tagGroup SexDiary of a Rockstar Ch. 02

Diary of a Rockstar Ch. 02


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When Paige Whitman first saw her band's name on the local roster for their first Warped Tour show at the fairgrounds in Indianapolis, her heart started racing. The bus ride (a rental and gift from Ken) turned Paige, Bobby, and her other band mates into kids in a toy store. After bunks were called and the on-board X-Box had been discovered, everybody settled in and eventually found their own projects to keep them busy on the long drive down to Indiana. Paige and Bobby stowed themselves away in the tiny bottom bunk in the back of the bus, curtain drawn to allow them a little privacy for some much-needed fooling around. Paige was trying not to get too carried away in the heat of the moment. But in such enclosed spaces, it was hard to ever get the privacy they greatly needed to help each other release pent up sexual frustration. It wasn't until after their show on Second Stage that they got together in one of the public showers. Paige snuck him into the woman's shower and into one of the stalls. The sound of the hot shower running, along with all of the music pollution outside and in, the two were able to converse privately. They undressed each other and stepped into the private stall under a much-needed stream of hot water, vapor wrapping round their naked bodies as they began to intertwine and kiss each other.

"So, we haven't had a chance to really talk about... the other night. Why we're even here," Bobby said, unable to stop from reaching up and molesting Paige's breasts.

"No, I guess we haven't," Paige replied, distracted by her boyfriend's erect penis in her hand, which she wanted to mold in her grip like wet clay. She kept her other hand cupped firmly around her boyfriend's balls, which she loved to firmly massage.

"Did you have fun the other night with Ken?" Bobby asked, the sensation of Paige's hands on his penis driving him to run his fingers down his girlfriend's nipples, past her naval and hairless vulva, until finding her slit and pushing them deep inside it.

"Yeah. A lot..."

"You'd wanted that for a long time, didn't you?"

"I hope you're not mad at me. It was just a fantasy," Paige moaned, feeling her lover's fingers push in and out of her slit with a gentle rhythm that made Paige hornier than she'd felt since right before Ken fucked her silly with Bobby the other night. It was a memory Paige would cherish forever. Unfortunately, it was a memory that she wouldn't get to tell any of her friends and family about, much as she wanted to in a few special circumstances. Still, Ken knew it had happened, and that mattered when Paige thought about the fact that he was probably masturbating to her right then.

"I'm not. I got to live out one of mine," Bobby said.

"Coming on my face?"

Paige looked up at Bobby and saw he was staring at her face. She imagined he was reflecting on what it had looked like covered in his cream... maybe with Ken's too...

"Yeah. Seeing all of that cum on your face was really hot," Bobby admitted.

"Had you been wanting to do that to me for a long time?" she asked, stroking Bobby up and down his thick shaft, firmly massaging and gently squeezing his balls for him.

"Yeah. You looked really hot like that too."

"With cum on my face?"


"Did you see that in a porn movie?"


"It's okay. I don't mind that you watch it. I just want to know what you're watching. I want you to use me for your fantasies, not some two-dimensional videos online..."

"Yeah?" Bobby said, Paige's hands cupping his balls and molding his erection slowly.

Bobby loved the way she looked at his cock, like it was her personal plaything. The way some men were obsessed with boobs, Paige felt the same way about men's penises. It seemed odd to Bobby that their impromptu ménage a trois was Paige's first time receiving a load of cum on her face, but up until then she had only ever requested to receive Bobby's seed inside of her mouth or all over her breasts. He had always figured up until that she might find the act of being facialized a bit degrading. Instead, she seemed to really enjoy herself and the very taboo act itself.

"Yeah..." Paige said.

"Yeah, I see it in porn. I've always wanted to do it to you too. It's just such a hot look, especially when you have a face as beautiful as yours. To see it absolutely covered in cum? It's so forbidden. I think about all of the sperm swimming around on your pretty little face when my semen slowly slides down it, marking it as my territory..."

The description made Bobby's cock pulse in Paige's hand and her own body flooded with excitement. Paige felt one of Bobby's fingers at her anus and then push deep inside of it, causing her to whimper out with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. Hearing him describe his sperm, not just his semen, but his sperm specifically on her face, made Paige wetter than before. She had never thought about how intimate the act had been until just then. Along with the help of Bobby's fingers inside of her butt and her pussy, Paige groaned in ecstasy as she continued to stroke her boyfriend...

