tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDiaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 04

Diaries of a Sexshifter Pt. 04


Entry 4: Revelation

This story may be a bit confusing on its own, although it is a stand-alone work, so reading Parts 1, 2, and 3 is not needed, though it will be helpful. At this point, however, I feel that it would be most useful to read the previous parts first if you're here for the story. The most necessary thing to know for this series is that the viewpoint characters are Alexis and Alexander, a girl and a boy respectively. They share a body, and when one sneezes, they transform into the other. If you want a more detailed explanation, there's one in the beginning of Part 1 of this series, which you should be able to find under the list of my stories on this site.


It all started at a party.

I had gotten a summer job working at a camp, and after eight straight weeks of kids, they had finally left earlier that day. In response, the camp staff had sent out a few people to buy a metric boatload of alcohol, which we decided to imbibe until the sun rose. Eight weeks of stress, frustration, inhibition, and repression were going to be unleashed that night. There are so many things you take for granted until you're not allowed to do them. We were forbidden to swear, drink, or even flirt in front of the campers. We compensated by doing all of them much, much more whenever the campers were in class or otherwise not around us. And now tonight was our last night together and our first night kidless, and we intended to take advantage of it.

It had begun normally enough. Music, drinking, tales of kids that began with, "Oh my god, this one time..." My friend James had thankfully recommended I apply to work there with him, so we had been spent a lot of time together lately. Alexis was happy, too, since it meant she could "visit" James whenever she wanted. Other than him, though, all my coworkers were new to me. But suffering together for two months had turned us into a close-knit group, and I would sincerely miss all of them after we parted ways. Eight weeks of joys and games and whining-sessions; eight weeks of inside jokes, nights out, and group projects; it had been fantastic.

The party had a great atmosphere. We were trying to get drunk, but there was more to it than a simple path from Point A to Point B for Blackout. It was full of life and warmth. After about two hours, we had shifted out of a single huge circle into smaller, more personable ones. James and I were together with Helen, Nikki, and Pyrros, laughing together as we retold stories from the camp.

"Alexander, remember when your kid snuck into the girls' locker room and walked in on the lifeguard showering?" asked Pyrros, his amber eyes bright. His skin was a dusky olive, his hair a chestnut brown. He was tall, but a bit on the skinny side. It seemed like his hair was perpetually messy, and I never saw him without stubble on his face, giving him a bit of an unkempt appearance that Alexis nevertheless drooled over. He was one of my favorite people to talk to at the camp, even though we discussed the sandwiches at lunch and their various merits as much as anything else.

"Ugh, of course... I mean, not that I blame him; did you see the lifeguard? Her tits were perfect... When I was walking with her to the office, I had to really work on not staring down her cleavage the whole time. She was not in the mood. I thought she was going to castrate that kid. Great job watching him during swimming, James," I teased.

"It wasn't my fault!" he said defensively. "There were twenty other kids to watch. I can't keep track of every single one."

"Ya, ya, you were probably daydreaming about Alexis, I bet," I said. "Weren't you with Nikki, too? Where was she?"

She slapped me playfully on the thigh for bringing her into the accusations. "Alex! I was busy teaching some of the kids to swim." Nikki was a certified lifeguard, and I was the happier for it, because she looked incredible in a swimsuit. She looked like midnight personified. She had the darkest skin I had ever seen; chocolate bordering on black. Her curly hair, worn in an afro, and her large, soulful eyes were the same jet black color. She had an amazing ass, one that tempted me every time I watched her bend over as I fought the urge to spank her hard. Her breasts were enormous, always threatening to spill out of her top, especially her bright red bikini's. She was strong and muscular, friendly and flirty, but deep down she was rather shy about her feelings.

"Hey, it wasn't Nikki's fault," Pyrros interjected. James and I exchanged a knowing glance. Nikki and Pyrros had been making eyes at each other all summer, but they were both too shy and inexperienced for anything to happen between them. Both of them were only a year younger than I, but apparently they were centuries behind in terms of relationships. Still, I swirled the lambic beer left in my bottle, maybe something would happen tonight...

"Oh, the poor boy," Helen interjected. "He's just curious. I bet you boys all tried to see naked women at his age..." Her tungsten-gray eyes were cast downward, her ruby lips pouted. Her midnight black hair cascaded off her head and shoulders, ending just above her petite breasts. Her skin was the color of a sunlit glass of honey, a glowing golden-brown. She didn't have much of a figure: her hips were almost boyish, and her breasts were no bigger than Bs, but she almost never wore a bra, even at work, and whenever she got excited or exercised, I was always greeted by the sight of her hard nipples drilling through her shirt.

