Yeah, I forgot. Movies never stopped him. You're out of your mind, man, that's a perfectly sane idea to go to her house and sing that aria you composed for her. I bet if it's sappy enough the judge won't mind the infringement on your restraining order. Can I pretend I didn't hear that? You want to know what I think? No, mate, decidedly no, you don't want to hear that. A bit risky. Yeah, that's polite. Bit risky mate. So, can I check my bloody mail until he's processed that properly? Will do. Darn, that got him spinning. He's lost for words. Well, he's lost, full stop. She isn't. That's untimely early.

November 5th

I am pleased at his eagerness to please me. I see his need and he my face. Now he starts the chase. Hurry he must. If treated like such he will meet me at my husband's criss, get a night of bliss, and more. If that's news to him, there he will stand. I'll count the hours, too early if he counted Henry's wives, but just on time if he counted him, lucky.

I spoke to Jack today and told him not to get any ideas. I think he got it when I left your pic as his new background picture the last time I used his computer. Not that I cared much either way. I think he is still scared of me. Maybe now more than ever. I don't get him. He seemed alright though. Mum is kinda moody today. She always does that to me before I leave. Can't have it both ways. Mourn all you like mum, life goes on. Looks like it does for me now too.

Will he bring champagne? Later.

Jump up and do silly dance. No. Cool it. Utter incoherent noises. End on high pitch squeals. Do a headstand. See how long you can maintain your erection there. Oops, visitor. Grin inanely. Make him understand it's time to leave. That wasn't a word. Try again. Yes, speech. Words strung together. Explain? Read grin, think for yourself, you plonker. Need to focus on serious business here. Of course you get all the juicy details, when you're so old that it will be a miraculous resurrection of an erection. So he shouldn't sing? Of course you should sing. Just not anywhere near her. And better not anywhere near me either. Yes that means that I don't want to have a sneak preview now. Yeah, see you later mate, if things go well, not for a while though. Good lad. Good riddance. Sorted.

Her face. Yes, you look marvellous luv. And you have beautiful eyes. I want to see myself in them. And those lips. Amazing. Oh my God. A slutty poet gets the go ahead.

K then, riddle on. What the fuck is a criss? Criss-cross. Cross... treat me like a... whore... lady... queen. Husband, king. King's Cross. News to me... stand, easy, newsstand, now you'd better get the time right. Six wives, too early, so if I count him, it'd be seven. But lucky? I'm lucky, or get lucky, hopefully... just counting him – the eighth, Henry the Eighth. Eight o'clock, King's Cross Station, newsstand. Pat your back later. Focus.

Champagne. The off-licence down the road is closed. Have to go all the way down to the other one. Shower first. Shave. Stop trembling. Start dreaming. Yeah.

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