tagErotic CouplingsDiary of a Woman (12/05/01)

Diary of a Woman (12/05/01)


(Extract from 12.05.01)

Thoughts sometimes become thoughtfalls, like a rush of water that cannot be denied. One day I may let you read this, if...

...We decide on a neutral place about halfway between Virginia and Ohio. We pick a local dive, a run-of-the-mill honky tonk. I am wearing my black suede mid-way up the thighs skirt, black hose, black heels and a real pretty, satiny sheer red blouse. Not so sheer as to see through, just very feminine. Underneath I have on black bikinis, black half-slip and a black bra.

It is early. I pull up to this bar and am somewhat nervous. I walk through the door and see you right away, the only customer, leaning with your back up against the bar. You have jeans and a really nice shirt on and look so good to me. The bartender is polishing glasses obsessively and not paying any attention to what is going on.

I walk up to you and say, "Hi babe." You reply, "Hi Baby." You reach out to hug me and I fall into your arms. You push some hair away from my face and kiss me on my cheek. We hold one another like this for a few minutes without saying a word.

You were already drinking a beer. Eventually the bartender comes up to me and asks if I want one. I order a 7 and 7. We have so much to say to one another and both start to talk at the same time about how we had waited so long for this to happen, about making the most of the short time we have together. Somewhere in the middle of our conversation you bend down and kiss me ever so sweetly on my lips. I kiss you back in the same manner. It feels so good to have your lips on my mouth. You have your arms around me and mine are around you. Up until now I have only imagined how this would feel and now I know. It's so good when you hold me and kiss me this way.

We walk over to the jukebox and decide on some tunes, all different kinds of tunes. We dance slowly; we dance the two-step, we dance to rock and roll and we dance the boot-scootin boogie. My favorite is dancing slowly with you. While we dance you hold me, I hold you, we kiss and we kiss and we cannot get enough of one another. You put your hands down on my ass and it feels so good. I put my hands on your ass and love the feel of it. You pull me very, very close into your body and I can feel your hard cock. We dance and hold each other like this for quite some time, all the while kissing passionately, tongues seeking each other's mouths. I want you so bad. You continue to pull me closer and closer to you. I feel as if we are one. I hold you tight against me as well. I want you to be part of me. We are totally unaware of anything going on around us. We are there together, just you and I.

For whatever reason we finally realize that the music has stopped. We walk over to the bar and order another drink. Seems as if the only time the bartender acknowledges our presence is when we need him to. It is almost as if he doesn't really exist. We also notice that there are still no other customers, besides us.

You lean with your back against the bar again and pull me into you. My back is against your body. Now I can feel your hard cock against my ass. You put your arms around me, hold me tight and begin kissing my neck. How do you know that I love it when my man holds me like this? I get so turned on when my man stands behind me, pulls me into his body, holds me tight and kisses me. How could you have known this?

Right there standing at the bar you take your hands and pull my blouse out of my skirt waist. Then very quickly you slide your hands up underneath my blouse, underneath my bra and touch both of my breasts. Oh my god, it feels so good. It feels so natural for you to be doing this. Your hands belong on my breasts. You never stop kissing my neck, my face, anywhere you can find a place to kiss me. You gently stroke my nipples one at a time and then both at the same time. They become very hard for you. I reach around and stroke your ass and pull you further into me. I can still feel your hard cock against me. The bartender continues to ignore us and still there are no customers.

You continue stroking, rubbing and pinching my nipples. You continue with kisses all over me. My pussy is reacting to your touch and your kisses, getting hot and wet. You turn me around to face you. You have a big smile on your face, and so do I. We kiss some more. Oh my God, how I want you. I am so hot for you, and I tell you so.

We find a backroom in this honky tonk bar. Once inside you lie me down and then lie down on top of me. We kiss and kiss and grope at one another. I unbutton your shirt so that I can stroke your chest. You pull off my shirt and bra. My breasts against your chest are a feeling I cannot describe. We continue to kiss as you massage my breasts. What a wonderful touch you have! You begin licking and sucking my nipples one at a time. They are so hard for you babe. Then you squeeze both of my breasts together and suck on both nipples. Oh my god!

I roll you off me. I reach down and unbutton your jeans. What do I see? Boxers! Yes, yes! I pull your pants off and then your boxers. And there it is, that big, beautiful cock that I had been thinking so much about. I slowly stroke the entire length of you and look at your face. You are smiling. I lean down and take the tip of your cock into my mouth. I gently suck on the tip while twirling my tongue around it. You taste delicious. While sucking on the tip of your cock I stroke your hard, tight balls. You moan a little to let me know that you like what I am doing. I then slowly begin to take your cock in its entirety, slowly down the shaft and slowly back up again. Your cock throbs and pulsates in my mouth. As I have told you before, I love to savor. I am savoring babe believe me. Then without warning I begin to suck your cock harder and faster. Again you moan with pleasure. Oh my God, I am pleasing him I think. (This makes me very happy.) Up and down that shaft I suck harder and harder, faster and faster. But I need to stop. I see some precum that I need to lick off the tip of your cock. Babe, your cum is delicious in my mouth. I suck the tip again and gently bite on it. You moan again with pleasure. I return to take you all in my mouth again. Up and down, faster and harder, gently stroking your balls. I continue this until you tell me, "Baby, I am ready. Where do you want me to cum?"

"I want you to cum part in my mouth, the rest on my face, Babe. I want to suck down your hot cum and rub it all over me." You start to fuck my mouth with reckless abandon on hearing this, in and out, faster and faster until...you cum exactly where I've asked you! You moan loudly. I take your cock in my hands and lick it clean. You watch me do this. After a few minutes you recover and ask, "How do you want to cum baby?"

I tell you without hesitation that I want you to eat my pussy until I cum. You push up my skirt and remove my bikinis. You hover over me and spread my legs. You kiss me all over my body. You work your way past my tummy, down to my inner thighs. You kiss me passionately all over my inner thighs. I am so hot and wet I cannot stand it. You continue and kiss and lick the outer edges of my pussy. You then take your fingers and part the lips.

You begin to kiss and lick my pussy. Your tongue is magic. You keep eating me, working your tongue over my hard clit and all over my hot, wet pussy. I watch you. I play with your hair. I squirm and softly moan with delight. Then you take one, two, three and I don't know how many of your fingers and insert them into me. You are finger-fucking me and your tongue is still licking and sucking my pussy. Oh my God! I am moaning loudly. I cannot believe what is happening to me. I am at the height of ecstasy when I scream, "Babe, I am going to cum."

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