tagToys & MasturbationDiary of a Rose Ch. 02-03

Diary of a Rose Ch. 02-03


Part II

Today I spent the day in the garden, trying to keep it weed-free. I managed to end up with dirt all over my face, legs and arms, so I headed to the shower. After I rinsed all the soap off my body and turned the water off, I wrapped a towel around my body and headed towards the kitchen to look for something to prepare for dinner. I saw a carton of custard sitting in the door of the fridge and a thought occurred to me. I could use this to have a bit of fun.

I took the custard to the bedroom, laid my towel down on my bed and sat on top of it with my legs open. I flipped the lid open and up-ended the carton. A dollop of custard slid out and landed on my clit. It was cold, but it felt fabulous as it slipped down between the folds of my pussy. I placed the carton on the bedside table and looked down at my custard-covered lips.

My fingers circled my clit squishing the custard between my fingertips and my pussy. I scooped up the custard that had found it's way into my opening and looked at it glistening in the light. I wondered how it would taste. I put my fingertip inside my mouth and sucked. It was delicious! I wanted more.

I snatched the carton from the bedside table and tipped it upside down again. I watched as a large drop of custard clung onto the carton's opening. It didn't fall out so I shook the carton to try to dislodge it. It flicked out of the carton and landed on my stomach. I let out a small squeal as the cold blob touched my skin.

I drew a line through the custard towards my pussy and watched as it trailed through the small line of public hair that directs the way toward my clit. The cold liquid trailed down my flat stomach following the line that I had created with my fingertip. It slid slowly towards the hole that was opening and closing as I clenched my muscles that were reacting to the cold liquid.

I closed my eyes as it slid over the tip of my clit and down between the inner lips of my pussy. The sensation felt like nothing that I had ever experienced before. It didn't feel like someone's tongue. It didn't feel like someone's fingers or penis. It felt like a soft, slippery pressure that made my heart beat faster as I felt the cold sensation sliding down my skin.

I reclined back against the head of the bed as I squeezed more custard out of the carton and onto my pussy. It splattered onto my skin with a slap! I squished it onto my pussy and it oozed between my fingers. The stimulation felt wonderful!

I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. I rubbed the custard all over my clit and pushed some of it into my pussy. I slid my fingers in and out of my pussy coating my fingers with the yellow elixir. I couldn't resist the urge to taste the sweet custard on my tongue again. I attacked my fingers with my tongue, sucking on them violently while I rubbed my pussy with my other hand. I could feel the warm blood rushing into my clit, contrasting with the cold custard. It made my orgasm more intense as I came all over my fingers.

I didn't leave that room until I had licked every single visible trace of the custard from my fingers, alternating my hands between my pussy and my mouth. It was the best, most erotic dessert I had ever eaten.


Part III

I was horny at work today. It was just after my lunch break that I got a text message meant for someone else. I opened the message and there was a photo of a huge dick staring back at me. Interesting, I thought. I wondered if I should write a message back telling the sender that it was impressive, but he had the wrong number. I decided to play.

I headed off towards the toilets with my mobile phone in hand. I locked the door to the cubicle and pulled my knickers down. I positioned the phone between my legs and clicked the button. An image of my shaved pussy lips sprang up on the screen. I hesitated for a while wondering if I should be doing this or not and decided -- what the hell? I pressed Send.

I sat down on the toilet seat, phone still in hand waiting for a reply and decided to start playing with myself while I was waiting. I circled my clit with my free hand enjoying the tingling sensation it was sending throughout my body. My phone vibrated again.

When I opened the next message, there was another photo of the head of a penis being circled by a tightly clenched hand. The tip had turned a dark red colour and I could see a drop of moisture peeking out from the slit in the top. Nice.

I spread my pussy lips wide open and took a close up photo of my clit all stretched out. I pressed Send again.

I placed the phone on the toilet roll holder and started rubbing the tip of my clit while still stretching the lips of my pussy out wide. I was so sensitive already. I could feel my lips starting to slide back into their original position so I repositioned my hand so I could keep them tight.

The phone vibrated again. I picked it up and opened the next message. This time, there was no photo, just some text that read:

"I want to suck on your clit till you squirt all over my face."

Now if that didn't make me want to come, I didn't know what would! I held the phone close to my pussy once more and took a photo of the juices that were running out of me. I added a message saying:

"You've made me all wet. Now I want to sit on your hard dick and ride it till you spill your load!"

I pressed Send and put the phone back on the toilet roll holder so I could use my free hand to stick my finger inside my wet pussy. I slid it in and out and listened to my wetness slosh against my finger. I started stroking my clit with my other hand until I came, legs spread sitting on the toilet.

The phone vibrated again. I picked it up and opened the message. There was another photo. This time, the fist holding the dick had come all over it. I took a photo of my sticky finger and sent it back. It wasn't enough - I was still horny. As I pulled my knickers back up and cleaned off my fingers, I had a thought. I'll go home early and finish myself off.

I washed my hands and headed back to my desk, where I told a fellow workmate that I was leaving to go home because I had developed a migrane, then I left for the day.

On the drive home, I received another text. It read:

"This isn't Karen, is it?" I smiled to myself. No it definitely wasn't Karen.

"No, but feel free to text me any time." Came my reply.

I got home and headed straight towards the bathroom. I undressed leaving my work clothes on the floor, turned on the taps in the shower and stood underneath the cold spray. My nipples went hard immediately.

The temperature warmed up slowly and I stuck my head under the cascading water, letting my hair soak through. The water caressed my breasts, ran over my stomach and down my legs. I turned around and reached up for the removable showerhead. I had the pleasure of using one of these when I went camping with friends once and I was delighted to find one already installed in my new house.

I spread my legs as wide at the walls would let me and held the showerhead between my legs. The water hit my pussy with a tremendous force and my whole body flushed with the sensation. I moved the showerhead backwards and forwards over the slit of my pussy.

The water pounded on my clit and I spread my lips wide, giving it full access. My legs started going weak and I had trouble standing up straight. I bent over to see what was happening between my legs and saw that the water had turned my skin red with the heat. I turned the cold water tap on harder and my legs almost bucked beneath me with the change of temperature. This was pure bliss!

The extra water pressure hitting my clit became too much for me to handle any longer, so I leaned against the wall and relaxed my clenched arse and finally gave in to the pleasure. I had the longest orgasm standing there in the shower, dripping wet with the removable showerhead aimed straight at my pussy.

Now that's the way to end a hard days work!

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