tagErotic CouplingsDiary of a High Price Escort Ch. 01

Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 01


My anticipation and anxiety for my first appointment had been building all morning and as I turned the key in the ignition of the Benz outside Off the Avenue my hand was trembling and my stomach was in knots. I stepped out of the car and smoothed my tight stove pipe skirt down the front of my thighs. The top hem of my silk stockings was easily felt through the fabric but was not visible to the casual viewer.

I scanned the parking lot for a man alone not having the slightest clue what Mickey looked like. I had arrived almost ten minutes early and when no one stood out I assumed he had not yet arrived.

It was a bright cloudless day and I could see my reflection in the large windows of the cafe. Outwardly I gave the appearance of a smart businesswomen waiting others to join me for lunch. But beneath my tailored stove pipe skirt white silk blouse and matching suit jacket my lush form was covered with a seductive black lace bra matching thong and seamed silk thigh high stockings. The four inch black leather heels I'd chosen accentuated my shapely legs without drawing too much attention. With the exception of the seamed stockings which I hoped would go unnoticed until after the official appointment moved into the tip phase later in the afternoon I looked as classy and elegant as any corporate board member.

Inwardly my I was a jumble of nerves. Would Mickey find me attractive? I was certain he would unless he sported two very large black ears and a matching black nose which I seriously doubted he would. Would I be capable of sharing a short lunch with a total stranger then offer him my body for his own pleasure. I wasn't as certain of that.

As I toyed with my perfectly teased auburn hair a large black SUV rounded the corner from the avenue to Green Street then swerved into a parking space two beyond the Benz. I carefully watch the silhouette of it's driver through the large rear window. The back up lights flashed on as he moved the transmission from drive to park. I watched with extraordinary interest as the driver got out and slammed the door shut. Before he appeared from the driver's side which was very tall I heard the familiar beep of a car alarm sound. An instant later he rounded the back carrying a huge smile on his lips.

"Angel?" He asked as he approached.

I extending my delicate hand and replied. "Yes..Mickey?"

"I'm so sorry I'm late traffic was horrendous." He said apologetically.

I smiled tentatively and offered. "You're not late I was a few minutes early."

His firm hand held mine softly as he shook it gently and replied. "You're very kind." Then quickly added. "And absolutely gorgeous."

His compliment put me at ease my nervous anxiety and the knots in my stomach instantly disappeared.

Mickey released my hand and moved his to the small of my back. "Shall we?" He asked motioning toward the entrance with his other hand.

His hand remained on my back until we neared the door then slipped off as he reached for the handle and pulled it open for me. I stepped inside whispering. "Thank you." as I passed him.

Off the Avenue is a bright and cheery place. Festive decor and mostly tables for small groups of four. The tables are covered with Mackenzie-Child's style black and white checker board table clothes. Some tables were set for parties of four and others for more intimate parties of two. Fresh cut floral arrangements served as center pieces on every table.

A young woman perhaps nineteen or so greeted us as we stepped inside. Mickey grinned politely at her and said. "Reservation for Mouse."

Of course Mr. Mouse your table is prepared." She replied.

My wide smile and soft chuckle acknowledged that the reservation was made in a fictitious name.

"Right this way Mr. Mouse." The young girl said unknowing that she was seating such a famous person.

Mickey motioned for me to follow her then he walked slowly behind me. I seized the opportunity to practice my most seductive walk as I was absolutely certain he was carefully examining my shapely legs and the seams running up the back.

"Here we are." The young girl announced reaching our table for two.

"Thank you very much." Mickey said.

"You're welcome." She replied then added. "Enjoy your lunch."

Mickey helped me with my chair being the complete gentleman then sat across the table from me. His strong hands resting flat on the table beside the lovely place setting.

I smiled then reached around the flowers at the center and placed my hand on his. "I love your sense of humor." I commented.

His broad grin acknowledged that he appreciated that I'd picked up on his fictitious last name.

Our waitress arrived carrying two menus and a wine list. As she mentioned the specials for the day I studied his face. His hair was normal length and its salt and pepper color gave him a very distinguished look. Mickey has steel gray eyes that looked as if they could pierce your soul if he stared long enough. He was clean shaven and has a light olive complexion of what I guessed was middle east ancestry.

