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Diary of an Incubus Ch. 04-05


My intention is to release my entire erotic novel in chapters. I hope you enjoy my writing. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Copyright 2014 by D.J. Winters

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, names, incidents, organizations, and dialogue in this novel are either the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

This is the fourth and the fifth chapters and continues where the 3rd left off.

Please keep in mind that this is a complete novel and the build is a slow one... (Also, these chapters are to move the story and educate the character and there is NO SEX in them - just didn't want anyone disappointed.)


4. Dog Days Of Summer

With the onset of summer, Jozef found himself single and mostly alone. He was working to earn money for the coming school year and didn't really have much time for socializing. He, like most of his peers, had the support of his parents and had applied for all the available loans and grants, but he realized that even with this assistance money could be tight if he didn't put some away himself. He'd taken a summer job at one of the big-box retailers and though it did nothing to challenge him, he figured it was a step up from one of the local fast-food joints; though, some days he wasn't so sure.

The summer's biggest challenge was the fact that with the absence of a regular sexual partner came the corresponding absence of the energy high that flowed from the sex. Like an addict going through withdrawal, he found himself becoming increasingly desperate. Up until now, when the cravings got too much he would slip up and find himself in bed with Anne, but now that she was thousands of miles away that was not an option. Unfortunately, fate seemed to conspire against him and no ready alternatives presented themselves.

The summer wore on and the cravings got stronger and more intense while Jozef found he was becoming and more and more exhausted.

In desperation, he decided to try one of the local strip clubs. He'd never been to one before, a combination of taboo and explaining to his parents where exactly he'd been had held him back.

No one wants to explain that to their mother, but desperate times and all that, he finally decided.

Even so, he had a few friends who were regulars and swore by them, encouraging him time and time again to check one out. Still, as he wasn't exactly sure what to expect, he opted to make his first foray a solo expedition. He hoped that the combination of alcohol and nudity would offer him at least some small infusion of energy.

Walking in through the blacked out doors he was greeted by a throbbing bass-line and a coat-check girl who barely looked up from her magazine as she charged him the cover.

Stepping through the second set of doors, past the disturbingly muscled bouncers, his attention was immediately drawn to the woman on stage gyrating against a pole in a string thong and a pair of ridiculously high platform heels. With a flick of her hair, the brunette pressed the brass pole between her clearly silicone enhanced breasts and, to the delight of the boys in 'pervert's row', began rubbing up and down the long metal shaft. Jozef found himself smiling at the blatant imagery as he found an empty table near the back of the club.

When the waitress found him, he ordered a ridiculously overpriced drink, apparently it was cheaper to buy alcohol than soft drinks in a place like this, and sat back to enjoy the club's atmosphere. The club's lighting was clearly designed to hide more than it showed and was an interesting mixture of colours and black lights that caused the dancer's wardrobes to 'pop' while down playing any imperfections they might possess.

Sitting towards the back as he was, he was overlooked for the first while and had the opportunity to watch the tableau of the club unfold before him. A fan of the 'social interactions that comprised human society', as his school teachers would have put it, he found watching the 'girls' mingle with the clients was almost more fascinating than watching the actual dancers on stage. The formula ran like this; a dancer would approach a patron with a light touch to their shoulder, a soft suggestive caress. Introductions would follow; Jozef knew enough to know that the dancer's rarely used their real names and a few minutes of small talk would ensue. Finally, a private dance would be suggested and it was about a fifty/fifty split as to whether that dance would be accepted. Variations might occur from time-to-time, but that was the basic premise.

Eventually, the dancer's found him and soon he had a first hand opportunity to see the approach. The more successful women could make him feel like they were genuinely interested and he was tempted but he held off, insisting that it was too soon for dances for him. After several such attempts, word seemed to spread and the dancers left him alone.

