tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDiary of a Thai Girl Ch. 2

Diary of a Thai Girl Ch. 2


Dear Journal,

Last night Mr. Hero, he throw a big party. He took me to buy new clothes. We went to a shop and bought me a tiny little push up bra. Half the bra cup were not there and my little nipples just poke right out. He got me some panties that were just string. The thong went up my crack and the little string of material between my legs slid right inside my pussy lips. The panties had little bow ties on the side that could be untied and they would fall right off me. He like me to model them.

The storeowner fuss over me and feel me up too. Mr. Hero like to see other men feel up his Lamai. Since Mr. Hero say nothing, the storeowner rubbed my ass and bent me over to show Mr. Hero how the panties fit in my crack. He rub my asshole and stretch me apart then slipped a finger in my ass. I heard Mr. Hero laugh so the storeowner finger-fucked my ass real good. Then he slapped my ass hard and laughed along with Mr. Hero. He went to pick out a dress for Mr. Hero's little slut.

The dress was a very pretty little flower print wrap-around, so low cut my tiny puckered nipples almost show. The storeowner made me walk around and the dress would open up past my waist. Next he bought me hot pink high-heeled sandals. I look like a very hot little girl! I pranced around the store and showed off my wiggle.

Mr. Hero had me thank the storeowner by sucking him off. I kneeled down in my new clothes like a hot little slut girl and took out his cock. I got a lot of spit on my tongue and then licked him all over on his dick. Mr. Hero watched to make sure I did a good job. I licked and sucked all over him, making sure I moaned a lot. I gulped and slurped because this turned on the storeowner and Mr. Hero. The storeowner leaned back on his counter while I sucked him off. My little hands held his balls and lifted him up so I could lick them real good too. Mr. Hero gripped my hair and made me begin to suck the storeowner good. I felt his fat dick slide across my tongue and heard him grunting.

"Suck me little bitch, suck hard," he grunted. "Ah, such a tight mouth!"

He came in salty ropes that filled my mouth and gagged me. Mr. Hero held me on him while he finished. The thick gooey cum spilled down my chin.

"You are such a good little slut, Lamai," Mr. Hero said to me, smiling.

The storeowner shoved his cock back in his pants and they haggled over prices. Mr. Hero got a very good price on the items since his Lamai had sucked the storeowner so good.

At home, I helped Mr. Hero get ready for the party. This is very involved. I give him a message all over with oil. Then he shoved his dick in my mouth, my cunt and ass until he is completely tired. After, I get in the tub with him and he fuck me with his fingers and play with me while he soaks. The tub is very big and I do not take up much room at all. He sprawls in the tub and takes up most of the room so I sit on the little ledge around the tub with my legs spread wide. Mr. Hero loves to stick things up my twat.

He finger-fucked my cunt to get me loosen up. Then he put soap up inside me to watch it shoot out when I squeeze my muscles. We laugh. He loves to see how big a thing he can shove up my tiny, tight little pussy. He took a shampoo bottle and began to push it inside. He had to push very hard before it went in me just a little. He leaned over and sucked on my stretched clitty forcing the bottle up in me further. It hurt but the licking felt good. This really turned him on making my tiny cunt take big things up inside. He looked very close to my twat as he slid the bottle out, then he pushed all his fingers in my sore hole.

"You are my little slut girl, Lamai, all mine," he said while he fucked me with his fingers. "My sweet tiny Thai girl."

His cock was big, throbbing now and he fucked my ass in the tub. He loves fucking my tiny puckered asshole. His big dickhead forcing its way inside my tiny hole and sliding in all the way. He played with my titties and nipples while I sat on his cock until he came. I felt his cock jerking in my tight asshole and wiggled and moaned for him. He like that a lot.

After he play with me in the tub, he added more hot water. He pushed me around until the steaming hot water was hitting my pussy. I leaned back on him facing the faucet with my legs spread out wide. He made the water hotter and hotter.

"You will be my hot pussy tonight, Lamai," he said licking my ear.

I begged him to stop; the water was very hot. My pussy felt on fire! Then the hot water pounding on my burning clitty made me feel good. I started bucking my thin hips up at the flowing water and came. He held my hips and held my clit right where the water pulsed and pounded out of the faucet until I was screaming and shuddering in his arms.

"There my little Lamai, wasn't that a nice cum?" He asked, grinning.

"Oh yes, Mr. Hero, you make Lamai cum like crazy," I said. He likes it when I talk dirty. It turns him on.

The party got started around 9:00 p.m. There were five men and two women. I was wearing my new slutty clothes he bought me. The women glared at me when they saw the sexy clothes I had on. I pranced and wiggled my little ass at the men and ignored the women. They don't make the decisions anyway. Mr. Hero was smiling and giving me little signals that we arranged a long time ago.

He gave a signal to go flirt with one of the men. This man was very tall and my head only reached his chest. I smiled and started talking to him about how very big and handsome he was.

"Oh, Mr. Tantami, you must work out!" I said. I knew and the man knew I was flirting for a reason, but he still seemed pleased that Lamai was in front of him. Mr. Hero gave another signal and I said, "There is a spot on your suit, Mr. Tantami! Please come with Lamai and I will help you get it off?"

I took Mr. Tantami's big hand in my little one and tugged him playfully to down the hall to a room set up for sex. The walls are a dark maroon red with paintings of naked men and women having sex. There is a big bed with matching red silk sheets; large and small pillows everywhere.

