Elizabeth, Yui, and I could share...

As I ended my look around the room, I saw that Elizabeth and Yui were already undressing by the lockers for their shower. As I approached, Yui was bent over, removing her panties. Her firm, toned butt wiggled temptingly in the air. I surrendered. I spanked her bottom firmly, saving the feeling of her tight flesh beneath my palm.

She bolted upright and turned around, naked except for a black ribbon wrapped elegantly around her neck. I looked her up and down quickly. Her muscular legs and arms, her thin stomach, her totally bare pussy, her firm, perky, small breasts, her pink nipples, pointing out at me, seemingly inviting me to take them between my lips and suckle them... I brought my eyes back to her face and looked into her dark brown eyes. "So mean of you, Alexis. I think you're spending too much time around Elizabeth..." Yui said, rubbing her bottom gently. Her rosy lips pouted as she looked into my eyes. "Since when are you so aggressive?"

I bit my lips. "Sorry, Yui. I couldn't resist..."

As we talked, Elizabeth, completely naked, snuck up behind Yui and spanked her other cheek. As Yui turned to face her, I looked down at Elizabeth. "Elizabeth, since when do you shave?" I asked. Wow, I thought, it looks great.

"You like it?" she asked? She grabbed my wrist and pressed my hand against her. "It's so smooth and sleek, isn't it? I just started recently. Yui inspired me, to be honest..." She winked in Yui's direction, still holding my hand tightly against her.

"Uh, ya..." I stammered. "It feels great." I softly rubbed her. She was so warm and silky... Maybe I'll try it out someday, I thought to myself. *What do you think, Alexander?* I asked. *Should I go bare, too?*

*Hmmm...I dunno. Usually I like bare girls, but you have a nice color downstairs. Not many girls have strawberry blonde carpets, after all. I think you should keep it. It makes you unique,* Alexander advised.

*True.* I looked down at my tufted triangle of reddish hair. Guys seemed to like it, it was true. And it was unique: all my friends had black hair down there. I smiled and silently decided to keep my little strawberry patch, as James had once called it.

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Yui's breasts, lifted the smaller girl off the ground, and carried her into the showers. "Hurry up," she called back to me, "or you're going to miss all the fun!"

I started to undress, but got quickly distracted. Elizabeth and Yui had turned on the shower and water cascaded down their well-muscled bodies, lucky rivulets flowing down their breasts, their stomachs, their thighs... And of course, Elizabeth was her usual self, massaging Yui's breasts while pressing her own against her back. Yui's face began to flush as she looked over at me, perhaps slightly embarrassed. I could only stand still, entranced by the view. Elizabeth leaned down and nibbled Yui's earlobes and neck. A moan escaped her gritted teeth, and her knees buckled slightly. Elizabeth kept nibbling and rubbing. Yui brought her hands on top of Elizabeth's, guiding them across her breasts. She tilted her head back, offering herself to Elizabeth. Yui's moans came louder and more quickly. Her breath was hard and fast. Elizabeth grinned, clearly happy at the result she was having. I reached my own hand into my panties and started to gently caress my clit. I was so jealous of Yui right then... As I rubbed, Yui moaned a wordless scream and almost collapsed, held up only by Elizabeth's arms. As I watched hungrily and enviously, Yui turned off the water.

"We'll meet you outside, OK Alexis?" she said to me. What? Damnit.

"Sure, I'll be right there," I replied. Yui and Elizabeth walked outside as I finished undressing. I put my clothes and purse into a locker and strode into the showers. I should have undressed faster, I criticized myself. I'd have been able to join them... I turned on the water and stood underneath the powerful jets of hot water, eager to join my friends in the onsen. As I washed myself, my nose began to tickle, and...ACHOO!


Great...naked in a girls' locker room. And there wasn't even anyone else around to enjoy it with, either. Oh well. I stepped out of the shower, dripping wet.

"Alexis!" Yui yelled. "Where are you?"

Oh shit, Yui was coming. I didn't have enough time to try to change back into Alexis. I looked around, panicking, trying to find somewhere to hide. I really didn't want to try to explain what I was doing at the onsen, naked, and with Alexis nowhere to be found. I noticed a closet that Alexis had missed when she first walked in. Oh please be unlocked, I begged. It was, and I closed the door quietly behind me. I waited in the darkness, listening to Yui's footsteps as she searched for Alexis. My teeth tingled, and I felt a prickling in my groin as I prayed she wouldn't find me. I felt goose bumps on my arms from the fear. My heart was pounding. My cock had grown erect, though, excited by the possibility of being caught. In any other case, I'd have loved to surprise Yui naked, but not when Alexis was supposed to be there instead of me.

I fumbled in the darkness, trying to discover where exactly I was. I felt a cord above my head and pulled it, illuminating the room. It looked like a storage closet. It was full of supplies and uniforms. Thank god. I grabbed one of the uniforms off the shelf and put it on. At least that was one less thing I'd have to explain if I got caught. I might even be able to play myself off as an employee temporarily, if I absolutely had to. I put my ear to the door. I couldn't hear Yui anymore. I opened the door a sliver and peeked out. It looked empty. I decided to risk it. I stepped out silently, but heard Yui suddenly call out Alexis's name again. The door out of the locker room was only a few feet, though, and I didn't feel like waiting in a closet again. I ran out as fast as I could, wondering what Yui and Elizabeth would think when they couldn't find Alexis.

I sat outside the locker room, deciding to kill time until I could get back into the locker room to sneeze. Wait a second, they must have some sort of kitchen here. If I could find a pepper shaker, it'd make life a whole lot easier. I started to wander through the empty halls, looking for something I could use to make myself sneeze. I was annoyed how clean the place was. At least if it were dusty that'd help me out a bit.