Over the course of the next hour or so, it became clear that the club wasn't going to offer him what he needed. The dancing women were wonderful to watch and he appreciated their movements and interactions, but he realized that even the best of them weren't giving themselves over to the sexual moment. He had the epiphany, which should have been abundantly clear from the beginning, he chided himself, that for these beautiful ladies this was a job and not a sexual release.

Many of the watching men exuded sexual desire, but these desires tasted wrong on Jozef's metaphysical tongue. He supposed that these desires might be able to feed him, but the flavour was just so incredibly off to him that he couldn't bring himself to explore it. He assumed that like taste, it was a personal thing, but for him at least the sexual energy of males did nothing to satisfy his addiction.

In a final desperate attempt to satisfy his hunger, he accepted a private dance. The dancer who tempted him was a beautiful brunette who called herself 'Star', she was lithe and athletic with high set breasts and a mischievously, suggestive smile that drew him in. Leading him into the back room, she got him seated, laid a scarf across his legs and climbed onto his lap as she went over the basic rules with him.

The rules were pretty straightforward he wasn't allowed to touch between her legs, other than that he was free to let his hands roam. She was warm in his arms and he gently caressed her thigh as they made small talk while they waited for the next song to begin.

As one song ended and a new one began, Star climbed up off his lap and began to dance for him. Swaying and moving to the heavy beat, she began stripping off the lingerie that served as her costume though it barely covered her anyway. As the clothes came off, she gave him a great view of her body, exposing her breasts and eventually her pussy to his hungry gaze. Completely naked she straddled him and ground herself against his hardening crotch through his jeans and her scarf. Jozef closed his eyes in enjoyment allowing his hands to caress her body. She'd said his hands could roam and he took full advantage caressing her breasts, teasing and pinching her nipples as she rubbed against him and moaned.

She smelled divine, a heady combination of perfume and sweat. Her gyrations and grinding had made him quite hard and her nipples had grown in response to his touches. He was sure that Star was enjoying herself, but he was surprised that he didn't feel any of the expected build-up of energy from her. The closest came when he kneaded the muscles of her lower back, her moan sounded more guttural and he felt a small surge of energy that quickly dissipated when his hands moved on. Then the song ended he was on the verge of his own climax, but as she stood and favoured him with that warm seductive smile, he felt no matching arousal.

"Another?" she asked seductively and Jozef realized his near climax was no accidental thing. He gave a small sigh of disappointment as he realized he wasn't going to find what he was looking for here.

"Tempting, but no thank you," he replied politely and got up to pay her.

She led him from the room and thanked him before heading off in search of her next customer. Disappointed, Jozef found his way back to his table, ordered another drink and thought about things. Unfortunately, by accepting that first dance it seemed he'd opened the floodgates and he swore that every girl at the club cruised by his table to proposition him. He spent the next couple of hours refusing dances as politely as he was able.

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, the club half emptied; a perky little redhead sat down next to him.

"Um... no thank you," murmured Jozef reflexively.

"Relax," she whispered conspiratorially. "I just want to sit."

"Oh," he said surprised but suspicious. "In that case be my guest."

"Thanks, I've been on my feet all night," she replied returning his smile as she leaned in close to him. "I'm Jessie, by the way." He shook her hand in greeting.

"Jozef," he provided.

"Nice to meet you, Jozef. I've been watching you, you've been turning down dances all night."

"Yeah, I guess I just haven't been in the mood," he commented as she cuddled against his arm. Neither spoke for a few minutes simply sitting in companionable silence, while Jozef racked his brain trying to figure out the pretty redhead's game.

"I'll tell you a secret," she finally said. "We're only allowed to sit when we're talking to a potential customer."


"Of course, you're probably thinking that's just a line to see if I can get your guard down." Jozef blinked in surprise at her directness.

"Um, the thought had crossed my mind," he agreed.

"Smart boy," she acknowledged and Jozef found himself smiling in spite of himself. "So, why no dances?" she asked.

