Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 05


"Pretty smooth." Laura commented.

"The client offers a tip at the end of the appointment for the escort service only." I said with a shit eating grin on my face.

"And what about someone who doesn't want to tip?" She asked.

"Black listed in the company records as abusive and banned from ever contracting for our services again." I explained.

"I assume that doesn't happen very often." Laura said.

I smiled and said. "Look at this body." Straightening up so my tits showed. If you were a man would you want to be black listed from these?"

"I suppose not." Laura replied then asked. "But what about ladies does your company provide male escorts as well."

"Not at this time." I replied then smiled and said. "But I guess a woman could contract for a female escort."

"And you would accept that kind of appointment?" She asked.

I smiled and asked. "Why are you thinking about trying our service?"

Laura giggled then said. "Well I am bi."

I sat back against the red vinyl seat back and crossed my arms just under my tits. "My lawyer is bi-sexual?" I asked.

"Yes." Laura admitted.

I laughed and replied. "Well you do know that I'm tri-sexual."

"What's that?" She asked.

I grinned and said. "I'm willing to try anything sexual."

We both giggled just as the waitress returned with our order. As she slid the huge oval shaped plate in front of me I looked down at the most scrumptious looking burger I'd ever seen and a pile of thick steak cut fries that overflowed the edges of the plate.

"I'll be right back with your drinks." The waitress said.

"Wow I'm gonna need a doggie bag." I said picking up one fry and tasting its salty flavor.

"I almost always do too." Laura said.

Our drinks arrive and the waitress asked if she could get anything more.

Laura shook her head as she nibbled on a fry and the waitress turned and left us alone.

I had to open my mouth very wide to get the first bite of California burger in and Laura seeing that asked "Have you ever taken a bigger bite of something?"

After chewing the first delicious bite I answered her question. "Hun in my line of work you have to be able to take big things in your mouth."

Laura giggled at my reference to oral sex.

"So you know how to deep throat a big dick?" She bluntly asked.

I grinned and replied. "I've had more than a few cocks down my throat."

"Geez I wish I could do that my boyfriend wants that so much but I can' seem to get by gagging all the time." Laura admitted.

I leaned forward and said. "It's all a matter of relaxation and wanting the sensation of a throbbing cock in your throat more than your body wants to gag."

"When did you learn?" She asked.

I smiled remembering the cock I'd learned on then told the short version of that story. "My boyfriend in college was hung like an ox but he was very gentle. Over the course of six months or so he taught me how to relax not only here." I pointed to my throat. "But here also." Pointing to my temple.

"What does it feel like?" Laura asked.

I smiled widely and said. "Like nothing you've ever felt before. You also have to learn how to completely fill your lungs with oxygen because once your throat is full of cock there's no breathing until he pulls back."

"That's something I already know how to do. I used to be on the swim team so my lung capacity is enormous."

"That's a third of the battle." I answered.

Laura sat back and nibbled on a fry. "Do you think you could teach me?" She asked.

I giggled and said. "Let me check." As I lowered my hand into my lap and then said. "I haven't grown a cock."

"I've tried it with a vibrator but the problem is I still gag as soon as it touches back there." Laura admitted.

"And a vibrator just doesn't bend like a real cock." I added.

"I would love to learn to deep throat and surprise my boyfriend for his birthday in a couple weeks." Laura said.

I thought for a moment then said. "I have something at my place that isn't quite as stiff as a hard vibrator. Since you worked so hard for me today I suppose I could return the favor and at least get you started on the right path."

"You'd do that for me?" Laura asked.

I smiled and replied. "Hun after what you did for me today I'd be happy to teach you the technique that has had men tell me I'm the best cock sucker on the planet."

"Oh I can't wait." Laura replied.

"Well it's early why don't we get the rest of these burgers in a doggie bag and head over to my place and get you started." I suggested.

"I'd love that." Laura exclaimed.

As she waved at the waitress I explained. "Two weeks is going to require you practice a couple times a day if you're boyfriends birthday present is going to be a deep throat blow job."

The waitress wrapped up our left overs as I paid for dinner and in a few minutes Laura and I were headed back to my place.