"I'll give you a few minutes to browse the menu than I'll be ready to take your order." She said after finished with the specials.

"Would you like a drink Angel." Mickey asked his use of my name bringing me back from my semi dream state while I studied his very handsome face.

"Yes please. I'd love a glass of white wine." I quickly answered thinking I needed to pay closer attention to my surroundings.

He smiled and looked at our waitress. "Two glasses of Riesling will be fine." He said.

Mickey obviously was some what of a connoisseur of wines ordering a German white that goes well with several types of food.

Once alone Mickey turned his attention to me. His eyes those piercing steel gray eyes thoroughly studying my face. "Your pictures don't do you justice." He remarked.

"Now who's being very kind." I replied mimicking his comment outside the cafe.

Within a few minutes Mickey had put my mind at ease and since the luncheon crowd wasn't very large and I felt comfortable speaking openly. "What photos did the office send you?" I asked.

"I received three pictures on my I-phone." He replied as he reached into the breast pocket of his very expensive looking sport jacket.

He pressed a button or two then slid the phone across the checker board table cloth. Three tiny images were displayed on the screen too small to see any detail but large enough to see which three he'd received. One was a close up head shot taken during the first set with Craig. The second was a shot of my exposed back with my head turned looking over my shoulder and of course there was one of my head resting seductively over the skull of a pure white polar bear.

"Those were taken just yesterday." I commented knowing that Mickey had scheduled our appointment before he knew what I even looked like.

The waitress returned with our wine and after pouring a tiny amount in Mickey's glass for his approval finished filling his then my glass.

"I think you'll enjoy this vintage." He remarked.

I lifted my glass first to toast him then took a sip. The Riesling had a distinctive apple flavor that was very appealing to my palate. "This is lovely." I remarked after savoring the taste of the fine wine.

His smile acknowledged that he was happy I was pleased.

"Are you ready to order?" The young waitress asked.

I hadn't even looked at the menu but Mickey apparently was quite familiar with the offerings of the cafe. "We'll have the blackened swordfish." He replied.

"Very good. Please enjoy your wine." She said then turned to place our luncheon order.

As Mickey returned his attention to me I smiled and said. "I love a man who takes charge." Clearly letting him know that I could easily be turned into pudding by his charms.

I wasn't sure if asking more about him was appropriate since this was my first appointment so I kept the conversation directed to Elegant Escorts.

"Have you had appointments with any of our other girls?" I asked.

He smiled then answered. "All five and several who are no longer with the firm."

I liked the fact that Daddy had scheduled me with a repeat customer. It eased me further knowing his gentleman approach would most liked continue after lunch.

"When the office notified me of you're employment I automatically scheduled an appointment." He explained.

"Why is that?" I questioned him.

He grinned and said. "Never been disappointed before and I'm certain that streak will continue."

I was sure his comment meant that he couldn't wait for our appointment to enter the tip phase later this afternoon.

"Thank you I'll try my best to exceed your expectations." I quietly replied.

I saw no reason why a little flirting during lunch would be taken as something less than classy so when I lifted my wine glass to my lips I also lifted my delicate hand to the pure white silk fabric above the lapel of my suit coat.

Mickey's eyes were drawn to my slim fingers and followed the sexy french manicured nails as they slowly slid down toward the vee of my jacket. His smile letting me know that a little light flirting was fine with him.

His eyes appeared to be undressing me and I loved it a small preview of later when his fingers would do the same.

He scanned the surrounding tables and after confirming no one in particular was with in ear shot quietly asked. "How long have you been in the business?"

I smiled softly then leaned closer to him our faces separated by only the lovely floral arrangement I whispered so only he could hear. "I'm a virgin Mr. Mouse." I admitted trying to make light of that fact.

His somewhat surprised expression acknowledged that he was lead to believe I had moved to Elegant Escorts from some other similar business arrangement.

"I'll be gentle." He replied a wide smile on his lips.

I returned his smile with an even broader one of my own then said. "Not too gentle I hope."

