Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 03



I hurriedly undressed and stashed the uniform back in the storage closet before rushing out to the hot springs. As I stepped outside, I was greeted by a beautiful site.

There was a small pond, ringed by large stoned. The water steamed. Snowflakes fell slowly into the water. Just beyond the rocks, the landscape was solid white, covered by a blanket of snow. A few trees stood out of the snow, but aside from that, the ground was only rocks and snow. The fences were made of bamboo, and they stood high enough to keep out voyeurs. The path to the pool was paved with large flat stones that were cold to the touch, so I quickly walked into the water. I could already fill my nipples hardening from the cold air.

Sitting in the water were Elizabeth and Yui. Elizabeth's bare breasts were floated in the water, floating lazily, bobbing as she moved. Her hair floated on the water's surface. Sadly, the water kept me from seeing much more. Yui had covered herself with a white towel, but it concealed little, clinging tightly to her chest. It shaped itself perfectly around her breasts as though it had been painted on, and even her nipples were visible through the thin fabric. When she saw me, she asked, "Where have you been? I looked all over for you, it's been almost an hour!"

"Sorry, I was..." How on earth was I going to answer this? "Getting a massage. Ya. I, uh, got a little lost and ended up running into one of the masseurs. It was really good." I smiled in what I hoped was a convincing manner.

"Oh, you should have told us. We were worried about you," Yui replied. "I'm just glad you're OK. Come in, the water's great."

I waded into the water, gasping at the heat when my foot first went in. It was hotter than I had expected, but it felt perfect, like a bath after a long day of classes. I walked over to my friends and sat down between them, relaxing, savoring the feeling of the hot water drawing out the stress from my muscles. It felt heavenly.

I heard a splash in the water and opened my eyes.

*Isn't that the woman from the massage room,* Alexander asked me?

*I think so,* I replied.

"Hi, mom!" said Yui.

I groaned. *Sorry Alexis,* Alexander apologized. *I didn't realize it was her...*


As always, please rate and comment. I enjoy writing, but I want to know how I can get better. Let me know what you liked and disliked most greatly. I hope you guys enjoy my writing! Although to be honest, this particular series is getting a bit dull for me, so if I do continue it, there'll be a break first. So if there's any sort of story or setting or genre or kink you'd like to see me write, feel free to suggest it. I'm basically casting about for fresh inspiration at this point.

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