In the dark car with just the dash lights illuminating her form I could see that she was becoming aroused her tiny nipples poking at her bra and silk blouse.

Laura broke the silence first. "What about when he comes?"

"What about it?" I asked.

"Should I spit or swallow." She asked.

I laughed then answered. "If he comes with his cock down your throat you'll have no choice it'll be in your stomach before you know it."

"What if he pulls back?" Laura questioned.

"Then it's your choice but I think it's a waste of good semen to spit. I actually prefer having a man shoot his cum shot all over my face that way I can use his cock to gather it up and suck him clean as I swallow every sweet drop."

Laura didn't reply right-a-way I assumed she was imagining being hit with a hot facial cum shot.

"But his semen tastes so salty." She admitted adding. "One time I licked his cock after he'd cum inside me and it really was very salty."

"Every man's cum tastes different I understand it has a lot to do with their diet but it's all good and packed with lots of protein." I explained.

"I suppose I could learn to enjoy the salty taste." She said hopefully.

"Trust me Laura if you learn to deep throat his cock his cum will taste like a cocktail from the Gods." I said.

She giggled and said. "First things first. I gotta learn to deep throat first."

As we neared my driveway I asked her rather bluntly. "How big is his cock?"

"I never measured it but it sticks out the top when I hold him like this." She answered holding her fists one on top of the other.

I laughed and replied. "Sounds like he's got the tool now we just have to teach you the technique."

I reached up to her sun visor and hit the remote as I came to a stop in the garage. The door closed slowly behind and I said "Let's get started."

As we stepped into the kitchen Laura said. "I can see why you wanted to keep the house this is gorgeous.

"Thanks hun." I replied.

I tossed the keys on the counter and put our doggie bags in the refrigerator then said. "Why don't you get comfortable here in the family room while I run upstairs to grab some teaching aids?"

Laura just smiled and walked into what used to be Barry's sports cave.

I walked up to my bed room and slipped my dress off and kicked my powder blue stilettos toward the closet. I kept my thong on and slipped into my favorite terry cloth bath robe.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I pulled the drawer of my night stand open. It contained an assortment of sex toys which I used to pleasure myself on those nights that Barry was up late watching a football game or out for a business meeting which I now knew was when he was out fucking his slut secretary.

I hadn't needed to use them since last season since I found other ways to pleasure myself when this pre-season began months ago.

Judging from the size of Laura's hands when she showed me how big her lovers cock is I figured he is about eight inches so I selected the smallest life like rubber dildo I had. I grabbed the next size up about a ten incher and my favorite a gargantuan thirteen inch black one that was a real pussy stretcher. I slipped a small bottle of editable banana flavored lube oil in my robe pocket.

Holding the two smaller dildos in one hand and my favorite in the other I headed back down stairs to my cock sucking student. "Would you like a drink?" I asked as I entered the kitchen and knew she could hear my voice.

"I'm good thanks." She replied.

I rounded the corner and stepped into the family room. Laura was sitting on the edge of the couch her hands folded neatly in her lap.

"I said you should get comfortable." I remarked.

She smiled and answered "This couch is very comfortable."

Her eyes grew as big as saucers when she noticed the black cock I was holding. "That'll tear me open." She exclaimed.

"Calm down hun it's for illustration purposes only for now." I replied.

"On second thought maybe I will have that drink." Laura said

I assumed she thought she'd need something to relax her as we got into our cock sucking lesson.

"Great" I said crossing the room and dropping all three lifelike looking cocks on the couch beside her.

As I turned to get our drinks I said. "When I said get comfortable what I meant was get undressed. You won't be sucking your boyfriends cock with your clothes on so you shouldn't be dressed while learning to deep throat."

Besides I wanted to get a better look at her body.

From the kitchen I asked. "Is white wine okay?"

"Yes please." Laura replied.

I poured us both glasses of wine and returned to the class room.

Laura's white silk blouse was pulled from the top of her stove pipe skirt and as she slipped the silk off her shoulders she was noticeable blushing.

She reached behind and un-zipped the skirt then wiggled her cute little ass a few times as the tight skirt slide over her hips.