Mr. Tantami didn't need to be told what to do. He started squeezing my tits through the dress, pinching my nipples. I hurriedly undid my little wrap around dress and slipped off my string panties before he shoved me back on the bed. My small little tits with hard big nipples really turned him on. I fingered my nipples then licked my finger and looked at him with a smile. He slipped his pants down just enough to free his cock and got on top of me. He was huge and his big body completely covered me. His cock was not long but it was very thick. He grunted as he pumped his hips a few times, then he pulled my legs up binding them back. His cock plunged into my hot little cunt.

He held his body off me with one arm and mauled my tits with the other hand. He squeezed me real hard making me cry out. He liked that. So I whimpered and squealed and wiggled under him. Mr. Tantami didn't take long to cum inside this little slut and soon he grunted, his cock jerking in my tight little hole, creaming it.

He pulled out of me. My legs were still bent back and he looked me over real good so I stayed like I was. Spread and open my pussy slick from his creamy cum, he stuffed his cock back in his pants and grabbed my clitty between his thumb and finger. He wiggled it back and forth pinching it hard until I came, moaning.

"You did good for a little Thai girl, I'll be sure that Mr. Hero knows you performed perfectly," he said. He wiped his fingers on my belly and left the room.

I picked up my clothes and got dressed again. Brushed my hair and teeth in the little side bathroom. I was pleased. Lamai did a good job for Mr. Hero.

When I went back to the party, the other women were gone. Mr. Tantami had left too. That left Mr. Hero and four men. They had that look in their eyes. I knew that Lamai was in for a time!

Mr. Hero turned on some bump and grind music and had me get up on the coffee table. I love to dance and began to gyrate and grind my little hips, jiggle my tits. Mr. Hero gave me a signal and I licked my lips, looking at each of the men. They were so funny, all looking wide-eyed, wanting Lamai. I flipped my long hair back and rubbed my hands up and down my body. I playfully untied the little tie on my dress and gave it to a man close to me.

He licked his thick lips, pushing his glasses up on his nose, and pulled the tie. My dress fell open. I let it swish around my body, giving the men glimpses of my teasing bra and panties as I danced. My nipples were hard and poking out a long way. The men were drooling. I shrugged my dress off and it fell. The men were leaning forward now; I could almost feel their breath on me.

Mr. Hero gave a signal and I wiggled over to one of the men and offered him my hip. The tiny string panties would come off with a tug on the bow. He started to reach up but I jerked my hip away. "Nuh uh uh," I said. "With your teeth." I licked my lips and offered my hip to him again. The other men were groaning as the chosen one leaned forward and untied the little tie with his teeth. I then offered him my little pussy to lick. I was on my knees, on the table with my legs spread, his mouth just inches from my hot snatch. I fingered my pouting pussy lips and rubbed my clit right in front of him and then leaned back.

The other men urged him on. I arched my hips at him, my cunt spread open and he couldn't resist any more. He grabbed my trim hips and melded his mouth to my tasty clit. The other guys were yelling and clapping, they had taking their dicks out and were jerking their hard cocks. Mr. Hero was watching and smiling big. I really played it up, moaning and groaning, squealing.

"Oh yes, you lick poor little Lamai so good. Yeee! Your tongue feels so hot and strong poking me. Make little Lamai cum please. Oh, I feel like a big cum!" I shouted, moaned and cried. He licked and sucked me faster and harder until I really did feel like cumming. I watched the other men and made passion faces. I call them passion faces because I scrunch up my eyes and grimace like I am in pain. Men really like that.

I heard Mr. Hero say, "Fuck her."

The man didn't wait, he ripped his cock out and speared me right on the table. The other men were all over me in a flash. One was holding me under the arms while the other man fucked my pussy. The other two were all over my tits, sucking and mashing them. They took my tiny hands and I felt a cock in each hand. I knew what to do; I jerked their cocks hard and fast. Moaning and whimpering, I wiggled and groaned a lot. My little cunt felt bruised by now and I was wishing the guy would finish.

I felt him pound me hard and fast then stop with his cock buried in my little twat. Bellowing he came, his hot sperm splashing deep inside me mixing with Mr. Tantami's. I love the feel of all hot cum in me and wiggled. As soon as he pulled out, one of the men I had been jerking off with my hand shoved him away. He rammed his cock in me just in time to fill my cunt up with his sperm too. I was so wet and gooey now, cum dripped out of my cunt onto the table. He pulled out.

The man holding me and the other man I was jerking off with my hand picked me up. The man holding me was very strong and he lifted me turned me around and sat me right down on his cock. I felt my pussy hole slide right down taking his big cock to the hilt. Then I felt the other man behind me. His huge cock nudged my asshole and he pushed in. I gasped and moaned for real as they both fucked me. One in my ass and one in my pussy. They pumped into me. I felt stretched huge, filled up all the way inside my tiny holes. They both began to grunt and they came in huge globs inside me. I was sloppy and dripping as they put me down. My bra was all twisted on me and my hair a mess.

All the men then got dressed and thanked Mr. Hero for a wonderful time. They said a lot of pleasant things to each other.

Mr. Hero told me that I had done a good job for him. He then inspected my body. He looked at all the cum dripping out of my holes, down my legs and rubbed it into my skin. He pushed his fingers inside my cunt and felt the cum squishing inside me, oozing out around his fingers. He then poked his fingers up my ass to make sure I was good and filled up there.

Patting my bottom, he said, "Good little slut, Lamai. Go on to bed now with all that cum all over you and inside you. Tomorrow you can get cleaned up."

Goodnight journal, I'll write again soon.

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