Nikki bolted up, her heavy breasts jiggling hypnotically. Pyrros's eyes immediately bounced downwards. "Guys, we should totally go night swimming! There's a great beach nearby!"

"That sounds fantastic!" replied Helen as she brushed her coal-black hair out of her eyes. "I hope I can find my suit. I brought it but haven't used it yet."

"Oh that's OK, we can just go skinny dipping," joked Nikki. She checked her watch. "How about we grab our stuff and meet by my car in ten minutes? It'll be great!" We agreed and went our separate ways to grab everything.

*I wish James were going skinny dipping,* sighed Alexis as I stripped down in my room.

*All you'd have to do is ask, Alexis,* I pointed out. *It's not like he would say no to getting naked with you. I know I wouldn't...*

*Promises, promises, brother. Besides, you wouldn't say no to any girl getting naked with you, would you? It's a shame Nikki has eyes only for Pyrros.*

*She's pretty flirty, though. Remember when we were doing that anonymous questions game and "How big is your dick?" came up? She was looking pretty suspicious... I bet she was the one who wrote it,* I said, pulling up my trunks. I looked at the clock. Almost time to go. I hurriedly finished dressing and went out to the parking lot. Everyone else was waiting for me, so we got into the car and drove to the beach.

The beach was totally deserted. The sky was clear, a bright full moon illuminating the golden sands with a ghostly glow. Only a few meters of waves were visible, the sea foam a delicate line of ivory against the ebony water. Beyond that, it was only an inky blackness, and the horizon between the sky and sea was invisible. The stars were scattered across the sky, the only witnesses to our night. A warm breeze blew across the dunes as we exited the car and made out way to the water. We made our way to a circle of beach chairs near the water and began to change.

I took off my shirt and shorts when suddenly I heard James gasp. "Helen, what are you doing?" he asked, alarmed.

I turned to look. My eyes opened wide. Helen was completely topless, wearing only her jeans, and looking a bit confused. Her tan chest was gorgeous. Her firm, petite breasts were round and full. Her nipples were cocoa brown, and already hardening in the night air. I felt my cock stirring in my swim trunks.

"Nikki said we could go skinny dipping," Helen explained, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to get naked in front of coworkers. "Did I do something wrong?"

"I was just kidding, hon," Nikki said. "But if you prefer skinny dipping, that's OK. I'm sure the boys don't mind much, judging from the tents the three of them are raising in their trunks..."

Helen glanced down at my lap and smiled. "Thanks," she tittered, "I'm flattered. But I don't want to be the only one." She gave me a tight hug, pressing her hard nipples against my own, and gently wriggling her lap against my hard crotch. "Alexander," she began, looking deep into my eyes, "you'll go naked with me, won't you?"

"Uh...I mean...if everyone else is willing to give it a try? Guys?" I asked, hoping they would join us.

Nikki stepped forward, wearing her bright red bikini. Even her steps threatened to spill her out of that top... "I'll give it a try. I used to go skinny dipping with my sisters back home." She walked over towards the two of us, her black skin glistening in the moonlight. She almost blended into the night. Her bikini tied around the back of her neck, and once she undid it, her cups fell away, revealing a fantastic pair of massive, firm breasts. I gasped at the sight. They were slightly pointed at their tips, her nipples the color of chocolate truffles, and probably as delicious, I imagined. Her proud breasts were sleek and smooth, and with her proud grin and erect stance, she looked every bit an African queen. I had to grab my wrist to keep myself from reaching out and squeezing her beautiful breasts.

Next she bent down to wriggle out of her bottoms, shaking her callipygian behind this way and that. Her ass was toned and firm from swimming and other sports, but still had a pleasant roundness to it. Its size was impressive as well, and I never ceased to admire the way it filled out her jeans. Her hips were wide, and combined with her macromastic mammaries, she had a perfect hourglass figure. She turned around, to face Helen and me again, revealing a cute little landing strip of hair between her thick thighs.

Helen pouted a bit. "I'm so jealous of your breasts, Nikki. They're so big! I wish I were a bit larger..."

Nikki smiled and thanked her. "But they're not really worth it. They hurt my back a lot. I kind of wish they were smaller sometimes.