"You want to know that you get to mark my famous face?" Paige managed.

"Yeah. Did you like it?"

"Yeah, I liked it a lot. I love that only you and Ken get to know what my privates look like, what they taste and smell like... and especially how I look like when I feel like a big slut with loads of cum all over my face. I like knowing I can be that for you two."

"I do too..."

"What about Ken? He came on my face too..." Paige remembered out loud.

"I don't mind. In a way you belong to him anyway... this just makes it sexual."

"I love you though. Ken is just..."

"Sex. I know," Bobby interrupted. "I love you too."

Paige leaned in and kissed Bobby as she continued to gently stroke his shaft with one hand and using the other to massage his balls, the feeling of his aching penis in her hands a more than welcome sensation for the horny rockstar who loved cock.

"So you don't think I'm a whore?"

"Well, maybe a little... but it's kind of hot actually. Do you like my finger in your ass?"

Paige grunted as Bobby pushed it deeper into her sphincter and wiggled it around.

"Yes. Yes, I do! God, I'm so embarrassed..." Paige moaned into Bobby's ear, the constricting tightness and deep pressure caused by his lone finger's invasion into her ass electrifying the sensations of the fingers pressed deep inside her flower.

"Don't be, I'm glad we're being so open about this stuff."

Paige felt Bobby's fingers inside her vagina and her back entrance. They dragged along the inside of her forbidden walls and pumped inside of her most sensitive holes that began to make Paige's orgasm press against her clitoris in a way that made her feel like she had to pee very badly. She knew the familiar sensation and how it was going to titillate her whole vagina when it finally did erupt inside of her.

"So a girl?" Paige asked, curious.


"I can't believe I'm even considering having sex with another girl."

"Have you ever thought about it?" Bobby asked, trying to ignore Paige's hands all over his aching erection just dripping with excitement and aching for release all over the beautiful naked rockstar before him. He wanted to paint her in his seed.

"Not really..." Paige admitted.



"Why not?"

"I guess... because I like cock too much," Paige admitted, blushing, staring down at Bobby's swollen organ in her grip as he continued to pump in and out of her with his own fingers, erotically massaging the inside of her vagina and anus at the same time.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah, I love yours. I love playing with your cock. I love molding it in my hands. I love how hard it gets and how it twitches when it needs some special attention..."

Bobby pulled his fingers out of Paige's privates.

"Why don't you give it some special attention, sweetie..."

Paige smiled and fell to her knees right there in the shower, under the hot water, and smiled up at her boyfriend. He knew, and she knew, that he she was going to suck his dick then. Paige finally flashed her boyfriend a mischievous look and wrapped her tongue around Bobby's engorged head. With that, Paige started to take Bobby deep into her mouth, and then into the back of her throat, bobbing up and down on him in the very public shower stall. Bobby's cock swelled deep inside Paige and started to throb over her wet tongue, seeking solace in the back of the nubile rockstar's throat. He still couldn't get over the fact that he got to see what Paige looked like with a thick cock stuffed deep inside of her mouth, her eyes still locked on his. He finally took himself out of her mouth, strings of pre-cum and saliva stretching away from her mouth, connecting it to the tip of his swollen member.

"I've thought about you and another girl, you know..."

"Who?" Paige asked as Bobby reached down and broke the strand away from his cock and rubbed the mess onto her cheek.

"What about... Kelly?"

"Tyler's little sister?"

"She's 18 now too."

"You like Kelly?"

"Do you think she's attractive?"

"I suppose."

"Would you eat her pussy?"

"Oh my gosh... what did I get myself into..."

"A fair deal when I let you suck Ken's cock and fuck him right in front of me..."

"I guess you're right. Still..."

"Tell me."

"Is that what you want me to do? Eat another girl out?"

"Yes. More than anything I want you to know the amazing experience of tasting another woman, of smelling her flower, of tasting her forbidden fruit. I want to see her wet mound press against your nose and lips. Here, just taste yourself and see..."

Bobby bent down to Paige and made her sit back on the shower floor, legs spread. His eyes were directly on her vagina in full bloom. Paige still couldn't help but blush.