I walked over to her and handed her the wine glass. She instantly took a sip then held it in front of her tits trying to hide them I assumed.

"Loose the bra but you can keep your panties on if you like." I suggested.

She put her glass down then tentatively reached behind and unclasped her bra. The lace trimmed cups slipped off revealing perfectly formed b cup sized tits accented by the cutest tiny pink nipples I'd ever seen.

"Great body." I remarked seeing her naked.

She smiled and replied. "Thanks." As she let her hands drop to her side.

I sat down at one end of the couch and reached across my teaching aids and patted the cushion. "Have a seat and we'll go over a few basics."

Laura sat down and rested one forearm on the arm of the couch and the other next to her on the cushion. Her perky tits still outlined by the impression of a tight bra looked very sexy.

I began lesson one. "Okay first you want his cock completely erect and judging from your body that shouldn't be a problem."

She smiled and appeared to relax as she took another sip from her glass then said. "That's never a problem."

"Good next you'll want to find the most comfortable position for you. It could be kneeling between his thighs or beside him on a bed." I suggested.

"He usually likes to stand over me while I kneel in front." Laura replied.

"Okay that's good to know. Tell me how his cock bends?" I asked.

"Bends?" she questioned me.

"Yeah when he's hard does it curve up toward his belly?" I said.

Laura smiled and said. "Actually it sticks straight out from him."

"Good then kneeling in front with him standing is a natural position." I remarked.

"That's the way he likes it." She said.

"Well there are all kinds of positions to deep throat from but for now we'll just work with that position in mind." I answered.

"So let's assume he is totally erect and you're kneeling in front on the floor. You can't just take his cock in your mouth and shove it down your throat. First you have to get it good and slippery." I explained.

"I'm good at that Margaret. My saliva glands go absolutely nuts when I have his cock in my mouth." Laura admitted.

"Well that's a good thing but excessive saliva can also trigger the gag reflex. So I'd suggest before you try and swallow his cock you first swallow as much of the saliva as possible." I suggested.

She smiled and I assumed took a mental note to swallow spit before cock.

I continued. "At the back of your throat there are muscles that close off your throat while you are chewing food. Those muscles relax just as you begin to swallow and allow the food to slip through and slide into your stomach. Those are the muscles you will need to train to relax so you can swallow something that you haven't chewed to bits."

"But that's the exact spot where his cock touches that causes me to gag." Laura said.

"Exactly but by totally relaxing those muscles his cock will be able to slid by without causing you to gag." I explained.

"It has never happened yet." Laura admitted.

"Remember you have to relax here and here." I said first pointing to her throat then her forehead.

"What if I can't relax enough here for him to fit through?" She asked pointing at her throat.

I reached out and pointed at her forehead again then said. "Relaxing here will give you what you need to endure the pain of the first few times his cock stretches your throat open so he can slip through."

She reached for her wine and took a healthy gulp. "That's a lot of relaxing.

I picked up the midsized dildo and held it at the base. Running my finger around the corona I said. "Here's the culprit. This is the widest part of any man's cock it flares out then becomes a little smaller around in the shaft." I said sliding my finger down along the dildo.

"Once this wide part is through the opening of your throat the rest is easy. Doesn't matter if he's eight inches or thirteen if you can get this through the length just determines how far down your throat the head will go." I said picking up the big one.

"I understand." Laura replied.

"Now let me demonstrate what I've been talking about." I said.

I pulled my robe open so she could see my throat clearly and along with that my much bigger tits.

Her eyes dropped to my breasts and widened somewhat.

"Wow" She exclaimed.

I giggled and shook my shoulders. "Compliments of my soon to be ex-husband."

"These cost him five grand. He wanted a trophy wife with 36 D's and I was more than happy to accommodate him. Now they come in handy too." I said smiling and wiggling my shoulders again.

"Since we need to get this wet and slippery I'll use a bit of editable oil." I said pulling the small bottle from my pocket.

I squeezed a steam of oil onto the tip and watched as it slowly dribbled down the shaft. After closing the cap with a resounding snap I put the oil back in my pocket then used my hand to smear the fluid evenly over the entire dildo.