"I had a dance earlier and honestly I didn't get out of it what I was hoping I would," he explained. "It was more of a business transaction than I expected it to be."

Jessie smiled in sympathy and then explained the realities of the strip club scene to Jozef. She explained that the reason it felt like a business transaction was because for most of the girls that's exactly what it was. With rent, food and the not so occasional drug addiction on the line, they couldn't afford for it to be anything else. Some of the girls had kids at home, while others were putting themselves through school. The most successful girls, she added with a quick nod toward Star, made you feel like it was real, but it was all an act. During peak business hours, especially it was all about the money.

She went on to explain that many of the girls preferred the company of girls anyway, though given the men they were often exposed to you couldn't really blame them. Many of the male patrons would never dream of treating or speaking to their girlfriends the way they did the dancers. As Jessie pointed it was hard to have a good opinion of someone who tried to treat you like a piece of meat.

"No, a lot of the guys who come here aren't the best representations of the male gender," she concluded. "Present company excluded, of course," she added in a purr that made Jozef laugh out loud.

"Of course," he agreed, a wide smile upon his lips. He found that he couldn't help but like the fiery redhead and enjoyed chatting with her for the next half-hour or so.

"Well, thanks for the chat. I should probably get back to work," she finally said as she gave a long languid stretch, her flaming red hair cascading seductively down her back, her chest pushed out as she reached toward the ceiling. "You didn't want a dance tonight, did you?"

Jozef couldn't take his eyes off her as she completed her stretch, an immediate rush of blood to his privates accompanying his sudden arousal. Shaking his head in amazement, he knew he was being played and was still tempted.

"Rain cheque?" he finally asked as he mustered his will power and gave her broad smile.

"Deal!" she said happily and leaned in to give him a quick kiss upon the cheek. The sweet smell of her body and perfume teased his olfactory senses and another surge of arousal flowed through him. She was good; he thought to himself.

With a wink and another flash of that wonderful smile, she slipped away into the club and he watched her make the rounds of the remaining patrons. She was a pleasure to watch as she moved with a dancer's grace amongst the tables. Finally, with a resigned sigh Jozef headed for the door.

Time to call it a night, he decided.

5. Feeling Dirty

As wonderful as his chat with Jessie had been, it had done nothing to satiate his hunger. His cravings weighed heavily on him, leaving him feeling rundown and exhausted, almost too tired to search out the energy he was becoming desperate for.

The strip club had been a bust, simply too manufactured to be real. However, he considered; a conventional club might be better. The women were not there to pay the bills and though he wasn't necessarily interested in developing a relationship with someone with University starting up in the very near future, he was getting desperate. The lack of long-term attachments had been one of the appeals of the strip club, if he was being honest. Nevertheless, with that not working out as he'd hoped, a club might be just what the doctor ordered.

He made a few phone calls and by the following Friday, he was all dolled up and ready to hit the local bar scene with a couple of the guys from school. His buddy Thomas regularly cruised the scene and was something of a player; he assured Jozef that he knew just the right place for them to hit first and definitely the perfect place to pick up some casual companionship.

They arrived at ten as the club was just beginning to fill up and took up positions near the dance floor where they could nurse their drinks and watch the action. Though not the type of stuff he usually listened to, he found that the music was energetic with a very danceable beat and the floor filled up quickly. Alcohol and music combined with the rhythmic movement of the dancers and Jozef felt the energy levels begin to rise throughout the club. It had a very sexual flavour and, though it was a combination of male and female, it was a fairly simple thing to draw the feminine aspect away.

After so long without, Jozef drank deeply. As the energy filled him, he found himself becoming slightly intoxicated on the heady substance. He was drawn toward the central vortex of energy and found himself pulled onto the dance floor. Losing himself in that centre where music and sexual energy collided, he achieved a state of contentment.