His hand slid across the table and slowly covered mine. The warm soft texture of his palm felt wonderful and I shuddered briefly a result of his soft gentle touch.

"Your swordfish." The waitress said interrupting a most pleasurable moment.

Our lunch was placed in front of us. A delicious looking fillet of fish surrounded by bright vegetables and the obligatory red skinned potato sliced in very thin slivers. The aroma of the blackened swordfish was heavenly and my mouth watered slightly in anticipation of the first taste.

"You'll love this dish." Mickey commented as he unfolded his checker board napkin and placed it on his lap.

I picked mine up at one corner and let it fall open briefly considering tucking it into my cleavage but deciding that wouldn't be appropriate for a classy Elegant Escort. Instead I placed it on my lap very lady like.

"It's best when it is still pipping hot." Mickey said as he pressed his fork into the inch thick swordfish steak.

I used my knife to slice through the perfectly prepared fish then lifted a morsel to my mouth.

It tasted even better than if smelled. "It melts in your mouth." I commented after my taste buds nearly exploded with the wonderful flavor and I swallowed my first bite.

Mickey kind of waved his fork in the air then said. "Well dig in darlin."

His use of the term of endearment made me smile but I took his advice and began eating my meal with the same gusto as him.

I took a sip of wine and as Mickey had mentioned earlier its flavor accentuated the wonderful taste of the fish.

I was quickly learning that the experiences of our clientele who could enjoy the finer things in life without concern for the cost was a benefit I'd enjoy immensely.

Mickey and I finished our meal almost simultaneously and as he placed his napkin over the empty plate he said. "Can I refill you wine?"

"Oh yes please." I quickly replied wanting to enjoy the apple fragrance and sweet taste of the wine.

Our waitress returned and while clearing the dishes asked. "Can I interest you in dessert?"

Without turning his attention to the young women and keeping his steely piercing gray eyes fixed on mine he replied. "No thank you we're having dessert elsewhere later."

My smile acknowledged that I understood that I would be his dessert and he would be mine.

"Very good I'll bring your check when you've finished your wine." She explained as she turned and walked away.

Mickey lifted his wine glass and offered a whispered toast. "Here's to exceptional lovemaking."

I clinked my glass lightly against his then added. "With an absolutely perfect gentleman."

As we finished our wine I decided I had to know more about this wonderful man. "Can I ask you a personal question?" I said.

"Certainly." Mickey quickly replied.

"I'm wondering what you do for a living." I asked.

"I was in investments for a very long time. Fortunately some returned far more than anticipated now I just enjoy the results of those extraordinary returns." He explained.

I assumed that what his explanation meant was that he had made a killing in the stock market. Perhaps if he was pleased later and became a steady client I'd be able to draw on his knowledge as my nest egg grew.

Mickey's cell phone rang and he excused himself standing and walking away to take what must have been a private call.

As I watched him walk away I glanced at the clock across the room. It was two fifteen. Amazingly our appointment had taken almost the entire two hours and I anxiously awaited the next part of our afternoon.

Mickey slipped his cell back into his breast pocket then walked to where our waitress was waiting for him to finish his call. He returned to our table and instead of sitting back down he leaned down and whispered in my ear. "I can't wait to get you alone."

He helped me out of my chair and like he did when we first met moved his hand to the small of my back. But this time his hand applied more pressure and an all too familiar warmth flamed up in my loins.

This time when he held the door as we left the cafe and his hand slipped from my back I captured it with my own delicate hand and held on.

Hand in hand like two teenage sweethearts we walk across the small distance to the curb.

"Where did you park?" Mickey asked.

I pointed to my Benz and said. "I'm right here."

He turned to face me and held both hands between us. "Are you sure you're a virgin?" He asked with a wide smile on his lips.

I chuckled and as I nodded toward my very expensive ride then said. "The fruits of a previous life."

"I was going to suggest that you ride with me but this isn't the kind of car you just let parked anywhere for too long." He remarked.

"I could follow you." I suggested.

He smiled and said. "I'd rather not let you out of my sight I'll ride with you and send someone for my car later."

