tagGroup SexDiary of A Cum Queen

Diary of A Cum Queen


[The following is inspired and coauthored by Wendy]

This is a story about a real person and her adventures. I met Wendy's husband Bill before meeting her. We were at the bar of a strip club watching this beautiful woman with big tits, a shaved pussy and awesome ass, strip and then rub her pussy and butt on any thing she could get her legs around. Her finest was fucking a long neck beer bottle - both ends! The guy next to me said "She's a real slut isn't she?" I nodded as he continued. "Would you like to fuck her?"

"Oh yes I would. Do you think I could?" I asked. He told me she was his wife and she loved a good fucking after she danced. "You wouldn't mind?" I asked. He told me he liked to watch her get fucked by other guys and I could screw her as long as he watched and maybe join in.

After receiving a standing ovation she left the stage and went to her dressing room. I couldn't contain myself. I knock on the door and she let me in wearing only a short thin robe and high heel shoes. She immediate noticed the large bulge in my pants and smiled as she rubbed her hand against my hardness. We embraced. Our lips met and our tongues passionately danced in each others mouth. She helped me tear off my shirt and I thrust down my pants. Her robe fluttered to the floor as her eyes locked onto my huge erection. As we embrace again her big beautiful breast press into my chest, my hard cock slid between her legs. Grabbing her butt cheeks I pulled her ever closer.

Our kisses were now deeper and longer. I move my lips to her tantalizing tits and begin to trace circles around her hard nipples. The tip of my tongue flicked each nipple as it grew even more erect. I sucked on her beautiful pink nipples as my hand slid down over her soft flat belly touching her quivering pussy lips. I slid in one finger and then another as my thumb rubbed up against her clit. She moaned with delight. I buried my face between her marvelous melons as she rubbed her tits all over my head and face. I lick between her breasts and my tongue traced down her body, over her tummy.

She sat in an arm-less chair while I knelt before her. Parting her legs, I returned to licking and sucking her hot, juicy, honey hole. I nestle my nose against her clit and snuggled in for a long lick. She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed tight each time she climaxed....time.. after time after time.

Then I heard her say those words every man dreams of, "I want to suck your cock and have you cum in my mouth." I stood before her as she grasped the purple head of my dick with her thumb and forefinger. She ran her tongue from the head to the base of my cock, back and forth several times. On the last trip down she took my balls in her mouth, one at a time and then she made one last trip up the under side of my shaft till she reached the top. She placed a big wet kiss on my knob and engulfed me with her luscious lips.

I rubbed and stroked her tits, tweaking the large nipples as she sucked and licked. Her rhythm picked up and she brought me to a frenzy. I shoot my love cream filling her magical mouth. The overflow trickled onto her beautiful breast. She lifted her tit toward her mouth and lick off the joy juice. Unknown to us Wendy's husband had entered the room and was jerking off as he watched us.

She continued to stroke my rod, bringing it back to life. We change places as I sat in the chair, facing me, she mounted my cock. She slide her tight, wet pussy down on my stiff staff and began riding my rod. Fucking away, I sucked her nipples and we moved in rhythm. Looking over her shoulder I saw our reflection in the mirror. I got even more excited watching my cock riding up between her awesome ass cheeks and then seeing her precious pussy lips engulf me. Bill stood to our side and Wendy took his swollen cock in her mouth and sucked him as we fucked. Our pace quickened until we all exploded together.

Wendy sucked us both clean and asked if I would like to come home with them for a night cap. Being no fool I followed them. As soon as we entered in the house she slid out of her skimpy skirt and tight blouse. She then tore my shirt off and yanked down my pants. While I stood with my rigid rod in hand she repeated the same undressing on her hubby. Kneeling between the two of us she held a hard cock in each hand and took turns licking our balls and sucking our dicks. Wendy said she wanted some double penetration and lowered her juicy cunt on to her prone husband's cock. I licked her butt crack and lubricated her ass hole with my cooking oil soaked fingers. Sliding my rod in her rectum I butt fucked her while Bill pounded her pussy. Wendy moaned with delight as she shouted, "I'm Cumming You Fuckers - I'm Cumming" She said that three or four times before Bill and I joined her.