It was nowhere near as deep and satisfying as his encounters with Anne, but the sheer variety of subtle flavours this exposed him to was wonderful in its own way and more importantly; it was enough to make him feel whole again. As he fed, he realized that the energy he drew wouldn't be able to satiate his hunger, he needed the power that came with a full climax to do that, but at least it took the edge away and returned him to a state of near normalcy.

He danced and fed for hours. His friends eventually made their way home, but Jozef stayed on late into the night. It was in the early-morning hours as the club was nearing its closing time that he felt it. The crowds of dancers had lessened significantly and there was much less ambient energy around him, with less energy to draw on it soon became clear that it was being divided, that someone else was drawing on it as well.

Casting around, his gaze soon settled on a sharp dressed man in his mid to late twenties standing before the bar watching the clubs patrons with an almost predatory look. The man became aware of him at nearly the same moment and as their eyes met the man paled. Even at a distance, Jozef could see the experience in those eyes and he realized with a start that the man was older than he appeared. Recovering his composure, the man offered him a smile and a nod, before tipping his drink in greeting and focusing his attention back on the crowd. He continued to cast furtive glances back. Jozef knew that he had met a creature similar to himself.

Stunned by this revelation, Jozef made his way towards the man. He was aware of Jozef as he approached and turned his gaze back on him as he approached. His eyes were cold and dark up close and had a very dead feel to them.

"Something I can help you with?" the man asked pleasantly enough, though the stiffness of his body warned Jozef that he was far from relaxed.

"Who are you?" Jozef asked, but rephrased the question before the other man had a chance to answer. "I mean, what are you?"

The man stared at him with those cold, dark eyes clearly taking Jozef's measure, before he laughed out loud.

"You are a young one, aren't you?" he finally commented and Jozef saw him pull himself up straight. "Well, all you need to know about me, is that I've been around longer than you have and you're hunting in my territory, you'll leave if you know what's good for you."

Jozef felt his hackles go up at the challenge and something told him that this, for lack of a better description, 'energy vampire' had not told him the whole truth. The creature was definitely older than Jozef himself and this may, in fact, be his territory, but the suggestion of strength, the threat, felt wrong. As Jozef met his rival's eyes, he felt the lie behind the creature's words.

"I see," he said simply, both knowing that he had caught the fabrication. "As my evening was coming to a close anyway; I will leave you to it then." The energy vampire nervously watched him leave and Jozef gave him a quick nod before disappearing through the door. Walking home Jozef had much to occupy his thoughts.

First, what was he? He had been asking this question for a while now. He knew that his reaction to sex wasn't exactly common. The stereotype was there for a reason; sex, climax, sleep. That was the order of things. The fact that he became energized and rejuvenated was more than a little unusual. Up until Anne left he'd simply considered himself lucky. After she'd left, as he fallen into withdrawal, he realized there was a dark side to the coin. It was more than addiction; he had been slowly starving to death.

The man in the club claimed he was an energy vampire and Jozef believed him, but did that make them the same thing? That question was much harder to answer. The man was definitely feeding off the energy being raised by the club goers just as Jozef was, that similarity alone suggested that Jozef was, in fact, some kind of energy vampire. However, what he didn't believe was the bit about the other creature being stronger. If he'd read the thing's reaction right, he'd have to say that it was afraid of him. That would suggest there was more to him.

The final question he found himself was an ethical one. Was it wrong to feed on the energy of others? If the previous question was difficult, then this one was expert level.

Jozef was fine feeding off the energy of his own love making, in his mind that just seemed to make sense in the whole give and take of a sexual relationship. But, something about tonight felt wrong. The energy the crowd created was up for grabs and likely just going to dissipate into the atmosphere, but it still felt too casual, almost dirty, to drink that energy.

He decided that he much preferred the energy he absorbed through direct intimate contact and promised himself that he try his best not to feed from anonymous crowds anymore. Though in the back of his mind, he knew that when he was desperate enough he would do what he needed to feed, though the energy he'd absorbed tonight felt less filling and even now he felt hungry again.

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