As I walked past a door, it opened up to reveal an Asian woman wearing only a towel. Her black hair flowed down her shoulders like a waterfall and reached down to the slight swell of her chest. Her hips were wide, and the shortness of her towel revealed a bit of her lower thighs. Her eyes were dark blue, probably from contacts, but the contrast was nevertheless arousing. She looked to be in her thirties or so. She had a few lines in her face, but none that detracted from her beauty. I could feel my cock stiffening, and I immediately regretted that I was going commando with sweatpants. She looked me up and down, squinting angrily. "Well there you are. Come in here and give me my massage," she demanded with a hint of an East Asian accent. "What took you so long?"

I thought about whether to follow her back into the room or not, but I decided that, "Oh, I don't work here, I'm just a guy who stole a uniform and now I'm trying to get back into the girls' locker room" wasn't the best thing to say. Besides, something about her was intensely attractive. I decided to play along.

The room was dimly lit. A large massage bed lay in the center. The room had little decoration, and the walls were painted a soothing cream color. In one corner stood a cabinet topped by a music player that was currently playing something classical. Some towels and bottles of oil took up the rest of the cabinet space. In the opposite corner were a small table and some hooks that were currently holding this woman's clothes. On the table was a pair of glasses. Ah, well that explains why she was able to mistake me so easily, I thought. Presumably she just grabbed the first uniform-clad person she saw. The woman herself removed her towel briefly, lay face-down on the table, and draped the towel over her backside without managing to reveal any more than her long, sleek back to me.

I grabbed some oil from the cabinet and poured some into my hands before setting to work. I placed my hands on her upper back and slowly began to massage her. With each stroke, a quiet moan escaped her lips. I looked down at the massive bulge in my pants. I could only hope she would keep her head down... I rubbed her shoulders and worked my way down her back, moving my hands in broad, slow strokes. The bootylicious bump hiding under the towel was too good to resist, so with each downward stroke, I pushed the towel down slightly, an inch at a time. I put my weight into my arms, pressing her body against the table. "How is this?" I asked cautiously.

"Good so far," she responded curtly. "Just keep doing what you're doing and I'll tell you if you do anything wrong."

Well that wasn't exactly encouraging... Still, I kept going. My hands were beginning to lose their lubrication, so I added some more oil. The scent of almonds was now beginning to fill the air. I gently rubbed her arms, pulling my hands from her shoulder to her wrist while keeping a tight grip. I softly worked her hands and was rewarded with a quiet growl of satisfaction. I had only gotten her towel low enough to reveal the very top of her ass. I decided to work from the other direction.

I massaged her legs, working my way up her thighs, pushing her towel up as I rubbed her firm ass. As I reached the top of my arc, I squeezed her butt each time, enjoying the feeling of this beautiful older woman in my hands. I made sure to pay lots of attention to her inner thigh, letting my hands wander just inches away from where her thighs met. Her legs parted slightly, allowing me more freedom. Was she enjoying this? I firmly massaged the muscles in her buttocks and thighs for a while, unwilling to leave.

*Enjoying yourself?* asked Alexis.

I smiled. *Of course I am. I told you I gave good massages.*

*Shouldn't you be doing something else?*

*You know, you're right,* I responded. I cleared my throat. "Could you please turn over?" I asked the woman.

She rolled over silently, her eyes closed. She just let the towel fall off of her. I kicked it under the massage table and stood over her head. I started to rub her upper chest, mere inches away from her breasts. They weren't as perky as Yui's were, but they were fuller and rounder: the breasts of a woman, not a girl. Her nipples were a dark tan against the milky cream of her breasts. As I massage her shoulders and chest, her breasts jiggled as my eyes followed her nipples like a cat eyeing a mouse. Past her stomach, I saw that she had a dark triangle between her thighs. The light glimmered off it slightly. Was she wet? Wow... I pressed my hard cock against the table, eager for any sort of sensation against it to relieve the pressure I felt. My hands inches downward with each circle, coming closer and closer to her breasts. I watched her face carefully. She made no expression. I decided to go for it.

I brought my hands down onto her breasts slowly and continued to massage as though this were normal. I could feel the hard tips of her nipples grazing against my palms as I rubbed. As I looked down, her eyes were tightly closed, and she was biting her lower lip. I squeezed her breasts gently and felt her inhale sharply. Still, I couldn't really enjoy myself too much or she'd get suspicious. I moved around the table so I could rub her abdomen gently. I could feel some muscle beneath my hands, she was probably still athletic. I pressed down on her pelvis, bringing my hands dangerously close to that dark triangle before moving back up to her solar plexus.

I didn't think I'd able to play off grabbing her crotch as just part of the massage, so I had to content myself with rubbing her thighs and coming as close as I dared, torturously slowly. I noticed her hands grasping the sheet beneath her. I so desperately wanted to press my luck, but I had enough problems, and I decided just to finish the massage. Besides, the tingling of her nipples against my hand still lingered happily, and I was certain these memories would keep my satisfied on many a lonely night...

I told her I was finished, and she slowly opened her elegant eyes. Her lips were slightly parted, and her body glistened with oil. "Well," she panted, "that was...sufficient. Thomas, was it?"

"Uh, ya," I answered. She didn't seem to know who Thomas was anyway. I wasn't very worried about being caught.

"Consider yourself hired. You can start tomorrow. Come in tomorrow at 8," she said. "Now I need to get dressed. Please excuse me."

I smiled and backed out of the room. Well, I suppose I had done a good deed today for Thomas. As I walked off, I could hear stifled moans coming from the room I had just left. I guess I had given a sufficient massage after all... I snuck back into the women's locker room and, finding it empty, managed to get my pepper out of the locker that Alexis had left it in. I took in a deep breath, and...ACHOO!

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