"I want you to really look at her. At her clitoris..." Bobby said.

Paige felt Bobby's fingers on her aching nub, gently massaging it in circles.

"At her labia..."

His fingers traced along the outside of her labia and slipped between her lips.

"To know her taste and smell..."

Bobby removed his fingers from Paige and offered them to her. She took them deep into her mouth and sucked the mess off of them, the sensation of tasting and swallowing her own pussy juices completely tantalizing and shocking to Paige.

"Sounds... erotic..." Paige admitted.

"I can't wait to watch you turn into a lesbian for me..." Bobby admitted, returning his fingers to his girlfriend's swollen pussy and gently massaging and fingering it.

"I'll turn into whatever you want me too..." Paige groaned, the electricity of her boyfriend's fingers on and inside her evoking Paige's most carnal responses and needs. She had never wanted to be anything more than just a lowly whore before...

Paige reached out and grabbed Bobby's stiff cock.

"I'll be whatever you want me to be."

"Be my whore, then."

"How? What do you want from me? I'll do anything..."

"Spread your pussy for me using your fingers," Bobby demanded.

Paige did as she was told, her body rushing and aching for orgasmic release. She used her fingers to gently part her labia and open her flower for Bobby so that he could see her pink flower. Bobby stared into his girlfriend's opened flower on display and then stood back up, taking his hard cock into his hands and aiming it at Paige.

"Suck on my balls, sweetie," Bobby said.

Paige nodded and moved just beneath her boyfriend's cock. She loved sucking on Bobby's balls, the feeling of having them inside her mouth always making her wet. She imagined simply draining them into her mouth and swallowing up all of the cum that they could produce for her. Paige took Bobby's balls into her mouth and began to gently suck on them while using her hands to knead and massage them firmly. She felt her boyfriend's powerful hands run through her hair as she began to gently rub own aching little nub, which was just screaming out for attention at this point. But she wanted to make Bobby cum, and making him cum was going to make her cum, that much she knew. She also wanted to have Bobby's warm cum on her face.

"Beg me for a facial," Bobby demanded, standing back up over Paige and taking his erection into his hand, furiously masturbating right over her nervous face.

"Come on my face, Bobby. I'm begging you..."


"Yeah, sweetie... just let yourself go... all over this pretty little rockstar's face. My face. I want cum all over it. I want to feel your sperm swimming over my face..."

"Oh, God, sweetie... tilt your head back!" Bobby screamed.

Bobby shot a thick rope of white, hot semen rocketing onto her forehead and down over her cheeks. Paige shuddered as the sensation of her boyfriend's seed caused her own excitement to overflow and start to burst out inside her vagina.

Still, Paige kept still as her orgasms began to riddle her. A second rope of Bobby's seed splattered up over her nose and down across her lips and chin, while a third quickly shot out right up into the corner of her eye before pooling down in the mess already running down her cheek. Paige closed her eyes just as Bobby shot another helping of his semen... his sperm... right across her closed eyelid. She felt it congeal into her eyelashes and cascade across her cum-soaked cheeks and felt like a whore.

"Wow..." was all Bobby could say, looking down at his cum-covered girlfriend.

Paige looked up at him and whimpered as another orgasm erupted inside of her that drained her. When Paige's orgasm subsided and she had suddenly realized that she was left kneeling under the hot shower, her face covered in Bobby's semen. She felt embarrassed and ashamed, wondering what Bobby must think to have a girlfriend who would disgrace herself such as she had just now and with Ken.

"Wow is right," Paige added as Bobby helped her stand and then pulled her out of the shower into the changing stall right in front of it. Soaking wet, Paige grew frigid as she curiously watched Bobby rifle through his clothes on the bench. When he pulled out his phone, Paige's heart began to beat rapidly inside her chest. She instantly knew, just like the other night, that she was going to have her facial captured.

"I want to show Ken what I just did to you," Bobby said.

The idea of Bobby wanting to show Ken, a man Paige fucked and let come on her face, how he had just come on her face, made Paige suddenly hornier than ever. It was as if her body had forgotten that she had just come on the floor of this very public shower. The thought made her feel dirty, like some groupie or band slut. She was neither of these things. She was the rockstar, and yet, here she was in the public shower stall buck naked and soaking wet with her boyfriend's sperm sliding down her face and through her sealed eye.