"I-I think they look fantastic," offered Pyrros, whose eyes were riveted to them. His hands were over his crotch, most likely concealing a raging hard-on from the girls. "I mean, not that the rest of you doesn't either. Just that they especially look really good."

A slight blush passed Nikki's cheeks. "Thanks, Pyrros." She turned to me. "So Alexander, it's your turn, right?"

Damn. "Uh, ya, I guess so." I took a deep breath. It certainly didn't help that not only was everyone watching, but Helen and Nikki's stripping had given me a massive erection. Oh well...it wasn't like it was going to go away if I were surrounded by naked girls. Might as well...

I closed my eyes, grabbed my waistband, and dropped 'em. Nikki giggled. Helen gasped. "Um, um, don't worry, Alex, it just shows you're healthy! It's expected for guys to get hard around naked girls. Nikki and I understand, right Nikki?" stammered Helen.

Nikki moaned in delight. "Of course, we don't mind a bit..." Her eyes lingered on my long, thick cock. "Wow, you have a huge head," she observed. She got down onto her knees, leaning in, her lips centimeters from my tortured cock. "Looks cute," she commented. "Do you cum a lot?" she asked.

"Nikki!" Helen shrieked. "That's personal! ... Um, do you, Alex?"

"Maybe he can show us later," Nikki offered with a tone of faux innocence.

"Well! Who's next?" I asked. "Pyrros? James?" One of you jerks please join me naked, I begged silently.

The two shared a glance. Pyrros shook his head vehemently. James shrugged. "I guess it's me," he said. James turned his back to us and slipped out of his black trunks, revealing his muscular behind. Alexis cooed in my head at the sight of it.

He turned around and faced us. His short, blonde, messy hair and nudity gave him a bit of a wild look. He was well-built, and his abs were easily visible. He had a slight bit of wispy, golden hair on his chest, leading down to his happy trail. James had had the same problem I did. His cock was rock hard, pointing towards the sky, gently bouncing with each heartbeat of his, as though waving to the two naked girls.

*He's so handsome!* squealed Alexis. *I can't believe I'm missing this! And I can't believe Nikki and Helen are there! He should cover up while they're around. I don't want them seeing his dick.*

*It's just harmless fun, Alexis, no worries. I'm sure James is safe from those hussies' clutches and vile machinations. If I have to,* I offered, *I'll gladly get seduced by both of them so James can keep his purity for you. Deal?*

*Oh, you're so selfless, Alex...* she said. *A regular saint, even.*

Nikki put her hands up to her mouth, while her eyes dropped to James's package. "Oh my, it seems hard-ons are contagious tonight. Do you need a minute to, erm, take care of things, James? We'll all close our eyes if you want to."

"It's perfectly natural," piped in Helen. "Don't worry about it. It's just like I told Alexander; healthy males often get erections around naked women. It's only a problem if it lasts too long. If you need a hand, I can help."

"A hand, huh?" asked Nikki, raising an eyebrow.

"Not like that! I meant I had some lotion he could use! Nikki! Get your mind out of the gutter..."

James just blushed. "I think I'll be fine, but thanks." We all turned to Pyrros. "Your turn. You ready?" asked James.

Pyrros, his cheeks bright red, just nodded quietly as he bit his lower lip. His hands shook as he reached down for his trunks, slowly pulling them down, his eyes closed the whole time. Nikki whistled in appreciation, and I didn't blame her. I had thought he was just skinny, but he actually had a nice set of muscles on him; probably a runner. His chest was hairy, and his olive skin was well-tanned. He looked abundantly healthy. And then my eyes went a bit further downward. Wow.

He had to have been nine inches long, easily. I felt a bit intimidated next to him, and the hungry look in Nikki's eyes filled me with a bit of jealousy. Helen was speechless. I caught James's expression and saw the same envy that was filling me.

*Wow,* sighed Alexis.

Nikki strode up and began to rub it reverently, like a magic lamp. "Why were you scared of showing off this, Pyrros? It looks fantastic..." She suddenly realized what she was doing, and looked up at Pyrros's shocked, but happy, face. "Oh whoops. I um, lost track of what I was doing..." She took in another long glance at Pyrros's massive manhood and licked her lips slowly.

"Looks like love at first sight," I whispered to Helen.

She tittered. "I know, right? I had no idea he was so big...I bet I couldn't even get my mouth around it..." She stopped herself and stammered a bit. "I mean, I didn't mean that, I was just thinking aloud and...can you forget you heard that, Alex?"

I smiled. No way would I forget Helen talking about fellatio, but I said "Sure" anyway.