Wendy wanted to keep going but I was spent. They said I could sleep in their guest room so I retired with a glass of wine and looked for something to read before going to sleep. I saw a book on the bed stand. Picking it up I read the title, "Diary of A Cum Queen." As I began to read I could hear Wendy's voice:

"July 4, 2002Dear Diary - I just read the most erotic story on Literotica. A guy named Adom wrote about a neighborhood fuckfest. It made me so hot I fucked myself with my eight inch electric dildo. I sent this dirty old man feedback and told him how Bill got me into swinging and fucking guys while he watched and jerked off. To the community I am a neat, polite, conservative and well-educated 43 year old middle class woman. But I know I'm really A CUM-WHORE!!!

July 5, 2002 Dear Diary - I heard back from Adom. I told him how I love dirty old men to fuck me. I told him to get his cock out and jerk off while I tell him what my husband made me do last night. I told him I jammed my dildo into my cunt and turned it on full speed while I wrote his e-mail. After I sent it I went next door to give my 65 year old retired neighbor a blow job. He loves to lick out my pussy and asshole.

Last night my husband took me to a night club. He made me dress like a whore with a tiny skirt which showed my ass and a transparent blouse which showed off my big tits. I wasn't allowed to wear panties. Although I'm 43 I am in very good shape. We weren't there thirty minutes when he picked out a group of twelve young guys and told them they could fuck me for $20 a head. He told them I will do "everything" for $20. The guys couldn't wait to get me to a cheap hotel room my husband had arranged (he thinks of everything). God! I was sold as a whore to 12 men for a lousy $20 a head!!!

They made me dance and strip (not much to take off). Then I was ordered to suck their cocks. I was mounted doggie styled and fucked in the ass and pussy by each guy over and over again. I started talking dirty to them and they knew I really liked it so they did the same calling me crude names. I loved it. I love being called a "cum whore" and names like that. My husband sat back and jerked off while he too pictures of me being fucked. Two guys had 10 inch fat cocks and nearly split my asshole in two but I loved every moment of it.

For a grand finale they all jerked off over my face and tits! Cum tastes so good. It was nearly 2:00 AM. I showered to wash all the cum off and went home. Bill tells me he has another big night planned for me tonight.

July 6, 2002 Dear Diary - Adom e-mailed that he would like to butt-fuck me. I told him I would love his cock banging my ass. I told him his e-mail was so hot I got out my electric dildo and fucked my pussy deep while reading it over and over again. He wants some pictures so I'm going to send him ones of the guys fucking me last night.

Tonight my husband booked me to perform as a stripper at a dirty fucking porno dance club in the red light district, the bastard. Before we left home I had to put on tiny outfit with my tits barely covered and my ass hanging out the bottom of my skirt. After we had driven far enough away from home he stopped the car at a bus stop and made me catch a bus to the dance club. It was 9:00 PM as I got out and stood at the bus stop dressed like a whore. He drove off saying he would meet me at the club and if I was late he would punish me.

Some foreign guys were us waiting at the bus stop and began hassling me asking me for a blow job and a fuck. I told them to "Fuck Off". I had no intention of fucking 8 Muslims who looked like they hadn't showered in months. They got the message and began calling me a "white whore" and "white cock sucker." Although I had no intention of fucking them their talk did turn me on. The bus came and the driver looked a little shocked at my outfit. I paid the fare and moved to the back followed by the 8 foreigners.

The trip to the club was 30 minutes. I didn't want to be late because the last time my husband "punished" me I had to work in a brothel for an entire week. He made sure the owner gave me double the amount of customers the other girls got.When I got off he bloody wogs followed me. I found he club entrance and was walking through the door when one of the club 'bouncers' said "No Whores go in the side entrance." My husband was behind this for sure.