"I can't open my eye..." Paige admitted, embarrassed.

"That's okay."

Bobby turned the camera on and a second later Paige's cum-covered face was being photographed over and over. Paige blushed at the thought of being reduced to this, but it made her wet knowing Ken was going to get to see her cum-face again.

"Stand back just a bit, I want him to see you naked with my cum on your face."

Paige stepped back into the stall as Bobby framed the photo so he could capture his less than graceful, very naked girlfriend's full nudity in the frame, while at the same time photographing her over and over.

"Turn around."

Paige hesitatingly turned around, revealing her large, supple butt to Bobby. She turned her head back around, her face still an awful mess of her boyfriend's seed.

"Like this?" she asked.

"Perfect. Now, sit back down on the shower floor and spread your legs for me."

Paige nervously stepped back into the stall, careful not to let the water splash onto her face for fear of it ruining Bobby's facial. She crawled into the corner and slid back down onto the floor, spreading her legs wide open and revealing her glistening vagina to Bobby and, eventually, Ken. Bobby snapped off photos of her porn-star pose as she felt cum sliding down her chin and hanging off her face in thick icicles.

"Spread your lips..."

Paige pulled her labia apart and showed Bobby her pink flower in full bloom. Finally, Bobby was satisfied, or so it seemed. His cock never softened, and she wondered if he had any more cum to cover her with inside those balls she so enjoyed sucking on. But for now, he needed to recover, she imagined. Bobby put the phone away and then pulled Paige up under the water, helping her wash away all of the sticky semen he left on her face, biting and nipping at the back of her neck while occasionally giving her a poke from behind. He helped make her clean again, wholesome and virginal like before...

"There... all clean," Bobby whispered into her ear. "Let's get dressed."

"Are you really going to send those to Ken?" Paige asked, as she slipped her panties up onto her hips, knowing that they would be soaked through an instant later.

"I already did."

Paige couldn't imagine what his response would be.

Bobby and Paige finally cleaned themselves up under the shower and returned to the tour bus where they met up with their band-mates. After some lunch and a much-needed nap in her boyfriend's arms, Paige awoke alone. She looked around and then checked her phone. Paige had a missed text message from Bobby alerting her to meet up with him in private at a nearby hotel. Curious, Paige got up and told her band-mates that she was going for a long walk. When she flagged down a cab outside the venue, she paid him to take her to the hotel just down the road. The room that Bobby had told her to meet him in was on the third floor, down the hall and around the corner from the elevators. When she arrived at the room, Paige was shocked that a young girl answered the door. She was good looking with long, brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a very cute face. The girl's eyes seemed to light up when Paige saw her. Instantly, the young rockstar knew that this strange girl knew who she was.


"Paige, come on in."

The young girl invited Paige into the hotel room where she found Bobby sitting on the bed. It was warm in here, Paige thought. But what was Bobby doing in a strange hotel room with some cute girl, she wondered? And that's when Paige knew who she was, the realization hitting her in the gut before there was anything she could do or say to protest. Bobby had already done reconnaissance. Now all that needed to happen was Paige had to sign off on the mission. Her heart started beating rapid-fire in her chest as it slowly fell to her stomach. Was Bobby expecting her to follow through with her promise right now in this hotel room with this girl whom she did not know a single thing about? Paige turned back to the young girl. At least Bobby had taste. She was actually very cute. Adorable might be a better word, Paige was thinking. Young too. Probably not even out of her teens yet and already one of her first sexual experiences was shaping up to be a lesbian experience with a rockstar in front of her committed and very loving boyfriend. Or was this going to be something else entirely? Paige didn't agree to a three-way. Just to having sex with this woman.

Well, a woman.

"Can I take your coat for you?' the cute girl asked. "I'm Kelly."

"Paige. Sure."

Paige unzipped her hoodie and handed it to Kelly who hung it up in the closet.

When Paige saw Bobby, he flashed her a casual smile that gave his entire plan away. This didn't go unnoticed by their host.

"I'm going to run down to the vending machine. Do you guys want anything cold to drink? I know how dehydrated you can get out there under the hot sun all day."

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