"Okay so let me get into position like you'll be." I said sliding off the couch and kneeling facing Laura.

She watched intently as I lifted the cock to my lips. First licking the head then down the shaft to properly coat my tongue with oil.

"I want you to watch right here." I said pointing to the spot where a cock stretches my throat and the flesh on the outside.

I took the cock in my mouth and slowly slid it in until it touched the tight opening. Laura stared at my throat.

I tried to go as slowly as possible so she could see how the muscles relax as I slowly slipped it through the opening and deeper into my throat.

"I can see the outline of it from the outside." Laura remarked.

I pushed a little more causing the bulge in my flesh to extend a little further.

"OH MY GOD!" She exclaimed as my fingertips holding the end touched my lips. "You have the entire thing in your throat." Laura said excitedly.

I dug my nails into the end of the dildo and slowly pulled it back until just the tip rested against my slippery lips. Then shoved it back as far as it would reach.

"Margaret!" She exclaimed as I massaged the rubber cock with my throat muscles showing her that once buried deep in your throat it was possible to pleasure her man even more.

I pulled it back again and this time let it slip from my talented mouth.

"That's it in a nut shell." I said smiling at her.

"Now you try it." I suggested.

"But I'll gag." Laura exclaimed.

"Yes you will but trust me as you learn to relax the gag reflex will lessen and you'll be well on your way to giving your boyfriend a birthday present he'll never forget." I promised.

"Start with the small one." I suggested handing her the eight inch dildo.

"God it's so long." Laura said holding it with two hands.

"No longer then his?" I questioned.

She smiled then said. "I guess not."

"Let's get him nice and slippery." I said squeezing oil on the tip.

Laura smeared the oil over the entire length making sure to leave enough at the tip since that was the part she'd have to deal with first.

"When you feel like you're going to gag I want you to pull it back just enough so you don't feel the urge any more. I explained.

"Then as you press it in again try and twist it a little to massage your muscles letting them relax at the same time." I suggested.

She smiled and lifted the shimmering dildo to her lips.

"Open wide." I recommended so the oil would remain on the end rather than smear on her lips.

Her lips parted and she extended her tongue to rest the cock on the end.

"Take your time and remember relax relax relax." I said hoping she'd repeat the word as it touched her throat.

Laura slowly moved the cock inside her eyes closed and head tilted back a little.

As soon as it touched the back of her mouth she gagged heavily. She pulled it back and gagged again as it slipped from her lips.

"That's to be expected. Just try again and go slower this time." I encouraged her.

The second time Laura went slower letting the slippery cock slide along her tongue. It touched the back and again she gagged but this time she didn't pull it out. I could see her fighting the urge as she moved it in again twisting and massaging the muscles as I'd suggested.

"That's it Laura now just keep it there and let your muscles become accustomed to the feeling." I instructed as she worked at teaching her muscles to relax.

After a minute or so she pressed it deeper but gagged again.

"Let the cock massage your muscles they will relax I promise." I said to help her along.

As she slowly twisted the cock back and forth I kept encouraging her. "Relax....relax.....relax..."

I watched intently as a little more of the shiny shaft disappeared past her lips. I knew the muscles were beginning to give way that her throat was becoming relaxed enough for the wide part to slip through.

"Keep going." I said.

Tiny tears appeared at the corner of her eyes and I could tell she was fighting the natural urge to gag and expel this invader threatening to cut off her supply of oxygen.

I looked at her neck and began to see a small bulge appear.

"Almost there!" I exclaimed.

The bulge grew and Laura moaned as her muscles gave way and the wide corona spread her throat open and slipped through.

I knew that if I'd estimated the size of her lovers cock she was now feeling how it would be with his cock in her throat.

"Okay begin to pull it back." I said knowing a small victory had been won.

She slowly pulled it back and as I expected when the wide part spread her muscles to their maximum she gagged again.

"Shit!" Laura exclaimed as she pulled the cock out of her mouth.

"That happens it stretches just as much coming back as it did going in." I said then added. "I should have warned you about that."

I really didn't expect her to achieve anywhere near that much the first lesson so I'd forgot to bring it up.

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