I made it to the side door and a skinny guy said, "Hurry up, you are late" I thought to myself, oh shit no. Then he said, "You are on in 2 minutes. You better be good bitch, we have a lot of customers here tonight." I hadn't danced since my 20's when I was a table dancer but I knew I could get through it. The music came on he pointed to the stage and said "Go. I walked out to applause and wolf-whistles. There were 30 or 40 guys in the audience. It took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the light but then I got a shock. The guys in the front row all worked at the local supermarket. I knew them. My fucking husband had set this up. I could see him sitting in the audience grinning. One guy yelled, "Take 'em off whore!" I started to dance and go through the motions taking off my top letting my big tits swing free from their bondage.

The guys went wild and I was enjoying it. I pulled my skirt off and bent over with my ass facing the guys in the front row. These guys had been perving at me for months and I told my husband how I liked to cock-tease them wearing short skirts and flashing my cunt and tits. Now it looked like I was getting what I deserved. I reached around and pulled my ass cheeks open. They yelled with approval. I started fingering my pussy when one young guy yelled out, "Can't wait till you buy your fruit and vegetables tomorrow bitch. I'll keep a big cucumber ready in the back room for ya." His mates exploded in laughter. Smart-ass little pricks.

Next the curtains separated and to my surprise the wog guys from the fucking bus walked on stage. All 8 of them. How in the hell did my husband arrange this? I was surrounded by them and had all 8 cocks shoved in my face. "Suck their cocks...suck their cocks," came the chant from the audience. I took a cock in my mouth while another guy pushed my ass down and mounted me doggie style sliding his dirty cock into my cunt. He fucked me furiously saying,"You stuck up white whore, you will take my cock now won't you."

Each guy fucked me hard in front of the audience, some of whom (including my husband) had their cocks out jerking off. I sucked all 8 cocks. My face and tits were covered in cum. Some fucked my ass. I am ashamed to say I loved it. I am a whore. After 45 minutes on stage the curtain dropped and the bouncers threw the wogs out.My husband came backstage and congratulated me on my performance. "However" he said. "You were late and as your punishment you will let all the boys from the local supermarket fuck you."

"No" I said. "I have to shop there everyday." Bill responded,"Well now they know you are really a filthy cum-whore and in order to keep them from telling all your friends you will become their fuck-slave." He wants me to rest up for a couple days so I'll b ready for more of his plans.

July 7, 2002 Dear Diary - I let Charlie, the guy next door, lick my cunt and asshole this morning. He then fucked me in the ass. I keep Charlie my little secret, my husband doesn't know Charlie fucks me at least 5 times a week. His wife passed away 7 years ago and I noticed him perving at me one day last year when I bent over collecting the mail. I didn't have my panties on so Charlie got a great view of my shaved cunt. It was only natural, after being such a tease, to invite him in for a cup of tea and suck his cock.He is quite the stud and loves to fuck me. We have a secret little arrangement.

Charlie set up a digital camera last week and set it on 'auto' while he doggy fucked me. I sent a copy of the picture to Adom and told him to think of himself in the picture instead of Charlie. I hoped it made his cock hard and he would jerk off thinking about shooting his cum across my bare ass. I told him if he lived next door I would let him fuck me in all my holes at least 3 times a day. That would be nice.

I wrote Adom that since he was such a horny guy and a great dirty old man it wouldn't take him long to get me into some hot fuck sessions. I told him that since my first gang-bang at age 18, I love more than one cock at a time. I will send him some more fuck photos tonight and find a nice tit shot as well.

My husband has arranged for me to be fucked by some guys he met at he casino. He got drunk with them and told them is wife loved gang-bangs. Now they are coming over for a "free fuck" as he calls it. I must admit my cunt is already wet thinking about being used as a fuck-whore by men I have never met. You know diary, lately I have turned into a total nymphomaniac whore. I have sucked and fucked more men in the last 12 months than the previous 5 years and I am 43 years old. Old guys and young guys can't get enough of my tits, ass, cunt and mouth. I LOVE IT!"

That's as far as I got in Wendy's diary before I fell asleep. Wouldn't you know it the next morning I woke up with Wendy's magical mouth wrapped around my cock. I'm sure there will be a continuation of this story as long as The Cum Queen keeps her diary.

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