"Well, let's hit the waves. Last one in is a rotten egg," Pyrros cried, beginning the rush into the ocean.

The water was invigorating. It started out freezing, but once you acclimated, it was energizing. We frolicked in the surf, laughing and splashing each other. James, Pyrros, and I, in a show of tipsy machismo for the girls, tried to punch back the waves as they came in. We failed, of course, but it was fun, and the girls' delighted giggles filled the night air.

After a while, we got out of the water and sat down on our chairs to dry off, talking and drinking what we had brought from the party. After a while, a conversation began about past romances, which led to a chat between Nikki and Helen about their ex-boyfriends' staying power.

"My last boyfriend could last all night," bragged Helen.

"Really? Steven came so quickly inside me...he said I was just too good. Are you sure you don't need a little more practice?" Nikki asked.

Helen raised her eyebrows. "I get quite enough practice, Nikki. Are you sure your ex wasn't just premature? I bet I can excite a guy better than you can."

"Well why don't we have a contest, then? It sucks we don't have condoms, but we can compete with handjobs. Me versus Helen. James, want to be Helen's partner?" Nikki asked.

James held up his hands. "I-I can't. I'm dating this girl Alexis," he explained.

*Awwww,* Alexis chimed in. *He's damn lucky he turned that down. Otherwise he'd've gotten a pounding later...*

Nikki was undaunted, though. "Oh alright. You'll just have to be the referee. Looks like you're Helen's partner, Alexander," she dismissively instructed.

"Wait, what?" I said, bewildered, but Nikki was already on the move.

She dropped down to her knees in front of Pyrros, her massive, chocolate breasts resting on his olive thighs, her coconut-colored nipples pebble-hard with excitement. Pyrros looked amazed at his luck, and a little scared. His cock, though, had no second-thoughts. It was already reaching towards the sky before Nikki even got her hand on it. She turned and looked at Helen and me. "Well, are you two ready?" she asked.

Helen and I looked at each other. She was biting her lip, but her eyes were locked onto my own rapidly stiffening cock. I had never done anything so public before, but I was excited by the thought of it. But what did she think about it? I didn't want to coerce her into something so exhibitionistic. I stepped closely towards her and gently placed my hand on her shoulder. "It's up to you, Helen. I'm fine either way," I explained, an offer whose sincerity was slightly hurt by the fact that my tumescent manhood was gently but insistently pressing against her soft inner thigh.

Helen reached down and gripped me firmly in her hand, grinning. "Come on, Alex. We're beating those two," she confidently averred.

*I never knew she was so competitive,* observed Alexis.

*Me neither, but I like it,* I confessed, as Helen gently led me by the cock like a dog on a leash towards the others. All I could do was follow without resistance. I sat down facing Pyrros, the girls leaned over us, ready to compete. Pyrros and I traded broad grins.

James sat off to the side, equidistant from the two couples. "Ready?" he asked. Nikki and Helen nodded. "Set!" he commanded. Helen got a firm grip on me, and from his husky gasp, I could tell Nikki had done the same to Pyrros. "Begin!" he announced. Both ladies immediately began their carnal competition with each other.

Helen used one hand to pump my cock with incredible speed, while she used her free hand to tenderly graze her fingernails down my chest and around my thighs, teasing me mercilessly. I was glad the contest wasn't between Pyrros's and my endurances. I wasn't sure how long I was going to last like this... At least Helen would be happy if I went off right away...

Her eyes were focused entirely on my cock and her teeth were tightly clenched as she stroked me off. Her long dark hair had fallen over her eyes, but she wasn't going to break her tempo to remove it. I tenderly pushed it back behind her ear for her, gazing into her metallic eyes, but she seemed to be in her own world. Her face, usually so serene, was even sexier filled with fiery fury, I decided privately.

She was pumping so furiously that her whole body moved with her hand, her firm, pert, delicate breasts jiggling constantly. I watched her nipples dance, transfixed. I looked up, saw Pyrros unabashedly fondling Nikki's own massive endowments, and decided to make it even. I reached down and massaged her perky breasts. No wonder she so rarely wore a bra, she hardly needed one. Her petite breasts were toned and firm, full of youth and vitality. Her nipples were already poking out, and I roughly took them between my fingertips, pinching them while caressing the rest of her breast. Helen paused briefly, moaning softly, delicately, from my touch, before resuming her work. I looked down further and noticed that she was getting moist. Well, so it wasn't just a competition to her...

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