tagHumor & SatireDick and Jane All Grown Up

Dick and Jane All Grown Up


This is intended only as a parody with apologies to “Dick and Jane fans everywhere. All Characters are over 18 years of age.

See Dick.
See Dick run.
See Jane.
See Jane run.

See Dick, see Jane.
See Dick and Jane run into bed.
See Dick strip.
See Dick strip Jane.

See Dick’s lust for Jane.
See Jane’s lust for her brother.
Have fun Dick, Have fun Jane.
Have fun in your incestuous lust.

Watch Dick Watch,
Watch Jane’s tits bounce.
Watch them bounce,
Watch them bounce as she grabs Dick.

See Jane play.
See Jane play with Dick’s balls.
See Dick play.
See Dick play with Jane’s Pussy.

“Look Dick Look,
Look Dick look at my Furry pussy” Says Jane.
“Yes Jane, yes,
Yes Jane I see it,” moans Dick.

Watch dick suck.
Watch Dick suck Jane’s tits.
See Jane grind.
See Jane grind her tits in Dick’s face.

See Dick finger Jane
See Dick finger Jane’s pussy.
See Dick’s fingers thrust in and out
See his fingers pounding in and out.
Watch Jane pump.
Watch Jane Pump Dick’s cock.

Listen to Dick moan.
Dick is moaning out loud.
See Jane squeeze Dick’s balls.
See her squeeze them hard.
See the pre-cum dribble out.
See Jane lick it off Dick’s piss hole.

“Fuck yes Jane,
Fuck yes Jane suck my cock, says Dick.
Yes Dick I will suck it,
Yes Dick yes, while you eat my pussy.
Go Dick Go
Eat Jane’s hot creamy Pussy.

Yes Dick yes, scoop up her juices
And nibble on her clittie.
Watch Dick and Jane 69.
See Jane swallow.
See Jane swallow all of Dick’s cock.
See Jane suck it,
See her suck it like a slut in heat.

Watch Dick and Jane eat each other.
See Jane’s pussy flood juices on Dick’s face.
See Dick fuck Jane’s hungry mouth.
“Oh yes Jane yes, suck me deep.
“Yes Jane yes, you are so hot,” roars Dick.

See Jane cum.
See Dick cum.
See Dick shoot cum into Jane’s face.
See Jane cover Dick with twat juice.
Watch Dick watch.
Watch Jane lick your cum from her body.

See Dick and Jane kiss.
See them kiss one another covered in each other’s juices.
See Dick’s cum in Jane’s hair.
See Jane’s juices all over Dick’s face.
“Go Spot Go,
Go spot and get Sally,” pants Jane.

See Spot run.
See spot run out of the room.
See Spot get Sally.
See Sally come in.
See Dick and Jane tear off Sally’s clothes.
See Sally’s big beautiful body.

Watch as Dick grabs Sally’s ass
Watch him tongue fuck her shit hole.
“Look Jane Look,
Look at our little sister’s big sexy ass,” says Dick.
“Yes Dick yes, I see it.
I see Sally’s big ass,” says Jane.

Watch Dick and Jane.
Watch Dick and Jane shove Sally to the bed.
See Dick and Jane spank Sally’s ass.
Watch them take turns giving Sally hard swats.

Now, see Sally sit on Jane’s face.
See Dick ram his cock into Jane’s pussy.
Watch Dick fuck Jane.
See Dick and Jane fuck hard.
See Dick pound Jane harder and harder.
Watch Sally grind Jane’s face with her cunt.

See Dick kiss Sally.
See Sally kiss Dick.
Watch Dick caress Sally’s tits.
See Dick fondle Sally as he fucks Jane.
See Sally grab Jane’s tits.
See Sally squeeze them harder as she rides Jane’s face.

See Jane lick.
See Jane lick sally’s pussy and Ass.
Go dick go.
Go Dick fuck Jane.
Fuck Harder Dick harder.
Dick fuck Jane harder.

“Fuck dick I’m cumming,
I am cumming now Dick,” groaned Jane.
“Yes, slut yes,
Yes slut cum with me,” growled Dick.
Hear Dick roar.
Hear Dick roar loud as he cums in Jane’s pussy.

Watch Sally switch.
Watch Sally switch places with Jane.
Now see Dick fuck Sally.
See Dick fuck Sally while Sally eats Jane’s pussy.
See Sally’s hips.
See Sally’s hips come up to meet her brother’s thrusts.

Smell Dick smell,
Dick smell Sally and Jane’s pussy juices when they cum.
Pound her harder Dick.
Dick is Pounding Sally’s pussy harder.
Cum dick. Cum Sally. Cum Jane.
Yes they cum together Dick and his two sisters.

See Dick, Jane, and Sally.
See Dick, Jane and Sally all cum together.
See them fall to the bed.
Listen to the siblings panting all together.
Listen to them panting trying to recover.
Listen as none of them is able to speak.
See their eyes close in taboo bliss.
See them sleeping all covered in cum and sweat.
Oh no Jane.
Oh no it is mom and dad,” Sally yells.
See the bedroom door open.

See their mom and dad standing there
just watching and smiling.

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