I slipped my hand from his and into my small clutch retrieving my key. "I have a better idea. How about you drive." I said handing him my car key.

"Sweet." Mickey exclaimed then asked. "Do you trust me?"

"Explicitly." I immediately replied.

I stepped to the passenger side door and waited for my gentleman escort to open it for me. As I slipped into the passenger seat for the very first time I let my tight skirt ride up my legs giving Mickey a tiny glimpse of darker top of my silk stockings.

He lingered for a moment enjoying the view of my shapely legs then closed the door and rounded the front of the Benz.

"These are such awesome cars." He commented as he slipped in beside me.

As he gunned the motor and the Benz reacted I wondered if I'd made a mistake letting him get behind the wheel of my car but he slowed down as we turned onto the avenue and headed for..... well I wasn't sure where we were headed so I asked. "Where are you taking me?"

Mickey glanced toward me then said. "I have an apartment down town that's used for private meetings."

"Sounds good to me." I answered.

I wanted to get the negotiations for my tip taken care of before we arrived at his place but I wasn't quite sure how to start.

"Mickey we should come to an agreement...."He interrupted me. "Three hours five hundred an hour." Stating his initial offer. Which I quickly accepted.

"My game my rules." He added as a condition of his offer.

"I'm good with that." I instantly replied since up until now he had been a complete gentleman.

He giggled then said. "You're not a very good negotiator Angel. You should always make a counter offer to see it someone is willing to agree to more."

I turned slightly toward him lifting my thigh and giving him more shapely leg to gaze at. "You offer is more than fair and I wouldn't want to negotiate myself out of a possible repeat appointment." I said.

"Very good point." Mickey responded.

So that part was taken care of. I had one final hurdle to clear which I suspected would be a walk in the park considering I found him extremely attractive and very sexy.

Mickey steered the Benz into a narrow driveway between two very tall buildings. Just inside there was a guard shack and a yellow gate much like you'd see at a municipal parking garage. He slowed the Benz to a stop beside the shack.

"New ride Mickey?" The attendant asked.

"Nope borrowed this from a very good friend." He replied glancing toward me.

As the attendant raised the gate he remarked. "Wish I had such friends."

Driving through the gate we started up a very steep incline which lead to the second story where a large well lit private garage was located.

As we drove to his assigned spot I noticed almost every car looked expensive. "There must be a couple million dollars worth of cars in here." I remarked as he pulled into space eight seventy five.

"Let me guess? Eighth floor apartment number seventy five." I asked.

He smiled then replied. "You're good."

I leaned over and ran the backs of my fingers along his jaw. "We'll see." I said letting my sexy nails linger on his flesh.

As he handed me my key Mickey said. "Please let me get the door for you."

I smiled and nodded my head yes knowing he had an ulterior motive to have a closer look at my shapely sexy legs.

He had parked a little closer then he should have to the car next to us and with the wide doors of the Benz coupe he couldn't open it fully. I twisted in the seat and as I lifted my heels over the rocker panel my skirt rode up my thighs giving him a spectacular view of not only the dark tops of my stockings but the creamy smooth flesh above.

"Sorry about the tight fit." He said as I side stepped toward the rear of the car.

As I squeezed between him and the quarter panel I pressed my body against his. "I'm hoping for a very tight fit." I said.

His sexy grin confirmed he was hoping for the same.

I pressed the lock button as we walked away and heard the familiar double beep signaling the Benz alarm was activated.

"This way." Mickey said again placing his hand on my back. But this time he allowed it to ride a little lower feeling the movement of my ass as we walked.

The antiquated elevator took far to long lifting us to the eighth floor giving him time to stare deeply into my eyes with his steel gray heart piercers.

My anticipation had been building ever since we left the restaurant and as we walked down the long hall toward apartment seventy five I could feel the moisture build in my pussy.

I counted the apartments as we approached. Seventy two seventy three seventy four. Then mercifully we arrived at seventy five.

"That's a long walk." I commented as Mickey inserted his key in the lock.

As he pushed the door open he replied. "Hope it didn't wear you out."

I turned sideways and as I slipped by his outstretched arm I said. "Nope that's your job."

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